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do you have any taz fic recs?

boy do i

ok so first and foremost i have to DEFINITELY recommend the crytpid zone (cryptid hunting au) and the resplendent puzzle (post-canon, angus hangin out with Cool Aunt Lup) by the wonderful amazing @bureau-of-benevolence

LITERALLY EVERY FIC that @anonymousalchemist puts up is absolutely worth reading (and undoubtedly loving) but a few Pretty Choice faves of mine are and there will be no more sorrows in the worlds to come (which i dont really know how to describe but Hungee Boy John and also so fucking incredibly beautifully written), the garden, never tended (a rly good merle character study), and Refraction (some Sweet Sweet taakitz)

teacuptaako is also a fucking INCREDIBLE writer like holy shit i cannot BELIEVE, and definitely my Most Favorite fic of theirs is because that’s what love is (equivalent exchange) which is a super super good character study about barry & taako & kind of just the whole ipre? 

(are u noticing a pattern here. the pattern is that i fucking love character studies.)

Still Here is one of my favorite fics in one of my favorite genres, that genre of course being Taako And Lup Actually Dealing With Emotions Kind Of (fuck its good i almost got distracted reading it again instead of finishing this list gfkjdhgj)

i dont even really know how to describe Taako the Nasty Crime Boy other than like, taako steals dogs and kravitz pretends to be a cop and this is maybe the best au?

i feel like a lot of ppl have already read an old sad song (you heard it all before) by the incredible and Brilliant @yahooanswer but if you haven’t then like go do it now right now its a roleswap and i dont want to give Too much about those swaps away but like ? what else does anyone even to know other than Best Adventuring Trio lucretia/lup/julia i mean come on

five ravens’ feathers, ten nightshade berries, a silver bangle (taako asking the raven queen a Very Important question) and my heart, my whole heart (another taako character/relationship study bc i cannot help who i am) by @anonymouspuzzler are Pretty Fuckin Choice too

Transactive Memory is super good too, focused on taako and, you guessed it, Losing Memories

Tea and Cookies by @terezis is a fuckin Top Quality meet the family in which taako introduces kravitz to lup & barry and lup just kinda fucks w/ everyone and its great

standing guard over what didn’t happen by @punkwixes is a rly good fic about the potential of the recovery game back in tsg and just….that’s where i’ll leave that but Please read it

aaaand last but not least bc this is getting SO LONG, Journal Keeper by @obvious-apostate which is i think The First taz fic i read, which takes place throughout the course of the stolen century and makes me cry over lucretia every day of my life

i….i read a lot of taz fics okay. i have a lot of love for all of them. let me Live.

Bellamy Blake imagine: Accidents

Summary: Reader gets hurt accidentally because of Bellamy. He then brings her back to the camp and blames himself. Reader unintentionally confesses her feelings for him and he’s happy because he has loves her as well.

Word count: 2634

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I sighed from relief once I had reached my favorite place- little clearing with small pond. I had found this place like two weeks ago and since then I had been coming here to wash myself and relax. 

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witchcraft is googling...

How flammable are dried herbs?

How do you get candle wax out of carpet?

How do you get a label off a pickle jar?

Are misc berries toxic?

Is misc oil safe for skin?

How do you get misc oil out of clothes?

How do you put out a fire without letting anyone know you started a fire?

Why does sage smell like weed?

What do I do if I get pulled over after burning sage in my car and a cop thinks I smoked weed?

Meanings of my astrology sign?

How do I know if I’m haunted?

Meaning of my birth stone?

What is my birth stone?

Can cats eat misc plant?

My cat ate misc item will it die?

How do you get candle wax out of animal fur?

Can animals see ghosts?

Are candle burns first degree?

What does misc stone mean?

If anyone ever wants to know what it was like to be a part of the Glee fandom just tell them about the time this guy and I got detention (almost suspended) because we were arguing over who was better for Rachel and our teacher thought we were spreading nasty rumors about some kids named Finn and Quinn.

Like I literally almost got suspended from school because I was shit talking Finn Hudson so badly that my teacher thought I was bullying some random kid.


‣ Name - Bramble

‣ Birth - August 2nd, 2017

‣ Sex - Male

‣ Type - Top eared fancy rat. Black hooded.

‣  Personality -  Bramble is an energetic and outgoing baby who loves to give copious amount of kisses to anyone willing to accept them. He’s know to stick his nose where is doesn’t belong, such as ears, nostrils, and other peoples buisness. He always has to know what’s going on, and is almost too curious for his own good. His name is based off the plant and berries commonly found across the UK.

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What are some simblrs you recommend?

OOh it depends very much on what you’re looking for! SO I’m just gonna make a list of people who are my friends or who I love their legacies/sim styles!! :)

IN ADVANCE: I’m so sorry if I forget anyone, let me know! I have HORRIBLE Name memory and it 100% includes tumblr URLS! I love you all and I promise I don’t leave anyone out on purpose!

Personally I mostly read berry legacies so uh… if you don’t like berries you might not find this useful?

Let the list BEGIN

People you should just follow in general bc of their knowledge/CC/etc: @berrysweetboutique // @ridgeport // @tainoodles // @cupidjuice // @aharris00britney // @blogsimplesimmer // @pyxiidis // @nolan-sims // @socialjusticesimblr

People you should follow because their legacy stories are so freaking interesting: @simphonics // @simcitiess // @madeyesims // @riseofthecowplants // @frost-rainbowcy // @socialbunnies // @mdebunny

People you should follow just because I love them and their blogs: (the people on the other lists also belong on this list lol) @nikasimming // @kittys-sims// @berry-sim-wonderland // @bugsims // @sarcasticservo // @prism-pop // @siminycricket // @simpai // @apricoto // @mercurypixels // @twinsimskeletons // @0sims // @prismfamilylegacy // @smolacesimmer // @simpyre // @mamabearssims // @ossswill // @exi-sim-stial // @tranquilpyxles // @bouquet-of-scissors // @cowberrry // @sunflowersim

I’m sure I missed someone I’m so sorry just let me know lol I love you all my memory is horrible and I’msick as fuck lol


Venus: I-I don’t know…

Helios: Please, V! It’s just for the green card, besides that, nothing has to change. 

Venus: It just feels wrong. Dad, do you really think this would be a good idea?

Mercury: It’s not like she’d be standing in the way of you marrying anyone else.

Venus: But what about me being in the way of her marrying anyone else? I’d make an awful wife. 

Mercury: Don’t say that sweetie.


Merlot: *clears throat* Zin, Zin, what can I say about Zin? Ah, yes! Zin has taken all that book knowledge and is paying her way through college as a psychic.

Cherry Blossom: A psychic?! Like a real psychic?

Merlot: Like a real one.

Cherry Blossom: What? She does like really real psychic stuff?

Merlot: *chuckle* She sure does.

Cherry Blossom: And you believe it’s true?

Merlot: Haha! Darlin, I know it’s true.

Cherry Blossom: Whoa, so magic is real?

Merlot: Of course magic is real! Who told you it wasn’t?

Cherry Blossom: Everybody– My dad, my sister, my brother. They say it’s smoke and mirrors.

Merlot: Magic is real. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.


Dean Winchester x (fem) Reader

Warning: ) smut slightly in the end, swearing, kinky ;)
lol im so sorry but i felt like writing it so yeh. sorry again.

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“i’d really like some pie” said Dean while driving his Impala after hunting down yet another werewolf.

“I think we should get ourselves cleaned or we’ll go looking like we came straight from The Walking Dead.” Sam replied 

“What?” Dean said back, looking at Sam in confusion. Sam looked at Dean with his signature ‘I’m-so-done-with-you-right-now’ face as he asked Dean to forget the reference.

“whatever, were definitely getting pie tonight.” Dean said as he turned up the music in which Dean sang along with Led Zeppelin “I, I CANT QUIT YOU BABY” 

“tURN IT DOWN DEAN, MY EARS!” Sam yelled as he covered his ears with his hands.

This went on until they’ve reached the motel. Which Sam’s ears only gotten used to the loud music by the end of the ride.

“Thank god” Sam said wincing at the ringing in his ears.

“its chuck.” Dean said looking at Sam smirking at himself.

Sam couldn’t help but smile at the lame joke his brother made as they entered the motel.  “ha, lame.”

By now, Sam and Dean looked far from zombies. Both with wet hair and clean clothes and Sam attempting to dry his hair a little with a small towel. Just as Sam was getting comfy on his bed Dean shouted from the bathroom “Oh no princess, were getting the pie.” 

“Dean, its 3 AM.”

“So? Sleeping beauty could get her beauty sleep after i get pie.” Dean said back quite seriously as he walked out of the bathroom and towards his brother.

“Dude, who sells pie, or eats pie at 3 in the morning?” 

“i would.”

“Dean, we’ll get some pie tomorrow”

“but it is tomorrow”

“oh my- fine.” Sam being fed up of the childish man, stood up and followed Dean to the car.

They were currently back in the impala, still discussing about who’d sell pie this early and why Dean could’ve wait until later. 

“Aha! There” Dean said relieved and proudly as he pointed at a small shack which had lights on.

“Where?- you can’t be serious” Sam said as his face dropped. Poor Sammy was tired and extremely fed up with this child in front of him. By now its was 15 min past 4, yet somehow Dean was bubbling with energy.

They parked the impala and Dean basically zapped to door, which had nice tiny bells signalling a customer entering. For some pie. At 4 AM.

Sam didn’t follow him, he basically passed out because of sleep deprivation.

It was nice, cute little shack that had all kinds of pastry, and drinks. It looked more like a wannabe-bar, with music play softly in the background which Dean didn’t recognise because it was The 1975 playing instead of the classics. The shack smelled like buttery goodness and fresh coffee beans, in which Dean’s stomach grumbled as response. He began to really like the place. It was peaceful and quiet, because he was the only customer. 

“wow, you’re up early” a heavenly voice rang into Deans ear. Something he’ll never forget.

“yeah- wow” Dean said without thinking. He couldn’t help himself. For a second he forgot to breathe. What he saw was absolutely stunning. 

She had gorgeous (h/c) locks with piercing (e/c), another thing that will be incredibly hard to forget. She was wearing a red mini skirt that was above her knee, a white button up with a red apron above it. She had red lipstick on too and she goes by (y/n). Dean knew this because it was printed on the apron.

“are you getting anything?” she asked after the gorgeous pretty-green-eyed stranger observed and studied her.

“Oh- uh yeah, do you guys have pie?” Dean answered, with his signature breath taking smirk.

“Yeah… but it just entered oven, we literally opened 5 minutes ago”

“oh, its alright. I’ll just wait.” Dean responded, never planned on leaving just yet anyways. “what pie is it anyways?” he added in.

“Apple, and berry. We have custard, coconut and chocolate pie in the fridge but it needs time.” 

“damn, i love this place already, i’ll get the apple”

“you must really love pie.” she said while grinning. How could anyone look this gorgeous this early in the morning? Dean thought without knowing she was thinking the same thing. I mean, who isn’t attracted to a guy like that?

“i love me some pie” Dean said, attempting to sound cute. Which worked because she giggled lightly and softly. Damn.

Me too, who could resist such beauty?” She agreed.

“and she likes pie” Dean thought and noted aloud without noticing, but not regretting it either. She laughed and walked away to check on the pie.

Dean, proud of himself, walked around to observe the place. it looked like it was made by wood and it had a head of a fake bull hung on a wall. Underneath it was a secured and strong glass box that had an old gun and bullets in it with gloves and other stuff. Dean liked it. But what he really liked was the hat on top of the box. A cowboy hat, sitting there peacefully, waiting for someone to pick it up. That someone was Dean, and he put it on. Because he’s Dean.

He looked at the mirror and he was enjoying his time. Little does he know that the girl he’s been crushing on, (y/n), was staring at him and romanticising all those nasty things they’d do together. She had a major crush on him too. How could anyone look this hot? Especially at this time. I must look like a slob, i must be out of his league. He’s probably married and has an apple pie life…  She thought and thought until he was in front of her, she must have been in a trance because she didn’t notice it until he said “You like the view?”

“Oh!- uhm, i- I’m sorry, just reaaallly tired, hehe, you know… early shifts” She stuttered and tried really hard to cover it up, but that doesn’t work on Dean Winchester. Or anyone in fact. 

“nice try, sweetheart” he said smirking, and winked at the end. wINKED.

“i think the pie is ready” (y/n) muttered and left to get the pie that would definitely be cooked by now.

around 4 minutes later, she bought the pie to Dean who was waiting patiently.

Originally posted by supernatural-through-my-veins

He smirked as she arrived. She was blushing madly.

“whip cream?” she asked un confidently, only getting a huge grin from pretty-green-eyes with the cowboy hat that turned her on. She knows he wasn’t oblivious on how insane he made (y/n) feel. She doesn’t even know his name yet.

“Im Dean” ignoring the question earlier.

“(y/n)” she said back. Dean… nice.

“and, yes id like whip cream” he added in, as his tongue darted at the bottom lip for a quick second.


She placed the big slice of apple pie in front of him, the fork, spoon and knife as well; and turned around to get the whip cream.

fuck fuck fuck

by now she was mildly turned on. She realised they were the only ones in the shack. No one would know. Apart from that guy with hair better than any other girl’s outside, knocked out. He had a nice car, she thought it might been Dean’s brother. 

Lets play this game then.

She came back with the bottle of whip cream, but Dean noticed the she was more confident now, and that her white button up was opened and showed a little cleavage just above the red apron. Who’s turn is it to be turned on now?

She put some whip cream on the pie (that was already half eaten), not before she took a taste of her own. Licking it off her finger, slowly. Dean just imagining what she’d do to him.

He bit his bottom lip so hard, his lip paled under the pressure.

That’s when she twirled around, where Dean got a glimpse of the black undies due to how high she pulled her skirt up and the air blowing it up slightly. He wanted her so bad. No, needed her. As much as she does, but she was having a little too much fun. She winked at him and went to the back where they have the oven.

oh no she won't 

“oh come back here” he said sitting up straight now.

She obeyed and turned back and cat walked her way to the horny Dean Winchester. 

She then sat on his lap, and took his cowboy hat off to wear it instead of him. She smirked knowing that he liked it better on her, but she like it better on him. Now they were eating each other faces and grinding at each other. Desperate for each other, to taste more. Her hands grabbed a bunch of Dean’s hair and Dean let out a small moan. She smirked again and deepened the kiss. They parted for air, and they both missed each other the second they did. 

“fuck, you’re gorgeous.” Dean breathed out. 

“Lets go to the back room, the rest of the staff are coming.”

Dean let out an animalistic growl as response and grabbed (y/n) up and made out their way there. Shutting the door quickly behind to get to nasty business ;)

LOL im sorry

Ps, if you DID like it you could request more if you want lmao
The First Dig – I

I want to practice my writing, I’ve always found it a bit tricky to express myself in text, but fuck it, I should just do it lots I guess. So I’ve written this silly little ficlet about my fave little bluebell and her early tomb raiding adventures. I hope bluebell fans enjoy it! (if you didn’t, I apologise, please forgive me. Okay, thanks)(OH and thanks big to my good m8 @vorchagirl for beta reading and fixing up some of my messes xxx)

Today would be the day, she decided. She thought she might would wear a less fine tunic. The hardy, light brown one would do well for the job. It was utilitarian, yet professional. She needed to be taken seriously while seeming unconcerned by appearances; the tunic would help.

The glade by the river would be the location to start, for certain. The ground had clear ripples and crenulations which revealed the hidden ruins beneath. Like a tablecloth draped over an already set table, the spoils beneath were insultingly clear. How and why they had not yet been recovered was an enduring mystery.

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Remember Me?

Summary: Y/N was put in solitary and Bellamy Blake was her only companion.  Now they’re all on Earth.  But does he remember her? And how does she feel about him?

Word Count: just over 1,400

“Come on,” Bellamy yelled, veering to the right. “There are caves this way.”

He grabs Charlotte’s hand and pulls her along. I realized we were near the cave I’d found earlier.

I ran faster. Before I knew it, I was in front of them.

And then I was on the ground. My bad ankle had given out. I fell with a cry. I started to get up right away but it was difficult since I only had one foot to use now.

We had no idea what this fog was. But fog isn’t supposed to be orange. And it isn’t supposed to move that quickly. It moved just a little bit faster than us, catching up too quickly.

“Come on,” Bellamy groaned, grabbing my waist as I pushed myself up again. He was quick about it all since the acid burned if you touched it. Trust me, I know. He lifted me off the ground and pulled me up the hill. I wrapped my arms around his neck so he wouldn’t drop me.

Charlotte almost ran past the cave but Bellamy grabbed her arm. He pushed her in and practically threw me in.

I landed on my good foot and hopped inside. I dropped to the ground and leaned back against the wall, panting.

Why didn’t Bellamy just leave me? He only ever really cared about himself. And Octavia. And now kind of Charlotte.

Maybe I judged him too harshly.

“Where are the others?” I asked when he came back in, coughing a little.

“There are other caves,” he said, sitting down near me. “They must have found a different one.”

“What was that?”

“No idea.”

“How long you think we’re gonna be here?” I asked, leaning my head back against the wall. My ankle was throbbing.

“Might want to get comfortable,” he said.

I sighed and reached down. I pulled my boot off and rolled my pants up. My ankle was tender. It wasn’t broken; it was just sprained…again.

For a few minutes, the three of us just sat there. No one knew what to say.

“Does anyone have any food?” Charlotte asked softly.

I sighed and reached into my bag. I’d grabbed it right before we left, knowing it’d come in handy sometime.

I had another weapon, my jacket while my sweatshirt was tied around my waist, a small container made from the dropship full of nuts and berries, a canteen of water. I didn’t trust anyone else to pack what we needed. I wanted to be prepared.

“Here,” I said, grabbing out the container. I passed it up to her.

“Thanks,” she said softly. She took some and passed it back to me.

I offered it to Bellamy next but he didn’t want any. I shrugged and ate some for myself. They were actually pretty good and pretty filling.

“Here,” I said, pulling out the water after a little while. I gave it to Charlotte first. She drank some quickly. I then made Bellamy drink some even though he didn’t want to. I drank last, making sure to save some for later.

I took my jacket out and put it in a pile next to Charlotte. We both exchanged a smile before she laid down. Bellamy put his jacket over her as a blanket.

I didn’t think I would be sleeping. I wanted to be out there the second the fog is gone. I have to make sure the others are okay. Did the fog go all the way to camp?

“Do you remember me?” Bellamy finally asked after a half an hour of silence. I’m pretty sure Charlotte was already asleep.

I looked up at him with furrowed eyebrows. I honestly didn’t think he remembered me. I simply nodded.

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

I shrugged. “I didn’t know if you remembered me.”

“Nearly a year of visiting every day,” he said. “I think anyone would remember.”

I laughed a little. “Life was so much simpler than,” I sighed. My smile faded.

“What happened?”


“Why didn’t you come back?”

He sighed and looked down. He swirled the dirt around with his finger. “I did something stupid.”

“But you didn’t get floated,” I said. “So it wasn’t that stupid.”

“I took Octavia to a party,” he sighed. “We got caught. She went to lockup and I became a janitor.”

“Oh,” I breathed. “That was pretty stupid,” I said with a smile.

Bellamy laughed.

“But it all worked out. You and Octavia are on Earth together-”

“And she hates me.”

“She doesn’t hate you,” I said. “But it would help if you’d be a little nicer to her friends…like Jasper.”

“Why do you guys care so much?” he asked with a sigh.

“Are you kidding? Octavia cares because first he saved her life and then he went first to try to impress her. She feels like it’s her fault and the only thing that will change that is him waking up. It was Clarke’s idea to go to Mount Weather. She feels like it’s her fault Jasper was even put in that position. And she can’t save him like she thinks her mother would be able to. Monty is losing his best friend and there’s nothing he can do. He’s trying with the wristbands but nothing’s working right now. It was supposed to be Finn going first. It was supposed to be Finn getting hurt but Jasper stepped forward instead. He feels guilty now too. Even Wells feels guilty because he couldn’t go.”

We sat in silence for a little while. I just looked at the wall across from me, rather than Bellamy to the right.

“And you?”

“Before I was arrested, he and Monty were like my best friends,” I said with a shrug. “He’s basically a brother, okay? When I was first arrested, he visited me every single time. He didn’t give up on me and I’m not giving up on him now. Clarke will find something and he will wake up.“

"Why do you have so much faith in Clarke?”

I shrugged. “Who else am I gonna have faith in?”

“Me,” he said simply, looking down again.

“You strong-armed your way into power,” I said, looking over at him. “You got idiots to take off their wristbands for food. People are gonna die up there and they’re gonna die down here. We’re not enough to take on Grounders.”

Neither of us said anything after that.

I slipped my sweatshirt on and pulled my hood up. I leaned against the wall again and stared at the wall.

Bellamy laid down and turned away from me.

We were only silent a half an hour before Charlotte was screaming.

“Charlotte,” I gasped. I reached up and shook her shoulder. Bellamy was up again, shaking her knees.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, looking between the two of us.

I glanced back at Bellamy before I looked over at her again. “Does it happen often?”

“What are you scared of?” Bellamy asked. “You know what? It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is what you do about it.”

“But…I’m asleep,” she said, looking over at him and pouting a little.

“Fears are fears. Slay your demons when you’re awake, they won’t be there to get you when you sleep.”

“Yeah, but…how?”

“You can’t afford to be weak. Down here, weakness is death, fear is death. Let me see that knife I gave you.” She handed him her knife and he gripped it tight. I furrowed my eyebrows. Where was he going with this? “Now, when you feel afraid, you hold tight to that knife and you say, ‘screw you. I’m not afraid.’”

He handed it back to her and she did the same. “Screw you. I’m not afraid. Screw you. I’m not afraid.” The second time was stronger.

“Slay your demons, kid. Then you’ll be able to sleep.”

He laid back down but I could tell she still didn’t want to go to sleep. You can’t just tell yourself you’re not afraid. She was still scared.

I leaned back against the wall again and I sang.

“My precious one, my tiny one, lay down your pretty head. My dearest one my sleepy one, it’s time to go to bed,” I sang softly.

Bellamy stiffened but didn’t say anything. After the song, I glanced back and saw Charlotte was asleep.

I laid my head back and fell asleep quickly.

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Lamia US , SF bros trying to court / get noticed by their crush ?

@suploliepop Here’s that other ask I mentioned. I’m gonna tag both these posts as “lamiatale courting” so they’ll be easy to find.



He’s always brought you flowers at random but when he actually wants to court you he brings them constantly and figures out what’s your favorite. He also starts bringing you a bunch of odd, pretty trinkets or rocks and things he’s found lying around. He makes sure his nest is clean and organized before he brings you to it. He’s so eager and excited for you to see it because he has even more trinkets inside that he’s using as decorations. He wants to share his beloved collection with you and hopes you’ll like it. When you accept he gets so excited he knocks you over as he pounces and coil around you, nuzzling and kissing your cheeks. As if he wasn’t already affectionate enough before you became his mate he becomes even MORE loving. He’ll sleep wherever you are but sometimes you wake up in his nest when you were originally back at your camp.


You’ll know when he’s trying to court you because he’ll start getting closer when he spends time with you. He’s usually always up in a tree, out of reach. He’ll coil up near you for a nap, sometimes coiling around you if he’s comfortable enough. Occasionally he’ll bring you some flowers or fruit he found up in the trees where they were too high for you to get to. You’ve really earned his trust when he decides to show you his nest. It’s still messy but it’s how he likes it and he hopes you’ll find it as cozy as he does. He’s kinda nervous the messiness will scare you off because of how much Berry has fussed at him over it. When you accept he’s relieved and really happy. Nap time. He’s gonna coil around you right there and take a celebratory nap with you. Expect nuzzling and extra cuddles.



He waits until he knows for sure what your favorite flowers are out of what he has access to before he starts courting. Expect a bunch of them every day. He also brings you trinkets but not as many as Berry. He’s picky. He only brings you the BEST trinkets that he’s sure you’ll like. He’ll also act like a big show off if anyone or anything that he doesn’t trust gets too close. He makes sure his nest is pristine and all his decorations are in order before he shows you. When you accept he’s really excited but tries not to let it see. He’s not very good at hiding his excitement. He refuses to let you get your own food now. He wants to take the job of feeding you and it’s best to just let him.


He’s pretty shy but when he starts trying to court you you’ll notice he’s more affectionate. He’s always hesitant though because he’s afraid of accidentally hurting you or doing something you don’t like. He steadily gets more comfortable and starts bringing you fruit and flowers. It takes him a while to work up the courage but he eventually shows you his nest. It’s not as pristine as his brother’s but it’s clean and pretty cozy. He’s trying not to get his hopes up just in case you reject him but when you accept he perks up. His eye light turn into little stars and he coils around you, ready to show all the affection he had been holding back. He brings you food but isn’t as aggressive about it as Black. He stays with you wherever you are. Sometimes he stays awake when you sleep in your camp, coiled around you with his sharp eyes scanning for any threats. If he spots anything or finds himself nodding off you’ll be in his nest with him when you wake up.

Cedar and Bergamot

Here is the entire, completed and updated, Cedar and Bergamot! 1.4K words, smut free! Not a lot of dialogue, just Simon obsessing over his beautiful, evil roommate.

Summary: Things have been… different with Baz since they called the truce. Still, Simon never expected to have such a nice dream about him. A dream he can’t seem to get out of his head…

Simon woke up more confused than he ever had before.

He’d never had a dream like that before.

Baz had been front and center in his nightmares for so long. He’d been the enemy since the day Simon had met him. Perhaps even before that day.

Baz had literally tried to murder him before. Multiple times.

But there were gray areas now. There was no denying that things were different lately. The two had called a temporary truce, and Baz wasn’t so… evil anymore. So larger than life.

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Nohrian Festival: Leo and Kamui Married Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

I’ve put their unmarried conversation up HERE already. It’s actually pretty interesting to read them side-by-side because the conversation is mostly the same with several changes here and there to reflect that they are now married. Particularly at the end of Pt. 2. It takes a huge deviation.

I’d suggest reading them side-by-side to compare. It’s pretty neat. 

And of course, I had to put Kamui as a pure female. My apologizes to all BrotherxBrother shippers out there.

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Easter pancakes 🐣 🐰 🍫 You see it better when they’re cut in the middle but these pancakes actually have 3 different colors and flavors : plain, matcha and berry 💛💖💚 Also does anyone know a good swimsuit retailer ? I guess living in LA I should stock up on swimming gear 👙


They talked a while, watching the sun go down over the bay - things were back to the way they were. 

Ember: So what are you doing for the summer? 

Lilith: Uhhh idk, my family’s got no plans so I guess I’ll just lurk around n’stuff. I don’t want to stay at home though..maybe I’ll hang with my cousins in the city. Gabe’s gone to Windenburg to stay with his grandparents, but he comes back two weeks before school - so I’ll chill with him then. 

Ember : …you wanna come camping? 

Lilith: What??? 

Ember: Yeah, camping with my family! We’re going road tripping to Granite Falls for a few weeks.

Lilith: …Are you even allowed to do that? You’re super grounded remember.

Ember: Pfft, I’ll ask my mom. She loves you and if I tell her you’re just going to be alone all summer her big heart will obviously let you come with us!  

Lilith: I-I would love that.


Diary of Scarlett Enchanted – DO NOT READ

I guess maybe I should address the lack of sunlight, in case this diary is ever used for something more than my ranting. This is a record, after all.  

You see, my mother was of the Streusel clan- a very powerful vampire family in the Hemlock Forest- her great, great, great, great, great, great great great uncle still lives up the hill at the Streusel homestead. I’ve never met him, but I believe his name is Raspberry. Since my mother’s death, he’s pretty much gone into hibernation mode- or at least that’s the rumor mill.

ANYWAY, yeah. She’s dead. I don’t know what else there is to say, but after she died the night didn’t leave. Folk around here blamed the Streusel’s- something about revenge, or was it about her giving up her vampiric  immortality? I don’t think anyone knows.

Well… anyone but Mal. More on that later.

Coercion - 6

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You are just about to start your new job at the BAU after years of working to get there, when a man you don’t know approaches you with an evil plan and knowledge of every sordid detail of your past. What will you do? Will you give into the man’s demands? Or will you be able to find another way out?


“Hotch!” Spencer screamed as his boss turned away and toward the interrogation room. He ran up behind him, refusing to let this go. How was he supposed to? “Hotch, you have to let me interrogate her.” He knew he shouldn’t, but he’d been lied to for a year. He’d slept with this woman…loved this woman…and she’d tried to kill one of his best friends. How else was he supposed to react?

For the second time, Hotch denied him. “You’re to close to this, Reid,” he said curtly. “You can’t be the one to interrogate her. You know that.”

“Hotch, please,” he begged. He was desperate for answers. Anything to help him make sense of his world. “At least let me be in the room, you can ask her the questions and I can sit in the background.”

“No, Agent Reid. You watch from the outside just like everyone else.” And with that, he turned around, leaving Spencer feeling like he wanted to punch a wall. He’d never felt that way in his life, but right now, there were a mess of emotions crawling their way through his brain and body and he wanted some way to get them out. Instead of punching something, he turned around and wrapped his arms around JJ.

“I’m sorry,” he murmured, feeling guilty for letting Y/N into their lives.

She sighed, the tears having run out before. Now she was numb - and she wanted answers. “This isn’t your fault, Spence,” she said. “Let’s go.”


it had been nearly an hour since Spencer threatened your life should you step near his team again. Despite everything, you couldn’t help but be proud of him. His team was his family and he would do anything to protect them. It was one of the many things you admired about him. Spencer obviously wouldn’t be the one to interrogate you; that would be a conflict of interest. It wouldn’t be JJ either, considering she’s the one you nearly killed. Your suspicion was that it would either be Hotch or Rossi.

Just as you drifted off into your own thoughts, open this time to letting them consume you and eat you alive, Hotch entered the room. Even in the short while you’d worked with him, you’d seen that face - the face that said ‘give me a reason not to kill you.’

“Agent, Y/L/N,” he started. “Walk me through what you did first. I don’t want to know why you did it right now, who put you up to it if anyone did. I want you to tell me exactly what you did.”

You took a deep breath, feeling the cold cuffs pull against your prickling skin. When you first opened your mouth, nothing came out, so in an attempt to steady your thoughts, you closed your eyes and repeatedly swallowed the lump in your throat. “I put four Belladonna berries into JJ’s smoothie yesterday morning.”

“Why four? Was four enough to kill her? Or was that not the goal?”

“It wasn’t meant to kill her,” you said, staring at the two-way window toward the right side, where you realized JJ had a tendency to stand. She wasn’t in here, but you wanted to talk to her. She needed to know…They all needed to know…Spencer…Spencer needed to know. “It wasn’t even meant to make her as sick as she got. I’m assuming she has a bit of a cold.”

“What was the point of making her sick?” he asked hotly, his eyes piercing into your head and boring holes into the wall behind you.

“The point was to eventually make her death look natural,” you said, choking on the last few words. “He wanted it to look natural.”

As soon as you uttered that word, he, you felt a change in the air. Even on the other side of the glass, you could tell that everyone wanted to know who the he was, and you had officially put a target on Spencer’s head. Ashton said he’d kill Spencer if you told anyone. “Who is he?” Hotch asked. “Someone put you up to this?”

“Bentley Ashton,” you whispered.

A look of recognition flashed across his eyes. You saw the cogs turning in his brain. “We put I’m away for murder nearly 10 years ago and he was recently released. No doubt due to his connections.”

Just slightly, you nodded your head. “Yes, he approached me shortly before I started.”

“And said what? Introduced himself and said hey kill a member of my team?” It wasn’t like Hotch to sass anyone. When he did, it was angrily.

Since Spencer had brought you inside, you’d gone number, but the interrogation was bringing everything back. It was bubbling under your skin and threatening to rip you apart. “He said I had to kill everyone, but Spencer, or else…” Even now you couldn’t say why. Why were you such a coward? Had everything your parents taught you been beaten out of you on the streets? “He said he wanted payback for you putting him away ten years ago.”

“What did he threaten you with that made you take him up on this deal?” he asked. The question was asked hotly, but he was also genuinely curious.

Another moment of truth. “He said…” you started, swallowing some to get rid of the dryness in your throat. “He said to carry out his plan, or else he would kill Spencer…and expose my past.”

“What past?” And why wasn’t he going to hurt Reid?”

The tears stung your eyes as you forced yourself to put the next thought into past tense. “Because I was dating him. He said that would make it to obvious.” Your hands were cuffed, but not to the table, so you brought your hands up and covered your face as you sobbed. “I never wanted any of this! I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t even be here, I should’ve died years ago.”

“What past was he going to expose?”

How were you supposed to say this out loud? That you stupidly got tricked into being a prostitute for one of the nation’s biggest drug dealers and pimps. That at the age of 34, you couldn’t count the number of men that had been inside you and robbed you of your dignity. For more than a few moments, you stared off into the distance, begging the moment to disappear and float away.

Hotch was a patient man, especially when there were no time constraints, so he was fine to let you stare off into space, but you were jerked out of your thoughts when the door slammed into the wall so hard that the piece of doorknob that hit the wall actually cracked. “What past did you not want us to know about?” Spencer screamed, getting right up in your face. His own was beat red with anger and he slammed his hand down on the table before Hotch reprimanded him and Morgan came in to hold him back.

He couldn’t hit you. He couldn’t scream in your ear. But that didn’t stop him from screaming. “What could’ve possibly been so awful?!” His yelling brought you back to the many times Rocco had yelled like that. You knew Spencer wasn’t Rocco, but the memories were still there and it kept you from speaking. He deserved to yell - you could give him that. “Huh? What is it, Y/N? What could’ve possibly convinced you that any of this was okay?”

“I never thought any of it was okay!” you screamed back, the tears overflowing when you finally looked at him. “Nothing about my life has ever been okay!”

 Even Morgan had to tighten his grip to hold Spencer back from you. “Then what was it?!” he screamed again. 

“I was a whore!” you cried, your head falling into your hands again. “After my parents died, I had nowhere to turn, and like a stupid child, I got tricked into a life I never intended to lead. I was ashamed.” You sobbed openly, no longer trying to conceal anything from anyone.

With the floodgates open, you couldn’t stop yourself from screaming. You stood up and got right up into Spencer’s face just as he’d done to you. Hotch had gotten up from his seat, thinking you were going to attempt to hurt Spencer, but you couldn’t Of course they couldn’t believe that under the circumstances. “I’ve been beaten! I’ve had my bones broken by the men that paid for me. I’ve been raped. I’ve had knives used against my skin because the rush of torturing and raping a 15-year-old girl got my clients off. I’ve been left on the side of the road with my thighs and vagina in too much pain to walk! I’ve been used as a drug mule! My only friend on the streets was murdered in front of me because I asked for a break and she had offered to take my client to let me rest. After all that, I tried to kill myself!” Your throat was raw, but you couldn’t stop. “But I had nothing. I had no money. So the only way I could think of doing it was to swallow the half a bottle of sleeping pills I had found in the trash. The next morning, I woke up in a pool of my own vomit. I took it was a sign that I was meant to do something with my life, so I pushed myself up. I walked away from the town I grew up in. Hid in sewers and pipes and abandoned buildings to make sure my pimp wouldn’t find me and kill me, or worse, rape me too, because he liked to do that if I haven’t mentioned it already, and send me back to my old life. I clawed my way up. I begged and cried and bled to get where I am now, and then that bastard came up to me and threatened to take it all away or he’d expose my past and kill you.”

For a few moments, the heaviness of your confession weighed them down. “Despite what you think, Spencer Reid, I love you more than I thought I could love anyone after my parents died. I was trying to think of a way to trick Ashton, to get you all to bring me in here, so that I could tell you his plan and hopefully take the fucker down, but I needed more time, so I put the berries in JJ’s drink. And I hate myself. I thought I hated myself then, the many times I had my face mashed into the ground while a strange man pushed himself inside me, but watching as JJ convulsed…I’ve never hated myself more.”

Collapsing back into the wall and slipping down, you started to scream, pulling at your hair as you buried your head in your knees. When you looked up again, everyone was still there, except Spencer. “Y/N,” Hotch said. “Until we can determine just how culpable you are, I’m going to need you to hand over your badge and gun.”

Your gun had already been taken from you, but the badge was still on you. Just over a week in the job you’d always wanted, and with a snap of your fingers it had all been taken away. Without looking up, you handed your badge to whoever was there.

“Please,” you said softly, repeating yourself at Morgan’s insistence. “Please protect Spencer. Ashton has all the money you could possibly need. He said he’d kill Spencer. Please don’t let him die.”

“We protect our own,” Morgan said, turning away and walking out.

Hotch swallowed hard and walked out, followed by Emily and JJ, leaving only Rossi and Garcia in the room. As soon as Spencer had introduced you to the team, you had gravitated toward Rossi. He reminded you of your father, and apparently, you reminded him a lot of his daughter, Joy. You could tell he hurt for you, but he needed time to process what you’d just said and walked out of the room. Garcia was the only one left. The perfect ray of sunshine that the world didn’t deserve. 

“Y/N,” she said softly, crouching down to meet your gaze. She grabbed your hands. She grabbed your hands. “I don’t think you could’ve gone through with it…JJ, I mean. I don’t understand. And I need time…but I’m so, so sorry for what you went through. I don’t care who you are. No one deserves that.” As another sob choked out of you, your head fell into your knees, and against all odds, you felt Garcia lay her head on top of yours. “I’m so sorry, honey.”