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Chapter 92 Thoughts

What I’ve really gathered from these past two chapters is that…it sucks being an Eldian. The whole world is against them, constantly reminding them of their perceived evil nature and the crimes of their ancestors. The Marleyan-born Eldians may be taught that the Eldians on Paradis are the bad ones, but at the end of the day, they all share the same fate.

They are loathed for their ability to turn into titans, which only can happen under specific circumstances, while simultaneously wanted as military power for that same reason. They aren’t valued as people at all.

And now, the one thing they’re even wanted for is established as a dwindling power at best by the end of the chapter. 

Yet Marley is hellbent on capturing the Progenitor titan, all in hopes of securing the title of the most powerful nation in the known world. They’ve been busy with a war for the past 4 years, and now they’ve just won it.

They made a peace treaty with a nation that invented a scarily efficient anti-titan weapon that can even slice through the material on the appropriately named Armored Titan. This, being the same material that had been considered impenetrable from the perspective we’ve seen the majority of the series. The Survey Corps only recently developed a weapon to damage that armor, and it’s remarkably less efficient than the ones the Middle Eastern Alliance created here.

What Marley lacks in naval power they make up for in air power. They don’t even need actual bombs – a mass of mindless titans dropping from the sky is just as destructive.

On top of being technologically advanced, they have 4 adept shifters on their side.

The focus is finally back on Paradis Island, home of our protagonists. 

I think it’s fair to say, things are looking absurdly grim for the Survey Corps and co. right now. 

In other words, it’s business as usual. 

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Random GoT premiere questions...

1) Did anyone see an eerie similarity between Jon and Sansa’s argument on the ramparts and last season’s tent argument right before BotB?  Sansa reminds Jon of a factor he hasn’t considered in an upcoming conflict; Jon thinks he knows better; Sansa begs him to listen to her, and her tough-as-nails mask slips to reveal the vulnerability she only ever displays in front of him.  He might soften, but then the scene takes a different turn. Sigh.

2) Did anyone else think Jon was a little too harsh on Sansa during that argument?  “What should I do, listen to you?”  And - the one that really made me cringe - “You almost sound as if you admire her.”  Really, Jon?  She sounds as though she admires the woman who helped murder her family and kept her in virtual chains for years?  I get that you don’t like having your authority questioned, but still…maybe back off a little?  Not that I think Jon has a cruel bone in his body; but if he needs her to back off her questioning his decisions in public, then she could use a little more understanding from him.

Discussion?  Go?

bluxnxighbourhood  asked:

OURAN WAS MY FIRST ANIME TOO but I liked Kyoya and Mori more than anyone else. Dark haired fellas got a special place in ma heart. Also I might have had a little crush on haruhi as well but I can't really remember

oh my god we have COMPLETELY opposite tastes cuz I didn’t care much for either of them!! too serious!! man…now that i think of it most of my fav characters are the uhh….the outrageous ones? or the loud ones…

Tamaki Suoh, Hinata Shoyo, Lance McClain, Viktor Nikiforov….MAYBE I DO HAVE A TYPE FOR FAVS

oh my god…it…reminds me of this scene…ALL OF MY FAVS ARE….

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It has finally happened. The moment all little girls dream of: I have an arch-nemesis. 

Let me set the scene. Tucked away in one of the farthest buildings on campus, there is a classroom. Within this lone classroom of questionably constructed desks, arched windows, and chalkboards, I first spotted The Academic Dudebro. 

Who is The Academic Dudebro, you may ask? He is your worst nightmare. He thinks he is the smartest person in the room. As the smartest person in the room, he feels the deep need to remind everyone of their ignorance by incorrectly referencing theories and obscure writers, rolling his eyes, and talking down to every single other person he has ever met… including our sweet/brilliant little old Italian/New Yorker Professor, who always has her hair perfectly styled in a bob like it’s still the 1950s as she smashes the patriarchy with her wit. (We shall now refer to her as The Mentor). 

The Academic Dudebro feeds on pretension. Every class is an opportunity to argue and remind his peers that he is the smartest. He also has the opposite opinion on anything and everything than, I don’t know, normal, feeling human beings. Ex. We read a story where the main character abandoned his pregnant wife and their toddler because he just didn’t care about anyone else, went off and had an affair, left that chick when she got pregnant, and was generally an asshole to anyone he met. The Academic Dudebro felt the deep desire to announce that this character was his personal hero. Um. Okay. 

Last week, he decided to argue that this one relatively minor scene we were talking about could only be read through a marxist lens. His initial argument wasn’t invalid, he just refused to accept any alternative opinions. He talked over and insulted another girl in class, who was kind of trying to talk about something else anyway? And that was it; I couldn’t let it stand. I fought back… using words and intellect and girl power. 

Now, this was not the first time I disagreed with him, so he already doesn’t like me. But it was the first time he targeted this other girl and I would not let it stand. What followed was a seemingly uneventful and yet somehow epic fight between two English Majors. It ended when The Mentor cut him off and skillfully moved on to actually teach us things because she is so smart. 

Later, the girl who he targeted sent me a message that basically said ‘thanks for standing up for me’. I said ‘no worries’. After all, we must stick together in the face of pretentious assholes. 

Today, he just stared at me with his sexist male gaze of hate (I said some sort of passing, light hearted joke about how being nerdy is in now and he was offended? It is easy to offend The Academic Dudebro). 

Tensions are building. Someday, we shall have an all out battle and it will be glorious. 

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I loved 10.22, but I was confused by the diner scene. Do you think there was a point to the cook’s speech? “You can get a job anywhere if you can fry a decent burger” (or whatever that line was) is kind of making me (probably unrealistically) hope for, once he’s cured, Dean to run off to some beach town and work in a beach-front diner for a while. We know he can fry up a good burger, after all. *wishes really really hard for a beach episode*

You know me, I’ve been demanding a beach episode for months, nay, years, so if there is any possible way to interpret a scene as foreshadowing for a beach episode, I was already there before I even watched it. :P

No but seriously, Dean does have both a general connection to burgers (round about this time last year he and Crowley had a very significant subplot to do with burgers so Crowley is included in that too which makes the link that much clearer :P) and season 8 established Dean not only as Guy Who Eats Burgers, but also as Guy Who Makes Burgers. Then we have Crowley drinking black coffee (more common than tea without milk but still more casually American than you’d expect of Crowley and we’ve heard Dean request his coffee black several times - including in the Extremely Plot Significant Burger scene in 9x23) and eating pie, so basically the whole scene is filled with Dean-related food references. This episode even had other examples of representing Dean just through stuff related to him - the box of all his stuff dragged out of his room, so the fact Dean can be represented through Dean Stuff is clearer even than normal in this highly symbolic show. Therefore this scene is About Dean somehow.

A few people also pointed out how it was basically a colour-shifted version of the diner where Cas n Metatron had their little chat, and the cupid was sitting at the bar: it has the same stars on the wall and even similar-ish geometric patterns, kinda (is it just me or do both diner’s wall-shapes have something vaguely coffin-shaped about them?)

Especially if you mix the two together. :P

Anyways for Cas that scene was Metatron challenging him about being human and generally trying to get a rise out of Cas (which he did, about Dean :P). In that scene it was revealed the Cupid was after them and was planning them harm - at the end of this scene we have Sam’s trap for Crowley come through, but he also leaves the scene without knowing he’s about to be attacked, after we see that he’s in trouble here (well, debatable, actually - this scene follows on from Dean being arrested, and being reminded he gets a phonecall, so if you’re playing along, you can easily assume Crowley was Dean’s phonecall - again as per 9x23 when he got locked up by Cas n Sam and didn’t have anyone else to turn to, he summoned Crowley and has a pattern of calling Crowley anyways). 

If the 10x18 conversation was about who Cas was meant to be or what he wanted, here we have Crowley being challenged that silently, with his big slice of Dean pie, drinking his Dean coffee, talking to a guy frying Dean burgers… Crowley is going to fall into the trap of going to help Dean yet again (and perhaps it’s the fact it worked as a trap which gets him more than that Sam did the trapping - in 10x14 he was given a very upfront demonstration of how they’d use him for help and how falling for Dean asking for help was a dumb idea, and yet it didn’t stick since this trap worked on him this episode…) and it’s this which flips him back to “default” settings. In the same way in 10x18 Cas was put back to about as “default” as we’ll get him for now… Metatron talked about him and Cas being a lot alike, having both been human and both attempting to be God, but Crowley is also an almost-member of that club, having been nearly human, and with his King of Hell position loosely equivalent to an extremely un-exalted God (I swear demons only seem to call him “King” sarcastically :P) and he’s also… heh… at a cross-roads.

In this scene I was so startled to see him actually doing his job I almost didn’t credit him for doing it at first and thought he was moping or up to something strange (tbh he may still have been moping until he spotted a business opportunity), but then recently his job has been just running Hell, which he seems extremely bored by, and he seems to miss the old crossroads deals days. This is almost nostalgic for Crowley - a little reminder of how he used to do things, but away from the running Hell side of stuff, more just a reminder of how he used to just offer up a simple deal, get a kiss and a soul for his troubles, and be on his way (compared to the utter trainwreck of trying to claim Dean for Hell). (Side note: Trial and Error was the burger episode, right? And also has some great off-screen Crowley stuff about how he historically operated. :O *tinhats Drowley foreshadowing right back to season 1*) I think this was the first flicker of a warning we might get Crowley back at the end of the episode, because it took him out of the environment he’s been stagnating in and showed him moving on.

The cook (I think his name badge says “Seth” but I only have blurry streams to squint at :P) talks enough to establish himself as a decent guy who travels - ostensibly alone - and wants to travel more. His connection to Dean via being “Cooks Burgers Guy” gives us another suggestion of foreshadowing Dean going off on his own: we know Dean has skills and even dreams now which extend outside of Sam, and include going places and doing things for himself. Seth is this really well balanced cheerful guy who knows what he wants out of the world, and probably how to get there, at least within a reasonable range. Asia is a little out of his reach; the dream he’d like, but the question of if he’d sell his soul to go out there is muddy. I kind of like the idea he might have heard Crowley out and then turned him down kindly, since he has already managed to get to Ecuador on his own steam, so I’d guess he feels he could muster up a trip to Asia if he really wanted to - or at least, he understands his own worth very well and knows he has to work hard to go places and earn his place in the world, wherever that is. I find it hard to see a guy like this making a demon deal, when we normally see people desperate, greedy or both making these deals (I think in the original Crossroads episode Sam or Dean was like “well they asked for it, let them get eaten by Hellhounds” and the guy they ended up trying to save was one who’d made a deal to cure his sick wife, not one of the people who made a greedy deal).

Basically, he’s out of Crowley’s league. :P

The actual DANGER to Seth in that scene almost came across just because he and Crowley were sort of having a moment: the “dreams come true” thing seems a lot like a pick up line with no real context (i.e. Seth knowing he’s the King of Hell and means it literally) and with Crowley it’s 100% guaranteed to be innuendo anyway even if he does mean it literally. I’ve seen a few gifsets of them already with the comment “lol I ship it” so they had some sort of discernible chemistry the average shipping-inclined blogger would notice. Plus, deals = kisses. It’s down to the discerning salesman to find his pitch, and in this case it seems a bit more upfront that there’s a seduction element to the deal.

But then right as Crowley is (metaphorically or not) trying to pick up this new guy to make a deal with (yeah, he’s not going to turn him into a Knight of Hell or anything but the basic premise is what happened to Dean in season 9 anywho :P The callback to 9x23 with the burgers and Crowley is in the background of this after all and up until 10x01 we had no idea if this would turn out to be Crowley’s most successful gamble or not) “Not Moose” comes a-calling, asking for help and cockblocking Crowley’s new deal/fling. Like, Crowley can’t move on with his new direction or emotional recovery or whatever you want to assume he was up to here, because as soon as he starts trying to put the moves on another guy, the memory of Dean (literally a recording of his voice) is back to get in the way, and Crowley shoots one more look at Seth while debating if he should go help Dean or not, but in the end decides to go.

Basically what I’m saying is if Sam had waited 10 more minutes for Crowley to work his magic with Seth he might have been in a better mood once it all turned out to be an elaborate trap based entirely on his sympathy for Dean, which this scene was soaked in.

I think one of the most under-appreciated friendships in the series is Ginny and Neville.

They spent a lot of time together, always stood by each other, and were both the true definition of Gryffindors.

Ginny always stuck up for Neville, she did not ditch him to go to the Yule Ball with Harry, and she was always concerned about him.

Neville would never let anyone touch Ginny, and if they did take her, he would make sure to go with them too. 

They remind me a lot of Hermione and Harry. A lot of parallels there, and I just think their friendship is really sweet.

I also think that Ginny and Neville are the most “Gryffindor” out of anyone in the series.

I think of the scene in OOTP when they all got captured by Death Eaters. Neville and Ginny hardly squirmed in Death Eaters grasps, but everyone else did. This doesn’t show that they are more brave when it comes down to it, but I found it really interesting and symbolic.

These two were always so underestimated in different ways, yet they were two of the bravest. Always doing what is right and being extremely selfless. 


April O'Neil is a character that I love so much. Originally I began liking ehr because she got flack and since I myself couldn’t find a reason to hate her, I decided to try and find reasons to love her. I succeeded. April reminds me so much of myself. I found her to be stubborn, impulsive, and short-tempered but I also found her to be caring, devoted to her family, and fulled by boundless determination. I didn’t even care when she was revealed to be half Kraang, by then I grew to really love her despite what anyone else wanted to say.

And this scene reaffirms just why I love her.

She feels guilty. She’s blaming herself. Her facial expression makes it clear that she feels horrible. Donnie and Mikey try to reassure her, but it isn’t helping. She brought Irma to the lair (and she’s still calling the spy Irma, ow!) and triggered the chain of events that they are now tangled into. It’s understandable for her to be upset, I certianly woudln’t blame ehr at all.

But what does she do? She decides that she has to fix it. April is not a girl who sits back and lets everyone else do things. She is a girl who will take action. She’s only gotten mroe proactive this season, but even back in the early episodes she had a desire to go out and do whatever it took to get the job done. This time is no different. She feels like she scewed up and she is ready to fix it. She’s ready to go out and find Leo and Raph and reunite the brothers. She is ready to go find Casey and get him to safety before she can lose him. The girl is willing to go out and risk her life or even her freedom or these boys. There is no denying that she cares deeply about them at this point.

But she doesn’t do it. Why? Because her dad tells her that he needs her. Kirby is clearly distraught and messed up, and after all that he’s been through who can blame him? Look at April’s face in the last cap, she can’t do it. She can’t leave her dad. He’s suffered enough and he needs her more than ever. She can’t leave him.

Just… sorry,i always try to get out some April love when I get the chance so there you go.

S6, E1: The Red Woman

Title: Has to do with what we learn about Melisandre at the end - many people suspected that “The Red Woman” would either be the new priestess that we’ll see with Tyrion and Varys, OR Lyanna Stark, covered in blood, in the Tower of Joy flashback. Looks like we’ll have to wait a few more episodes to see either of those red ladies.

So, we pan in over the wall, to a very, VERY dead Lord Commander Jon Snow. Is it too much to hope for that his body is still preserved and resurrect-able because of the snow? Probably. Is it too much to hope for that the blood stains kind of look like a dragon and a wolf? Am I reading too much into this? Totally, but who cares.

Season 6, Episode 1 Recap by KeepingUp-WithTheTargaryens

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Drarry Fic Reccomendations

For talkdrarrytome and anyone else who’s interested!

Over the past couple of months I’ve read a LOT of Drarry and it has been wonderful :-D Here are my favourites if you’d like to check them out!

Draco’s Boy - This truly sucked me down the Drarry Tumblr hole and got me to create this blog! Recommended by diydrarry, it’s a super sweet AU about Harry moving next door to Draco as kids, escaping from the abusive Dursleys, and their growing up together. The version cuts the smutty scene out, but Leia maybe you could remind me where the full version is posted??

Tea and No Sympathy - This is possibly my favourite Drarry ever.  In fact, it’s one of my favourite ever fanfics/stories in general! Groundhog Day style story where Draco is forced to repeat the same 24 hours over and over.  He feels Harry is the key to breaking his curse, but how?

Open For Repairs - An extremely sensitive look at how the boys are coping in a post-Hogwarts world, full of broken tellies and mended hearts <3

All Must Draw Near - Harry and Draco run a shop together in Diagon Alley.  As Christmas approaches, Harry starts to understand that what he has been looking for might just have been under his nose this whole time. 

Note(s): The cold weather gave me an idea to write this.

Mayuzumi cursed as he rubbed his hands together and blew them to keep them warm. He left in a hurry this morning that he forgot to search for his gloves. 

It didn’t help that today was colder than usual. The best option was to go home and get warm as possible but the latest volume of his favorite light novel was released today. His coat pockets would have to do the job for awhile.

Just as he thought his day could get worse, his feet stopped the moment his dull eyes narrowed at a figure not too far away.

“Ahhh what’s that!”

Students exclaimed in surprise, not seeing it at first until some had pointed it out. Soon, phones were up taking pictures of it as if it was the most extraordinary thing they had seen their whole lives.

A ball of wool stood in front of the school gates.

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