You’ve always been enough. You’ve always been good. You’ve always been lovable. You’ve always been cherished.
The only person that you aren’t “enough” for is yourself and I promise that feeling won’t stay forever (。ᴗㅅᴗ。)~♥

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There's a forest in Kentucky that's kinda close to Louisville called Bernheim forest, and recently they spotted a black bear which is like the first time they've seen one in the forest since like 1929 when it opened so big deal ya know. Anyhow they decided to have a naming contest for the bear. The winner? Bernie. Bernie the bear at Bernheim. Thought I should share that with you.

I love Bernie

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Tell us another Enrique story, please.

It was the year 1999, I was around 8 years old, mom, dad, sis and myself were returning home from a road trip from the coast, the last one we ever did from my natal Ocaña, Norte de Santander, to Barranquilla, Atlantico.

(Map of guerrilla-threatened roads in Colombia, notice how Ocaña is pretty much surrounded by them)

Anyhow, somewhere close to Aguachica, in a eerily lonely part of the road (a very shitty road mind you, as government officials were always attacked if they attempted to fix it), we found ourselves driving behind this small cattle truck that seemed to be escorted by a pickup truck filled with soldiers, but as mom, who was driving, go closer and closer, she and dad realized something was terribly wrong.

As you see, the truck was filled with people, dead people, lying on top of each other, their feet sticking out from the sides, and the people on the truck weren’t soldiers, but masked AUC paramilitary armed to the teeth. 

I never saw them, I have no idea why but I don’t recall seeing the bodies nor the paramilitaries, and my sister, who was six, only recalls seeing sleeping people (she asked dad about it, and he couldn’t muster any answer whatsoever), but mom and dad do remember that day, and boy do they hate to talk about it.

I do recall the next bit, where mom hit the gas as hard as she could, overtook the truck and the pickup, and just drove like a maniac for the next half and hour, until the car could take no more (remember, shitty road) and broke down, leaving us stranded some 2 hours from our destination. 

We eventually convinced a truck driver to tow us home, arriving very late in the night, and I still remember how frightened and on edge my parents looked, of course at the time me and sis didn’t know why, other that the car broke down, but some 10 years later we finally found the truth of that day.

Now, why didn’t the escort paramilitaries just shoot us? My theory is that they realize we were just a low-income family just trying to get home, and that really, we couldn’t do jack about what they were doing, so they just left us get away, taking that fucking truck to God knows where, the destination of the people inside still a mystery for me, even after spending quite a while looking for news of such incident at the time (sadly quite common in those days). 

My family was already planning to move away from Ocaña, due to the guerrilla assault of Halloween 1998 (which I have talked about in the past), but that incident sealed the deal for my parents, as barely a month later we were gone for good from the town.  

@wssh-violin hi. you’re asleep right now. with your head buried against the side of my chest.

you know what I don’t like about hotel rooms? they smell like hotel room. the flat smells like home. smells like leather sofa and your cologne, and like the fireplace, and that floor polish Mrs h uses. and sometimes cigarettes.

you smell like you though, which also smells like home. I dunno if I’ll sleep but im glad youre here anyhow. helps me relax.

here’s something disgustingly twee. love holding your hands while you sleep. you hold hands back. mine fit inside yours nicely, don’t they

love your hands. they’re much warmer than they look. and soft.

you do brilliant work with your hands. can’t take my eyes off you when you’re up on stage. loved watching you teach that class today, nobody else could keep their eyes off you either. you fill up the whole room when you’re in it.

can you tell im sleepy? m rambling. love you. wake me when you get up if i manage falling asleep

Chapter Update!

Friends!  For anyone who’s looking for the update, I’m sorry I’m behind this week!  I had an unexpected trip to NYC - which was fun as hell and I was actually in The Village, right around where SS takes place, which was very cool.

Anyhow, I think I’m done editing!  I’m working today though, but I will do my very best to get the post up during the day today (Friday).

Special thanks to @johnpornjones​ for a little dialogue help :)  You’re the best Sarah!

Photo source:  @johnpornjones

i hope i am not too late for the intro party :’) – i was in class and had to finish a few things before coming around here but… enough with the ooc talk!

heya!! i’m midori, the amazingly awkward mun of this asshole called park taehyun. don’T BE FOOLED BY THE PICTURE ON HIS ACCEPTANCE (or by this sweet and cute gif on this post) THIS BOY IS MANY THINGS, BUT SWEET IS NOT ONE OF THEM (well, his best friend might disagree…). he may look fluff and cute sometimes, but look closely, he is actually more like THIS (seriously, click!). ANYHOW! under the cut there’s a tl;dr to make your lives (and mine) easier, but you can also check a few mainly facts about him on his PROFILE ;u;!

tw: to mentions of drug abuse and domestic violence under the cut!

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October 21, 2016

Great episode. Not as good as yesterday’s, but still great. I didn’t appreciate all the fake-outs and that was my biggest problem with it. The only thing I had spoiled for me going into today’s episode was that Aaron for sure survived. I figured this anyhow because Emmerdale wouldn’t dare. So I figured it would be Ashley, James, Paddy, or Rhona. It seemed pretty clear early on in the episode that it wasn’t going to be Ashley or Paddy, so then it was down to Rhona and James. I don’t mind James as a character and I’ve been loving the whole Emma/James storyline, but I like Rhona a lot more. I gave such a sigh of relief when you see Rhona at the funeral. I am sad to see James go, and I feel so bad for the Barton boys (Finn crying is not ok), but he was the character I wouldn’t have been all that upset if they died. So I’m glad it went the way it did.
How great were those Robron scenes, though? Chas, Liv, Robert, and Aaron all together. Aaron saying yes. Just perfect.
Fantastic week of episodes, Emmerdale. Well done.

A typical person would not be dancing because they prepped chicken so their partner didn’t have to do it once they get off the late shift

But I’m the type of person that asks the dogs opinion on how it smells.

Anyhow I made some damn good chicken and it’s a surprise for husband

anyhow like… if any of you ever want to know good places to buy bugs online like is great is also great, though a roach specialty site. it has quite the variety for sale

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I was going thru your posts and saw that you have kids. How old are they and what are their names? Why are we just now finding this out!?

my son; frankie is nine and my daughter; piper is eight. and honestly for the longest time i’ve just never brought my little family up. most ppl assume that if you’re 30+ and/or a parent that for some reason that makes it to where you can’t roleplay as if there are some unspoken rules about age or parenthood when it comes to this HOBBY. i’ve legit had ppl assume that bc i roleplay i somehow neglect my kids or my husband, when that isn’t even close to the case. i don’t really need to explain myself, but both of them are in school most of the year beside summer break obviously and in the summer i’m barely around anyhow. but i’m mostly around during the day and on at night once they’re in bed. also, take into account that my children have their own hobbies as does my husband. we have dinner as a family every night, go to family functions at school. roleplaying for me is a hobby and nothing more. so yeah, that got long, but that’s the main reason i don’t really mention them bc i don’t want hate bc of it.

#1 tactic emotional abusers will use to get you to comply to their wishes is threatening suicide or self harm, don’t fall for it

If you notice whenever you get real with a person who is treating you like shit, and they immediately shrivel up into this pathetic ball of self loathing so that somehow you’re the one comforting them, they are an emotional abuser.

don’t fall for it

rain tunes.