anyone lost one

And to anyone for whom this is hitting close to home, I love you and I’m thinking of you.

Tracer got separated from Widowmaker and can’t find her anywhere… so she made a bunch of signs to help Amélie find her.

Tracer: Help, I’m lost!

Hey guys, I’m looking for a Widowmaker RP partner and thought this would be a cool way to find one. If anyone is interested please let me know also I’m not the best at drawing so sorry for any mistakes. Also, if someone draws a response to this you will literally be my favorite person.

  • Sendak: It is but a scratch
  • Pidge: No it isn't your arm's off.
  • Sendak: No it isn't.
  • Pidge: Then what's that?
  • Sendak: I've had worse.
She was the hero,
the one to bring them all together. 
She was the villain, 
the one who lost all she ever had. 
She was the child, 
the one breaking apart under everything
     (i never wanted any of this)
—  and the lonely lost girl crumbled into dust (lost in the ravages of time) || e.q.

Shinoa: “[Mika] Is that the name of a former girlfriend?”

Yuu: “Mika is not a woman. Our relationship doesn’t concern you, does it?”

(chapter 9.5)


Calling of your heart-strings, an August Rush Fitzsimmons AU


My name is Benjamin Linus and I’ve lived on this island all my life.

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Hey, I was wondering if you could draw Pegasus Tenma and Sasha/Athena together from Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas. If for whatever reason you can't that's ok.

thing is though, i can >)

(also uhm ive never actually seen any of this series before, so i hope this turned out okay!) 

the signs as things my Whitewolf tabletop group has said

aries: “your attempt to disarm the stripper has failed so hard you cut off your own thumb. congratulations.”

taurus: “I vote that we all go home and pretend this never happened.”

gemini: “if you loot my dead body and steal my cookies we’re not friends anymore.”

cancer: “listen, I’m just here to sell weed. I’m not having any of these magical shenanigans.”

leo: “it’s not that I don’t love being the center of attention, I do, but can’t someone else be the distraction for once?”

virgo: “nope. sorry. I have a strict policy against putting dead sex workers in the trunk of my car.”

libra: “welp, that sure was a haunted hotel. anyone else fancy a smoke?”

scorpio: “I’m running…ah… fast enough to get a speeding ticket in this neighborhood, apparently.”

sagittarius: (spooky ghost voice)“tooouuuch the buuutttttt!”

capricorn: “I’m so glad I spent character points on ‘common sense’ so I could walk willingly to my death in a nazi vampire torture basement.”

aquarius: “you know what’s fun? not being in a sewer.”

pisces: “ok but what would I need to roll to seduce the eldrich abomination?”


Don’t look down. Too late. I should mention that I’m afraid of heights. Which I just learned.

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In Memory..

I looked through the tags for 9/11 today, and the amount of people pushing conspiracy theories and political agendas is atrocious.

For once can we not blame a race, religion, or anything else for the sake of the people that actually lost family and friends that day?

Can we not use 9/11 as stepping stones to put either Hillary or Trump on a pedestal?

Can we not talk about the steel beams and the war that followed? At least not on the day it happened?

Have some decency.

- Mod Roadhog

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Awww imagine if misaki brought it up to saru after they got back to being friends, like "Man there was this one time I thought I lost this thing, and I was so upset since you gave it to me." (Over saru making lower jungle rank steal yata's things)

Maybe the two of them are just hanging out at Yata’s apartment trying to do friendly things again and while they’re sitting together on the couch Yata brings up it up, like Fushimi notices that Yata still has some old thing that Fushimi gave him and Yata’s like ‘I kept all the stuff you gave me! Actually it was weird, a while ago a couple of them went missing and I was super upset that I lost them.’ Fushimi starts to reply and then stops when he remembers his little ‘missions.’ Instead he sort of covers his mouth and coughs a bit and is like huh, really, well if you lost it maybe it wasn’t that important to you after all Misaki. Yata’s immediately like what do you mean, any of the stuff you gave me was super important because it was from you, Fushimi’s like yeah but that was when I was the traitor who joined jungle right. Yata disagrees, like no matter how upset or confused he was about that he already decided that he wouldn’t just blindly hate Fushimi without understanding anything and so all that stuff was even more important because it reminded him of when they were friends. Fushimi gets a little red-faced and then maybe when they’re talking he slips and mentions something that was stolen that Yata didn’t bring up first and Yata’s like wait how did you know about that. Fushimi tries to cover and Yata’s like 'wait were you stealing all my stuff?’ 'No you moron, my underlings were.’ Fushimi’s immediately like wait shit I didn’t mean to say that. Yata is at first annoyed that Fushimi did that to him but then he realizes that it was just Fushimi thinking that Yata wouldn’t keep his stuff or think it was important and Yata calls him an idiot and hits him with a pillow. Fushimi’s like 'you’re the idiot who didn’t realize that all this stuff getting stolen wasn’t a coincidence’ and hits back, they end up having a pillow war and falling all over each other laughing and being cute.

Louis is the sort of person who makes stupid decisions sometimes. Once, he tried to catch a light and ended up getting hit by a bus. This isn’t quite on that level, but it feels like the worst one he’s made since.

lost souls - a (non-canon) psychics series extra

coming october 31