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I've been thinking about making my own yogurt now that I live in an actual home again. I've done a bit of reading about the process but I was wondering how you go about it. Do you use pasteurized milk? Do you have an incubator?

i make the world’s laziest yogurt, basically to make yogurt the way i do you will need

  • a half gallon of whole milk (i just use whatever is cheapest at the store even though i know i should be using less pasteurized)
  • a half cup of plain yogurt
  • a crockpot big enough to hold a half gallon of milk
  • some spare blankets or towels or something

then i just dump the milk into the crockpot and turn it on low for 2 ½ hours, turn the crockpot off and let it sit there for three hours, then mix the yogurt into the warm milk, then wrap the crockpot in blankets to insulate and leave it for eight hours. then i have a crockpot full of yogurt! but usually i have to strain it for a while to get it the consistency i want it. anyway it is an extremely not-technical yogurtmaking technique and in order to be self-sustaining you pretty much end up having to make a half gallon of yogurt every week… though you end up with less than that if you strain it, particularly if you’re making labneh (i love labneh so much omg). but if you eat a lot of yogurt and have a crockpot it works out really nicely.

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I'm not sure if this has been said yet but as a plus sized FTM trans kid I COULD NOT find a binder and I was freaking out. But then I found an amazing little store through storenvy called Shapeshifters that makes custom binders! They're $50 each so a bit pricey but they fit amazingly and they actually flatten me even though I have a G cup bra size naturally. I would definitely recommend any plus size trans guy to them! They go through storenvy OR their own website! Worth the investment!

holy shit thanks for letting us know this is really important like,, holy shit

binders that can actually flatten a large chest !!!!!

if anyone else has used this store please let us know what you think of it as well - there are a lot of people out there who want to bind but can’t get binders that fit because most binders seem to be made for thin people with nothing above d or dd cup bra sizes

thanks a lot for this, anon

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in regards to the 'sin' thing, i know you're not trying to be harmful, but it's the outcome that's important, not the intent, and the outcome is hurting people

Hi if you’re the same anon I’d gladly explain why I added this caption if you message me as I see you’re super kind and patient. I really don’t think this post is that offensive though.

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Name: vincent | 林
Birthdate & location: 12/2 | currently in tx
Nickname: vin, vince, vincent van no and bincent are the most common
Gender: dudemanbro
Sexual orientation: demiromantic grey-asexual
Favorite movie:  sw, prince of egypt, kung fu hustle are what i can name off the top of my head!
One place that makes you happy:  i dont have a particular place that makes me happy.  laying on my mother’s bed makes me feel somewhat at peace.
Last book you read: lord.  Millennium deal

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I fell in love with you because you weren’t like anyone else, and you didn’t try to be. Do not think for one moment that you’ll disappoint me. I will love you no matter what.

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Matt, my sweet child. How are you? How's the resistance? Recruited anyone else?

Matt: Paul and Pat got Pay i think! but theyre busy playing with fans and melting men

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Totally agree with your last anon I mean I love what Poldark has done for Aidan and it's allowed him to show a large range of emotions and while the character of Ross is such a dick I really admire the talent that Aidan has brought to the show I honestly don't think it would have been as popular as it has been without Aidan I don't think anyone else could have brought what he brought to Poldark.....And I really hope we hear something about look away soon and I hope Aidan does something awesome

Absolutely. I know that I for one would never have bothered with Poldark if it hadn’t have been for Aidan. I gave it a whirl expecting to not stick with it, but really gelled with the other characters too and was interested in their stories as well. Series one had something, that’s for sure, but now it’s too twisted, and I blame the books for that since it’s the source material, but it’s just not fun to watch any more. I can’t imagine anyone else playing Ross Poldark, but it’s definitely time to end that character now and move on to better ones.

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please tell me what the genos knife apocalypse is

Listen Anon, The Genos Knife Apocalypse, or Knifepocalypse for short, is a wondeful thing started by me and my dear friends from the OPM discord chat (heres a link if you wish to join~

Somone in the chat started posting pictures of a roomba with a knife, and then we all started talking about Genos being obsessed with knives. It was wonderful. All of it except for the part where this lead to us killing Mumen Rider? I’m not entirely sure if we killed him, because of this? or if the killing of Mumen just later tied in with it?? I dont know, thats not the point anyways, the point is that we wanted to invade tumblr with pictures of Genos with a knife and I started using “The Genos Knife Apocalypse” as the for all that stuff, not sure if anyone else used it though…

But I think most of the Knifepocalypse stuff has subsided…. at least for now.

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I need advice on how to be more confident. My choice of clothing and makeup is very out there. I do 60s inspired cut creases (think twiggy), comb my hair into a beehive, and wear dresses and skirts almost everyday. The people at the new school I will be attending soon have quite the reputation for taking the most confident girl and making her insecure. I'm not an insecure person and I love my style, but I'm afraid I'll get bullied. Any advice you good give me. Thanks in advice babe 💕

Confidence is kind of just a mental thing that you gotta work on. You gotta talk positively to yourself all the time and love yourself and just like focus more on loving yourself than what other people think. I don’t really think you will get bullied. Honestly, just wear what you want and be yourself and don’t appear to be afraid of anyone. Make friends with people who are nice and basically don’t worry what anyone else thinks 

You are beautiful and awesome and it literally doesn’t matter what petty people at school think>??? like their thoughts about you do not affect you or your life? These are things that are hard to remember but you kinda gotta just like drill them into your head

Good luck! <3

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  1. Soil to the Sun- Cage the Elephant
  2. Eight Days a Week- The Beatles
  3. Sheer Heart Attack- Queen
  4. Glory and Gore- Lorde
  5. What You Feel- Once More With Feeling soundtrack
  6. Cha-Ching (Till We Grow Older)- Imagine Dragons
  7. Gasoline- Halsey
  8. Sail Away Sweet Sister- Queen
  9. Casual Affair- Panic! At the Disco
  10. One Vision- Queen

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Anyone else think he's been posting away on social media today to try and deflect that just Jared article? Sorry Sam. The damage has already been done. I have lost all respect for them. I think it's time to go back to the books and stop watching the show. They've ruined it.

No. Probably trying to promote it at this point. 

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saying "these two straight, white, privileged dudes have an obligation to speak on behalf of the undersprivilaged people of society" doesn't seem so well thought out to me because at the end of the day, they might not know better than anyone else, they're just as liable to get things wrong, and they shouldn't act as if their voice has any superiority over anyone else. I think they're doing fine suggesting podcasts and giving light to charities, they aren't who you should go to for politics.

I don’t think the only two options are ‘silence’ and ‘talking over minorities’. There’s a balance, and its achievable. 

Before addressing that I do want to say that none of us are wanting Rhett and Link to become activists or speak in depth about politics. This blog was originally about the lack of diversity within the GMC, and people airing grievances over the jokes and actions of Rhett and Link that showcased ignorance towards different groups. 

Hiring POC isn’t a political statement, and being careful about what you’re saying and the attitude you’re projecting isn’t a political statement either. For all of us, that’s all we’re expecting and wanting from them when we say we want them to do better.

But about this ‘speaking on behalf of underprivileged people’. While I personally found the way Rhett and Link used Gifticality as a way to champion refugees to be ingenious, I definitely didn’t think speaking a little bit more about the refugee experience would cross the line towards ‘heavy politics’. Talking a little bit about the struggle of refugees, and what it means to be one, is not crossing any sort of political line. It’s educating people. Just like the two options aren’t ‘silence’ and ‘talking over minorities’, it also isn’t ‘silence’ and ‘running for president’. Raising awareness, or showing support isn’t the equivalent of ‘being political’.

Furthermore, despite this fear of Rhett and Link becoming political, I’ve seen the gifs of their joke regarding the lack of diversity in La La Land and fandom’s reactions to it. People have been lauding that in the tags. I wonder why this joke has been so well received when it’s definitely dipping their toes into the politics everyone wants them to avoid? How come everyone became so excited about Rhett and Link pointing out the lack of diversity in media when that joke makes no sense in the context of their crew’s own lack of diversity? Why is it that witty jokes about politics are accepted but when it comes to things that might actually help minorities, it’s suddenly too political?

Yes, there’s a concern regarding privileged people potentially speaking over minorities about issues close to our hearts and experiences, and we definitely need to watch out for that. But even moreso, I hate the idea that people are praising privileged people’s witticisms about our struggles while they do nothing to fix the problems they’re so smugly joking about and feigning awareness of. 

- E