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Hi! Can you share the link of the video you used to make the last gifs you posted of xiumin and lay? Thank you!

hello anonnie! thank you for your ask! the gifset on xiumin and yixing learning basic cantonese? i’ve deleted that post but here is the link to the video! also, i’ve had many people asking me the reasons why i want that gifset to be deleted. i guess it’s better for me to explain it here while we’re on the subject.

a couple of hours after i posted the gifset, it got flagged by tumblr as a nsfw content post. yes, you read it right - not safe for work. typically, my posts consist of exo gifs with translations and i will tag them in accordance - the members’ name, the initial languages used, and what i think for that particular exo moment. none of my posts and tags have any profanities and vulgarities. i repeat, none.

now, why the hell did my post got flagged? i have no freaking idea. to make matters worse, my blog is also being reviewed by the tumblr staff as we speak. if tumblr is going to be hella petty [[which they usually are]], my entire blog would be condemned as a nsfw blog to anyone who has turned on the “safe mode” option. i guess this is an involuntary goodbye too because my blog would be pretty much defunct as we speak.

so, why did i delete the xiumin and yixing cantonese gifset? this is because i was extremely offended, upset, and angry. i want that gifset to disappear completely from tumblr.  even if i didn’t delete that gifset by myself, tumblr had already done that for me. my post magically disappeared from all the exo tags, but it was trending on the nsfw tags! sounds ridiculous? well, that happened as a matter of fact. therefore; if you have that gifset on a queue or drafts, please delete it and i will be forever grateful. 

on the side note, if this is how tumblr’s gonna treat tumblrers out there [[especially content makers]], they can go fuck themselves. 

i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up

  • Lance: We're trying to find someone to perform our wedding but they're all boring or annoying or can't stop staring at the ladies.
  • Pidge: You should have one of us do it!
  • Keith: We're getting married-married, not sixth grade married.
  • Pidge: It's a real thing! Anyone can get ordained on the Internet and perform weddings and stuff.
  • Hunk: I call it!
Les Amis as Stupid Things I said in my first year of college
  • Enjolras: But we argue about communism in every class!
  • Combeferre: I wrote an essay every night last week.
  • Courfeyrac: You can't make fairy lights against the rules!
  • Grantaire: If I write this paper about Enjolras do you think the professor will notice?
  • Bossuet: I swear if the fire alarm goes off at four am one more time . . . I will still get out of bed because that would be just my luck.
  • Joly: *friend gets a paper cut* Oh my goodness you're bleeding I'm prepared for this I have a first aid kit shhh no don't touch it you might infect it
  • Feuilly: No I can't go to Europe with you next year. No I have to pay for this school!
  • Gavroche: I know the football team is tall, but they won't be quiet. Do you think I could fight them?
  • Jehan: I made word art poetry instead of doing my stats.
  • Marius: Sorry I spilled water all over my shoes I'm going to be late.
  • Bonus:
  • Cosette: Everyone looks cute in crop tops!
  • Musichetta: Listen, I don't want to hear about the parties you're having but if anyone needs a ride to the hospital call me.
  • Eponine: *slams hands on desk* I HATE MEN!!!
  • Montparnasse: If we burn down the building they can't make us turn the essay in.

ok but his bed hair must be impossible to fix

I thought I’d finish at least one thing in between studying ;w; 

someone please burn down my uni 


..though her hair isn’t any better

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At first the bargain between Rhysand and Feyre was something I considered romantic. Like coming full circle. But then the more I thought about it the more uncomfortable I was becoming with it. I do not know how to feel about it still honestly.

It does not sit well with you because it really shouldn’t. It is extremely problematic. It was detrimental to the whole evolution of the relationship of Rhysand and Feyre and honestly a very sour note.

And the underlined message of this conclusion is extremely unsettling. And the way it is presented even more.

Think about what that bargain actually meant. Yes Rhysand and Feyre have a very long life expectancy and are considered immortals however they are not. Not really. This is why they can procreate. This is why there is a history of many High Lords in the line of succession. Come to think about it both Rhysand and Feyre in a span of a year died. Life even for High Fae is not a certainty. Their mortality is not out of reach. And no one can predict the future. They could live for centuries, or forever or they could die tomorrow. This is the premise of their story. But according to that they made a bargain where they made a pact of death. A suicide pact in truth.

Just the idea that one person cannot survive the death of their beloved one (or of anyone for that matter) and wants to die along with them aka commit instant suicide so not to face a world without another person is beyond unhealthy. And it sends all the wrong messages. And there are people that consider it to be the highlight of a romance when it is really an abusive conclusion in a journey that was meant to be anything but such.

Also….MORONS! We are talking about MORONS. How these people survived is beyond me. Aside all of their melodrama and constant failed planning how exactly did Feyre and Rhysand survive? Let us think about it. Let us think about it HARD.

Feyre survived her death because Rhysand was alive to pull her back. Rhysand survived his death because Feyre was alive to hold on to him and force the others to bring him back. If they had already made that bargain before the final battle for example they would not be alive now. They would be dead. How romantic would that be.

Life is precious. When you love someone you want then to live. With or without you. Even after you. Life does not begin and end with a love story no matter how epic and powerful in might be. When you love someone you want the best for them. You want  them to truly live. You fight and you struggle and you make sure to love yourself too so to give love to others. You want those that you love to survive. You fight for them, and their happiness and their survival. That is the point of fighting. You fight for yourself and for those you love. If you go first you should want for those you love to find the strength to live and survive and move on from the pain and the loss and smile again. You want to be able to live through them again through every smile and memory and every act of life. You want them to build their life again. And if you are the one left behind then you honor those that have passed before by living. You honor the love you felt for them by loving yourself as they did you. And you live. First for you. Then for keeping alive those your love in memory and carry them with you. You mourn. You move on. You laugh and love again.

Otherwise what is the point? This story in the acotar universe was supposed to be a journey of love but also a journey of how survivors overcome their trauma and get to live. How they stand on their two feet. How they become strong individuals again and not just shades of people they used to be. Where did that go? Feyre loved Tamlin but no matter how much she loved him in the end she had to move on from him. For her own sake. So what is the message here? That Tamlin was an abuser but since Rhysand is not it is okay for Feyre to enter a controversial codependent relationship with him to the point where even her life will be forfeit without him? Vice versa the same counts for Rhysand. I am sorry but what the actual freaking bullshit is this?

Also should we talk about the promise of children. Both Rhysand and Feyre know that sooner or later down the road they will have at least a son. They have seen his face. How can you make a bargain that could potentially even leave your child an orphan down the road? What if one of them dies when their kid is still a child? What then? Oh how romantic for a baby or a kid or a teen to lose both of its parents because they got entangled to a toxic codependent relationship where they ended up making a bargain where the one party will practically commit instant suicide if the other one dies. THAT SHIT GOES UP AGAINST EVERYTHING ACOMAF SHOWED. Feyre and Rhysand went through abuse and PTSD and slowly tried to heal their wounds again. They wanted to teach each other how to be in a healthy relationship. How to stand on their feet and survive and move on.

And yes all romantic and nice but Feyre and Rhysand know each other for what? ONE YEAR? Where they got together under a lot of traumatic pressure only to jump to a traumatic war so to do what? Promise eternity or…death to each other? Really?

Their bargain ties each other beyond any future choice. It is actually abusive in its core. It leaves no opening for any life beyond their relationship.

All that build up and gone. Gone in the last two pages. I just. I can’t. I CANNOT!

And no one! No one ever dare to come and tell me that that shit was romantic! It was not! It was sick. This is not a re-edition of Mariah carey’s I can’t live without you!

This was a story that many people and especially teens looked up to. This was promoted as a healthy representation against domestic abuse. This was presented as the story of two SURVIVORS that now can’t survive without each other. Can’t live for themselves. They do not care about what they will leave behind. They do not care for life. They do not care for their friends. They do not care for their families. They do not even care for their duties. They are High Lord and High Lady of the Night Court. They have responsibilities far beyond their selfish purposes. What if they both die and the mantle passes on to Keir for example or someone like him? What happens to their people then? To everything they fought for? All gone. Just like that.

And not to mention that if for example Rhysand for whatever reason dies tomorrow he will still be a dude that has lived several lifetimes. He is older than 500 years. He has lived his life. He is far more experienced. Feyre is younger than 20. A girl that has barely lived and loved and one that was abused in such a degree (by her family, Tamlin, UtM etc) so now feels blessed and gratitude that is loved by someone that actually cares for her and so she ends up making a pact with a very old dude to die if he dies. And it is equally dysfunctional for Rhysand too. He makes that bargain while he is in a mental state of being freshly released from 50 continuous years of imprisonment, torture and rape and after recently participating in a horrific bloody war with thousands upon thousands of casualties where he actually died himself too. He made the bargain while he is still dealing with this kind of PTSD when just weeks before he wanted nothing more than to fight in order to save Feyre and make sure that even if he died she would survive no matter what. That was his goal. To fight for her and to have her live to fight another day and live her life even if he would not. If push came to shove he was ready to sacrifice himself for her to live. And all of that suddenly shifted and… yay let us die together in the future.

And after all the messages ACOMAF promoted in the end what does this story say? Hey, find your love but if your love dies go and die too so to be together even in death. Suicide and unhealthy psychological reliance to each other FTW.

And you know what? I would not mind it half as much if this was presented for what it truly is. But this was glorified. Romanticized and worst of all presented under the guise of being a healthy representation of a balanced love story. At least with Romeo and Juliet you would tell that they were too young and too stupid …but here after the war and everything that happened they end on that note!

You have no idea how much I shipped them and still do and to end their story like that? It hurts! It really REALLY DOES!

Well done. Well FUCKING DONE! Way to go. 

  • Nico: We're trying to find someone to perform our wedding but they're all boring or annoying or can't stop staring at the ladies.
  • Jason: You should have one of us do it!
  • Nico: We're getting married-married not sixth grade married.
  • Jason: It's a real thing! Anyone can get ordained on the Internet and perform weddings and stuff.
  • Piper: I call it!
  • capitalist: The communists want you all to share the same toothbrushes and be disgusting, unlike us capitalists who will give anyone a toothbrush if they can afford one, but if they can't afford a toothbrush then tough luck kid
  • capitalist: we throw the millions of fresh excess toothbrushes away if you can't afford it. Lmao what's it to me if you can or cant brush your teeth anyway, pay up.
  • poor person: I literally cannot afford to buy a toothbrush under capitalism so I am forced to share a toothbrush with someone else if I want my teeth brushed and cleaned.
  • communists: you know ... under communism everyone would have equal access to their own toothbrush ... and not have to worry about sharing a toothbrush...
  • communist: because the privatization of hygienic property inhibits people from keeping themselves clean and safe...
  • communists: if we eliminated that private property, the ownership that decides who can and can't have a toothbrush, you know the capitalists, wouldn't be able to stop everyone from having a toothbrush
  • communists: ... it would actually, you know, give people toothbrushes ...
Before the teen titans, there was "take your sidekick to work" day.
  • Batman: there's been an attack on Metropolis Central Bank, we must...
  • Flash: in a moment Bruce. Wally! Quit stealing Roy's arrows, can't you see he's going to cry if you take another?
  • Green arrow: guys, I need help stopping and assault at the...
  • Batman: Robin! You get down right now, young man. Do you want me to ground you in front of your friends?
  • Wonder Woman: Oliver! Your kid is vandalizing the invisible jet!
  • Roy: first of all, that's art, and at least now
  • you'll know where it is...
  • Flash: Wally, don't swallow that! Those are Batman's nano-grenades, they are NOT M&M's!
  • Aquaman: has anyone seen my trident?
  • Green lantern: I think I saw the kids using it to break a piñata...
  • Batman: I don't think we have piñatas in here. It was probably one of Jokers gas bombs, they are really colorful things.
  • Aquaman: that's why I leave Aqualad at home.
  • Green Arrow: we should make them a team, so they could distract themselves.
  • Flash: wouldn't soMething like that be too expensive?
  • Batman: whatever it costs, I'll pay it. Thy can't be here anymore. I'm pretty sure Kid Flash steels my outfit every time we're not here and do cosplay. It's a very disturbing thought.

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so about the whole spy au. Does Lances Prothesis have some other beneficts outside of being super strong bionics? Like SHiro's arm can cut through metals when turned on. Does Lance have somehthing like this?

I have been thinking about this for the last two days because HOW DID I NEVER THINK ABOUT THIS! Of course Haggar would mess around with Lance’s prosthetics! She would never let an opportunity like that pass her by.

Lance’s spine is able to adjust and adapt to his body so that he is able to bend and twist however he wants and not have much resistance. The team found out about this mostly because Hunk caught Lance trying to find out far he could bend backwards without taking his feet off the ground ( the poor guy nearly fainted when he saw Lance in a very much impossible position.)

His arm on the other hand (ha, cheesy puns) Haggar had some fun with. His forearm can sort of transform into a bow that’s about the size of a cross bow. Lance hates to use it and will only bring it out if he absolutely has to. It runs off of his core quintessence ( which means that what holds the bow together, the string and the ‘arrows’ are literally made of his quintessence) so when ever he uses it, it drains him physically and mentally, and takes him hours if not the day to recover. The only people who know about his arm bow is Shiro and Coran.

I really hope this answers your question, and that if you or anyone else has any questions, feel free to ask!

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firmst of all who's sarah? lol. second of all, how can you say hetero people aren't hetero? you can't just make an exception for cishet ace people. i understand the need for all ace ppl (including cishets) to have safe spaces! they have needs! but the ace community has entirely different needs and aren't killed & oppressed like gay/bi/trans folk are. diluting resources to cishets who don't need them doesn't make sense. i'm open to calm discussion (i don't want to anger anyone) btw but blocked ツ

one, i’m using stereotypical white girl names because i can and will. two, aces aren’t cishet whatsoever. you can have cisaces but not cishet aces. they just don’t exist, melissa

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This is nothing like the glue issue, but our craft store has been overrun with adult coloring books. Anyone who wants a book on crafts can't find what they are looking for because the limited organization that was there has been totally overrun with adult coloring books. Try to take solace that at least when the craze dies down (soon, hopefully) glue has purposes other than being part of a craft fad. Best of luck

A lot of people compare this to the Glue Famine and we did have a colored pencil shortage 2015 around Christmas time because of the coloring book fad. That one kind of crept up on us slowly because we started getting demands for them about six months before we started seeing a negative impact. 

I think around Thanksgiving we started seeing demand get higher. People in our area were so snooty about it, too. 

“Well, we have plenty of Crayola pencils. You could use those.”

“Those are for children. I need high quality colored pencils for my coloring books.”

Crayola are actually some of the better kids brands. They have more concentrated colors. I know professionals who use them sometimes. 

Probably one of my favorite interactions about the colored pencils is one our floral designer had and I just happened to be walking by at the time:

Customer: Do you have mass quantities of industrial grade colored pencils.
Florist: If you’re looking for industry standard, we have Prismacolors. Those are the professional ones.
Customer: That’s not what I’m talking about. I mean industrial grade.
Florist: Industrial grade means the ones that are used in the industry, correct?
Customer: Yes.
Florist: Prismacolors are the ones used in the art industry.
Customer: No, you’re not hearing me. I want industry grade. The cheap ones that you can buy in bulk.
Florist: …
Customer: …
Florist: I think the word you’re looking for is ‘generic.’
Customer: No. Industrial grade.
Florist: Well, regardless, we don’t really carry mass quantities of anything.
Customer: -anger-

People wanted to plan coloring nights at like… nursing homes and stuff like that, but somehow didn’t plan it far enough ahead to think ‘well, maybe we’ll need colored pencils.’ And people REALLY bought into the relaxation aspect of it, but they seriously stressed over not getting it right and I’m like…

Your methods of stress management are not working. Have you considered therapy?

  • Dawn: We're trying to find someone to perform our wedding but they're all boring or annoying or can't stop staring at the ladies.
  • Ash: You should have one of us do it!
  • Paul: We're getting married-married, not sixth grade married.
  • Ash: It's a real thing! Anyone can get ordained on the Internet and perform weddings and stuff.
  • Barry: I call it!

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The whole "how do you define a woman" is the newish favorite argument from TERFs. They want you to say something like "women like/do/are [gender stereotype]!" so they can use it as a gotcha and "prove" you actually hate women just like (in their minds) everyone who supports trans people. Someone told me the best way to counter it but I forgot... It was something like "I don't define "women" because the category is ever changing based on societal context etc etc" but I can't remember.

Does anyone have that good response? I saw a fantastic one floating around but I forgot it.

Mod Bethany


hey! hi. ace lesbian here. there’s something I’d like to talk about. 

now, don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely no problem with people making their own pride edits and including the lesbian flag. my problem is that people are purposefully pushing the narrative that ace and aro identities are 1) the root cause of internalized homophobia and coercive heterosexuality and 2) should never, ever be talked about and need to get wiped away from the mainstream lgbt+ community.

these are all adorable, good quality pride flag edits, and I personally think it’s refreshing to finally see the lesbian flag among the other pride flags after being ignored and assimilated into the gay flag and ignored for so long. 

and yes, all of these were made by exclusionists. 

if you want to make a pride flag edit and leave out one or two, that’s fine!! go for it, you get to decide whether you want to include this or that based on your comfort zone and nobody else’s. I know as an ace person who sucks at art to begin with, I’d be too scared to include the ace flag in a post of my own. 

I’m not attacking anyone for making these and excluding the ace/aro flags, I just wanted inclusionists to know it’s not that the mainstream is adapting exclusionist attitudes. these people are intentionally erasing aces because we don’t fit their narrative, which is built on excluding us. they are now trying to exclude us from celebrating pride month as more than one orientation, whether we’re otherwise lgbt+ or not. 

the longer i’ve been in the les mis fandom, the more and more i get convinced that if enjolras and grantaire ever get married, they would literally just make the snap decision to go to the court, do it, sign the papers, use combeferre as their witness, and then just. not bother to tell anyone. like, combeferre isn’t really sure what’s going on with them, so he just doesn’t bring it up, and it’s another month until one of les amis makes a joking comment like “wow, you two act like an old married couple” and enjolras kind of off-handedly replies “well, we are married” and. everyone just. ???????????????????????????

when you’re silent people will think you’re agreeing with them. the notion of the silent yes is so prevalent. it frustrates me so much. people will use it to justify so many things. 

“well only two people disagreed”

“no one agreed”

“only two people verbally disagreed - so it’s not a majority”

“you didn’t have anyone agree”

“i asked everyone and only two said no”

“did anyone say yes?”

“only two said no.”

“but who said yes?”

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Racist shits can't even use the argument that Allura isn't *really* black because she's an alien and maybe Alteans just look like that bECAUSE THERE'D FUCKING CORAN, OKAY, ITS LITERALLY CANON THAT ALTEANS HAVE DIFFERENT NATURAL SKIN COLORS LIKE HUMANS DO






  • Scully: We're trying to find someone to perform our wedding but they're all boring, or annoying, or can't stop staring at the ladies.
  • Langly: You should have one of us do it!
  • Mulder: We're getting married-married, not sixth grade married.
  • Byers: It's a real thing! Anyone can get ordained on the Internet and perform weddings and stuff.
  • Frohike: I call it!

if i see anyone using the attack in manchester as an excuse to further hateful agenda towards muslims i will lose my shit. people have died. children have died. and not at the hands of religion but at the hands of terrorism, show some respect for those who have lost their lives and their loved ones.