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Is there a special page where you read the comic? I am interested in knowing who is that blond instructor and why you ship them together I have to admit that it looks cute af 💙

I don’t understand your question? (English is not my 1st language sorry) you meant my sideblog? I don’t think anyone else has shipped them yet besides me. (it’d be great if someone ships them too, though) 

Here is my post that will tell you why I ship them together.

and another - post - I - draw

and here… for you (please don’t mind my terrible quality here YvY)

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does anyone else with ADHD have problems where you think too fast and you're like mixing up words a lot like writing d instead of b and skipping letters like writing hee when you wanna write here and someg for something and even into the next word like como for come on (on paper not just when typing) and I always correct it but I just need to know if it's normal for anyone else?

Yeah, I do stuff like that a lot. Writing, typing, even talking!


Drowsy // Taehyung

Pairing: Reader x Taehyung

Rating: M

Word Count: 2.1k

Author’s Note: This is the result of my post-concert depression and there will probably be more of these before I go back to my requests because I’m in too much pain to think about anything or anyone else at the moment. (!teeny tiny bit of angst at the end!)

R E Q U E S T || M A S T E R L I S T

He lit up when you walked out of the bathroom, flashing you the cheekiest smile. His pink lips pressed together and turned upwards, his eyes heavy as he fought the sleep that blanketed itself around him comfortably. You couldn’t help but smile at his reaction to you. His eyebrows rose with excitement as you shook your damp hair out, raking through it with your fingers before walking towards the edge of the bed where he sat now.

“The show was amazing tonight.” You said it quietly, as though he were already drifting off and you had to whisper so as to not wake him up.

“I liked the rainbow ocean,” Tae spoke gently, thinking fondly back to the night’s concert. He was bright again; sleep could hardly touch him. “Our Rainbow ARMYs do so much for us,” he smiled to himself. The show was indeed flawless, but then again, everything he ever did was flawless in your eyes. He blinked slowly, his eyes dragging with fatigue. You wanted so badly to just wrap him in a blanket and rock him to bed. It wouldn’t take much. You had been jumping and screaming throughout the night and you were ready to fall asleep standing up. Then, there was Tae. He had been the one doing the actual performing and singing and he was steadily fighting off sleep like a champion.

“Come,” Taehyung patted his thighs with another drowsy smile, leaning back against the headboard. The loose black t-shirt that fell around his body bore too much of his neck and chest for you too resist. You smiled and gently climbed on top of him, straddling him. You rested your arms on his shoulders, idly fingering the hem of his neckline. He looked at you for a while, simply staring in silence as he took in your features. Your skin was fresh, your hair falling around your face neatly, water still dripping from your strands. You smelled like grapefruit, which always made him scrunch up his nose, adjusting to the tart scent. He looked cute when he did that.

Tae slipped his hands beneath your shirt, his hands cold against your freshly showered, warm skin. You inhaled sharply at the contact, your fingers instinctively scratching at his shoulders. “Tae…” you breathed. Your stomach tightened at the thought of where this was going.

“Please?” He said, leaning forward. His grey knit beanie brushed against your neck softly as he lifted his hands, letting the air brush across your skin as he ran his tongue up your cleavage. Your head fell back weakly.

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So I have this series of “Jedi School” snippets that I thought I would work into a novel-length story someday, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. They’re loosely connected vignettes about Luke and his first four students, who are all OCs. Leia, Han, and their son Ben turn up now and then, too.

They’re not canon-compliant or even 100% consistent in their own timeline, but I think to at least some degree each little story can stand alone.

What do y’all think, should I go ahead and start posting them as a series? Would anyone want to read them?

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whyyy exactly do the antis think bob killed blarke yesterday? i don't know if i'm just getting my news from a bellamy-biased perspective but like everything i've seen that he said was very bellarkey.

What I read was when he said that Bellamy cares more for Clarke and Octavia than anyone else, they interpreted to mean he felt the same way for Clarke as he did for Octavia. So therefore he looked at Clarke as a sister.

You are witnessing confirmation bias in action.

Bob: Bellamy cares about Clarke and Octavia more than anyone else.

Antis: Ah HA! Clarke=Octavia therefore he thinks of her like a sister. I KNEW BELLARKE WAS DELUSIONAL. Bellarke is dead. Sucks to be you Blorkes.

The rest of us: What just happened? How did 1+1=86?

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hihihihihi i love u so much omg ur so inspirational! i was wondering if you could answer something for me. what do i do if i am writing a story and posting to tumblr and in the middle im not feeling it anymore and want to change? should i just do it or what do you suggest?

Originally posted by dadgan

hihihihihi!! That’s so sweet omg, thank you!!! It’s so weird to think anyone would find me inspirational xD anyway!! If you’re not feeling your story anymore it’s perfectly fine to just stop and change!! It’s your blog afteral! You could just instead put the story on hiatus and take a break to write something else?? 

But honestly if you feel like you’ll never go back to it, just scrap it !! Don’t worry what anyone else is gonna think :))

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What do you think about Muslims, be honest?

i honestly dont have an opinion. I think of them as anyone else around me, they arent their own category in my eyes. yes there are some muslims with extremist views but there are also catholics with extremist views and no one judges every catholic based on those views so why should we do the same to muslims?  

Taking pride in something you made is one of the greatest feelings.
Like it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of it. All that matters is you made something unique.
Whether it’s writings, art, videos, etc.
You made a thing. Your own thing.
And no one can take that away from you.

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anyone else think that Dean is the type of dude that goes through his kids social medias and needs to know all your passwords on your devices? he's that asshole that tracks your internet history

Im sure that if he knew how he would, but I hope he’s old fashioned and dumb enough not to really know how computers work and cant figure out how to do shit if you just delete your history every few days

Fading Light - Part 4 - 3/4

PART ONE  -  Chapters 1-6

PART TWO  -  Chapters 1-6

PART THREE  -  Prologue & Chapters 1-6

PART FOUR  -  Prologue    Chapter one   Chapter two



I truthfully don’t know how long I sat with Scully on my bathroom floor and held her as she, in some small way, expelled the demons from within that had quietly plagued her; growing in intensity until they blotted everything else out. It’s always been this way for her I think – that inability to invite anyone else along for the emotional ride – until eventually, the hurt becomes too big for her to deal with alone and she either shuts off completely, or as was the case last night, goes to such extremes that her actions can hardly be reconciled to the person I know her to be.

The last time I remember her falling quite so hard was leading up to the whole memorable Ed Jerse incident, where her own common sense flew out the window and she returned to me with a mark on her skin that was, in some ways, less indelible than the mark he left on her soul because we both know she was lucky to walk away with her life intact.

Back then though, I was too caught up in my own selfish pursuit of the elusive truth that I had simply stopped listening to her. I had stopped noticing just how deeply unhappy she was, how confused, how lost she had become because, if I’m honest, I had started to take her for granted; safe in the knowledge that should she try to walk away from me I had the singular ability to drag her back whether she wanted it or not. She became a part of me and as such, my acknowledgement of her as being a person in her own right became so offhand and dismissive that it was almost non-existent.

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I can definitely see Gillian being interested in the part of the Queen in The Crown. It would be a huge commitment but given the recognition and the awards that Claire Foy got for this role, it's a huge possibility. I'm not from England, but I can't think of anyone else who could follow Claire in that role.

It is the biggest European Netflix show. Every British actress in their fifties would be interested in playing it. And there’s not so many of them…

look the columbine dudes are horrible for ovbious reasons but i cant CANT CANt understand why anyone would wanna be attracted to them they look like sponges and veiny skinny things and like they scream too much their logs are super edgy and jesus christ the edge 

ive never seen such entitled brats. thinking they are better than anyone else while amounting up to fucking nothing. like this is nasty white fuckboy entitlement 101 and its so blatant and jesus chri st how do anyone find them remotely attractive im gonna shove them into a locker

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I can't believe chyler lowkey said that florida lama was mojo jojo on her birthday like...

what’s that mean tbh someone explain. also anyone else here think kara definitely would eat ass?

Prompto’s weight loss

I mean, unless we’re explicitly told how he did it, my theory is as good as anyone else’s, BUT!!! I tend to think he went about it in a fairly healthy way?

I mean, when he starts running and documenting his progress, he’s a kid. He’s in elementary school. By the time we see him taking that final progress photo - by the time he’s finally happy with his appearance - he’s 15 and in high school. Literal YEARS have passed.

He didn’t shed that weight overnight. He didn’t shed it in a couple weeks or even a couple months. He shed that weight over several YEARS.

I see a lot of people headcanon that he has stretchmarks and potentially loose skin - and while, again, I’m not outright discounting those possibilities, weight loss done slowly and healthily over that kind of time frame - and ESPECIALLY when someone is so young - can be done without excessive scarring or leftover loose skin.

I tend to think Prompto didn’t develop an eating disorder to shed that weight, but - like we see in Brotherhood - made an overall lifestyle change. We see him push aside his usual burger and fries and opt instead for salads, and he takes up running. If that became a permanent change and he stuck to it for all that time, it’s completely conceivable that the weight would have fallen away at a slow, steady, gradual pace.

Again, headcanons are headcanons, and we’ll likely not get much more canon info on it, but… eh… just my two cents. :D

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Well, your brofam idea is great! Can I join? I'm a Ravenclaw and I love reading, watching TV shows and searching new ways to express myself, my room is a mess and oh, my name is Luisa :)

Of course you can, the fam welcomes all!!*

*telly person voice*

*does not include nazis, bigots, assholes, trump supporters, anyone who discriminates against anyone else, pedophiles, anyone who thinks trans women aren’t women, or trans men aren’t men, etc