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Are there by any chance any time travel fics?

Hi, here are some stories involving time travel: 

A Redo in Time - AULOVE

Another Time, Another Place - sponsormusings

Equinox - Jlala

Love Throughout the Ages - abk1973

Relive or Regret - SpiritofEowyn

Second Chances - dandelionsandroses

Serachtuague Pearl - Famousfremus & Titania522

The Future of the Past - EmmaoftheValley

The One I Need - bubblegum1425

The Shimmering Colors Between Two Worlds - MTK4FUN

Where She Cannot Follow - bleedtoloveher 

If anyone knows of anymore stories to add to this list, please let us know!

We must always be on the lookout for opportunities to seize the initiative to support our objectives and goals. Pursuing opportunities means that we are proactive — we don’t wait for problems to be presented; we look for ways to get ahead of them. It also means that we have to become comfortable with transparency and flat communications — our ability to understand our AOR better than anyone else gives us the advantage of knowing where opportunities exist. Pursuing opportunities also means we have to take risk — by delegating authority and responsibility to the right level, by trusting our partners and being willing to trust our best instincts in order to move faster than our adversaries.
—  General Joseph Votel, Commander of US Central Command (covering Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and other important places), explaining how to win against US adversaries there. Or, perhaps, outlining the rollout of a new insurance plan. It’s really hard to tell.

Does anyone know where those photo’s of Lin went where he was in the ocean with his bare back showing his tattoo?

It’s for research purposes, of course.

EDIT: I found it, all is well.

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this is kinda rude but i just wanna know why your mom can't really get her shit together? does she not realize she's putting her child who is a MINOR in a shitty position she should help herself as much as you're helping her tf maybe she should get some help like counseling or something dude idk

idk each time she loses it it’s usually because a pink slip is missing and this time around she had a copy of the pink slip but they were like “uh you cant make copies!” and the people who signed it are claiming they never signed it (but these are the same people who’ve been so rude to her) and talk has been going around our area in geriatrics about her which can’t be helped

each time she passes the drug tests so i dont suspect her of anything, but this time she finally got a job further away from our area where she didn’t know anyone (because nurses jump from nursing home to nursing home all the time so you often see people you know)

she begged me not to ask for help because she feels incompetent as a parent and didn’t want people to know that she could barely provide for us but i did this myself. I know she needs to get her stuff together but i dont blame her for her struggles these past few years, she’s been abused mentally and physically and battling with depression, got addicted to xanax and had to quit those cold turkey, had breast cancer and surgery to remove it like i cant blame her for this situation? She’s trying just as hard as anybody else

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yukie is my favorite manager please do a couple of headcanons for her!!

Yukie Shirofuku

  • She is horrible at cooking but can bake like a champ.
  • It’s really hard for her to get out of bed sometimes (she’s very lazy)
  • Yukie has a very crude sense of humor and always thinks of inappropriate jokes that she tells Akaashi- Only because she knows he won’t tell anyone where he got them.
  • When she was younger she had really, really bad nightmares. Now she tends to sleep without dreaming.
  • She rarely ever gets crushes on people, but when she does she gets very spacey in her classes and becomes very forgetful.
  • One of her favorite things in the world is to have her hair brushed by someone else.
  • She gets really bad headaches and her back is always sore.
  • Flexible? Like, she is weirdly flexible.
  • When at family functions she likes spending time with the adults and elders rather than kids her age and younger.
  • She is scared of small children yet is oddly very good with them.

hey guys, my name is alexander terris. i came out as a transgender boy to my parents around a year and a half ago. while they initially seemed accepting, i found out that they had told various therapists i was delusional. when they told me i was going to see a gender therapist, i was initially overjoyed, thinking this might mean they were considering letting me transition, until i decided to look her up. pictured above are screenshots from articles on her, the last article being from a project she was involved with (the feminine boy project). unless there has been a severe misunderstanding, they are sending me to see a conversation therapist the first week of april (i am typing this march 12th). i am currently on a school field trip, discovered this less than an hour ago, and am terrified of going home. ive texted my mom confronting her about it but she hasn’t replied. if i stop posting on here for an extended period of time, it either means ive had my phone taken away or committed suicide, or both. please reblog this and try to remember me as a boy and not a girl. please, dont let them get away with this.