anyone have a camera

has this been done yet?

Dating T’Challa Would Include:
  • He’s never actually dated anyone before, it wasn’t really seen as “advisable” for political reasons back when he was the crown prince. Too messy if he were to break up with someone who thought they had a shot at the throne.
  • T’Challa is really nervous around you because he doesn’t want to mess anything up, but he generally hides it well. Later in your relationship, he’s a lot more relaxed and flirty.
  • Most of your date nights are really quiet and classy, like a formal dinner or stargazing with champagne. There used to be a few paparazzi trying to snap pictures, but the Dora Milaje aren’t having any of that and they may have scared off anyone with a camera from coming near the king’s dates.
  • Sometimes the two of you go out to special events like galas. The first time he asked you to come, you said you didn’t have anything suitable to wear. Two days later an amazing dress was delivered to your door.
  • He’s always giving you gifts, things that seem really extravagant for you (Really, T, was a- an entire summer vacation home really necessary? I just said I loved the beach, this is- is- wow) but really aren’t much for someone who runs a country.

I volunteer when I am able to. I stay pretty sick often, but when I can, I go to our local shelter and do free photography for animals that are in desperate need of a home. Taking pretty photos of these sweet dogs that I so much enjoyed, helped them get adopted out faster come to find out!! People became attracted to the photos and all over kentucky was contacting us wanting info and would travel long distance to get these poor babies!! I was so happy!! This is one of many I photographed. If you have a decent camera I urge you & anyone reading this to go to animal shelters and photograph them! It really does help & work. I was thanked so many times because our shelter is overrun by animals in need of homes and it’s soo sad!! Because I started doing this, others in our county started to as well and in surrounding counties. I do hope it catches on everywhere!!! This also worked for cats!! 

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Random animal nearby

I live in a not so good part of a decently sized city. The only random animals nearby are the people at the intersection in front of my house who roll their window down and scream obscenities at the person in front of them for not turning left fast enough.

Of course, every now and then I do see a mythic unicorn who waits until the light turns yellow, then turns, leaving the yelling person to either choose between getting stuck at the light, or running the red. And when they run the red, there’s usually a cop hiding just down the road and that REALLY makes my day.

Oh, or the people who take their dogs to the park and don’t put them on a leash even though we have a leash law in this state. So you’re walking and this random doggo walks up next to you and is like “hey, nice day” then walks on because they’re very pure doggos.

Those are my wild animals encounters.


what do yOU MEAN ITS WEEK THREE!? guess what? I DONT CARE!


K, this comes with a  fic, but my computer is terrible, so that will come later. also my camera is worse.

AND DOES ANYONE HAVE A BASIC UNDERSTANDING OF MYTHOLOGY? A sphinx is in no way related to a GARGOYLE. Its far closer in relation to a MANTICORE.

(ps, sorry for ranting)

Future Plans and Stuff

As is typical of my life, events keep happening to prevent me from doing what I actually want to do.  But I’m hoping that things will settle down by February because I have plans.  And I’m sharing those plans below, if anyone is interested.

Cosplay and YouTube ~

This is a big one for me, and I’m really excited for it.  My plan is to create a cosplay YouTube channel and just make awesome cosplay skits.  I’ll also share stuff on Tumblr.  The actual creation of the channel might take a month or so because I want to plan ideas, save money, get more stuff, etc.

I do have one request though:

Would any of you mind helping me brainstorm?  I will be doing everything by myself–including all the skits and camera work.  I do not have anyone to cosplay with where I am–that I know of–so I’d love you guys to send me ideas/suggestions.

Or if you just know someone who likes cosplay videos, please send them my way.  I’d be super appreciative  \(^w^)/

Characters are below.  The list is small right now, but it will get larger as I am able to get more cosplay material.  And as new anime characters come into being that I may love.  Asterisks mean I don’t have materials yet, but I will be getting them.

Characters that will be in my videos include:

  • Shin-ah  -  Akatsuki no Yona
  • Su-won  -  Akatsuki no Yona ***
  • Jae-ha  -  Akatsuki no Yona ***
  • Yuri Plisetsky  -  Yuri on Ice
  • Possibly other Yuri on Ice characters ***
  • Shizuo Heiwajima  -  Durarara
  • Drocell Keinz  -  Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) ***
  • Edward Elric  -  Fullmetal Alchemist/FMAB ***

Texts From the Dragons ~

I’m still going to be active, so don’t worry.  I’ve had to put it on hold for several months, which I hate because I love being part of this blog.  The plan is to have stuff up soon.

Fan Fiction ~

I have more two or three Su-won fics planned out–one of which I promised to have done last year.  One that some of you were excited for.  It’s coming.  If you don’t remember what it was, then you’ll just have to wait >:D

I also have plans for at least two Yuri Plisetsky fics.  Because this child deserves better and so I will give him better.

Dollar General tip!!

Okay, so I’m at my friend’s house and she also had a friend over. Her friend works at Dollar General and they were talking about an incident that happened at my friends job (not going to say what or where it happened because it will be on the news and will disclose where I am if googled).
She was like “Well, they didn’t have cams to see who did it?” And my friend said no.
She then said, “Damn, Dollar General has a shit ton of cams.”
My friend said “Well, there’s a lot more to steal at Dollar General”
The girl said “Yeah, but we aren’t even allowed to stop anyone by what we see on the camera. We have to literally see them sticking our merch in their bags in person, so the cameras are pretty pointless.”
She also said that she caught a man chugging bottles of NyQuil and asked him if he was going to pay for it and he said yeah, even though she knew that he wouldn’t have if she didn’t catch him. She obviously didn’t call the cops because he said that he was paying for it.
So, yeah, here’s some good intel on Dollar General. 😂😂