anyone notice it

So did anyone notice...

Joker is the only character to be positioned in front of rainbows in the end credits song…

which I thought didn’t mean anything, but then…

Batman’s got an interesting color scheme there. 

It’s almost like…

it means something

You Pretty Thing

Chanyeol x Reader


Warnings: none

Word count: 830

Summary: You comfort Chanyeol when he’s feeling down.

I silently opened the door to the dorm and tiptoed in, shutting the door behind me. I kicked my worn out ballerinas off of my feet and shuffled my black leather jacket off my shoulders before placing it on a rack. I pulled my phone out of my bag, but then heard a sniffle like sound coming from the house. I stopped and tried to listen if I had heard correctly, because I was supposed to be alone at the dorm this time. More sobs could be heard coming from somewhere in the house, but I could not point out who it was.

I carefully opened the entrance door and peeked my head in, searching for the source of the quiet cries. I spotted a mess of white-ish hair sitting on the couch with their back at me. I didn’t dare to move yet. The room was completely dark and I didn’t think anyone had noticed me arriving yet. I waited for a few seconds, and noticed the boys body jumping a little when he hiccuped between sobs.

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office headcanons.

— Delphine has a candy drawer, and it’s mostly chocolate. The only person she lets take some is Krystal the receptionist. (Cosima is aggrieved by this because they’re girlfriends but is big enough to admit that her department causes Delphine so many problems that it makes sense that Delphine locks her out too).

— Felix ‘replies all’ to everything just to start shit. Often found in the kitchen not working. Manages to get out of lots of problems that he’s gotten himself into by dating Colin in HR.

— Scott brings Denise to work regularly and hides her in a drawer. If anyone notices meowing, he and Cosima pretend they don’t hear it (“Meowing? Dude, Hellwizard, you really need to get your hearing checked.”) just to mess with people.

— Sarah is of the school of thought that if you hit electronics hard enough, the problem will be solved. Or, she’ll open stuff up and start working in it herself. She’ll jerry-rig stuff into working and because of all this, Mika in IT hates her.

— Cosima is super chill (personality-wise and also because she smokes on breaks) but her one pet peeve, the one thing that manages to get on her nerves, is people who put insulated lunch-boxes in the fridge since it defeats the purpose of insulted lunch-boxes. She tries to let this go but the incorrect science behind it always makes her roll her eyes.

— Tony puts his lunch-box in the fridge to keep stuff extra cold.

— Alison’s desk is freakishly neat and organized, no matter how much work she has to do. If you put something in her inbox, it’ll always be taken care of by the end of the day. No one knows how she does it.

The pb&j at my school is so weird bc half of them have burnt crust and the other half don’t so sometimes I eat the crust and sometimes I eat around it and I can’t help but wonder if anyone notices and wonders why I do that.

another stress induced rant oops

you know something’s wrong if you burst into tears when listening to “Breathe” from ITH.
My mom has been putting so much stress on me lately and I don’t know how much longer I can take it.

We were dress shopping and my mom kept telling me “suck in your stomach” or “you need to start loosing weight”.
I’m 5'4" and 120-5 lbs.

I have resorted to biking 2 miles a day, two times a week and lifting weights. And for lunch, a diet of tea in the morning, 2-3 apples for lunch, and restricting my dinner as much as I can without anyone noticing.

On my standardized test, I have to get a 33 (out of 36) or higher to get a scholarship for the college I want. And if I don’t, my mom is going to yell at me and make me feel like a total failure.

Oh and if I can’t get a scholarship, I have to go to my community college and put up with my parents for 2 more years.

I already feel like a mess and a failure and I’m barely keeping everything together and I am a mess.

So I’m taking a brief break from Tumblr… maybe for a week. I’ll be on occasionally to check some messages but I won’t be actively posting.

To those who have read all the way down to here:
I’m sorry, and sorry for leaving.
if you want to leave something, go ahead.

I’m considering closing my inbox temporarily because I still keep getting ship requests, even though they are CLOSED….



The island that isn’t an island… Mrs. Goodie wonders “What kind of magic is this?!?”. No magic Mrs. Goodie.. just a little trick that can mean no more boring kitchen islands. :D  Want a dresser to be an island? Cool, go for it! Just make sure you don’t get any spaghetti sauce on those clean shirts… (It’s a pretty simple trick too, surprised nobody has thought of it already!)

And I know, I know. I fell off the face of the earth again. Now that I’ve felt like myself again for a couple of days, I plan on making that up to, well, anyone who noticed I fell off again, lol. But for now, gotta catch some zzzzz’s, it’s been a long day.

Music meme!

I got tagged by @zedsdead1001, @hedera-helixwriteseruri and @survey-corps-rookie to do this music meme :) Thank you my dears! This is a bit tricky though because I have no plattform where I have ALL the music I listen to together. I’ll just pic my biggest library then ;)

1) Hunting High and Low - A-ha

2) A message - Coldplay

3) 1973 - James Blunt

4) Satellite - Lena (but the version of death I did once for fun because I realized you can put the refrain in an endless loop without anyone noticing xD)

5) Man’s road - America

6) Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan - Nightwish

7) Jimmy - 69 Eyes

8) City Kids - Motörhead

9) Blackjack Davey - The Black Velvet Band

10) The forboding sense of impending happiness - HIM

Hehe, this was actually fun :D I continued for a few more songs and got Sunrise Avenue, Negative, Howard Shore, Evanescence and Dick Brave and the Backbeats xD A very good mix!

I have NO clue who already did this so I’ll just tag along:

@lostcauses-noregrets, @alwaysbesassy, @gouguruheddo, @erurixpr3ss, @dust-cloud, @ichigoreiyo, @acecakes, @erurilicious, @winglysimmer and @minxiebutt

If you’ve already done this or dont want to: Ignore me :)

anonymous asked:

Did anyone notice in the cruise panel where a fan asks if there is a chance for a relationship between Jesus and Daryl, and Greg emphatically shuts it down with a "NOOOOO!!!!!" Then Norman begins to say how he is up for anything and Greg interrupts Norman saying, oh sure "NOW you say that". As if Norman didn't want it before, which confirms something I've read about Norman not wanting Daryl to have a romantic relationship with a man or even Carol.

It could be taken a few ways I think. GN could have been joking when he said that kind of throwing him under the bus for fun and stuff, I may or may not do that to my friends cause I’m kind of a jerk and like to embarrass my friends. Or he may not be into Daryl having any sort of relationship because horror rules apply.  midnight jockeys rides get you killed 


An elaboration on Maggie’s story about getting outed on Valentine’s Day.


            When she’s twice the age that she is now, Maggie will still wonder sometimes how she knew she needed to be careful, and why she couldn’t have been just a little bit better at it.

            Today though, Maggie doesn’t have the money to buy a real Valentine’s Day card, and she doesn’t want to have to explain to her older brother Joe why she needs a ride to the store anyway, so she makes do with sneaking into her little brother Tim’s room to steal some construction paper. It takes her a minute to find a red sheet that isn’t just scraps, but she creeps out of the room before anyone notices, no problem. She snags the kitchen scissors and some tape and goes to work cutting half a dozen tiny hearts and one big one.

            It’d be better if she had glue to stick the hearts to the card with, but there’s been none in the house since Joe caught Tim eating it. Anyway, the tape gives the hearts a kind of pop-up effect, like they’re bursting off the paper. It’s good. It looks like how she feels.

            Eliza, she writes in her very best attempt at cursive, will you be my Valentine and come to the dance with me? Love, Maggie

            She packs the card in her backpack, tucked into the pages of her math textbook so it won’t bend, eats dinner when she’s called, and tosses and turns for most of the night, grinning so bright it doesn’t even seem dark in her room.

            In the morning, on Valentine’s Day, Maggie snags the last piece of toast with jam she ever eats and shoves it in her mouth on her way out the door. The sky is the kind of shocking blue that only happens when it’s below freezing. There’s just enough snow left to hide the ice underneath, so Maggie forces herself to not run all the way to school. She’ll be plenty early as it is—way earlier than anyone else, so no one will be around to see her deliver the card.

            Eliza’s locker is number 203. It has one fist-sized dent and two long scratches in the pale green paint on its door. One of the hearts catches and tears on the slat Maggie slips it through, but there’s not chance to fix it—it slips out of her hand and into the locker without a single sound. The hallway is empty, so Maggie hops up and down in excitement for a minute before she walks away.

            In eleven hours, she’ll be sitting at the dinner table explaining what “first down” means to Tim when the phone rings. Her mother will grumble about those damn telemarketers calling during mealtime, then she’ll exclaim, “Oh, Mr. Wilke!” Then she’ll go quiet, and fear will slide down Maggie’s spine like snow down the back of her shirt.

            The trembling will start in her shoulders. Hugging little Tim while he begs their daddy not to make her go won’t stop it. Putting on her coat won’t stop it, and going out in the cold night air with her backpack and gym bag crammed with clothes sure as hell won’t. Neither will the tea and the bath her Aunt Alice gives her, or the flannel pajamas or the two quilts on the guest bed. Nothing will stop it, for days and days, until her body can’t handle the shaking anymore.

            But for the next eleven hours, Maggie is warm, from the soles of her shoes to the top of her head, in the depths of her heart and her whirring imagination. She believes, for the next eleven hours, that there is love all around her.

idk if anyone has noticed

but i was gone for like 2 weeks? im so sorry i couldn’t reply to your asks and messages i had been damn busy, still am but i will try to be as active as i can though i dont really thing anyone has noticed😂