anyone can play guitar


Peter Frampton 💘

Eli sat on the edge of the fountain in the main part of campus, a little dazed and doing a half-assed job of strumming the chords to Motion City Soundtrack’s ‘Lets Get Fucked Up And Die’. He was way too sleepy to try and draw any kind of crowd by singing or making a spectacle of himself and being a show off that morning, and was mostly playing just to keep himself from laying out on the fountain’s edge and having a nap. He hadn’t gotten anywhere near enough sleep the night before, and had only about a half an hour to mentally prepare himself for his history class- it’d be a miracle if the lecture somehow kept him enthralled enough not to nod off in the middle of it. He stopped playing when he felt his front pocket vibrate, laying his guitar flat over his lap so he could pull his phone out and check it, rubbing at one tired eye with his free hand while he read the text.

So there was a report out of aTV that Colin would be playing the guitar in the musical episode.  Can anyone tell me how plausible that is given the hook?

I do not mean “can someone with one hand play the guitar” i mean can a man who is skilled at playing the guitar with two hands plausibly do so while holding a hook in one hand?