anyone remember this from the kitchen

the, aphobes and their ‘ace culture is just jokes about food’ thing is odd because I remember those jokes coming from a time when I couldn’t scroll my dash without also seeing the Pan Puns. stuff like 'no we are not having sex with kitchen equipment’ and someone responds with 'wait we’re not? what are we meant to be doing’. and that beautiful story where someone misheard pansexual as pandasexual and then it dawned on the narrator that they’re a fucking panda furry. anyone still have links to these posts?

and it was also the time when popular trans positivity posts were like 'there should be a service that lets trans men and women swap their boobs’ and there were jokes about ace and aro and bi and nonbinary people all having invisibility as a super power. it was a beautiful time when people could make goofy, positive posts about their genders and sexualities without it being called Cringe, and fucking #mogai culture and other stuff designed to invalidate young queers figuring themselves out

and only aces are being made fun of for this. I don’t get it at all. we were all that embarrassing. early tumblr culture was a mess but I don’t see why we can’t just let people make positivity posts like they used to

binge-watching marble hornets and meatsleep 

if anyone can remember and/or can give me the link to a project similar to marble hornets, i’ve been looking for it everywhere and cant seem to find it

its about a dudes house being haunted or sth, he and another guy hear voices from his attic at some point and there is like, a creature he films at night in his kitchen??? 

update: thanks y’all i got like 5 messages in a couple of minutes, it is in fact whispered faith 

mama, do you remember how you made me a perfect daughter?

do you remember asking me if i was gay? we were standing in the kitchen and you were cutting vegetables. before i could reply you said, “i’d never accept anyone who was.”

you didn’t look away from the chopping board once.

how’d it feel to tape my mouth shut, to tie my hands up and cover me with gift-wrap? to put me in a closet, only to let me out to present to the family? to push me into the bathroom with the clothes you’d picked out? (i was gripping the toilet bowl and you were telling me to glow). to paint my face and ask me to smile at boys?

do you know how many times i chanted, “i’m straight, straight, STRAIGHT” in my head? when it wasn’t my own voice, it was yours.

i heard your voice everywhere. i heard it when classmates said that only the love of a man and woman was natural. i heard it when i caught myself looking at pretty girls. it was the soundtrack of my waking moments and my nightmares.

you made me out of clay. pushed and pulled until i was flawless, ready to be displayed.

congratulations on your masterpiece, your dutiful child, your golden girl.

i hope she disappoints you someday.

Cooking Lessons

You waited so long, nonnie! I hope you remember even requesting this. Thank you for being so patient!

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Simon regretted this decision from the moment he entered the kitchen. Aside from the refrigerator, the room was completely foreign to him which made finding any of the utensils he needed a struggle.

“Are you cutting the vegetables like I told you to?” His mother asked from over the phone.

Simon rolled his eyes, biting on the inside of his cheek out of frustration, as he adjusted the phone’s position between his shoulder and ear.

“I am but I don’t see why it matters so much.”

“It doesn’t,” she stifled a laugh. “But it does make the meal look so much nicer.”

“Yah! You should have told me that.”

“Then you wouldn’t have done it and you want to make this properly, right?”

He tossed the paring knife back onto the cutting board, thinking about all the time he had wasted making each slice identical, as he checked the time. You were going to be home from work before he could finish making you dinner, that he knew, and he braced himself against the marble counter to quell his disappointment.

He would never understand why you stayed. Not after everything he put you through on a daily basis. He was a workaholic, he made no apologies about that, and he’d never felt the need to apologize for it until he’d met you.

There was something about you that he couldn’t shake. Someone so stunning and ambitious in your own right. It was like he made a list of everything he wanted in someone and it always amounted to you.

For the first time it felt like he was the one without steady footing in the relationship. He’d walked out of plenty of relationships before. There were only a few that he could say left a lasting impression on him but always, always, Simon knew he was in control.

But not with you. He looked at you and saw the possibility for a future that he had started to give up on. His parents knew it too. From the first time they met you, his father saying how proud he was of his son to finally find someone worthwhile as his mother insisted you called her “eomma.”

Simon shook his head, bringing himself out of his thoughts, as he moved the vegetables from the sauté pan and into the sauce he had been reducing per his mother’s instructions. He was only half paying attention to what she was saying. He offered the occasional “uh-huh” to show that he was still listening while he fiddled with the assortment of pots and pans he had on the stove.

“That’s great,” he said when the conversation lulled again. “Are you sure I’m not going to burn anything?”

“As long as you added the tomatoes you’ll be fine.”

She mumbled something about it being a miracle that he had survived so long on his own but he chose to ignore her. Instead, he stirred everything again just to be sure.

“Is that eomma?” You asked, setting your bag down and closing the front door.

Simon spun around to face you. He had planned on acting indifferent about it all as if cooking dinner was purely practical rather than any sort of romantic gesture. But here he was, wearing your apron with a sauce covered spoon in his hand, as you leaned against the kitchen doorway and smirked at him.

You could hear his mother’s voice nagging him to let her speak to you. He hung up on her without a word and set both the phone and spoon down on the counter.

“Mine for the night and you made dinner?” You teased.

“Don’t get used to it.”

You sauntered over to him, noting the way he looked you up and down, as you wrapped your arms around his waist.

“I wouldn’t dare,” you said, untying the apron and sliding it over his head. “But I do plan on making the most of it. How much time do I have until dinner’s ready?”

“Ten minutes.”

You pouted your bottom lip. Simon ran his tongue along his own and you knew he was imagining biting yours.

“Is that all?”

He could never resist you long. Especially not when it had been weeks since your last date night and food was the last thing on either of your minds. He pressed his lips hard against yours, hoisting you up so that your legs wrapped around him, and turned the burners down to simmer before carrying you to the sofa.

“Like you said, I’m all yours tonight.”

Tag 10 people you want to know better

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Name/nickname: Toxic, Toxy, Joc (the C like an S)

Favourite colors: All colors

Last song I listened to: We know from Hamilton

Favourite Tv show: i don’t have one

First fandom: I can’t remember, but I think creepypasta?

Books that I’m currently reading: The Giver (at school)

Worst thing I’ve eaten: I dunno…I really like food-

Favorite place: Either the kitchen or my room (but when I’m out, I love going to Mt. Dora~)

I tagged: @stephyhime , @mi-chan4649 , @stephlevannkirkland and anyone else who wants to do this!

First meeting of "The Offenders" opposition to"The Defenders"...

Bullseye: Okay, we all gather up to take on ol’ hornhead and his team, let’s get introductions out the way. I go by Bullseye and archrival to Daredevil.

Killgrave: well I go by Killgrave, I have out for Jessica Jones for breaking my neck…

Bullseye: how dafuq you alive now.

Killgrave: well the Hand saw fit to bring me back from dead, so revenge time.

Diamondback: hey, I could relate to that. But what’s your beef with the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen?

Bullseye: I never got an appearance yet on the Netflix series!! Anyone who remembers just recall that shitty ass Daredevil movie! What about you shoalin monk guy?

Steel Serpent: well, I have it out for so call “brother”, the Iron Fist.

Diamondback: wait, hold up, YOU hate your brother, too?

Steel Serpent: yes, he betrayed our way and abandon us.

Diamondback: sheeeit, Carl did to same to me too! Say since they are the tag-team best buddies, what you say work together?

Bullseye: wait, your profile shows you Ain’t much a team player, surprise you even showed up. Well, can’t say I much of a team player either but never mind that.

Diamondback: naw naw ain’t like that, just the names: Steel Serpent and Diamondback, has a nice snake-theme sound to it…

Cottonmouth: could I join in?

DB & SS: no!

DB: and didn’t your own cousin beat the shit out of you?

Cottonmouth: well, the Hand saw fit to bring this brotha back and…

Steel Serpent: Madam Gao! Stop bringing back villains! Really?!?

Diamondback: Killgrave at least have a superpower, honestly.

Steel Serpent: hey, Diamondback, pizza run?

Diamondback: my man…

Glitter and Stars

I don’t remember where I first saw this prompt, but I saved it with the hopes of one day getting around to writing something for it.

The prompt was something like: “John and Sherlock sitting in the living room doing crafts, with soft little murmurs of ‘oh I quite like that.’”

Does anyone remember who it was, so I can tag them?

Edit: Found them! Okay, so it wasn’t exactly a prompt, but I took the challenge anyway. ;P

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I’m assuming @sherbet-rose-monarch meant for the same Disney questions sooooo:

Peter Pan: Something from my childhood I still love

Disney movies. I remember my family adored Disney stuff, to the point one of my cousins works at and will be married at Disney.

Kronk: What are you best at in the kitchen?

Mostly dessert items or sweet breads. Pancakes, muffins, cakes, other such doughy-sweet foods I’m good at. Still waiting on my dad to tell me his meatloaf recipe and I can also make pasta just fine, but if I’m gonna impress anyone (especially a potential wife) my sweet breads do the job.

Boo: A childhood hero.

My granddad. There are so many pictures of me as a toddler mimicking my granddad’s movements as well as being taught engineering skills from him. I also remember him taking me out for walks in the woods whenever he came to visit, which were always great.

Thanks for the ask @sherbet-rose-monarch c:

Challenge Unspoken

“Alright everyone, it is that time of night yet again!”

Dex looked up from his textbook to see Lardo charging in from the kitchen, megaphone in hand. Why he bothered studying in the Haus on a Saturday night no one ever understood, but despite constant distractions, the atmosphere put him at ease. That is, until around midnight.

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Every pain is beautiful,
Now that you share my pain..

Kris was a thug. He killed people for a living; he slaughtered them, ripped of their limbs, every day he watched the blood flowing out of their body. It stained his clothes. It stained his soul, he was hardened by his parent’s death and everyday he remembered how their lives were taken by thugs like him. He remembered his parents begging on the floor, whilst he sat under the kitchen table helpless. Since then he became immune to the world also keeping to himself, never talking to anyone. Then one day he remembered a shadow loomed over him and he gave Kris what he had been looking for since his parent’s death. Revenge.

Your smiles are my strength,
I got hope from them only

It was one day after he had completed his assigned his job, that he saw you. You stood across the road, your hair in a high ponytail; you were taking pictures of the cherry blossom trees. Something in Kris stirred that day and he couldn’t explain it, you caught him staring at you and instead of running scared like most people, because of the multiple tattoos and piercing that covered his skin, you called him over with a smile so beautiful that for one moment Kris forgot to breathe.

Whatever atrocity the world does to me,
in them [these smiles] is my safety..

Kris didn’t know what had come over him, it wasn’t like him to interact with strangers but he found himself walking across the road barely missing the cars.

“Hey,” you waved as you saw him approaching.

Kris just nodded.

“Can you take a picture of me next to the cherry blossom tree?” you asked.

Kris couldn’t refuse; he took the camera from your hands. For the second that your fingers touched his, a strange sensation flowed through him.

“Are you not from here?” he said as you stood next to the tree.

“No I just moved here last week, do you mind showing me around?” you replied.

“uhh.. I don’t mind.”


What’s happening to me? Kris thought.

My life is from your heartbeats,
your wishes are my prayers now..

Over the next few weeks was showing you around the city, for once Kris felt free. He started smiling he finally had a reason to live. You had noticed the change too, he was coming out of his shell he became more open, he started cracking jokes and somehow he had saved you too. Kris was glad that he had met you. He couldn’t explain the change he felt inside himself, his started giving his jobs to other people. After he had met you not once did he kill anyone. Kris didn’t know it but it was love.

I’ll come back to you only..
It’s my promise, even if I die..

It was a rainy night, when Kris finally told you his job you were shocked, you had already guessed that he was in the wrong crowds but never had you guessed that he was involved in a gang that killed innocent people. It shocked you to very core and before he knew it you were ushering him out his apartment.

It was 3am in the morning when a mysterious knock on his apartment door woke Kris up, he crept out of his bed, and he occasionally banged into a few tables in the darkness. When he opened the door he was surprised to find you standing there; hair wet, clothes clung to your body and cheeks flushed.

“I love you,” you exclaimed running to him, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“I love you too,” he replied. Kris kissed and it caused the butterflies to erupt in the pit of his stomach, he never thought that he would feel like this.

My life became very beautiful,
now where else would heaven be.

Kris stood at your funeral two years later. It wasn’t raining, in fact the skies were blue and green hues, the birds flew high up in the sky. He still remembered the day when he got a phone call from rival gang member and all he could hear were your shrill cries of pain. Your friends and family stood around the graveyard as the casket lowered into the ground. He couldn’t cry unlike the others. He just watched as he felt like a helpless boy again.

“How are you? Sehun his friend asked. Just then one tear came out starting a whole waterfall of tears.

“I’m not okay,” he replied as he cried onto Sehun’s shoulder.

“You’ll never be okay. I know how much you loved her, but she wouldn’t want you to become the monster that you were,” Sehun whispered patting his back.

Kris nodded.

He knew that he was never going to be ‘okay’ but you had taught him to live and that was a lesson he would never forget.

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requests open!!

(TW for panic attacks)

Emma frowns worriedly as she walks into the mansion. She got a text from Henry twenty minutes ago asking her to check in on Regina. No explanation and that alone is enough to make her worry. She raced through town to get here just to make sure Regina is okay.

Emma wishes that Henry’s text wasn’t so vague. She messages him quickly to let him know that she’s at home before looking into the kitchen and the lounge in search of her girlfriend. Her frown deepens when there’s no sign of Regina anywhere and she hurries upstairs stopping only when she hears whimpers coming from their bedroom.

Her heart pangs in sympathy as she thinks back over the day and the few occasions she’s seen Regina today. Emma frowns as she remembers the jumpiness and the way her girlfriend flinched anytime anyone came too close. She didn’t pick up on it at the time, she was running late for another meeting but now Emma wishes she’d stopped, if nothing else to offer Regina a comforting hug.

“Regina?” Emma asks as she walks into the bedroom and finds the brunette sitting on the floor against the bed, rocking back and forth with her head on her knees. Sobs echo around the wall and Emma hurries over to her. She doesn’t touch her, not yet, she knows Regina well enough not to startle her. Instead she sits next to her and says softly, “Regina, what do you need?”

The brunette slowly lifts her head and Emma can see how red and puffy her cheeks are from crying, “Hold me…please…” Her voice trails off in another sob and Emma doesn’t wait another second before pulling Regina into a comforting, yet not too tight, embrace. Regina hooks her arms over Emma’s as she links their hands and lets herself cry in Emma’s hold for a few more minutes.

Eventually, her breathing evens out and she rests her head against Emma’s chest just content to have her girlfriend near. She needs the hold of the hug and the feeling of being loved and wanted is enough to ground her into the present.

“Bad day?” Emma asks.

Regina nods, “Bad day. Nightmares,” she explains, “You weren’t there when I woke up.”

“I got called out to the cannery to sort out a fight. I’ve been rushing everywhere today. You know you can tell me when you have bad days, right?”

“I know,” Regina replies, “I thought I was doing okay…and then after lunch I had a terrible meeting…how did you know to come?”

“Henry messaged me. He was worried about you.”

Regina sniffs, “I dropped him at the arcade before I came home. Is he okay?”

“He’s fine,” Emma reassures her, “we’re all fine…what do you need?”

Regina sighs as she snuggles closer to Emma, “Just keep holding me.”

Emma nods kissing the side of Regina’s head as she promises, “I love you so much.”