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i know it's kinda stupid, but what can i do to stop having illusions about this boy so that I can be myself fully independently from any person that walks by or illusion that I have of this person?

You feel that this boy will complete you in some way, when the truth is: you are already whole and complete as you are right now. Feel that. Breathe, put your attention in your heart and feel the wholeness there. There may be unease or tension there, anxiety, but feel all of that and feel your chest fully from the inside.

You are whole and you are complete, without anyone else. Spend time with your heart and with your self and feel this. Feeling this, you won’t cling to others to fulfill you, you won’t look for others to complete you, you’ll have found that you are already whole and complete now.

Other people can come and go and it is nice when they come and it is sad when they go, this is all natural, their comings and goings will be simply taken as the natural flow of things, when you’ve discovered your inherent completeness. These guys will just be there and you’ll be there too, just living and just being, at ease and complete no matter what.

I hope this helps.


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can you please stop posting girls with short haircuts? i understand they are trans, but the fact of the matter is that until you actually go through the transition, you are not trans. getting a short haircut and binding your chest does not make someone male. it takes months, years even on medication for a body to present itself as the opposite gender, and until then it's just a short haircut. im here for male positivity and these people are not (yet) male.

fuck you blockt we are not girls 1, 2 most of us can’t or don’t want to physically transition. i am not a boy because i have a penis or i have done anything to obtain one, im a boy because i say i am. how dare you question my gender, or my boyfriends gender, or anyone else on this blog. why the hell do you feel the need to say anything at all? you could have just unfollowed. we don’t want you here.

Am I the only one who doesn’t /pace/ while daydreaming?

I do plenty of repetitive movements, some of my favorites are tossing a small object in the air over and over, bouncing up and down, swinging on a swing, or sprinting sporadically for a few yards…

But the most popular one here seems to be pacing in a circle, and I’ve never really done that, apart from slipping into a daydream when going on a walk, but I feel like that’s different somehow. I’ve tried it a few times, just doesn’t click for me.

Anyone else feel like this?

Two lovely friends, @fictionalquintessence and @guhnerketeer, tagged me ages ago to post an aesthetic of my current mood, and (far too late, sorry!) here it is.

I’m tagging @hobbithorse19 @love-dria @fizzy-custard @calaverna @kategorically-challenged @fortunatelyclevercandy @awinterbornrose @thorinoakenshieldin221bwithlupin @bettythedwarfqueen and anyone else who’s feeling creative. :)

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aghgahg sorry I haven’t been posting anything I’ve just been drawing my new children 5050000000500 times and this is probably wayyyyyyyyyyyyy less than even 1/10 of the pics but eh too lazy to post them all right now;; also there’s a metric ton of angst

Mostly been conspiring collabing with @teamun lately, aaaaaaaand not really discussing any of this with anyone else so if you have any questions about mi babies feel free to ask cause there’s a giant load of info I should probably share but I have no clue where to start! :D

last one is a meme by @croxovergoddess because I am a meme

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I always thought it would be cute if Harry & his wife had two twin sons who were about 2 years old and a newborn son and the twins would always tease the newest member of the family by dangling pieces of food in his face or throwing his toys around and the newborn would at first giggle, but then get frustrated and start fussing a bit and H would gently scold the twins saying that they have to be nicer to him :')

Ohhhh my goodness.

And Harry picks up the fussy one and shakes his head at the twins, putting on his best stern dad™ face. “Boys, y'cant keep doing this to him. S'not nice. You wouldn’t like it if I did that to you.”

“Yeah but we’re just having fun!” One of the older boys would lisp, and Harry would shake his head again.

“S'not very fun, bud. Not for anyone else. You’ve gotta think about his feelings. He doesn’t understand things the way you two do. You’ve gotta be good big brothers and show him the ropes.”

“But we tease each other all the time!” The other twin speaks up. “That’s what brothers do!”

Harry sighs. “Well yeah but that’s because you guys are big boys. Your brother is still learning. When he’s bigger you can play with him all y'want. But right now, you aren’t being very nice big brothers.”

The twins frown, as if that was the worst insult they could ever receive. Both recite a quiet “sorry daddy” and Harry smiles.

“Hey. Everything’s okay. It isn’t me you should be sayin’ sorry to though.”

The twins take turns kissing the fussy baby’s head and saying sorry. “HERE!” One of them says suddenly, running over to pick up the toy that they’d thrown the room. “You want this?!”

does anyone have like, really specific feelings/vibes that they associate with different SIs that are kind of hard to explain?

like for me, whenever I start thinking about/engaging in my SI after a little bit of not doing that, it feels like coming home to this really familiar, cozy feeling and whenever i think about it and i feel it my brain is just immediately like “Ah Yes, We’re Back In SI Hell”, but it’s different with every SI and every SI feels like home in a different way?

does anyone else get that?? and if u do, put in the tags ur SI and what the feeling is like!!

Small Bump

A/N: This is an angsty drabble. I don’t want to tag anyone because I don’t really want to drag anyone else down tonight. I just don’t feel like I’m doing that hot in life so I decided to turn to writing.

Warning: Angst/Death/Pregnancy

Bucky x Reader

He could tell something was wrong. He could feel it the moment he stepped through the door. You smiled but it was bright or blinding light like your normal smiles and when he knelt down to kiss your stomach, you pulled back.

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any tips for writer's block

Hmmmm, well, when I can’t write i usually just put on some music and zone out for a second. Sometimes depending on what i’m stuck on I’ll go back and re-read what I wrote the last time I was writing. Sometimes it helps me to plan out the story a little bit more to. 

I’m sorry I don’t know many ways to beat writers block! That’s just something I haven’t figured out yet! 


Anyone else with suggestions feel free to chime in!

personally, I skip ahead in the story. it always helps to have an idea of where the story will go before you begin so if you have that basic plotline, you can always go ahead and write the sappy romantic bit near the end or the dramatic plot twist in the middle. once you’ve done that you can find a way to link the parts- that always helps me out.

if you have nowhere to go with that story however, if you have any other writing projects you can work on them for a while and then go back to the first.

going back to look at whatever inspired your story in the first place can help and, if nothing else works, sometimes just taking a break from it for a while and picking it back up some time later is your best option.

- percy

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Why would trans people want to change their gender/sex? Pls answer I'm trying to learn since my friend came out as trans and I want to help him/her

Well basically, I know for me, I’ve always felt wrong, uncomfortable and different. It’s like a part of me was missing or deformed or wrong. It’s honestly really hard to explain to people that don’t feel the same, but I guess the best way to explain would be that you just feel like something’s wrong. Honestly if anyone else knows how to explain this better please do cause I have a hard time explaining this stuff.
-mod ghost

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Does anyone else feel like Augusts sudden interest in parent-child relationships is odd or unnecessary? especially considering Brandish? It feels like Hiro's trying to villify him (which is weird cause he's already a villain) by making him weirdly assholish in a way that he hasn't seemed to be? Or did I forget when he was shown this way? (also Natsu fighting zeref like that is bullshit. He has KILLING WAVES. HE WAS PUNCHING WITH KILLING WAVES! HOW WAS NATSU ALIVE!?)

These are not the spoilers I hoped to wake up to.

Half of me is pissed off because apparently, Natsu truly is God, omnipotent and immortal. Half of me is just deflating, because really, we all expected something like this.

Why do I feel so different? When others look at me, they see a person. But when I look at myself, I see a monster. I try to warn others of mt beastly nature, they do not believe. They think I am no threat, that I could never hurt someone, that I am no monster. They say this till they see the beast for themselves. Once they see what the monster, they fer me or hate me.

Some times my rage gets the best of me, and lash out at people because of my rage. I don’t mean to, I do what I can to mind my temper. I can’t help being violent, I don’t always control my temper, and I always have the desire to destroy.

But I still have a heart, I still have a soul. I think and feel like anyone else. I strive to live and enjoy life. I want love and companionship,  I want to feel like I belong to feel like I mean something. I  can be loving and a friend if given the chance. All I want is a chance to prove that I can.

But why even try anymore, all anyone see is a monster. All I ever see is a monster, all I feel like is a monster. I have done awful things, I’ve hurt many people. I am monster, there is no changing that.

If you choose to near me, may you be warned. I am a beast, I have and can hurt you. I don’t always mean to. I am wild and dangerous,I will tell you to go seek some one else. If you choose to be near me, you might just regret it in the end. 

I’m torn bc I obvi really love Ryan and Camisado is very much his song and not to mention very personal, so it’s weird to have Brendon perform it without so much as acknowledging him. On the other hand, Camisado is a song that is very near and dear to my heart and is very important to me and a lot of other people, so the chance to see it live is really amazing for me. So I’m torn between being salty at Brendon for yet again refusing to acknowledge Ryan’s contributions and also being super stoked to see a song that is important to me. Does anyone else feel this way?

you are allowed to be disabled

you are allowed to struggle with things other people find easy

you are allowed to have a hard time with things people say you shouldn’t

you are allowed to acknowledge your difficulties and struggles

you are allowed to be disabled

you are allowed to need accommodations 

you are allowed to demand accommodations

you are allowed to use accommodations 

you are allowed to be disabled

you are allowed to exist without being “useful”

you are allowed to exist without meeting abled people’s expectations

you are allowed to exist as a disabled person

you are allowed to be disabled