anyone have any more requests

You’re Not Alone, Clarke~*✲゚*✧~*✧ (faded version)

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*gasp* so if read the tags correctly. ...Are all the ships possible??? (Cougherikarmaybecough)

We can give y'all a taste of it, just know miss Mew is a huge davekat fan and she tends to do most of the Karkat asks hehe 

Perhaps one day we’ll take requests for some ships y'all wanna see drawn ;3c

– Mun T ))

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Sentence 14 bokuaka :)

S14. “I think I broke him.”

Yes bokuaka!! Thank you!

Send me a number and a ship for a drabble!! (2/5)

“Akaashi!” Komi calls as he receives the ball.

Akaashi shifts, only a half a step off the net. The pass was a good one, and it gives him time to glance at his side of the court, to look for his spikers, to decide who to pass to. But Bokuto is ready. He’s always ready. It makes Akaashi’s choice easy.

He sets the ball in a high arc across the net. A huge smirk grows on Bokuto’s face as he begins his approach, just as it always does. Akaashi moves off the net, ready to receive the ball back if it’s blocked. But he has faith in Bokuto as he leaps, his arm pulled back. The spike is almost too fast to see. His hand hits the ball, his wrist twisting into a perfect cut. The ball misses the block, cutting right inside the outstretched arms to slam into the court on the other side of the net.

“Hey hey hey!” Bokuto cries with a pump of his fist. Then he’s spinning on Akaashi. “Nice toss Akaashi!”

“Thank you. Nice kill Bokuto-senpai,” Akaashi returns. It’s not until everyone on his side of the court falls deathly silent that he realizes what he just said.

His eyes snap back to Bokuto, and he’s almost shocked to see him standing there, eyes wide and jaw dropped, his hands lax at his sides. He’s speechless. Bokuto has never been speechless.

“Good going, Akaashi-san,” Sarukui sighs.

“Bokuto-san, the next play is about to start. You need to go serve,” Konoha says.

Bokuto doesn’t budge, still staring at Akaashi slack-jawed.

Akaashi’s hand comes up to rub at his temple. “I think I broke him.”