anyone can be special they just have to believe that they can!!!!!

Boyfriend Johnny
  • It’s time for me to wreck myself
  • do you believe in communication through memes you better
  • meme texts can happen at any time of the day
  • also sends you texts to make sure you’re doing okay when he can’t see you
  • would also send you weird selfies captioned with shitty pickup lines
  • giant dork but he’s serious when he needs to be
  • your safety is one of his top priorities 
  • would probably fight anyone that hurts you
  • slightly biased fashion evaluations because he thinks you always look great
  • “You look great today, I mean you always look great but wOW”
  • you would do special things sometimes but most of your dates would just be hanging out together
  • whether it be at home cuddling, playing with dogs at the park, casual stuff
  • when you guys are alone he’d always be touching you in some way even if its just holding hands, or having his arm over your shoulder
  • lots of back hugs
  • and temple/face kisses
  • you can call him daddy
  • gets things off high shelves for you bless him
  • you have to give him a kiss in return though
  • so many couple selfies
  • cute selfies, silly selfies, just out of bed selfies
  • he just loves having pics of you guys together
  • car karaoke
  • even if you’re just going to the supermarket he’ll blast Beyonce or something and you’ll both scream sing along 
  • might get deep late at night
  • “babe when a poison goes past its expiration date does it get more or less toxic?” “idk johnny but I’m trying to sleep”
  • notices little things
  • like if you looked at something longingly while shopping he’d remember and try to buy it as a present for you later
  • tries to do things for you like cooking you breakfast
  • even if he fails sometimes it’s the thought that counts okay
  • if you try to kiss him his tall ass might not bend down 
  • he thinks it’s cute watching you try to reach his lips
  • he’d bend down and kiss you just when you’re about to give up 
  • in a messy conclusion: Johnny is a meme but he’s your lovely meme pls look after him

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Ok yes Tyler was being realistic about their relationship but I just can’t see Philip and Lukas breaking up ????? After everything they been through ???? Their love is so deep and strong I do believe they can stay together forever and nothing can tear them apart. If they break up then their relationship would mean nothing. All that relationship build would be a waste and it would be for nothing. They deserve each other and I don’t think they can have a love they have with anyone else. Their love is special and I think it’ll last a very very long time. They won’t just throw their relationship in the dump like that.

Lars is NOT Trans (or at least, he’s not alone)

The Tumblr portion of the Steven universe fandom has always been really obsessed with the idea that Lars was transgender. I can’t say I agree with it, but I get it. It’s what Tumblr does and you can’t blame a stigmatized group for believing their most supportive, accepting cartoon on television will have some kind of trans representation. I’m not doubting that they would either.

What bothers me is that the community fixates so much on Lars (honestly, why would anyone want him as their representative) when there are so many better examples. The male-coded rubies and their female pronouns, amethyst’s discomfort in her own form and her favorite male alter-ego the purple puma, etc. But probably the straightest case has been staring us in the face this whole time.

Are we just going to forget that this happened? Yes, Steven had promised a special act to the crowd, and yes, he needed to fill in Sadie’s place to avoid disappointing them, but there was no need for him to dress in drag, complete with makeup. 

Also, is it not strange how well it fits him? I don’t just mean that it has the right size and proportions, or that he’s able to walk dance effortlessly in high heels, but look closely at those pumps for a second. Zoom in in you need to. Here, I’ll make it easy for you

Look familiar?

That’s a rose bud! Rose’s Symbol! THOSE ARE HIS HIGH HEELS!

Of course, none of this should be weird considering how much a part of him Rose’s gem and spirit are. Hell, considering how unified they are, Steven is basically just her soul occupying a fleshy boy body (let me never write that three word sentence ever again). In other words:

Steven is literally a woman trapped in a boy’s body!

Okay, by now I imagine a lot of the tumblr fandom is already on board, but many more of you are probably looking for more evidence. How about the times Steven has actually taken a female form?

Yeah, I know, Stevonnie is supposed to be of ambiguous sex. I get that, but it’s clear they’re not an even mix. Between Rose, Steven and Connie they’re anywhere between 66.67% and 75% female. Their features are feminine and they’re voiced by a woman, so it seems pretty clear that Stevonnie is leaning heavily on one side of the scale, and how do they react

First with panic. Connie’s panic.

Connie has no idea if she’s stuck like this. What will she tell her parents? Steven wouldn’t have a problem with this, considering he wanted to be able to fuse, and his first reaction was to show the gems. When their fear subsides (in a matter of seconds, by the way) this is the kind of reaction we get out of Stevonnie

Running around with glee, cartwheeling and tripping over rocks. This is way too uninhibited to be Connie’s expression of excitement. A major part of the episode was about her being too embarrassed to dance around in public! This has to be Steven, but even then he’s never reacted this much to a new power, before or after this event. This means more to Steven than just getting a new power. He is excited to be a woman.

It’s not like I’m just pulling that claim out of my ass. He said it outright in Giant Woman (Both the episode and the song)

All I wanna do is see you turn into a giant woman,
A giant woman!
All I wanna be is someone who gets to see a giant woman.

All I wanna do is help you turn into a giant woman,
A giant woman!
All I wanna be is someone who gets to see a giant woman.

Oh I know it’ll be great and I just can’t wait to see the person you are together.
If you give it a chance you can do a huge dance because you are a giant woman.
You might even like being together and if you don’t it won’t be forever.

But if it were me, I’d really wanna be a giant woman,
a giant woman!
All I wanna do is see you turn into a giant woman.

It’s valentine’s day so here are some sfw affection headcanons that I can’t post at any other time of year

-Kars is really clingy, but only in private. He thinks that only his partner deserves to know how he shows his affection

-Kars doesn’t like to admit his affections with words. He reserves this for special occasions and conveys his feelings with actions the rest of the time

-Kars will try to be close to his partner whenever he can – resting his head on their shoulder, lying in their lap, massaging their shoulders, hugging them

-When they’re sleeping together Kars will pull his partner close to him and nuzzle his face to their neck

-Kars likes to carry his partner – bridal style, over his shoulder, under one arm like a football; he doesn’t care about the specifics he just wants to lift them

-To anyone else, Kars is about as movable as a brick wall, but his partner can pull him around as they please, in private or in public

-In public, the extent of Kars’ affections is a hand on his partner’s shoulder, and sometimes holding their hand

okay but

  • autistic Steven who gets super happy and enthusiastic about everything and loves it whenever he can make everyone else’s day brighter too
  • autistic Connie with a special interest in The Spirit Morph Saga, who can read and infodump about that series for hours on end
  • autistic Amethyst having her own way of organizing things and it looks messy to everyone else but she gets it just fine
  • autistic Garnet liking Steven’s birthday suit because of the pressure on her shoulders, who enjoys pressure stimming in general I mean those shoulder pads gotta be heavy
  • autistic Rose Quartz with empathy issues, who doesn’t understand humans but never quite understood anyone in general but was no less a great leader for it
  • autistic Lapis who has absolutely no idea how social cues or small talk work but communicates through echolalia no problem
  • autistic Peridot whose knowledge of Homeworld technology goes way beyond her job description - broken Communications Hub? no problem!

by all means feel free to add more but what I’m trying to get at is that all the Steven Universe characters are autistic. yes I make the rules C:

heterosexualtracer  asked:

Just found the blog and I'm gonna start reading everything here LMAO!! I have a question, I can't really see Kaiba liking anyone, so what do you think his "type" would be, and how they would even start a relationship? No scenario or headcanons, just a question because I really can't figure Kaiba out x.x Thank you!

hi there!! first off, sorry this is sorta late reply, i didn’t even notice this ask until yesterday–.

but, i like your question, actually.

i don’t really blame you for not being able to see kaiba in relationship with a fellow human being, because of his personality and characteristics. i also believe that it would be hard for someone such as himself to fall in love easily, or just ya know, fall in love in general. whatsoever, i don’t consider him to be interested in love or such, unless there is something special about the person he happens to develop feelings for.

now, what sort of person would that be? well, i picture kaiba falling for a person who is challenging, independent, hard-working and realistic. similar to him, in a way. he would take interest in person who he won’t be able to, let’s say, ‘crush’ easily. someone who would be able to keep up with him and be mentally and emotionally strong, in a way. but at the same time, he would like it if that person was comforting as well. love isn’t just about admiring someone for their abilities or appearance, and he would like it if someone could be there for him and accept him for who he is. he had rough life and childhood, and he wants that someone to understand that. even if he doesn’t look like it, i sincerely believe that he would appreciate emotional support and comfort from his significant other. like, he would need a person that would help him change for better, but would also know how to approach him when he is stressed or such.

even if the priest seto x kisara ship is canon, for example, i think that person fitting for the present seto kaiba would be ishizu ishtar, or someone such as herself. basically, i think that people with her personality or personality similar to hers would be fitting partner for him.

well, there you go, that’s it! i hope this is a good answer to your question, and if you have any more of them, feel free to ask!!

About Superman’s Origin Story...

I always loved how he got to make that final promise to Jonathan to be a hero with his abilities before Pa Kent passed on, this happened both in the Golden Age as well as in the New 52.  What I don’t get is why this final promise doesn’t stay in the origin stories.  Let’s get real here.  The fact that he was able to make that promise to his father figure to use his powers responsibly makes him the envy of many characters who didn’t get that opportunity in full, but wish that they could have.  The following I can name off the top of my head who did not get the same opportunity in full: Bruce Wayne, Barry Allen, Steve Rogers, Peter Parker.  I also believe that anyone can feel free to mention more.  I just think it’s touching when you see or experience a promise made to a parental figure, whether it’s fiction, or for real.

I hate this Everytime

Life is good. But sometimes I’d wonder why certain hurtful circumstances do happen.
I believe that whenever anyone do good things, surely it will be paid back with good/positive ones.
I for myself, tried the best I can to do and follow the right things, follow my parent’s rules, tried to please them since childhood days, do the best to be the best woman and gf to my partner, and do as much as I can the things that are in accordance to God’s will.
Like me, you have been a good son to your parents, and did everything to be faithful to your partner and be the best bf. Yes, we did our best. We did the right things. But why?
I just don’t understand why we still suffer things like this.

It is indeed very hard to leave someone behind especially the dearest and special as you.
You are not just a very good friend, but the best person I’ve met my entire life. You’ve surpassed the high expectations I ever wanted from a guy. You eased my troubles, you wiped my tears, you filled my life more than I could ever imagined. I always find comfort when I’m in your arms. When i feel cold, you give me warmth. U always know exactly what I like, what I want and what I need and do your best to meet them. I guess you’ve injected a love potion down into my veins. Happiness is what i feel when I’m with you. But everytime we part ways, sadness and tears fill my eyes that sometimes only sleep can stop.

I oftentimes feel so weak specially at times like this. I wanna scream out loud, I wanna cry out loud, I wanna see you again, hug u so tight and feel the warmth from your arms crossed on me. But when I look forward to the days that we will meet again, I feel refreshed.

I truly believe that God planned and plotted perfectly our love story 5 years ago. Since then, He has been our one true foundation. By that, Im sure and confident that He will show us that beautiful rainbow after this rain.

Our love is like this flight. Together, we soar high, support each other’s back to pursue our dreams and achieve success. Along the five long years of flight, we oftentimes experience turbulence that shaken our feelings. We cry, we argue, we get hurt. But we just have to buckle up. Hold on, be patient, stay faithful and be strong. Remember, the best captain is with us. Surely, He will help us land safely to our final destination- the place called “forever”.

I love you hun and I’ll be forever thankful for having you!

Danielle Victoria Perry is such a great human being who gets way more hate than she (or anyone really) deserves. So for her 23rd birthday (February 28th which is coming up faster than I can believe) me and my two friends Megan (xforget–regretx) and Averi are putting together a really special book and I want your guys help!

If you could send me compliments about Danielle, stories about meeting her, things you love most about her, etc. then I’m going to handwrite them and put them into a little book along with a lot of other stuff the girls and I have planned.

The deadline is February 1st so that I have time to handwrite them all and get everything put together!

Also when you send me stories/compliments/etc. be sure to include your name and maybe where you’re from so I can add that :) 

Thank you guys so much for this Danielle is so beautiful inside and out and we really just wanted to make this to let her know how loved and appreciated she is by everyone!

(Also, please try and refrain from making everything about her relationship with Vic because she is so much more than the guy she is dating. And don’t even bother sending hate, because it obviously won’t be included and she will never see it.)

Oh also if it’s easier you can just reblog this with what you want to say! And regardless can you guys please reblog this to spread the word? Thank you so much :)

This Just Raises Even More Questions

Today’s topic of pondering: So we know from DAO that there’s a special flower that grows in the Korcari Wilds which can treat animals – dogs, at least – for the Blight, but is toxic to humans. Okay, I believe this, lots of things are toxic to dogs but not to humans, and vice versa.

So my question is: Okay, it’s toxic to humans. What about non-humans?  Has anyone ever tried it? I would think the elves would have tried and know, since they’re pretty up-to-date on their herbalism: but dwarves have a distinctly different physiology (as evidenced by the commentary on that one booze they make that’s toxic to humans) and would never think of treating themselves with plants they found randomly around unless someone suggested it to them. Can this flower be used to treat dwarves with the Blight? How about Qunari? Do Qunari even get the Blight in the first place?

Do not EVER trust...

…anyone who:

1.  Tells you not to “self-diagnose” (whether you actually have, or not, they’ll assume you have) because “you’re not a doctor, you just want to be sick/special/etc, etc.”

2.  Gives you medical advice over the Internet, is not your doctor, is probably not even a doctor, yet believes they have the solution to all your health problems because they read your writing or saw a picture of you.

If you can’t tell, those two things are so flagrantly contradictory that nobody who does that should be trusted. They’re just trying to fuck with your head, they’re probably a bully, put them on ignore.  If only doctors can diagnose things, they have no business diagnosing or undiagnosing you, or giving you medical advice.

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Can we talk about how I was crying for a good 5 minutes because I was looking at Mitch’s Happy B-day tweet to Scott and how he said he was his #1. Then I started thinking about how I so want Mitch to be able to say that to someone else and mean it will all his heart. Like I so want Mitch to be able to say “Fuck yeah, I have a valentine.” I want Mitch to be able to crawl into someone’s arms after a long day and let his all his worries just wash away. I so fucking want Mitch to be able to walk down the aisle and say “You’re my number 1″ to the dude that was lucky enough to have him. 

Mitch doesn’t need anyone. He can do bad all by himself and he already has tons of people who love him but I just….I just want Mitch to have that special someone, y’know?? 

My emotions are every where. 

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lA little bit more because I’m in the mood and I figured I’ll get it all in tonight night because.. my weekend is going to suck lol

Ok so I have no idea how anyone can watch this scene…

and believe that she wasn’t that special to him. 

I mean Noah had all he could to hold him back really. The way he was completely focused on her, losing all sight of potential danger, losing all sense of reason was such a telling moment really.  The way he was ‘LET GO OF ME!’ and not thinking straight at all, this was a man seeing someone he  LOVES getting taken away from him. 

RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. And he could do nothing about it. 

That little whimper he gives destroys me every time too. This moment absolutely destroys Daryl. Beth’s death in front of him was just the icing on the cake really.  it was in these moments when full weight of it crashes down and he CAN’T protect her. He CAN’T protect anyone. And I honestly believe that this is when he really stated on the road to shutting down completely. . 

That realization has to be pretty davastating, because I think he honestly believed if he kept her with him, never left her side, she would be safe. But that was an illusion too. And the now, after allowing her deeper in the risk of losing her is becoming far too great. Because if Beths death hurt that much, how bad would it hurt to lose Carol..

Where is the silver lining in this you ask? I ‘ll tell you where it is. . It’s in the fact that feeling is THAT strong, that’s frightening now. I means its means it’s there and he feels it. And that the best way he knows to protect himself from that potential pain is to try to shut it down. 

But here’s the kicker..

He can’t. Neither one of them can because it’s got them now. It’s beyond the point where it could be shut off. It is beyond their control now.  They are under each others skin and no amount of scratching is going to get them out. 

It’s what i’ve taken away from these scenes. And I will always point to these scenes when people trying to tell me NR dosen’t like or want Caryl because  he sure does some of his best acting with Mel, and puts SO much effort into those scenes that you can actually FEEL his devastation upon losing Carol yet again.

See? Even in the darkest aspects I can still see the sunlight peeking in :) 

And with that… well I bid you all good night. <3

So, story time

My entire life, I thought I had a plain face.  There was nothing to recommend it.  Kind of round, small nondescript nose, blue eyes, and pale with freckles galore.  Nothing special at all.  The only thing that was really special to me was that I have beautiful red hair (that’s always frizzy and just a pain to deal with).  But overall, the Plain Jane of Plain Jane faces

My entire life I thought this.  21 years I had this impression.  And it never helped my self image that my mother, whom everyone told me I was basically a carbon copy of, constantly said that she was “short, fat, and ugly.”  All the time I would hear this, and all the time I would believe that I would end up the same way.  

And I did.  

I wasn’t beautiful.  I’ve never gotten taller than 5′1″, and I have steadily gained weight.  I went quickly from 90 lbs in middle school to 130 lbs Freshman year, 150 by Junior year, and graduated at 170.  And it kept going.  180 by the end of freshman year of college and I’m probably nearing 200 now at the start of my senior year.  I was becoming the true carbon copy of my mother.  Short.  Fat.  And ugly.  

Of course that’s who I was.  No boyfriend to speak of.  No boy that has ever looked twice at me, despite the fact that I was “gifted” with full D cups.  And of course all of my friends were beautiful creatures.  There’s no way that I could be anything but just like my mother.


Except something started changing when I got to college.  

One day, a friend of mine turned to me and said, “You know, you really have the face of an Italian Renaissance painting.“  And I looked closer at some of those paintings, and I realized that, yeah, I do have that kind of face.  And I even have that body type too.  Huh.  Strange.  For the next two years, I started thinking about that occasionally, and I started to feel okay with my body.

But something special happened a few days ago.

I was running across a field to hop into the mud volleyball pit (because I got roped into a tournament, even though none of us knew how to play).  And a good friend (and teammate) of mine called out, “Woah, Elizabeth!  Your hair! It looks like a Rossetti painting!”  I was a bit pleasantly surprised, because I thought she was going to say something about my hair being a mess.  But that was just so much better than I had been expecting.  

Later on, she pulled up images of Rossetti paintings and showed them to me.  “The hair - so light and so much like fire.  That’s what your hair looks like.”  And I could see it and it took my breath away.

So the next day, I’m walking across campus on my way to class, and I think about what she said.  And I said to myself, “You have the face and body of a Renaissance painting and Rossetti hair.  You are gorgeous.”

But the strangest thing happened.  I actually believed it.

For the first time in my life, for the first time in 21 years of thinking that I’m plain, I believed that I was gorgeous.  I AM gorgeous.  This is what I look like and some Renaissance painters would have loved to get me as a model.

Nothing’s changed.  I’m still overweight.  My hair is still frizzy and annoying.  My face is still round and nondescript.  I still have freckles galore.  But that doesn’t make me any less gorgeous.  And hopefully, I’ll continue to believe this about myself.  

Because I am gorgeous, and I am proud.