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ok I’m just gonna say. The latest episode gives me the heebie jeebies for some reason.. 


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nezy97 asked:

HEY! I love your analyses! So, I've been thinking about the twins lately.... Everyone seems to think that they are really dumb and stupid, but they've actually shown some signs of intelligence! I think that they just don't care or pay attention to anything... Plus, do you think that they could be under the influence of some kind of substance? Especially Tuffnut, I think he looks "stoned" all the time! It's the only way I can explain their behavior. What do you think?

Thanks so much! :) And dude… you bring up quite an really interesting thought. I could totally go with it.

I, too, totally believe that the twins aren’t idiots. They have quite a lot of aptitude for intelligence: their vocabulary is actually impressive; they demonstrate unique talents like needlework, poetry, and literary analysis; and they successfully execute many plans they contrive. The twins seem to be lazy and disinterested in Dragon Academy matters moreso than stupid. I talk a bit about my interpretation of their behavior and how it affects perceptions of their actually decent intelligence here, but I want to talk about it even more. I have a long analysis outlined for talking about the twins’ intelligence, but I haven’t gotten to finishing it quite yet. I want to answer everything in my askbox first. :)

I had not considered before that the twins maybe being influenced by some sort of substance. The more I think about it, the more I could agree with that sort of headcanon. These twins are risktakers who find great enjoyment in extreme experiences. Having a little bit too much dragon nip or mushrooms might be something down their alley. I don’t think it’s necessary to explain their behavior, but I certainly agree it could be in character… frankly it’s really easy for me to see, especially for Tuffnut Thorston.

For have you seen the size of Tuffnut’s pupils in Race to the Edge? I bet you have, being as you say yourself Tuffnut always looks stoned! His eyes are hugely dilated even in bright conditions. He almost always keeps his eyes droopy and half-lidded… and then the pupils are just so wide. Now I know part of that is the animators are not going into these details for a television series, but it does seem like his eyes are wider than anyone else’s. Even though Astrid and Hiccup have very wide pupils, too, they’ve got nothing on Tuffnut.

Check it out.


There’s a difference.

More pictures for more comparisons:






And now Tuffnut.

See the difference? His pupils are the widest proportionally in his irises by far.

This kid could be on something. He could definitely be stoned at various points of time… or lots of the time, who’s to say? Ruffnut’s eyes don’t seem dilated quite like his, but Tuffnut’s eyes are definitely unique. Completely and utterly adorable, but unique in their dilation.

It would also explain a lot when people don’t believe his claims of seeing things, such as happens in the fourth Race to the Edge episode, “When Darkness Falls.”

So yeah. I could go for an idea like that. I don’t think it’s necessary - I think Ruffnut and Tuffnut just having bizarre personalities and disinterest in Hiccup’s ideas suffices to explain their personality quirks - but I don’t think an idea like this hurts at all, either! If anything, you’re right: it could help explain a few things.

How to properly read a tumblr post: if there is one look at the picture. Read the comments (atleast the first and last couple). Read the tags. Usually i read the comments first before watching a video just incase.

Possibility you’re missing key punchlines, reasons, information, and even the sources if you’re not doing all these.

Enjoy :)

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If anyone is willing to help really quick...

I’m having a VERY difficult time finding a laptop that will work well for me. No amount of searching has given me a result that fits what i need out of a laptop for doing digital art and other things well enough, and I’ve been searching for weeks to no avail. I thought it might be a good idea to ask other digital artists what laptop THEY have and use, cause maybe one of you will point me to a laptop that suits my needs.

I currently have a well used Toshiba Satellite. The screen is i think 13-14″ and isnt the best at displaying colors correctly in comparison to the Asus laptop i brought home a few days ago that ended up being broken right out of the box and not exactly what i needed.

My hopes for the laptop are:

-around 15″ screen, but no smaller than 13″

-preferably a trackpad with separated R/L buttons

-good graphics card so it doesnt lag a ton when using 3D programs 

-i use SAI so i cant have a mac 

-EDIT: my budget is for something under $900

The amount of storage doesnt matter much, i have an external harddrive.

Any and all advice is really really appreciated, even if i dont tag you in this please feel free to respond if you have any advice, or even reblog and tag other artists in it! Im sorry if this clutters up your tags please dont feel forced to respond if youre too busy or just dont want to, id hate for this to be another annoyance.

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1. Spell Your Name In Song Titles
Smile - Avril Lavigne

Angel with a shotgun - The Cab (love this one)

Blood stream - Ed Sheeran

Runaway - Ed Sheeran (I love Ed)

Immortals - FoB

Nice guys - Nigahiga

Arcadia - The Kite String Tangle

2. Why Did You Pick Your URL?
Howell sounds like howl, so it would be like Dan howling for Phil.. But then howellforlester was already taken so i took howellfourlester heh

3. What’s Your Middle Name?
Nicolette (my confirmation name)

4. If You Could Be A Fictional Being What Would You Be?

5. Favourite Colour?
None.. too difficult to pick :(

6. Favourite Song?
Too many. Lol hahaha Right now I’m loving the Zanski remix of 1975′s Chocolate or Ariana’s One Last Time (It’s amazing you should go listen to it)

7. Top Four Fandoms?
Phandom, Tronnor, Pretty Little Liars and IIsuperwomanII

8. Why Do You Enjoy Tumblr?
Cause I feel like it’s the one social media website i can interact with people on xD and I enjoy looking at pictures of the people i look up to/are so beautiful i love looking at them

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