anyone know the translation for the tag

Translation of Ishida’s message (X):

This would probably be a character from High School Ghoul.

The Ghoul cafe was at Ikebukuro.
I heard stories from people who went there, and it seems like a wonderful place.
Maybe I should invite someone and go there.
Though Doutor is pretty good as well. (T/N: Doutor is a coffee shop chain in Japan.)


Animedia 2017 June
Kuroshitsuji: Book of the Atlantic

featuring Grell and William sharing an umbrella

If anyone would like to translate the article, feel free to message me for hi-res raws. But in case anyone is curious, this is just a fun promo piece for BotA DVD/BD but with focus on Grell’s preference of men. The talk about loving cold men, and how despite being fond of Sebastian, Grell’s real love is still William. That sort of thing. There is really nothing we don’t already know.

like ronan is a very capable guardian but i’m sure he’s pretty much a fucking pushover of a disciplinarian … like he will say “don’t fucking curse” but like what is he going to do. mostly he lets her do whatever she wants, and that works out well for them, because mostly what he wants for her and what she wants to do are fairly aligned.

adam is also the good cop with opal alone. every other time he’s the bad cop. but even as good cop he is like. much more responsible about being a pushover imo. he’s the one who goes to the barns after school and sits in the kitchen with opal and tricks her into “helping” him with his latin homework while ronan “cooks” “dinner”.  he always appreciated having an structure as an outlet for… whatever. she should have that.  

like it’s not like he’s the one who has to make sure she gets her vitamins and ronan just lets her run hog-wild bc that’s not it. ronan is a good bro and opal is well cared for. he takes care of her.

but like. adam is the one who sits with a bunch of books at the kitchen table & opal next to him kicking her tiny legs and frowning furiously at a book. 

ronan complains that he and gansey are conspiring to turn the kid into a nerd. opal is bent over a book of ovid (from last year’s class. it’s not actually adam’s homework. it’s english practice for her). she’s scribbling furiously but also she’s eaten the metal eraser cap off the pencil. she’s chewing it and occasionally spitting little metal flakes onto the table. 

“she should have some structure,” adam says. “even if you don’t think it’s right to send her to school.” 

“she doesn’t need school,” ronan grumbles. “she learns everything she needs to know from the great outdoors.” he pokes at whatever’s in the pan with a spatula, which has somehow managed to come out both runny and burnt. they don’t talk abt her, the, complications involved in sending a goat-footed girl to school. 

“uh-huh,” adam says. “opal, do you want to stop helping me with this latin?” 

opal looks at him like he’s ridiculous. “this story has lots of blood and no fucking kissing,” which have been her primary metrics for story enjoyment since she caught ronan and adam making out chastely in ronan’s bed when what she wanted was to crawl in with him. 

“language,” ronan says automatically and perhaps a little sullenly. 

(adam is probably really worried about her fixation on gory imagery but hasn’t decided if this is worth bringing up with ronan yet. like he did some googling and apparently a lot of kids like violent stories? but opal’s got trauma? he worries.)

adam is like “do you really expect me to eat that” & then ronan scowls and scrapes his failed dinner into the garbage - the spatula’s got opal’s teethmarks in it - and they order takeout isntead. and after dinner opal makes ronan and adam and one of the barn cats act out 15 lines out of the story of pyramus and thisbe from her translation. 

anyway if anyone is the bad cop when it comes to raising opal it’s clearly blue.

This isn’t actually the real anniversary of the blog! It’s older — but the the 1st August of the last year I say to myself something like “fuck my shyness, l have a blog — let’s post something. And maybe let’s don’t drop the whole thing for another two years” and TADA! After one year I’m still here - and in this time thanks to that I meet a lot of wonderful people ಥ_ಥ thanks for your kindness and friendship  ♥ ♥ ♥

I HAD to celebrate - even if a day late (oops). 

(And I KNOW “moral anniversary” is probably a wrong translation, but I have no idea how to say that in english. Errr)

PSA for the EmiMike/MichEmil fandom!

Update! Here is the masterpost! Please reblog that as well as this post to spread the word around ♥

There are quite a few EmiMike shippers here and I feel like I follow most of them (and we even have our own badge!)

(credits go to @emimiketrash)

And that got me thinking that I also know quite a few Italian fans, which is great and it would be very helpful if I ever needed to translate something for a fic, except, you know, I’m Italian and I don’t really need that? Anyway, what I would need is to know some Czech fans, and I realized I know none.

And then I thought that others might be in my same situation and it just hit me, “Why not make a masterpost of lovely Italian and Czech people who would be willing to translate stuff for EmiMike writers?” 

I find that adding a few sentences/words in their native language is always really realistic and depending on what kind of fic you’re writing it might even be necessary, and while I wait for more EmiMike inspiration to hit me for a future fic, I thought it would be nice to do something for this little but lovely part of the fandom. (And for the record, if you need to translate anything to Italian, always feel free to message me and ask!)

(Of course, this is also true for any fanartists needing to write stuff in their fanart/comics!)

In order to make this masterpost I need names! So please:

  • Reblog to help me spread the word ♥
  • REBLOG + WRITE if you’re Italian or Czech and willing to be in this list (please don’t just write it in the tags because it makes my job more difficult)

I really hope this thing works out, please let me or anyone in the squad know if you have any more ideas for this ship!

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Anon said: If you make a shop I will buy things. I would kill for stickers of some of your art

Anon said: I would give you all my money for any of your doodles tbh

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you hOLY HECK part of what I meant was that I draw stuff with a too low resolution for most things that aren’t phonecases or stickers or mugs but I can!! Sort through my stuff and see what has a usable shape??? <3<3 please don’t kill anyone tho

Anon said: your bakugou squad art: everything and more!!i really love it


Anon said: that one art you did with kuroiro and monoma low key made me ship them and im Suffering

*light yagami voice* just according to keikaku - JK! I accidentally made myself ship it too so we’re on the same boat, I might doodle something for it in the future *wiggle eyebrows*

Anon said: Hi!! I’m not sure if you’ve answered this before (so I apologize if you have), I’m new to the bnha fandom, I’m in LOVE with bakushima, and I was wondering if there were any good fics you would recommend please for that ship???

I think I have a fic recs tag!! but more specifically if you scroll down here there’s a bunch of fics I really really love a lot, most of them are bakushima! Also this is the one that slayed me a couple of days ago, pls read it, and this one and this one too and hooooooly shit this one and UH this one I read a lot of bakushima okay I have no life please don’t judge me

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[VKM Spec] Slogging Through VKM 11

Whelp, VKM 11 has arrived and it was…underwhelming, to say the least. There are a few tidbits of interest which I’ll be covering below. If you’re looking for indepth analyses on the parallels and intricacies of Haruka and Juri and Kaien please check out @soulisthirsty​‘s post which covers the specifics of that trio in more depth. 

I despise all levels of the Kuran incest family shenanigans and prefer to spend as little time analyzing them as possible to keep my blood pressure down. ;) Ancient obasans have to watch out for these things, you know!

In the meantime, for anyone who hasn’t read the translations or seen the spoilers, please check them out on @alldempretties​‘s blog before proceeding to read below. =)

This post has been tagged anti cross kaien and anti ky for anyone who would like to blacklist it from the tags. Fair warning: I won’t be using any visuals because this chapter isn’t up to snuff panel-wise. Hino got a bit lazy with this one. 

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Wanted to reblog and follow you after your Rick and Morty and WoW crossover artwork. It was very good. But you used the word "retarded" in your tags. Very disappointing. As a person who is technically "retarded", it's upsetting to see people behaving like that in your favourite fandoms.

oh god I’m so sorry!!! I didn’t mean to insult or upset anyone, and my english still bad so basically some words I take from translator (if it’s about wrong word)
I would change the tags, but I don’t know what word can suit to the case of Morty right:c

@transperceneige @anyone who knows, Sorry I’m tagging you for this bullshit, but wtf is the ‘French gallop training system’ (translating word by word, maybe it’s not accurate at all)? Does that even exist? I’m guessing maybe it has something to do with Dressage because I’ve seen the term floating around in some of the fancy Dressage barns’ web pages I’m looking at but I’m confused because they explain nothing

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You know the twitter account that screenshotted your stuff and posted without credit. Yeah she's like that. I legit got into a feud a couple of weeks ago about her screenshotting stuff from here and not giving credits. I blocked her on twitter. Don't need those people on my timeline feeding off other people's hard work

if i were to be very honest, their response gave me the feeling that they just brushed off their mistake by blaming it on ‘forgetting to credit’. i mean, how can you even forget to credit? .______. i don’t think they are aware of the fact that with that amount of followers, they’re no longer just a normal account, people will consider their account as a source of information and repost from them again. i don’t know if anyone knows how it feels when you just randomly scroll through weibo and you see your translation re-translated into chinese, but instead of your name in the credit, it’s the person who reposted. furthermore i don’t really like it when they screenshot and crop out my url, there are ways to keep the url of the original poster on screenshots and other people managed to do it before, but they just ;_; 

Anonymous said: I saw your tags on the vmin post, how tall are you? :D

i’m 165cm or 5′5′’ (•ㅅ•)

Anonymous said: So I’m learning Korean and I was wondering if you have any website , app or just any way to help me. Any tips ? If you do help me out thank you very much! No pressure!

i don’t use any app other than the naver dictionary app, but if you’re interested, i answered an ask about how i learned korean somewhere in the /reg tag!

Anonymous said: Did you learn all the languages on your own? Did you learn just for fun?

for chinese and english, they were compulsory subjects at my school so i had no choice but to learn it, just the basics tho haha. for korean (and japanese, i’m taking baby steps towards japanese ;;), i learned for fun and also because i want to realize my goal of knowing at least 7 languages before i turn 30. for all of the languages i learn except japanese, i learn the basics with some kind of guidance (like teachers at school or a tutor) but improve later on by myself.

Anonymous said: I’m still too awkward to send you anything publicly lol but my english has improved a lot after reading Oscar Wilde’s essays, fairy tales, plays etc. His english is old but descriptive, a little bit poetic and sometimes, or well quite often, he uses words that I have never heard of. It still was worth of reading ! Now writing english feels easier and I even think that my level is good enough compared to the fact I have only studied english nine years haha :’-)

noted! i’m currently reading oscar wilde’s prose collection hehe

Anonymous said: Are you satisfied with the subs of bon voyage season 2? I really can’t understand a single hangul so asking an expert about it make me feel secured? I mean even though i pay for 800 coins in vlive if the subs are not to its fullest i will still watch an uploaded video with eng sub of the uploader just to know the full story ofwhat are they talking and laughing about. I really trust you and if you say you don’t, i will really watch it though it quite aches to see anuploaded one coz i paid for it.

i don’t watch engsubs, especially vlive’s engsubs haha. i feel like vlive’s subs make the gist and the fun of their dialogues, sometimes even incorrect ;_; like with joon’s ynwa behind story live, i turned on the engsubs the other day to get some inspiration on how to translate but eventually had to turn off after 5 mins because of how much mistranslations there were. vlive’s subs are quite full tho, if you’re not too strict about the quality of the subs it should be enough to understand what they’re talking about. by the way, the reuploaded ones have vlive’s subs too. no one does separate engsubs for bon voyage

Ok, so honestly...

Anyone in the Yuri On Ice fandom who has not read or is not reading the Translations On Ice series by @jenroses may wish to reevaluate their life choices, because this series is amazing and not to be missed out on!! It will change your life for the better!

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Hi Hannah 💕 I was wondering if you can make a fanfiction of Leo speaking Greek? Like in the same 'theme' as you did with Zig speaking Spanish. Lots of love xo

Girl you have a lot of faith in me 😆 I’d love to give it a try! I don’t know anyone that can translate it so it may take me a little while to get the right flow between languages since I’m in nooo way bilingual lol. I’ll keep you updated though for sure, thank you Sharon! 💕

(I’m gonna tag this to see if anyone in the fandom speaks Greek and wouldn’t mind helping me out! 😊)


Guess who got their hands on Graduation Time?

If anyone wants to see more or if anyone knows Japanese, please message me or something! I want these translated as much as you do!

Edit: According to Google Translate, Gakushuu went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is now an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. His dad opened a new school (I think) and is living a peaceful life.

For Akira’s birthday this year Ishida wrote a poem again. It’s… about as angsty as his other ones.

The song it’s accompanying is “Movie” by österreich. Please click on the link to listen.

I shared myself
With you, that’s why
If you were to go away
I’ll hurt        like something’s been torn off in me
I’ll be bereft

Where has the time we shared go, I wonder

The dust that looks like peach fuzz
Reflecting light,
It’s slowly falling

Will it gather in a place that I don’t know, I wonder

Are you also

There, I wonder

Hairpin, hair ornament, fragrant oil,
When did I throw away
All these forgotten things?

The reason why is lost

Even if I didn’t understand what is the right thing
You, certainly, were always right

I’d always make mistakes, and let you make them, too

“I didn’t amount to anything, did I”
“I didn’t help anyone”

If you wish for me to not go anywhere

I can’t go anywhere
Because I have no legs, no head
I can’t go anywhere
I can’t go

Wanna Join an RPG Maker Project?

Well you’re in luck! These are the tags I use when any creator or team is looking for an additional team member for their game.  You can look through them to find a game to join.  Feel free to submit your own “Help wanted ad” via the submit box and I’ll tag them as needed

Tumblr’s not always the best place to advertise, as we tend to have more artist & musicians than those who really know how to use the engine.  If you’re not having any luck here, make sure to try any number of RPG Maker forums, Reddit, or Steam.

Oh, and the help needed tag is reserved for people who just have a question or two about how to use the engine.

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Can I have SFW Lunyx for: "Hell DEFINITELY had no fury like a woman scorned." for the sentence starter thing?

This one was kind of hard for me, I’ll admit. For some reason I couldn’t wrap my head around it (despite knowing that phrase well enough) enough to translate it into their relationship. I don’t know. It might not be exact, but I tried. Angry Lunafreya and smarter-than-most-men Nyx ahoy!

Tagging: @newtscarf (if anyone else wants to be tagged in future Lunyx stuff let me know!)

Word count: 661

“Hell DEFINITELY had no fury like a woman scorned. 

The sentence caught Nyx’s attention as he made his way through the marble halls of the palace in Tenebrae. He tried not to make a face, tried to ignore the pang of guilt that pitted in his stomach, but curiosity got the better of him and he halted. Sighing, he backed up and eavesdropped on the handmaidens’ conversation. Guard duty could wait for him.

“Oh no, what happened?” The other asked, and Nyx could hear the excitement in her voice as she leaned closer to the first woman.

“I had to assist Lady Lunafreya this morning with her dress, and she was definitely enraged by something, or rather, someone. Kept saying that she was foolish for thinking he would be interested in her beyond his duty to the late King Regis.”

Nyx winced, then frowned, bouncing on his heels as he continued listening. More than anything, he wanted to set the record straight with them. It wasn’t that he wasn’t interested in the Lunafreya. On the contrary, there was nothing that would give him more pleasure than being able to steal the princess away for an evening and take her on a proper date, one that didn’t involve Astrals and being under constant watch from her brother.

As it were, however, he was nothing, no one of importance outside of her personal bodyguard – at least on mornings when she didn’t banish him from her sight like this one – and she was, well, the princess of a nation regaining its former glory and the oracle. Lunafreya was the very definition of beautiful, and, much to Nyx’s glaring awareness, had a reputation to uphold, one that Ravus had made clear that he was not to interfere with. Thus, when Lunafreya approached him earlier that morning in a manner that was a little more than friendly, he had to politely decline.

Now, however, he could see that there was no winning. Damned if he did, damned if he didn’t. When it came down to it, he supposed that when it, the choice was truly between his ever-growing desire to be beside Lunafreya and his desire to not have his face rearranged by her oddly possessive older brother. Nyx grumbled and turned quickly, his chest bumping into an all too familiar face.

Lunafreya’s eyes narrowed and Nyx felt the waves of anger roll off of her as he took several steps back. Her normally calm, sweet blue eyes burned with the fires of rage, and suddenly Nyx wasn’t certain that all that should have been directed at him. After all, his hands in the matter were tied, and if there was anyone she should have been directing that anger at, Nyx was more than happy to point her in the direction of her beloved sibling.

“Eavesdropping on the handmaidens, are you?” She accused, and Nyx gulped. Okay, maybe he deserved a little bit of that anger. “You should be at your post, solider.”

“Your Highness-“

“I haven’t the time for your excuses,” she spat, and Nyx flinched as her eyes flashed with the pain of rejection. “Report for duty before I hand you over to Ravus for insubordination. Please.” Her final words left her feeling unsure, and Nyx felt his heart sink into the pit of his stomach. There was so much that needed to be said, but Lunafreya had made herself clear. Biting back his retort, Nyx inhaled deeply, then bowed.

“As you wish, Lady Lunafreya,” he responded stiffly, then gently brushed by her. As much as it pained him to do so, their conversation would have to wait. If there was anything he had learned after traveling by her side, it was that she would speak with him when she was ready. Though, perhaps if time permitted, he would go to her this evening.

For now, they would have to dance around one another and pretend that their hearts weren’t ripping at the seams.

Send me a pairing and the first sentence and I’ll write you a drabble.

Current turnaround time: 3 weeks

Request slots still available (as of this post): 8

First Sentence Drabble Master List

二月三日 節分
平和島静雄 折原臨也
二月三日 節分

Durarara!! Izaya Vs Shizuo Kenka Cd 2 - 3rd Track

*If someone is going to translate the parts, please tag me along with it :) just wanted to know the accurate translation. I can understand and read Japanese but not on a expert level as others. Thank you! do pm if anyone wants to question on where I buy this things, will not bite. :D