anyone wanna talk to him

   He’s not Nahyuta and he’s not officially a Disney princess (yet), but he’s still sitting under a tree by Gourd Lake and surrounded by animals he didn’t think actually lived in the forest. There were mostly bunnies and various species of birds, but also a few deer, a bunch of lizards, some hedgehogs, a couple foxes, a badger, and even a bear cub.

   “…You mean there’s a giant snake living in the water?”

Ya so my close friend texted me tonight and said he has a crush on me. Gr8. Just what i wanted to have happen today.

anonymous asked:

weirdly; sometimes i just wanna talk with anyone just a once. tell him how do i feel about everything. and the next day just deletes him from my life :(

We all feel like that sometimes its not weird at all