anyone else find this funny

So here’s a little detail I noticed while watching MatPat’s playthrough of BatiM Chapter 3, and I’m curious if this is something else other people have been able to catch during their playthrough of the game.

During MatPat’s playthrough, the room/framerate starts to go all funky while he’s taking the staircase, letting him know that Bendy is close by. When he tries to go down one of the staircases, Bendy is right there, but he’s crouched down on the stairs. I thought maybe Bendy was crawling on the stairs, but  after going through that part frame by frame, Bendy goes from standing up, to crouching down as MatPat got closer. And even as MatPat realized it was Bendy, Bendy stayed crouched on the stairs for like a good second or two. In fact, Bendy didn’t start giving chase until MatPat was away from the staircase.

Was…Bendy just hiding on the staircase hoping MatPat would run into him? Granted, with the room looking like how it does, it does make him a little harder to spot, but still.

I don’t know if this is a glitch or not, but if this little animation was done on purpose, then this just feeds into my already growing suspicion that Bendy is having way too much fun messing with you if he knows where you are.

Does anyone else find it rather funny that Brienne, “the beauty” Of Tarth, who spent her whole life being teased and made fun of, now has (arguably) three men, good strong men, who look at her with the same eyes. Not as a challenge, or as a dare, but as a genuinely magnificent woman. They look at her like they care, and understand and that they might love her too.

Where as Cersei, the beauty of house Lannister, the lady that grew up to be queen, by marriage and then by conquest, who spent the better half of her life adorned with jewelry, is viewed by everyone with the same eyes. Fear, hatred, murderous intent.

Cersei may be beautiful on the outside, but Brienne is beautiful inside and out. People love her for who she is, no her title or gold, not for the silks she wears or the beauty of her face.

Brienne is truly beautiful.

Replace One Word Of The Title of Movie/Show/Book/Anime With The Word Lasagna And Say Them With A Dead Serious Voice For Maximum Effect



‌• Rise of the Lasagna

‌• Harry Potter and the Chamber of Lasagna

‌• Lord of the Lasagna

‌• Captain America: Lasagna War

‌• The Dark Lasagna

‌• Finding Lasagna

‌• Star Wars: Revenge of the Lasagna

‌• The Secret Life of Lasagna

TV Shows

‌• The Walking Lasagna

‌• The Big Lasagna Theory

‌• Doctor Lasagna

‌• How to Get Away with Lasagna

‌• Lasagna


‌• Death Lasagna

‌• Attack on Lasagna

‌• Ouran High School Lasagna Club

‌• Kill La Lasagna

‌• Lasagna on Ice

‌• Lasagna!!

not important, but like i rly hate that rwby chibi episode with ren and nora. it was super gross and creepy and yeah…no thanks? I dont find creepyness funny, but i get it, i guess. Its all supposed to be a joke.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • You: I hate vampires
  • Me: Well I'm off to drink blood. Not human blood. I mean, pigs blood. Well not pigs blood, juice. Pigs juice! Not juice, uh, the juice of the... blood orange. Not the blood orange, per se, the orange. Juice of the orange! I'm off to drink orange juice. In my ancient castle. Not castle, uh, house! In my ancient house. Well, not ancient so much as... Middle Ages. Not Middle Ages, more mid-century modern in my mid-century modern house in Transylva-CATION. Transylvacation in Massachusetts. Yes, that's where it is. Don't be embarrassed if you haven't heard of it. You all should visit, but not during the daytime.

Me: Ok but does anyone else find it really funny how Mendel “biBliCaL tiMeS” Weisenbachfeld goes from talking about biblical brothers in act 1 to telling Trina that religion is just a trap 2 years later? Maybe he was just talking about biblical times during the proposal as a joke or for metaphorical purposes but I just think it’s really interesting seeing his attitude change like that. The way he talks about being Jewish in Four Jews suggests he probably grew up fairly religious so perhaps he never agreed with the religion he was forced to practice and the way he talked about the bible in A Marriage Proposal was just mocking it??? I don’t know but Mendel is such a complex character and I wish he wasn’t just reduced to the “cinnamon roll” that a lot of fans like to call him and people actually acknowledged the different aspects of his personality

Taxi driver: Yeah man I agree

Twerking (Batboys headcanon)

Requested: Yes
Request: Headcannons with the batboys+Bruce with a s/o who is really good at twerking. I just thought his was funny 😂


  • Okay but let’s be real
  • He’d be like “Bitch me too” 
  • Before breaking up into a full on twerk battle
  • He’d love it
  • He thinks it’s hot/sexy


  • He would be the one smirking on the sidelines
  • Or enjoying the show if you will
  • He won’t try himself
  • but watching you does things to him
  • God forbid anyone else stares tho
  • Not a good idea fellow…just don’t 


  • He would find it funny i think
  • He might be very blushy as well
  • Like just imagine him just trying to stifle a giggle when you’re twerking 
  • He wouldn’t manage to hold it for long
  • He’d break free in a full out manly man giggle


  • He would be so confused 
  • “Beloved what the hell are you doing”
  • You have to show him a bunch of videos
  • and explain
  • He still wouldn’t understand
  • But he won’t question it


  • He would be smug like jason
  • But also kinda like Tim
  • Like all blushy
  • He tries to brush it off
  • But you can see it so well


With love,

I know I said I was done being salty but surprise I lied

Anyone else find it kinda funny that bioware has actually gone backwards from me3 in terms of mlm representation?

I mean while Steve was kinda non-essential to the plot unfortunately (I was talking to my sister the other day and I think it’s entirely possible to play the entire game without speaking to Steve once), Kaidan kinda was plot important due to his role as the virmire survivor

But now, it’s like we’ve got two Steves? (And I am by no means insulting Steve Cortez I love him tbh)

But like neither Reyes nor Gil seem particularly important to the plot and the world (well galaxy) and I’m just annoyed

I mean I’m like about 10 hours in and I’ve optionally spoken to Gil and haven’t even met Reyes yet

Like why can’t gay and bisexual men have actual roles in a storyline other than playing the romance option to placate the LGBT community

KNB~Reacting to Anime: Yuri!! on Ice.

I have decided to make this a series! Yay! So let’s see how  Kuroko no basuke characters would react to the anime “ Yuri!! on Ice” 

Note: May contain spoilers, read at your own risk!~

Kuroko: I like the Opening song.. It makes me feel like I can Ice skate too… 

Kagami: Can this… “JJ” guy play basketball?..

Riko: I wish Viktor was in this universe… He’s better than my team combined..

Hyuuga: I don’t know how to feel about this show… *sweat drops watching Riko fan-girl over Viktor and feels jealous.*

Kiyoshi: This is interesting! What is it called again?

Kise: Am I the only one who Ships Viktor and Yuri?

Kasamatsu: I don’t like JJ… Reminds me too much of Kise..

Kise: Kasamatsu Senpai!!

Midorima: The show is disturbing and it doesn’t peek my interest.. *Secretly watching it for the 5th time*

Takao: We were born to make history! *pretends to ice skate, but slips and falls on face.*

Aomine: …. Russian Yuri is my favorite.. that’s all I’m sayin’…

Midorima: His name is Yuri Plisetsky, nanodayo.

Momoi: *watching Katsuki Yuri’s Eros performance.* … *nose bleeds*

Kise: Momoi-cchi?!

Murasakibara: *drooling* Muro-chin… I want a pork cutlet bowl..

Himuro: *spinning with sparkles around him* What an amazing show! Did anyone else find the drunk Katsuki Yuri scene funny?

Akashi: …. 

Everyone: *looks at Akashi*

Akashi: *now in a Viktor cosplay outfit.* I’m ready to dominate another sport.. 

Can we just all take a moment and appreciate pledis for putting Mingyu and Wonwoo on the SAME BED!!!!

Anyone else find it funny how the discourse went from:
Fuck 02. Fuck the 02 kids. Retcon 02 so they never existed. Retcon the epilogue so my ship is canon. Fuck 02.

And turned into:
Fuck meiko. Its all her fault 02 isn’t here. I want my 02 kids. Fuck meiko for getting in the way of my ships. Where the fuck are my 02 kids and why is this new bitch here?