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a fan told him not to cry and he said thank you 🤧 

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Has anyone seen the king, Lord Drakkar? *Eyes begin to glow gold, and her horns grow around her forehead.* ~He is not the king I sent to rule. He is an imposter.~

Drakkar: *chuckles* Jou dont have to worry about him anymore, my Mother. I vas the von to deliver ze final blow~

you ever think about the fact that in the wreck it ralph universe ten years off from the movie theres probably someone posting on a forum like “does ANYONE remember the character king candy from the game sugar rush????? my local arcade used to have him but one day he stopped showing up in the roster and none of my friends remember him from their versions”

Minotaur is not a species

The Minotaur was named that because he was the son of King Minos. Anyone with a bull head has to be named after their dad, like the Kyletaur or something.

them: aw bill and beverly make such a cute couple 



a cuphead comic about a genuine 100% canon moment between the devil and king dice, inspired by a wonderful post from @incorrectdevildicequotes (which i can’t link to directly cuz it’ll break the tags, thanks tumblr!) and yea the moment i read it i knew i had to make a comic for it it was just too fuckin good. so have this .

  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
  • Me: is confused
to be honest, i expected piracy in the future to involve a lot more airships and a lot less illegally downloaded music

what I say: I’m fine

what I mean: Beverly had barely any interactions with any of the losers in the new movie besides her two love interests. She literally didn’t talk to anyone besides Bill and Ben which is a real fucking shame considering that, in the book, the person she’s closest to out of the losers is Richie. Their friendship is so good and pure ? where are my afternoon smoke breaks and friendly banter. where is my platonic flirting that makes them both giggle. wheRE IS MY REPRESENTATION OF GUYS AND GIRLS HAVING FRIENDSHIPS THAT DON’T END IN ROMANCE.

Me: *just finished a book/ good series*

person: *tries to tell me something


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The moment I got this ask is when I decided to draw some self-indulgent things with Macha bc listen:

You wanna kiss King Dice? The Devil? Do it. Just do it. Wanna make a self-insert??? OCs? DO IT. You wanna make friends with the cast??? WHAT’S STOPPING YOU???? LIVE YOUR DREAMS!!!

There’s no such thing as Cringey or weird, man. It’s all fictional. Just go ahead and indulge in yourself my dude, and anyone who says otherwise aren’t worth your time lmao. Bc in the end: