anyone can do it go ahead be free

Context: our small group of all first time players consists of a dragonkin wizard, a werebear fighter, and an elf bard. The dragonkin has already embarrassed himself with his low charisma after arriving at an inn, so we’re trying to get a place to stay. Our DM agreed that our elf bard could name drop her master from college in order to get us free lodging, although he is not aware of the master’s name.

Elf: I want to name drop so we can stay here.

DM: okay, go ahead, what do you say?

Elf: (to bar keep) So, believe it or not, when I was in bard college I studied under master Nickelback…

(Table dissolves into laughter)

DM: (after regaining composure) you could’ve picked anyone else. Now I have to act impressed by Master Nickelback.

Love is a very powerful four letter word. There are many types of love. Love for a sister or brother, love of a father or mother, love of a boyfriend or girlfriend, love of friends, love of teachers, love of God, love of husband or wife and many more. To love someone is a necessity and to be loved by someone is a privilege or blessing If you don’t have anyone to love or if you are not loved by someone, there is no point in living your life. If you can do anything to make one’s day, go ahead, do it. If calling a person a sweet word lovingly could make his or day, go ahead cause love and kindness is the only thing in this world which is free of cost.

A-Level Survival Guide, by @Shannonsstudy

If you are unfamiliar with A-levels, they are a 2 year course typically for 16-18 year olds carried out after high school. In most cases you will study 4 subjects at AS level in year 1, and drop to 3 subjects at A2 level, unless you are me, in which case you would have carried on all 4 subjects and become way too stressed by exam season, because you didn’t have THIS survival guide.

·         Be prepared. You will need a binder/folder for each subject; none of this multi-subject notebook nonsense, there won’t be enough room for your notes and you’ll become unorganised. Make sure you have the basics- pens, pencils, ruler blah blah blah you know the drill.

·         Make an effort with your tutor. Your tutor will be writing your reference for university/job applications at the beginning of year 2, so make a good impression and stick to it. A simple “Hi, how are you?” as you walk in to registration and a “Have a good day” as you leave is all it takes, it will make the world of difference when it comes to them writing a reference. Similarly, make friends with your teachers, I’m not saying you need to be BFFs, just make it clear that you’re interested in their subject and them as a person.

·         DO THE HOMEWORK WHEN YOU GET IT. In a free period or when you get home, sit down and do the homework set that day. If you can get it done and out of the way asap it won’t build up and become stressful, it also gives you time to go to your teachers for help if you need it (also showing them that you take their class seriously and want to do well).

·         Use your free periods. I’m not saying you need to spend every single free doing hardcore study, because that’s not going to happen. But utilise the free time and get work done, you can relax at home and not have to worry about homework then.

·         Read. The. Textbook. You can have the best teacher in the world, and they may still miss out some details. Every day go through the relevant sections of the book for the day’s lessons, add anything missed out to your notes. I did NOT do this at AS, which was a huge mistake as I then had to do it all in the months/weeks leading up to my A2 exams, when I could have been revising content rather than learning it for the first time.

·         Similarly, make your revision resources ASAP. Again, do this after every lesson to avoid panic and stress in exam season. It’ll be much easier to write out 5 flashcards every day than it will be to write out hundreds 3 weeks before the exam, plus you’ll actually have time to study them.

·         Choose your subjects carefully. But also don’t stress if you start and discover you hate the class, you’ll have around a month to swap. Choose subjects that you enjoy and find interesting, there’s nothing worse than writing an essay on a subject you despise.

·         THE NEW A-LEVEL SYSTEM SUCKS. Yes, you now have to memorise everything you’ve learned in the entire 2 years and will be examined on it all at the end. Revising the month before may have worked in the past, but not this time. Revise year-round.

·         When it comes to revision (which again, you should be doing all year) use past papers. Although the system has changed, for the most part the questions have not. Once you’ve done one question on ‘differences in achievement and subject choice between genders’ you’ve done them all. You can still use old papers and mark schemes, just ignore the questions that are no longer relevant

That’s all I’ve got for now, but if anyone has anything to add, go ahead. Any further questions feel free to message/send an ask. For anyone who’s curious I studied Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Sociology. At AS I achieved AAAB (B in chem), and am currently awaiting my A2 results.

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Why should we pay for your writing. It's fan fiction..

I never said anyone should.

Do I have a tip jar, yes?

Do I ask for donations? Yup.

It’s my right to, doesn’t mean I expect anyone to do so.

But listen, I write good shit. I’m not trying to boast here, but take a look at my masterlist. I’ve written over 350 pieces of fics, I didn’t count the series parts individually or the fics that aren’t on my list yet.

I know my value as a writer and it’s for free.

You are getting FREE ENTERTAINMENT. And sometimes an entire fucking novel!

So you can kindly fuck yourself or go ahead a leave a tip in my jar, you can find it on my mobile page.


fishless cycling: nitrAtes will not form

hello!! for any fishblr people out there I am hoping that you could help me. I got a fish tank about a month ago and have been trying to cycle it, but for some reason I’m stuck at the nitrAte formation stage. I’m at the point where I can consistently add 2ppm of pure ammonia to my tank and it will be reduced to around 0 the next day. however, while my nitrItes and ammonia have been going down, I do not see any evidence of nitrAtes being formed, which seems odd. I’ve looked around on a couple forums but haven’t really seen anyone else having this problem which has been frustrating to say the least lol.

I’ve recently added some moss balls to my tank, do you think that they would somehow be eating up the nitrAte? they’ve only been in the tank for 2 days, but I’ve been seeing nitrIte for much longer than that so I would assume that there would be at least SOME nitrAte in the tank. that’s the only thing that I can think of that would be stopping the cycle, unless I’m just being dumb.

I haven’t been doing any water changes or anything other than adding a small amount of water into the tank because of evaporation. Its all be dechlorinated. I’ve been using an API test kit and double checking each result every time I test. I honestly have no idea what’s wrong and every website has different info for fishless cycling, so I’m at a bit of a loss :(

ill go ahead and link my log down below so that you can see what’s been going on, please tell me if the link doesn’t work!!

if anyone has any tips or suggestions feel free to let me know!! and if you know of someone who could help please reblog this so they could see :) thank you!!

link to fish tank log:

Durarara!! Art Challenge
  1. Favourite female character
  2. Favourite male character
  3. Favourite outfit (can be from any canon content: games, manga etc.)
  4. Favourite minor character
  5. Favourite background story
  6. Something that happened only in the Light Novels. If you never read the Light Novels then draw a favourite scene from a random episode
  7. Favourite gang or organization
  8. Favourite group of characters or friends
  9. Favourite relationship or friendship (platonic or romantic)
  10. Favourite enemies (characters who fought each other or are still fighting)
  11. Favourite pairing (can be non-canon)
  12. Favourite “Alternate” character
  13. Favourite scene from season 1
  14. Favourite scene from Durarara!!x2 Shou 
  15. Favourite scene from Durarara!!x2 Ten
  16. Favourite scene from Durarara!!x2 Ketsu

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Hello, I am making a flyer re: the ACA enrollment period, to be distributed to local families by my local school district. Sadly I have no graphic design talent whatsoever, so I was wondering whether I could use the graphic you recently posted (with credit) on my flyer. My hope is to use it for free as I am paying the cost of this project out of my own pocket in order to make it more palatable to the school district, but I can pay if necessary.

Yes. Go right ahead and use it. I encourage anyone who needs/wants to use it to do so. Spread that info

Friendly Miracle

[Request]-mine: Arthur X Reader Where She Is His Wife And Is Terribly Ill And He Fears He Might Lose Her But Merlin Does Something To Help Her

Title: Friendly Miracle

Fandom(S): Merlin Bbc

Pairing(S)/Relationship(S): Arthur Pendragon X Reader,

Merlin X Arthur (Friendship/Favor)

Warning(S): Very Little Mild Violence, Language, Magic!Reveal

Pov(S): Reader, Arthur

Word Count: 1691

Summary: You Are Arthur’s Queen, His One And Only True Love. Because Of This You Were Cursed By Morgana. It Was An Illness Than No Mortal Eliqusor Could Cure. You Were Fading Fast, Nearly Gone When Suddenly… Merlin Comes To Arthur And Tells Him Of A Magic Spell That Can Save You. This Is When Arthur Declares The Outlaw Of Magic, Discarded!

Note(S): So I Used Italian For The Spells, I’m Going To Start Doing That If Their Are Spells, But If I End Up Using A Different Languages I’ll Tell You!

Y/N: Submit Your Name

Y/Sk/C: Submit Your Skin Color

Reader’s POV:
I stood next to my beloved husband and king, Arthur, as he had called our entire kingdom of Camelot to attention. The wind blew generously at only a simple breeze. His sunlight hair danced lovingly over his forehead, and just under the rim of his crown. His blue eyes glowed with pride and happiness as he looked upon the great people of our kingdom.

I looked to my left, standing there was Merlin, Arthur’s servant… No, he was far more than a servant, he was a dear friend, the two were different sides of the same coin. Not only was Merlin my friend as well, but also my saviour. I remembered it like it started yesterday…..


I was strolling through the woods on the outside of Camelot, taking in the breath depriving view. I stopped as I saw beautiful jade colored flowers and bent to observe them. “Come here, Leon, you have to have to see these flowers, I’ve never seen them before.” I called to my escort, a dear friend of me and my king. But I got not response. “Leon?” I called again, but no answer.

Instead I could feel a cold presence upon my back which sent shivers of fright down my spine. “Not even close,” a female voice whispered into my ear. I was frozen, unable to move as a maniacal laughter erupted softly into my hearing.

The women grabbed my wrists with twice the force of a man and spun me around. I was taken to my back on the dirt and I looked up at the woman standing over me.

Her hair was black as a ravens wings dipped in tar. Her eyes were emerald green, dark, hating, filled with greed and jealousy and malice. Her face looked pale, ill, and deprived of light. She wore a forest green gown with a black tattered cloak covering it. She looked down at me with an evil smile. Her eyes glew orange and I felt a vine snake around me, tying me still, unable to move. I knew then who it was. I had never seen her myself, but Arthur, Merlin, Gaius, and the knights had told me of her many times.

“Morgana.” I shakily let out as terror and anger filled my being.

She smiled again, an evily devious smile that burnt to the back of my skull. “So, the royal bitch knows my name.” She teased as she began to circle me. “The one who sits on my rightful throne as queen of Camelot, that pathetic excuse of a kingdom.”

“Please, Morgana, I wish for no illness between us.” I tried to convince. “Please, let me go. I swear to keep from Arthur that you were here!” I pleaded.

“Well well well, looks like Arthur has chosen a coward as his wife. Begging for freedom. Why don’t you fight?” She asked holding her arms out.

“I do not wish to fight. With you or anyone, I only wish peace and bringing together the world. Please, I do not wish to quarrel with you my lady.” She huffed at my honesty.

“Wow, your half as pathetic as Arthur and his oaf of a servant Merlin.” She looked at me and waved her hand. The vine released me and I stood to my feet. “Come on then.” She threw a sword to the ground in front of me and beckoned me to pick it up. “Go ahead, you can be free… If you can make it through me.” A glint of cleverness flew over her eyes.

“Lady Morgana, please, I do not wish to hurt you.” I wailed but was obviously unheard. She continued to stand waiting for me to give in.

“Have it your way then.” I announced and picked up the blade, charging at the woman. I stopped. I looked at her, her eyes were orange. My throat began to clench, along me unable to breath, my blood boiled and my skin crawled. My ear rang with the sound of a thousand banshees. I gripped my throat as I fell to my knees.

Morgana looked at me, hatred filling her completely. “Let’s see how Arthur breaks, when his precious wallflower shatters piece by piece with an illness of which there is no cure.” Her voice became angered, strained, and with a hint of….. hurt. Her eyes glew a brighter orange as she lifted her head. “ La malattia senza cura , messo giù su questo mortale in modo che lei possa conoscere la morte prima del tempo.” She repeated a few times.

My lungs began to feel like sand paper, my veins cloting, throat closing. I felt like death itself would bestow upon me. Then everything began to fade to black, as I saw her smile menacingly…

Arthur’s POV:
Weeks, it had been weeks since the sighting of Morgana, and the I’ll falling of my beloved queen and wife, Y/N. She laid there motionless other than thrashing around every few hours from what seemed to be a nightmares. Her Y/SK/C was deathly pale and incredibly hot to the touch round her face and chest, and ice cold everywhere else. Her brow glistened with sweat and blood came from her nose, ears, and mouth.

I simply could not halt crying even for a moment. I knew my wife was very, very sick. I knew I would soon lose her, yet I was not ready for it in any sense. I had sent Merlin and Gaius to find a cure, but Gaius found none. She was doomed. I was doomed.

“ARTHUR!” Merlin’s voice rang loudly, echoing through the halls capturing me from my tearful daze. I looked to see him run in with a rather odd looking book in his hands. “Arthur. I found a way to save her!” Merlin smiled at me. Did he think this was humorous to mock me so?

“Merlin, Gaius already said there was no cure.” I cooed and turned back to my young wife, my wife, too young to be dead.

“Right, no mortal cure!” His words made me snap my head quickly. “We searched for days for a potion, a blessing, a spell to save her, and finally we found one! It’s going to save her life Arthur!” Merlin’s smile was wide, and it was no task to realize his truth.

“Where will we find a sorcerer who would take such a task?” I stood walking over to him. He remained silent as his eyes left mine and his smile disappeared.

He walked over to Y/N and set the book down next to her. He hovered his hands about two feet over her body, one at her head, the other near her heart. I saw him close his eyes d take a deep breath. “Vita.” He commanded. The flames on the candles erupted for a split second, and then… Y/N’s body lifted a few inches off of the bed.

“Merlin?” I called, but he didn’t flinch his concentration. I walked over across the bed and saw a sight I had never anticipated… His eyes shone a bright orange. This couldn’t be…. Merlin couldn’t be a…… Could he?

He began to look at the book and speak an incantation. “ Spiriti della vecchia religione , posizionare una benedizione su questa donna in modo che lei possa vita respirare ancora una volta. Benedici lei in modo che lei può vedere un altro luce del giorno . Portare la schiena a noi.” He spoke softly. “ Spiriti della vecchia religione , posizionare una benedizione su questa donna in che lei possa vita respirare ancora una volta. Benedici lei in modo che lei può vedere un altro luce del giorno . Portare la schiena a noi . ” He became a tad louder and the floor shook. His eyes grew brighter and brighter with every word. “ PORTARE LA SCHIENA A NOI . VITA” He yelled as what seemed to b modo e as loud as he could, and everything stopped, yet only for a second. Then… WHOOSH! Everything blew clear across the room, even Merlin and myself.

But, the following noise distracted me from everything. I hears her sweet voice once again. “Arthur?”………


Reader’s POV:
Arthur snapped me from my daze and I smiled at him. “Ready?” I asked and he took a huff of breath in, nodding his head a single nod. I looked out upon the audience and signaled them to quiet. “My wonderful people of Camelot, as you well know, I was not long ago, very very sick from the curse of which Morgana cast upon me. But as you see before you now, I am very healthy and safe. How is this, you ask. Was it a cure? No. Was it dark magic? Absolutely not! It was light! It was a light in the universe that has brightened this world many times before, but never one sought award or remembrance for it. Ladies and gentlemen, there isn’t only evil magic in this world, there are many of whom strive to do good with the gift they were given. Now, my husband, your king, has a proclamation to announce.”

I turned and smiled at Arthur, walking back to take Merlin’s arm in mine. He wore one of Arthur’s even outfits. I looked upon him and silently thanked him.

“People of Camelot! My father, Uther Pendragon, former king of Camelot. Was stricken by grief and guilt, as my mother died in my birth due to the demand of balance in magic. This blindness which hazed him, drove him to outlaw and ban magic with punishment of no less than death. I am happy to announce that in my last few days I have learned magic can be good!” He beckoned to Merlin displaying him to the kingdom. “This young man, Merlin, has saved my wife and your queens life, using magic! So on proclamation of Camelot and by the power invested in me, I knight thee, Sir Merlin! Court sorcerer of Camelot! And from this day forward… Magic is welcomed!” And the crowds erupted into roars…..

hey guys! this is the transparent snorlax bg i made using the resources by @engrampixel

feel free to use, just credit back to engrampixel! and let me know if you do use it so i can see! ^^

you can check my blog for a preview.

god DAMNIT @trickerydickerydock with that fucking song

Listen, if I wanted to think about the cosmic responsibility Loki has decided to take on.. Like, who else is gonna do this? Who gives a shit that Loki willingly places himself as a major pillar of support. Who cares that if he topples he takes the whole thing with him? That’s just how Loki rolls.

Like, this poor dumb bird. Bird that is much too smart, but can’t see the forest from the trees because inevitably Loki is still a person and slips and start getting tangled in her own web. Does she still want to be able to be ten steps ahead of everyone else. Would Loki like someone to take their place sometimes, so she can go be normal and happy and stress-free for a time? Would they trust anyone to do that? Do they feel they’ve earned that? I hate you I’m demoting you I’m too sleepy and tired and I had actual real thoughts that were organized but. i felt a thing instead

MysMe Another Story spoilers under the cut! - Day 8

Continuing my rambling as I play because my emotions are going haywire and I can’t deal with it.

Again, if you stumble upon this post please do not continue to read if you want to avoid spoilers!

(Also please note that I am avoiding spoilers myself. I’ve been successful so far, except for some chatroom emojis I saw ahead of time.)

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anonymous asked:

You can preach all that you want and attack your anons. But the truth is MM changed her game a long time ago and now they are together. And moreover you judge people on the basis of their IP address do you know anyone can hide their original id anytime with free and pais services. Now go ahead an try my IP then I will tell you whether you are right or wrong.

Prove that they are together??? 

I don’t give a Flying F about your IP. 

I want you to prove it with real FACTS. Once AGAIN you come on my blog with just words and no FACTS SUGAR!!! 

I know it hurts you inside because they are not an ITEM and if they where You would be on here SHOWING me real evidence but you have NONE and it makes me really Happy because I laugh at you and the rest of your ZOMBIE FRIENDS.

Bye Bye Sugar😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

It’s time for the this year’s ElfEver Week! It’s my hope to make this year incredibly fun and successful! Everyone is invited to participate in whatever way they want, be it through fanart, writing, graphics, fanmixes, cosplay- whatever gets your creative engine revving!

Some guidelines to follow:

❀  Tag any NSFW accordingly! Not everyone is comfortable seeing such things, so please be respectful!

❀ All work should be NEW. Please do not repost old works. This event is for new artwork and to highlight everyone’s talents.

❀ DO NOT REPOST ANYONE ELSE’S WORK. If you do this, you will be reported to the creator and dealt with accordingly. I’m sure you can make something great yourself!

Please tag contributions as: #elfever week 

Also ensure that it is tagged within the first five tags, otherwise it won’t show up and I will be unable to reblog it.

May 31 - June 6

❀ Day 1: Heart

❀ Day 2: Dream

❀ Day 3: Hope

❀ Day 4: Free prompt

❀ Day 5: Alternate Universe

❀ Day 6: Warmth

❀ Day 7: Flowers

Bonus Prompt, May 14:

❀ Home

Lastly, if you have any questions, go ahead and ask! And all contributions will be reblogged to my sideblog, elfevers, which was formerly the blog elfeverweek, but i decided to change it into a full and year-round elfever blog!!

banner credit goes to my lovely friend Grace blanania!!

Never Alone- A Garnet Mix

A mix for the gem who’s made of love.

1.Conqueror| Estelle//2. Battle Cry| Angel Haze and Sia//3. Third Eye| Florence + The Machine//4. Do My Thing| Estelle ft. Janelle Monae//5. Amen| Halestorm//6. Q.U.E.E.N.| Janelle Monae ft. Erykah Badu//7.Electric Lady| Janelle Monae ft. Solange//8. Monster Hospital| Metric//9. Say Aha| Santigold//10. Mommy’s Little Baby (A Lullaby)| Kelly Rowland//11. Fly| Nicki Minaj ft. Rihanna//12. Stronger Than You (Remix)| VideoGameRemixes//13. Stronger Than You (Rap Remix and Cover)| IBdl ft .Chi Chi

Play on 8tracks

Play on Playmoss

Lyrics, Annotations and video links under the cut

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We Want Out

Dhumey and I have been living with my folks for almost a year now. We’ve been here since roughly the middle of February, 2016. I’m not going to beat around the bush though. We are TIRED of my mother and my stepfather. Why? I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll go ahead and say it again. They are ABUSIVE as all get out. We want out, but we feel so trapped and it’s taking a toll on us.

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Liz Makes A Contribution to TD

As many of my followers know, I am part of TeamOnTheFence as I believe in what you all are saying here at TD, but I’m also not up to getting much hope up and thus I like staying on the fence to balance myself… Must be the Libra in me… Get it, cause we’re a scale… Hah…

Anyway! Since I’m sitting on this fence, often times I get to see all kinds of TD and TA stuff on my dash. The one thing that keeps popping up is the new promo pics they just released for TWD Season 6… And I love them!

BUT THEN these started popping up

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bellesgrotto’s disney sims university casting call!

okay everyone, so i have decided to go ahead with the disney sims university! this will be a variation on harry potter: each sim will get sorted into gryffindor, slytherin, ravenclaw or hufflepuff. i will then place them in the sims 3 university world made play forever by elyfs-simsalabim and take photos and write some kind of stories and stuff around them. there will be magic, fun, romance and loads more (maybe if i ever get round to that much …)

what is going to happen to my sim in the save?

your sim will keep their hair and facial features as always whenever they come and play in my game. they will get put into a uniform in the colour of their house, but they won’t change in any other way. i will never break anyones TOU as you guys know i take that very seriously. i will tag you in every post they are used in and never claim them as my own. i will never reupload any sim you send me.

however, the sim will have personality, and not every sim is going to necessarily be ‘nice’ as otherwise where would the drama be … we like dramatic stories haha. also all sims will be witches, unless you would like them to be a fairy, werewolf or vampire (please let me know). 

if you have a particular house you want them to be sorted into then please let me know (but you know, they can’t all be gryffindors … i like slytherins i think they’re amazing actually haha).

i am someone who has already sent you a sim:

i would really love for all my followers and friends sims to be a part of this, so i am doing a casting call to see who would be interested! i have shown here most of the sims i have in my game, to remind people who have given them to me that they can ask for these sims to be a part of it if they want to. 

in no way is anyone obligated for their sims to be involved in this project, even if i already have the sim in my game. i completely appreciate that for some of you this doesn’t fit in with what your sims do in your game and so in no way do they have to be involved in this - it will not affect our friendship at all and i will still love you as much as i do now <3

i will send each of you a message asking you whether you would like your sim to be involved. if you reply yes then i will go ahead, or no i will not. if you don’t reply i will assume no as well - i will only put them in this save if you send me the yes to do so :)

you can send me another sim if you want to, or an alternate sim if you would like to as well :)

to anyone who would like to give me a sim:

please feel free! i welcome new sims for this project. where possible please send them in to me via fanmail in .sim form as it’s a bit easier for me to stick them in the uniform and stuff. please see the first section for more info. 

EDIT: it doesn’t need to be a disney sim - any sim is absolutely brilliant! it’s just called disney university because i got inspired by my disney sims.

so what now?

stop reading this stupidly long post because it’s boring :} send me a sim if you want to, and i will slowly start to fill the save. all posts will be tagged disney sims university

***please reblog this post to get the word out***

sims who are joining so far:

daja arlington (swandiaries), ricky joe - ravenclaw quidditch captain (joes-stuff), angela river (simlychic), crystal well (simlychic), kacey cuevas (simlychic), jasmine (captainzarinas), eilonwy (captainzarinas), jenna boria (simmieshimmers)


sims in this post are by (in order):

shipofsims, approxsimate, seattlesim, theseprettylittlepixels, simlychic, adorablysimtastic, simlychic, antraya-cubed, neptunesims, babydollcc, adorableplumbob, thatdottysimblr-deactivated2014, swandiaries, hylasims, ladysimaholic, simlishworld, isenkind, forducklings, adorablysimtastic, winterspixels, adorablysimtastic, teeejbooriddikulsims, @simlychic

Bd Christmas countdown 2016! December 20-25th

Okay, so things kind of got ahead of me, but the countdown event will still be going on! And I apologize for such short notice I’ve been so busy with stuff lately. It’s kind of low-key, but the theme is “Slumber Party/sleep-over”. Anyone is free to join in, just be mindful and respectful of others, and don’t be gross.

Things you could do in this:

  • Come in pyjamas!(or not, just wear something)
  • Play some games/watch some movies!
  • Do some good ol’ sleepover stuff
  • anything else you can think of that seems to fit and won’t be harmful!

I will also be hosting a mini raffle each day, where each participant’s name is put in for a random draw, and the winner will get a little doodle of their muse!

I was going to stream a few movies myself, but I was expecting to have a WiFi card for my computer for now, but you guys are more than welcome to do that yourself, or host some games or w/e, but just a note about that:
please be mindful of others when hosting stuff, and try not to purposefully do something while someone else is. If that’s the only time that works for you, then maybe do something different from what they’re doing? (I.e, if someone is hosting a CAH, maybe try doing a movie?)

Also, the tag for this is bdcountdownslumber

And that’s about it, I’m kind of rushed about this, since again, things have been busy, but if we’re around for next year I’ll try to do better.

Which Steven Universe Background Character Should You Fight?
  • Mayor Dewey: FIGHT MAYOR DEWEY RIGHT NOW. Fight him on top of his van. There are 15 people in this town. Every single adult probably voted for him. And every single one of them will be chanting YOUR name as you throw him into his own head. Fight Mayor Dewey this instant.
  • Buck Dewey: What?? Don't fight Buck. He's just a teen, he's got enough shit to deal with. Besides, he's got to deal with being the Mayor's son. Don't fight Buck; fight his dad. Did you fight Mayor Dewey yet? Go back and fight him again.
  • Sour Cream: I can understand why you might want to fight Sour Cream at first glance. He's gangly, and he hangs out in warehouses. That's primo fight material. What you've got to understand is that at some point during the fight, those pants are gonna become shorts, and your shit is going to become wrecked. You can fight Sour Cream, but only if you're prepared for the rocks.
  • Jenny: She's the evil twin! And she has a car! Why would you put yourself at such a risk? Okay, sure, if she starts to fight her dad will ground her from like, twenty miles away. But... EVIL TWIN! She'll find a way out and beat you up when you least expect it. Don't fight Jenny.
  • Onion: DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT ONION. Don't look at Onion. Don't talk to Onion. Don't consort with whatever Onion is. If you so much as consider the thought of fighting Onion, he'll know. And he'll end you. Not fight you, end you. He won't have to fight. You won't be able to fight. You'll be ended. DON'T. FIGHT. ONION. Are you thinking about fighting Onion? It's too late!! RUN!!
  • Lion: Are you... what?! You know what, go ahead and fight Lion. I want to watch. I can't believe you're asking me this. He's got a SWORD IN HIM. You can't beat that.
  • Mr. Smiley: Take him on. Worse case scenario, you've just fought an icon of the 90's, and frankly that's better than anyone else can aspire to do. Sing the Big Donut training video song to put him off-kilter. Win free skeeball for life. Trade your tickets in for an airplane.
  • Peedee: For god's sake. Peedee has experienced more of the world without leaving a fry stall than you will experience in six years of higher education. Don't fucking fight Peedee.
  • Mr. Fryman: Alternatively, fighting Mr. Fryman on Peedee's terms (no biting, over after 3 minutes) is just the sort of pick-me-up that a kid who has to wear a mascot costume on occasion could really use. Fight Mr. Fryman if Peedee needs it.
  • Yellowtail: Though it might be tempting to get to Onion through his family, understand that you'd be directly aggressing the one person Onion seems to respect. This is a dangerous endeavor and I commend you for risking it. I'll be sure to send a lovely bouquet to whatever is left of you at your funeral. DO NOT. INDIRECTLY. FIGHT. ONION.
  • Kofi Pizza: He will want you to fight him. I will want you to fight him. You should not fight him. Understand that while Kofi is the loudest, the Pizzas are a family unit. See also: Jenny. The grounding works both ways. Don't fight Kofi.
  • Kiki Pizza: Don't fight Kiki, but for different reasons for not fighting Kofi or Jenny. Kiki's the Good Twin, they've decided on this. You could win, but you'd never forgive yourself.
  • Nana Gunga Pizza: Nana is crafty. She's the strategist. She's one of the only human moms we've seen in Beach City. You know why that is? Because she's the alpha mom. The supreme Mom. She's outlasted ROSE QUARTZ as a Mom. Don't fight the Alpha Mom.
  • Tiger Millionaire: Tiger Millionaire could buy and sell you 40 times over before you even thought about fighting him. You'd be all, "What?" and he'd be all "*suitcase full of money and eyebrows*". You can't afford to fight Tiger Millionaire. Don't.
  • Tiny Floating Whale: What's the fucking matter with you? Go back and fight Mayor Dewey again, you need to blow off some steam.

So I got an email this morning. @aphobestoblock mentioned me in a post! Okay…

Huh. it’s the list itself. And every other name I recognize there is ace/aro supportive or run by aces and aros or both, and every post I’ve seen from them on the topic is pushing back against hatekeepers. That’s… suspicious.

And look! Unspecified charges of “taking advantage” of minors, and a promise that the receipts are coming Real Soon Now ™! Study this carefully, folks: Vague, unspecified, terrible charges are how smear campaigns operate, not legit callouts as a rule.

Look. I’m not going to pretend my blog is a safe space. I screw up sometimes, reblog content from people I shouldn’t, occasionally say something poorly or problematically. I’m doing my best to get better and be safer, but I don’t think I’ll ever entirely be there. I especially don’t think I can stop engaging with hatekeeping and other terrible things - that’s part of who I am. If you think I can do better, feel free to let me know. I keep anon open for a reason. If you don’t think you can handle me - hell, even if I’m just not to your tastes - you’re perfectly within your right to unfollow. Your dash is your place. But I challenge anyone to find a single statement from me that is in any way supportive of gatekeeping or dismissive of any ace or aro. Go ahead; my whole blog is there, and I don’t delete my original posts without notice.

Regarding the charge of “taking advantage” of minors: I know I have minor followers and mutuals. I’m not going to ask them to speak for me, but I will ask them to come to me, anonymously if they prefer, and tell me about any inappropriateness they have ever seen from me. If you send one, please tell me if you want it kept private; I will be publishing anything without a privacy request, as I believe in accountability. My normal policy regarding minors is to correct misinformation, but do not attack, do not vilify, do not engage beyond specific factual points. If I’ve broken this, I need to know so I can take that into account and be more careful in the future.

In the meantime, don’t hold your breath waiting for “receipts” from @aphobestoblock. They won’t be coming, because (to my knowledge) there is nothing to find. Should they produce faked-up “screenshots,” well, remember the Wayback Machine exists. Verify it for yourself. See what the facts say.

Finally and importantly: Do not send any hate to aphobestoblock. I don’t care how nasty they’re getting; hate campaigns and bullying are not how I do things, and not how I want them done on my behalf. This is extremely important to me. If you can’t follow that simple rule, please unfollow and stay the hell away.