anyone else excited



“You’re more beautiful than she ever was.”

I’ve spent 16 days this month writing close too 2000 words of Everlark fanfic, and all I can think, despite how much it’s reignited my love for this pairing and this series, is a) how sad I am that the excitement is nearly gone since the movies are over, and b) if we want it to ever be rebooted in the future, we have to do something to promise studios there would be a good payoff for it. Which means keeping the fandom alive. I wish I could think of something to do to help along those lines (besides my own fic), but I don’t know what it could be. I don’t know, maybe I should dust off my old analysis blog?

when i was a kid i had a collection of really old peanuts comics and this particular one from 1970 stuck with me so much

it is so perfect, such a study in contrasts between the nine panels of buildup and the crushing payoff, the bright clear day vs the all-encompassing rain, the restrained eagerness of the way he leans to see just a little further around the corner while waiting for the bus in the first panel, the enormous emptiness of the stadium around him in the last one driving home the fact that he has waited there, hoping for the sun, so much longer than anyone else, this contrasted against the adventuresome solitude of the set-up, because he’s there so much earlier than anyone else too, the MOST excited, that the only words in the comic are him sadly reading the rain check rules out loud to himself while still in his seat, in the rain

that the bus is the BASEBALL Special

if you boiled my comedic sensibilities down to their purest essence it would just be this comic, framed, hanging on the wall in an empty museum

when you’ve drawn several things of consistent style/quality in a row and u sit back and pause for a minute


did I do this?? yes, yes I did. ohly shit

Congratulations! You Have Unlocked the Ability: Drawing Hands

and in ur head there’s a little swell of music and in back of your mind suddenly burlesque lights shine LEVEL UP surrounded by little stars

“Ciel, I wanted you to think of me as cute… Until the very end…”

Anyone else excited? BECAUSE I SURE AM! This was my favorite Arc ever in the Manga (Book of Circus is a close second)!

And I can’t wait for “that scene” to be Animated~

My girl is gonna prove those haters wrong.