anyone can be an asshole

A simple guide on how not to get punched in the face
  • Right:I am a heterosexual/cisgender/queer/genderqueer person and I can't imagine myself being any other way! I have never once felt the need to reconsider my sexuality and/or gender!
  • Wrong:I am a heterosexual/cisgender/queer/genderqueer person and if you're not doing it my way then you're wrong, because clearly if I can't imagine myself being any other way than neither can you!!!!111!1!!1!1!
  • Right:You're not my race/religion/sexuality/gender/level of physical ability? Cool, bro. Doesn't matter. Let's hang out sometime, yeah?
  • Wrong:You're not my race/religion/sexuality/gender/level of physical ability? OMG UR NOT LIKE ME LOL WE GUNNA SINGLE YOU OUT AND TREAT YOU LIKE SHIT LOLLOLOLOLO!lO!lOl!O!l!OL!Ol1Ll!L1!!!
  • Right:Pride events are open and welcoming to everyone!
  • Wrong:Pride events are open and welcoming to everyone *judgmental whisper* except bisexuals and nonbinary people.
  • Right:I'll totally use your preferred pronouns! No prob, yo!
  • Wrong:Hey you did something to annoy me so I'm going to completely invalidate your gender identity and ignore your preferred pronouns out of protest until you apologize.
  • Right:Dude, let's just respect that we have different skin colors and get over it. Just skin. You're my friend no matter what color you are. Same goes for everyone.
  • Wrong:Ferguson
  • Right:Oh, she's wearing a hijab. *goes up to her* I love that fabric! Do you like floral? Me too! That's so cool. You have amazing taste.
  • Wrong:Oh, she's wearing a hijab. *goes up to her* GET OUT OF HERE TERRORIST, YOU DON'T BELONG AWAY FROM THE MIDDLE EAST
  • Right:*sees a disabled person and treats them like a normal friend albeit offering help when they need it/ask for it*
  • Wrong:*sees a disabled person* Are you retarded/lame/stupid/etc.? Allow me to baby you and treat you like you can't do anything by yourself.
  • Right:*sees someone struggling with a particular mental disorder (e.g. having a panic attack) and politely asks if there's anything I can do to help*
  • Wrong:*sees someone struggling with a particular mental disorder and immediately assumes that I know everything about how to deal with this and that other people don't know shit*
  • Right:Peace/equality/happiness
  • Wrong:Judgment/discrimination/violence
  • Right:Tomorrow
  • Wrong:Today

hey! people that get mad when artists/writers draw/write asian characters as not pale-skinned:

- asian people come in all different skin tones
- seriously have you ever looked outside japanese animation and kpop idols
- thanks for erasing biracial/multiracial people and headcanons asshole
- diversity literally never hurt anyone
- we can headcanon what we want
- fuck you

Would anyone be interested in a post detailing my personal analysis of Tadase’s character and actions and just why it is that I have said that I see Tadase as an abusive character? I wouldn’t be making it as an attack on any of Tadase’s fans, simply as a character analysis.  

It’s just I have spent a lot of time trying to pick apart Tadase’s character and I would like to share what I know. Especially seeing as I have seen a number of people claim that the only reason anyone says that Tadase is abusive is because of the whole “I like Amulet Heart” thing, even though that is far from the truth. 

The post would mainly go over Tadase’s use of manipulation towards Amu and his use of Emotional Abuse tactics used against Ikuto. I also want to go over some other aspects of Tadase’s personally that I don’t really see anyone talking about.

I already have the posts sort of in the works but it’s going to take me a long time to get it all together because I want to make sure that I do it right and properly cover everything I want to cover 

but yeah, would anyone be interested in that?

anonymous asked:

So like I follow Senpai76 and saw the discourse about Reyes being white...(I HC him as a mixed Black/Latino) and then found out ppl were giving you shit about your reaper? Like WTF? I had to dig to find your Reaper art and....BLESS YOU!! Art skills like WOW!! Love your Reaper tbh! And how can anyone say he is white??? Fucking asshole Anons Man. Well I just wanted to say you is an awesome artist and they are probably jealous they cannot art as good as you! I hope you have a lovely day!


and yeah like, I try to make his features look as non-white as possible, but apparently that’s not enough, because tumblr basically only sees skin color and nothing else. :/

OH WELL. /shrugs

kitchensinkanon  asked:

YOU SHOW THAT ANON WHOS BOSS. ACE IS AN ORIENTATION. FUCK THE HATERS. tho forreal someone cant tell me that not being attracted to anyone for almost 19 yrs isn't an orientation. you can suck my asshole, anon.

damn feisty 😎😎
that argument is like saying “your favorite color can’t be black because black is the lack of color”

anyone: *has fun*

some fucking asshole shithead tumblr funnyman who can only feel good about themselves by making others feel bad: *mocks them*