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relatable peniel
  • plans his life around having a dog
  • constant allergy anywhere anytime anyhow 
  • reminds everyone he is single every 3 hours 
  • also about that nap life
  • occationally loses the ability to speak any language 
  • does peace sign a lot
  • mum friend TM
  • tries to be healthy
  • loves food 
  • obsessed with changsub’s cheeks 
  • mostly confused 
  • collector of a lot of things (comic book, snapbacks, earrings etc)
  • watches a lot of movies
  • loves bath bombs  
  • hates having make up on 

Mmmmmmmm Komahina fans get more annoying by the hour.

“Boo boo muh shiiiiiip they’re not gonna pander to me and muh shiiiiiiiip”


Please just
Shut the fuck up already.
You’re making the reasonable Komahina fans look like trash along with you. We want nothing to do with you pissbabies.

LOL the world doesn’t fucking revolve around you. Get a grip. Komahina isn’t going to be cannon. Hinanami isn’t going to be cannon. Chiaki is going to fucking die anyhow.

Grow up.

I’m so tireeeeeeed of seeing this shit over and over again.

accidental-rambler  asked:

KC + 28, pretty please :) ?

Sorry this is a little late, some real life stuff popped up but anyhow, here we are :) 

S/N: Funny things happen when you’re trying to write with a little writer’s block and this turned out…interesting? Just be warned. :P Thank you so much for the prompt!! Hope you enjoy even a little :) 

Oh and nsfw ahem :P


Caroline woke up slowly wrapped in his scent, feeling the warmth of the early morning sun rays on her back through the thin Henley she had slipped into when she had gotten up at some point in the early hours.

She shifted onto her side with a soft sigh and was surprised to see Klaus appeared to still be asleep beside her. He was lying on his stomach, the deep blue sheets lying dangerously low on his hips and giving her ample view of his broad back. His head was turned away from her but his even breathing let her know he was still sleeping.

It wasn’t often that she woke up before him. She often teased him about whether he ever slept or just creepily stared at everyone else while they did. During the few instances that she would wake up before he did, he would usually wake up almost immediately once she shifted, almost like he had a sixth sense attuned to when she moved. Something else she would tease him about.

But today he remained sound asleep and she smirked, thinking to herself she could see why considering their late night activities, losing track of how many times they’d taken each other and the number of mind-blowing orgasms.

I think that’s a new record for us.

She bit her lip, watching the sleeping hybrid, a part of her wanting to wake him so they could do it all over again.

But she refrained, wanting to enjoy this moment where she could take him in while he slept for a change.

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SO, as most of you are aware– and I’m sure for those of you who own your own businesses & etc, it’s not summer anymore. Well, I mean, it’s almost over. I have to lose a lot of high schoolers whose parents wouldn’t let them continue while at school. Still not sure why– y’know, save for college– that’s expensive– but que sera sera. Am I right? Anyhow!

Most of you know I’m totally un-tech savy (is that the word?), so I have genuinely no way to really reach out to other people minus a ‘help wanted’ sign in Freeze It. So if anyone wants a second job, wants to move to work for an awesome boss such as moi~ Or would just be cool enough to pass this around to, I dunno, friends? Family? Anyone who needs a job- this Greyson would be really appreciative. 

Bonus for working for me? You get to pet my cats in the breakroom in my office. :D

Also, uh, I already got Delaney offering, so I just need three more people. Or like, if you have ideas on how to better ask around town, let me know. I’m way better at verbally talking to people. 

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if we get to hear your cute voice, then we are totally down for a stream :-)

ahwhd you flatter me anon ;; I was planning on doing a mic stream anyhow, as long as my dad isn’t watching politics related stuff in the bg

Something To Prove

You’re wearing your best socks for this. And not because you’re trying to impress him with your wardrobe. It’s usually pitiful, anyhow. Too short, too wide for your narrow frame that’s stretched entirely too high. No, your good socks are to avoid any distracting snags and irritation against your chipped shell. 

You step onto the pad, closing black marble eyes as you’re ripped out of your own Universe and thrown into his. 

The lighting is dimmer than you counted on, when you open them. A lean in his favor thanks to your poor sight. You stand there, eyeing the general disarray of clutter. There’s a pair of shoes shoved into a corner and something that looks like blood under them. Is that a condom? You feel the plating on your back itching to rattle together with your displeasure.Filthy, Dersites are always so filthy. But noise isn’t going to work in your favor. Repressing the instinctive urge to chitter, segmented fingers as long and twitchy as spider legs curl slow and silent around the reassuring handle of your pistol as you silently creep deeper into Spades Slick’s home.

It’s a slow process, using the end of your worn shoe to scoot clothing out of the way, snooping for evidence of crime. The knives are suspicious, the mysterious bag of pills under a stack of magazines is at least mildly damning. Still….

Where is he? You stiffen in the darkness, suddenly feeling your heart skip. It’s quiet, too quiet. 

Hey friends and people who put up with my writing–

I have SO MANY half-finished or almost-finished or finished-but-in-desperate-need-of-tweaking stories saved up on my hard drive that I’ve been meaning to publish, but RA training and school have been absolute beasts. So, I just wanted to issue an official apology for being AWOL and not updating when I promised I would, not answering messages, and being so spotty with everything else.

Special apology to @wwrebel1992 because she made me some FANTASTIC COVER ART for my wintersoldier!Peeta story that is like 90% done but just hasn’t gotten finished up, meaning that no one is able yet to see the incredible product of all her hard work. It’s great, folks. Get pumped.

Anyhow, to all of you who can forgive me, again, I’m so sorry! But as soon as I get a grasp on my schoolwork and just life in general, I will get better.


Today is the day.

OK, 1pm is the moment. I will no longer be a single Woman. We are spending the night in the Hotel where we are have having our reception. A neighbor is popping in to feed and water the Furries. They will be somewhat pissed off. Hairdresser coming at 10 am to do what she can.

Yesterday I had friends over for whatever it’s called, mind has gone, and we had a party. M is with friends and they evidently had a mini pub crawl. His words not mine. Received text—-lost sock pub dart xxxx. No idea what it meant.

Hope all goes without a hiccup. Anyhow, when I am back here late tomorrow I will be married. Have a good day all.

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I thought… that anon was getting angry at you for not disliking crackers?? and I was like honey have you tried them? they're like crunchy bread and they're great with cheese and soup and then I realized and now I feel kind of terrible for laughing at first so sorry.

omg this is so pure no don’t worry my friend and anyhow i happen to love crackers especially with brie cheese or broccoli cheddar soup like yum yum i’ll take those crackers any day let me tell you

Creating necessary characters for storytelling is time consuming as hell.

No, I didn’t edit Harry’s outfit yet because I’m a lazy ass and I’ll do them en masse when I dump them into the town. Gertrude only got her everyday outfit updated because she’s a clone of her sister and I didn’t want to end up confusing the two in game before edits. Anyway Harry is Brigid’s husband and Gertrude is her sister (I just said that but anyhow) and I’ve yet to make Gerty’s husband, their son and his wife and their kids. 



@slaughterme-barnes my selfies are God knows where, but at least these tag games let me have a few when I remember to take one(?) tHANKS HAHAH

anyhow, I’m tagging! @definitelynotmars @frostbitebakery @cptsrogerx @xqueenromanoff @deerna @IDK im too tired and I can’t think of anyone else #cries#
also, know that you are - in no way - forced to do this <3 so it’s okay if you won’t! #hugs everyone#

Sitting down and prepping to write the letter. I am a bit at loss of what exactly I should say….I mean I feel like I can’t just be like “hey boyo I think you’re cute as heck and super sweet. So anyhow here’s a pic of me and my number. Call me bye!!”

Any ideas? I want to like express how I feel and all that good stuff but I’m super nervous…What do you think?

I’m sorry I’ve neglected tumblr lately chaps, in truth I’ve just not felt it that much. Had a lot going on myself, it’s no excuse but sometimes you just don’t have the energy to give to something. Anyhow, people are still following me every day so I guess it’s time I manned up and took care of business. As of tomorrow (tonight I’m too busy with alcohol and jenga) I’ll find some content for you all. Hope life is going well for everyone at any rate!

“At least classes seem to be starting off well, and seem to be at least relatively interesting.”