anyone else needs a hug

I need to rant about Bon Bon the Birthday Clown :( - Spoilers Ahead

I need a hug after that one. Seriously… if anyone else is feeling the same way… personal message me and we can cry about this episode together. I could tell from the previews that Marco and Jackie were going to go on a date but I did not expect a kiss 0_0 and when the blood moon ball music played in the background I started tearing up….that really got to me. I feel bad that the winter finale ended on such a sad note. This hiatus is going to be a tough one. DX

I am a Starco shipper HARDCORE but even though I am and even though that kiss scene kicked me right in my Starco heart…I actually don’t hate Jackie. On the contrary she likes Marco for who he is and likes him despite the fact that he is extremely awkward and that’s really cool. I don’t hate Jackie. I hate the fact that I can’t hate Jackie. Also I hate that Starco is not together and that the episode ended with Star crying. That episode was the worst. Let’s all be nice to each other and continue to come up with cool theories about the show and continue to draw awesome fan art during this hiatus. Hopefully it will go by fast.

jedistormpilot is great by itself, but…consider a Man From U.N.C.L.E. au:

  • poe as the insanely gorgeous smooth-talking thief hired by the CIA because he was just too good to put in jail
  • finn as the highly emotional, mildly traumatized agent-from-birth who needs a hug more than anyone else in the world
  • and rey as the spitfire the two of them spend so much time looking after that they don’t even realize she could kick both their asses without breaking a sweat
  • consider poe putting on an apron to cook a gourmet dinner for rey barely an hour after they’ve met
  • poe and finn bickering over each rey’s fashion until she’s had enough and they start criticizing flirting with each other
  • finn carrying a passed-out rey to her bed and carefully tucking her in
  • rey holding finn’s hand whenever he starts to shake, whispering ‘it’s okay, it’s okay,’ until he calms down
  • finn doing the exact same thing for her
  • finn literally committing treason rather than kill poe for his country
  • consider poe falling in love for the first time in a long time after spending years believing he wasn’t worthy of the real thing
  • rey finally getting a family that she loves wholeheartedly, and trusts implicitly, and that she knows will never ever leave her
  • finn having two people whose faith in his goodness is so solid and so sincere that he starts to believe in himself as well

does anyone else feel like they need a hug from someone that you are sexually attracted to… like not for sexual pleasure but like an actual satisfying pleasure you don’t get from hugging someone you aren’t sexually attracted to

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Derek Hale ➢ A Whole New World

“And this,” Derek began “Is a phone. Your phone to be exact.” He slowly reached out in placed it in your hands and you were in awe at how shiny it was. You had never seen one before. “You can use it to call me or anyone else in he pack whenever you need us.”

You hugged him tightly and he chuckled before returning the embrace. He wasn’t usually like this but in some way you reminded him so much of Cora. You had gone through a lot having to endure your abusive father for 15 years and for a kid you were one of the strongest people he’d come to know. He was already beginning to treat you like a little sister. 

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