anyone else find this funny

  • You: I hate vampires
  • Me: Well I'm off to drink blood. Not human blood. I mean, pigs blood. Well not pigs blood, juice. Pigs juice! Not juice, uh, the juice of the... blood orange. Not the blood orange, per se, the orange. Juice of the orange! I'm off to drink orange juice. In my ancient castle. Not castle, uh, house! In my ancient house. Well, not ancient so much as... Middle Ages. Not Middle Ages, more mid-century modern in my mid-century modern house in Transylva-CATION. Transylvacation in Massachusetts. Yes, that's where it is. Don't be embarrassed if you haven't heard of it. You all should visit, but not during the daytime.
I know I said I was done being salty but surprise I lied

Anyone else find it kinda funny that bioware has actually gone backwards from me3 in terms of mlm representation?

I mean while Steve was kinda non-essential to the plot unfortunately (I was talking to my sister the other day and I think it’s entirely possible to play the entire game without speaking to Steve once), Kaidan kinda was plot important due to his role as the virmire survivor

But now, it’s like we’ve got two Steves? (And I am by no means insulting Steve Cortez I love him tbh)

But like neither Reyes nor Gil seem particularly important to the plot and the world (well galaxy) and I’m just annoyed

I mean I’m like about 10 hours in and I’ve optionally spoken to Gil and haven’t even met Reyes yet

Like why can’t gay and bisexual men have actual roles in a storyline other than playing the romance option to placate the LGBT community

Can we just all take a moment and appreciate pledis for putting Mingyu and Wonwoo on the SAME BED!!!!

KNB~Reacting to Anime: Yuri!! on Ice.

I have decided to make this a series! Yay! So let’s see how  Kuroko no basuke characters would react to the anime “ Yuri!! on Ice” 

Note: May contain spoilers, read at your own risk!~

Kuroko: I like the Opening song.. It makes me feel like I can Ice skate too… 

Kagami: Can this… “JJ” guy play basketball?..

Riko: I wish Viktor was in this universe… He’s better than my team combined..

Hyuuga: I don’t know how to feel about this show… *sweat drops watching Riko fan-girl over Viktor and feels jealous.*

Kiyoshi: This is interesting! What is it called again?

Kise: Am I the only one who Ships Viktor and Yuri?

Kasamatsu: I don’t like JJ… Reminds me too much of Kise..

Kise: Kasamatsu Senpai!!

Midorima: The show is disturbing and it doesn’t peek my interest.. *Secretly watching it for the 5th time*

Takao: We were born to make history! *pretends to ice skate, but slips and falls on face.*

Aomine: …. Russian Yuri is my favorite.. that’s all I’m sayin’…

Midorima: His name is Yuri Plisetsky, nanodayo.

Momoi: *watching Katsuki Yuri’s Eros performance.* … *nose bleeds*

Kise: Momoi-cchi?!

Murasakibara: *drooling* Muro-chin… I want a pork cutlet bowl..

Himuro: *spinning with sparkles around him* What an amazing show! Did anyone else find the drunk Katsuki Yuri scene funny?

Akashi: …. 

Everyone: *looks at Akashi*

Akashi: *now in a Viktor cosplay outfit.* I’m ready to dominate another sport.. 


Something i have noticed consistently with antis; constant contradictions. Still funny though. How they can’t even respond properly in the argument at all.

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.Anyone else find it funny how the Dick copy ended up being evil but the Damian copy ended up being good?

I found this really interesting too but I think I’ve figured out why the copies were written like that.  The copies seemed to feed off the inner thoughts of their source material. Deathwing says things that Dick admits that he thought at one time but never vocalized, his darker thoughts that he internalizes and pushes down so that they never reach the surface.  

Dick has a tendency to internalize his demons and hide his anger away. It makes a lot of sense the copy’s reflection of Dick’s ‘true colors’ would pervert these thoughts and use it against him when battling head to head. 

Damian is different though. He’s never tried to internalize his anger and it’s not something he usually has shame of. If Deathwing amplifies Dick’s internalized thoughts then so does the Robin copy. Maybe Pyg expected there to be drama and anger inside Robin too but he was wrong. The Robin copy is good because Damian internalizes his goodness

Think about it, it’s a learned habit for him. He grew up being taught by Talia and Ra’s that any sort of goodness is a weakness, that he must be ruthless as the heir to the LoA. You need only look at the Year of Blood for proof on that point. Just like Dick learned to internalize his demons from the world, Damian learned to hide the goodness that’s naturally in him. 

So if the copies are in fact internalized versions of these characters that would explain why Damian’s copy wound up being ‘good’.

Noiao headcanon

Noiz discovers Cards Against Humanity and tries to answer all of Aoba’s questions by just holding up the white cards.

Aoba: “What do you want for dinner tonight?”
Noiz: *holds up ‘Edible Underpants’ card*
Aoba: “Noiz open your damn mouth and talk I swear to god-”

Harry: [standing there minding his own business, peaceful, in the Zone™]

Seeiso: [being a good friend, walks up and whistles to get Harry’s attention and gestures for him to walk out the door first]

Harry: [unbothered, looks Seeiso up and down and gives the sassiest neck twirl/eye roll combo in royal history as he proceeds to leave]

Flashback 2

Pairing: Rogers Family, The Avengers, Avenger Children x Reader

Warning: Swearing, Teen pregnancy, angry mother.

A/N: I began this before I started deleted scenes for The Blue Stick and apparently forgot about it till I found it last night. This is basically 16 years after that, when Sarah one of your twins comes to you with a shocking news, that only seems to spiral even farther out of control.

So if you enjoyed The Blue Stick give it a read, let me know what you think of course!

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“Ma’am, they have arrived.” F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voices comes in around the room.

 Pepper is all but pulling her hair out glaring at Howie, who is sitting looking more calm than Jr, who looks as if his mother might pull him apart at any second, Wanda and Sam having a quiet argument off to one side; Nathaniel is fidgeting in his place next to James and Sarah who look as if they both might throw up at any moment, watching the elevator doors. 

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Does anyone else find it funny and a little ironic that Lucifer is the one who wanted to come to Earth and wanted to stay and still can’t grasp some of the simplest things about humanity, meanwhile Maze didn’t want to come and wanted to go back to Hell but has a way better concept of what Earth and humans are like? She just doesn’t care half the time.

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do you know the name of a fic where emma drinks a potion or gets a curse where she becomes obsessed with regina and she spends the whole day trying to have sex with her, even infront of her parents?😂

I couldn’t find this one but it sounds funny! Can anyone else help out?

Does anyone else find dream catcher tattoos kinda funny? Like, people treat them as some sort of pan-native symbol when really they’re Anishinaabe (Native Canadian). The dream catcher wasn’t invented until the late 20th century and it was used as a mobile, like, above a baby’s crib. White people immediately became obsessed with commoditizing them though, and now they’re everywhere. I don’t think they’re offensive or anything, I just find it hysterical, and if you have a dream catcher tattoo I’m just going to assume you know nothing of the culture. Imagine I had a tattoo of a pacifier on my leg thinking it had some sort of spiritual significance 😂😂