anyone else while i have my tablet out?

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Hey scout i love your work so much!! You've inspired me to start drawing too but i gotta ask, where do you draw? Like, i sit on my bed and it gets very uncomfortable and i cant find a nice place to focus. Where do you go? xx

when it comes to digital art, my setup looks like this:

it’s less than ideal, and kinda hurts my back! it’s somewhat strange, but my ideal position when drawing is in the lotus position while sitting on a comfy couch 

(also, i need to point out that i totally don’t think i use a tablet right. i write and draw traditionally at an extreme tilted angle, and i have to use my tablet like this too?? it works superb for me but i’ve never seen anyone else with this problem;;;;)

when i get frustrated because i can’t work a piece out on screen, i also resign to my bed with a big sketch book! LOTUS POSITION ONCE MORE with occasional stretches. 

it’s good to have back support and room to move when you draw though! working on big pieces for long periods of time can affect your whole bod!

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What is Prophet Scout’s favorite color?

if it’s in this gradient i probably love it:

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Please never stop drawing Rob.

AYE AYE CAPTAIN i just gotta act super cool next time i talk to him and make sure no one spills that i spent the entire summer meditating basically by drawing his face over and over again