Okay so here’s one of those rare gems of moments where retail is actually kind of okay. 

I’m gonna start by revealing the well-kept secret that I live in Ohio… in case all the buckeye references flew by you. And Ohio… is obsessed with space travel. I mean- it makes sense. We’ve got a couple astronauts in our history, there’s the National Aeronautics and Space Museum in Dayton, and on those quiet summer nights, where the sky is clear and the stars are twinkling in the distance, it is hard to not look up at the darkness and wonder if there is intelligent life out there. (Not here.)

Anyhow, all the fourth graders have a big space-related project around this time of year and this means that we, as craft retailers, have to be problem solvers. The number one problem is ‘oh gods, please tell me that you’re going to put a primer down on that styrofoam before you spray paint it.’

Because- you guessed it- everyone is making a damn solar system model. 

That is to say… their parents are making the solar system model. 

I was just finishing up explaining the use of a styrofoam primer and which spray paints are safe to use with styro to the mother of one ten-year-old when the mother of another ten-year-old rounds the corner looking desperate. 

“Is this a good paint for cardboard?”

It’s not. So I round her back to where her son and daughter are waiting and explain them what will work. She needs green, and there are three different kinds of greens. The mom holds them up and has her daughter choose. 

“Which one do you want for your face?”

I freeze because putting acrylic on your skin is a great way to get a rash. “Hold on, you’re not putting this on your skin, are you?”

“No, gosh no. We’re painting a box and putting the box on her head.”

Okay, I’m curious. “Can you explain what you’re making?”

The daughter chimes in. “We have to do a project for school and I’m gonna dress up like a alien!”

Instantly, I love this child. Not just because she considers dressing up as an alien to be an acceptable school project, but because she’s not leaving it to her mom to do all the work. 

So we talk for a minute about project stuff and she tells me that her brother is going to be the first man on Mars. Her brother is five. Her brother concurs- he is going to be the first man on Mars. Their mom tells me about the Neil Armstrong museum nearby. Like… this is a family of people excited about the future of space travel.

“Did you hear about those new planets,” I asked. 

The little girl starts jumping up and down. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Mom: “Can you remember what they said about the new planets?”

“They said…. they said that they can… uhhh… sustain life! There might be aliens!”

Mom: “Now, they said they can sustain life, but I think they also said that it isn’t very advanced life.”

The little girl looks off into space- contemplating this new information. She is formulating a very important thought. 

Very softly: “We get to be the aliens this time.”

“Under the cut are ### gifs of...”

Nope. No no. ### is not a number. And it will only take a matter of seconds to change that into the actual number of gifs in the gif hunt, which is infinitely more useful.

“But Neil,” I hear you cry into the void, “It takes a lot more than a few seconds to count hundreds of gifs, and I easily lose count. It’s just not worth all the effort.”

Nope again. You don’t have to hand-count the gifs. There’s a simple way to get your gif count in seconds. I’ll demonstrate with my most recently-posted gif hunt:

Now, the gif count is there anyhow, but let’s say for the sake of the argument that I didn’t know how many gifs are in the hunt. What do I do? Well, first, I add “/mobile” to the end of the URL.

Then I right-click somewhere on the page and select “View Page Source”. (For Firefox, press Alt to bring up the menu, then select Tools, then Web Developer, then Page Source.)

Which, of course, opens up the source code page.

Now, I type Control+F (Apple+F on a Mac) to pull up this handy-dandy search-and-find thingamajig:

Type in “img src”.

And if the gif you use as your example gif is also included under the cut, subtract one.

There you have it. Your gif count. Mere seconds passed, no blood was shed, and now people know exactly how many gifs are in the hunt. And you can now go ahead and change that “###” to the number of gifs. Easy as pie.

Going to release this hair so I can stop getting asks about it. I didn’t improve upon it aside from making it hat compatible, mostly because I was bored with it. I did make the bows an accessory but the spot it uses on the UV map is small so the quality is pretty much butt cheeks. Anyhow, if I finish up everything before this cold medicine knocks me out, it’ll be queued to post at 12:00 pm est.


Well now I’m finally done these five fabulous females! My lighting sucks I’m sorry anyhow

We have Iko, the loyal one, Cress the hacker and intelligent one,
Scarlet, the feisty one, Winter the caring one, and Cinder, the one
who brought them all together.


Note: The original image doesn’t belong to me.

Pairing: Shay Cormac & Reader

Second Note: @imakemyownblog Happy birthday, girl! ♥ I hope you have a good day and that you have fun today!


If you wish to be tagged on new fics, tell me! ♥

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Takemasa’s Blog: I'll try to write this without saying "sensei" (2017 February 25)

Home. Clear skies.

It’s been so long since I’ve written a blog!

Sorry for making you wait!!!

Anyhow, happy birthday to my companion!!!!

It’s important, so I think I’ll say it again
But since I’m Mr. Kujou
I’m talkin’ ‘bout that guy Mitsuki Sakai, yeah!?

He’s been my friend since BEFORE THE MOON (pronounced “Mi-tsuki,” but that’s just a new word I made up, lol).*

We were in the same grade in high school (though we attended different schools),
And after that, we attended the same technical school,
And at that time, we lived in the same dorm building.

Well, in the past we did actually fail once from Tokyo,
And we returned to our hometown, and that’s an embarrassing memory

Without giving up on our dream completely, we returned to Tokyo once more, but we needed to pay rent
And of course we didn’t have any money, so we were roommates,
And actually, Junji was there, too. The three of us lived together while trying to put together the band Kiryu while searching for members and also doing our part-time jobs at the same time.
(Back then, we met dozens of visual kei members…
We met over 50 new people each day…
And eventually we decided on Mahiro and Hiyori. This is just supplementary information).

I can’t forget how much our rent was, even now…
From Saitama-ken’s Tokorozawa Station, it was a 20-minute walk, a wooden building, 2DK, for ¥64,000!!!

And now.
Since then… according to my calculations,
Kiryu will become 10 years old this year…
And it will be 11 years since we came to Tokyo.

This is just a small thing,
But you know what this means for how long Mitsuki Sakai and Mr. Kujou have been together, right!?
We’ve reached level 11, right? ^^

I know it’s the same every year,
But our bond cannot be broken.

I don’t plan or expect to ever break that bond,
And I think our relationship will always continue to be the same, but…

Ahh, I guess I’ll say it,
I know there are a lot of people who’ve known each other since childhood or have just have long relationships in general,
But I’ve been looking at Mitsuki Sakai even longer than all of that,
And I feel in my chest that we have a strong bond. lol

Isn’t it great? lol
At today’s performance, when we performed Kyoukasuigetsu, right?
I had a flashback to all those long years, and,
Without realizing it, I began to cr… no, I think I really did cry.
I think there were a few people who noticed.

And since that moment when the performance ended, I’ve been thinking a lot.
How many years have I been playing in bands together with Mitsuki???
How many years have passed since I first met Mitsuki???

In high school, I met him by chance through a friend on that day “Before the Moon” (Mitsuki). lol
After I met him, we immediately exchanged phone numbers,
And isn’t that a bit fast? How the two of us agreed to meet up to go shopping for visual kei clothes together, and that was the first time we began hanging out.

We were just high school students,
So to us, who barely made anything from our part time jobs and had almost no money to spare, ¥20,000 was everything.
And grasping our money tightly, we went out.
We went to a store that sold visual kei clothing.

The first time we went there,
I… I have a memory of buying a ¥8,000 enamel crow’s mask…
I guess that’s when I started this life of wearing masks…?
But anyhow this isn’t Mr. Kujou’s story! lol

After we left the shop,
It must have been Yoshinoya…**
And as we ate gyuudon together,
I left some rice in my bowl…***
And Mitsuki said to me, “Takemasa, your bowl is filthy with the rice you haven’t finished eating!!! Eat it without leaving anything behind!!!” lol

“What, are you my mother!?”
I demanded, angry in an instant,
But at that time, I felt in my chest,
He was the kind of person who could clearly say things that others found difficult to say. Mr. Kujou accepted that. lol

It’s kind of an uneventful memory, but I remember it very vividly.
I’ve thought of that conversation a lot over the years… But I’ll never tell Mitsuki, himself! lol
It’s the first time I’m coming out! Mitsuki, don’t look at my blog! lol

Isn’t it hard to think of a beginning like that as anything other than fate?
Meeting a mutual friend by chance,
Hitting it off immediately, becoming friends, beginning a band together…

Anyhow… I’m going to change the subject,
Even being in a band,
Aren’t there a lot of questions about how we keep this band together?

If there were no fans, you know that we wouldn’t be able to stand together, right?
There are so many reasons!!!!
I don’t have to explain it to you to understand, right?

Every single individual fan,
And the music and messages and sympathy and endorsement,
Means simply that we can continue on, I think,
And I’ll do my best for you all, okay?

If there were no fans,
I wonder what Mr. Kujou and Mitsuki would be doing right now…?
Would we even have any kind of relationship, still…?

…Would we still be together today?

I like Mitsuki,
So of course I always want to be together with him, you know?

I’m starting to scare myself. lol
Since our performance yesterday, I’ve been thinking that a lot.

But no matter how many times I think of it,
Things are the way there are now.
There’s no answer to those questions.

When I think of those things I can’t hold back,
They don’t leave me alone! lol

I guesh I’m jusht that type of pershon. lol

Ah, there’s nothing wrong with me! lol
I know there’s no easy path leading out of those dark, ominous thoughts,
I’m actually a pretty upbeat person.

And so,
Mr. Kujou is always really thankful to everyone around him. lol

I always have intense feelings of gratitude
To those who come to our performances and our in-store events,

But when was it,
That I planned on conveying
My feelings of gratitude?

Someone said I say “thank you” too much
And that Takemaru is too bubbly lool


Well, anyhow, I’ve been thinking about how I was called bubbly
And generally I don’t tell people to understand me. lol

Anyhow, somehow Mr. Kujou’s blog today…
It really looks as though there’s something wrong with me. looool

Nah, I’m super okay, right? lol
I shine like the sun, you know? lol

I continue this band
In order to spread a positive outlook into the world.


To summarize,

I’m really happy to continue playing guitar with Mitsuki now.

And I’m happy
To be playing with a band that still has the same unwavering goal ten years later,

And I’m suuuuuuuper thankful to everyone who supports our happiness,

It’s not all the fans, but today, being able to look out at all the kids who participated,
I became extremely happy, and… oh, come on, I’ve already told you how I felt.

Ah, well…
If I have to say one last thing,

Everyone wearing white contact lenses,
You looked really cute,

Absolutely adorable.


*Here, Kujou uses two kanji, “未” which means before, or not, and often pronounced “mi”, with the kanji “月”, which means moon, and is usually pronounced “tsuki,” to create a new word, “Mitsuki,” or “before the moon.”
**Yoshinoya is a common restaurant in Japan.
***It’s considered very bad manners to leave rice behind in your bowl. After World War II, food was so scarce that people, especially the older generations, will chastise you if you leave anything behind.

puddingtheduckstone  asked:

Uh so I'm a big fan of all of your work Ms/Mr. Gemcrust, and I have a question. Do you... accept requests? Just wanted to know, also you are amazing and you are an inspiration. OK BYE

thank you ^w^ sadly i do not take request  i’d never be able to get any done  anyhow as i’m sure there would be like a  hundred of them 

The Last Time (Jumin x MC)

Mafia!AU: As the day fades into night, tension begins to rise.

Word Count: 1426

I saw La La Land and oh my goodness go see it it’s great! Anyhow, I hope you enjoy and have a lovely day!

This is a branching storyline and I highly recommend you read previous prompts in order to understand:

Other Mafia!AU Prompts:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11


In the first few moments after the door had been shut, joy had filled the room.

“That’s it…” Jumin had murmured, laughing weakly. “We’re going to be okay…”

“I can hardly believe it.” Zen let out a relieved sigh, dropping back into his seat. “You really did it ‘Mr. Trust Fund’.”

“I wouldn’t have without-”

He looked down towards you, his tender grin replaced with concern as tears stung at your eyes.

You had buried your face into his sleeve, your shoulders heaving as you mustered sputters and coughs.

“MC, what’s wrong?” He took your head, furrowing his brow as you lifted up your gaze.

“You’re a wonderful person, did you know that?” You mumbled, fervently rubbing tears away. “Iknow you may never have seen it that way, but you’re not the man some of those photographs would’ve made you out to be. Even if some of them did frighten me, I know that’s not you.”

“And how exactly would you describe him?” V asked, a soft smirk upon their expression.

“A miracle!”

Jumin softened, almost in disbelief at your words before wiping away one of the remaining tears that dribbled down your cheeks. 

“Then darling, you must be a marvel.” 

707 snickered, patting you on the back. “You know what else is pretty good?” 

“What’s that Luciel?” Jahee already seemed bothered by 707, folding her arms in her lap.

“A celebration!” 

“Aren’t those typically loud?” V asked. “The last thing we need is to draw attention to ourselves.” 

“Well, how about just a nice calm night?” He shrugged. “I’m pretty sure we could all use that. Even get a bit of wine? Have a toast?” 

“That sounds more like it.” Zen scrambled to his feet. “You got a wine cellar don’t you?” 

“Don’t bother. There’s wine in the kitchen on the top shelves.” 

“Alright, we’ll bring a glass for everyone, Even little Yoosung!” 

“I’m not little!” 

“I won’t be needing any,” Jumin said, shifting forward. “I have something I need to talk to MC about privately.” 

You gave a curious look as you both stood up, Jumin leading you away as the others gave exasperated groans.

“Come on have a little fun!” 

“Just a drink?” 

“We’ll be back in a moment I’m not running off,” Jumin stated. “but I’d like to simply talk to my fiance.”


He took you to another room, shutting the doors behind you both as he began to speak.

“I didn’t want to bring up my father’s reaction to them. I don’t wish to worry them when we aren’t sure of my father’s ideas. Especially when we’re more than likely safe.” 

He folded his lips, huffing.

“However, I can’t help but worry. And if anything happened to you I would never forgive myself,” 

He slipped out his pistol, placing it in your hands.

“so I want you to have this. Even if just for tonight. Keep it with you in the situation of the worst case scenario becoming a reality.” 


“Just hide it in the inside pockets of your jacket. I’m sure you won’t even need it, but for my sake, please keep it with you. You can give it back to me in the morning.” 

“You know how to fire, right?”

“T-The basics.”

He noticed the weariness clear on you, dropping his shoulders.

“I’m sorry, I truly am. I don’t want you to have to need this. I know you’re not okay with this, but please, just for tonight?”

You hesitantly nodded, slipping it into one of your pockets with a shaky hand.

“I d-don’t want to use it.” 

“And you won’t have to. It’s just to ease my nerve, and make sure you’ll be safe.”

“But what about you? Are you going to be s-safe?” 

“We’ll all be safe. Don’t worry.” He placed a warm hand on your cheek, kissing your nose. “I’m staying by your side.” 

“You don’t need to worry about that love. I can assure you.”

The night had been cheerful, Jahee more than once rushing back to the kitchen to snag another bottle, and 707 rambling in one of his stories.

Yoosung was quite the lightweight as well.

Almost immediately began to dawdle about, spewing nonsense as he dragged himself about, eventually collapsing onto the floor and thus, refusing to move afterward. 

Zen told tales of his acting, playing out some of his rolls occasionally in a dramatic manner that left you unable to stifle your laughter. 

V and Jumin however, drank little, even with their shared love of wine.

And you had done the same.

You knew why Jumin did it, out of cautiousness.

But V was merely wanting to spare himself of the embarrassment. 

Eventually, though, night came and everybody had begun to drag themselves to their rooms for the last night.

You hadn’t even changed before collapsing on the bed.

You probably wouldn’t have much time to get ready in the morning anyhow.

It had been perhaps one of the most difficult challenges in your life to fall asleep then.

Perhaps it was from the occasionally creaks.

But that had to be because the house was old.


You would fall in and out, Jumin occasionally waking as well and humming small tunes until you drifted back. 

Yet you couldn’t fall back asleep when you felt your fiancee shift away, eventually getting up from the bed. 

Your eyes barely opened, catching glimpses of him stalking towards the door, his gaze narrowed as though he were suspecting something.

Then, he opened the door, peering to and fro.

And left.

At first, you had assumed he’d be back in moments, probably having heard Elizabeth 3rd mewing or just getting a glass of water. 

But then you began to hear noises.

Like there was a smashing onto the floor, or furniture collapsing.

Worry overwhelmed you.

You scrambled to your feet, throwing open the door and rushing to the top of the stairs.

What you saw horrified you.

There was a man you had never even seen, a knife in his hand as he attempted to slash Jumin.

All your fiance had was the broken leg of a chair, managing to block the attacker.

And the attacker was enormous.

And he caught sight of you.

He instantly turned towards you, the gears in his head connecting as to who you were.

He could hardly get a foot up the stairs however before Jumin reacted, ramming the leg of the chair into his skull.

“MC! Go back in the bedroom and lock yourself in the bathroom! Now!” 


You shook your head, gasping as the man returned quickly, throwing Jumin onto the ground, and promptly pinning him.

The man was fighting against your fiance, his grip tightening around the knife as he tried to bury it in his chest.

You had to do something.

You had to.

Within seconds you rapidly began to grab onto the pistol he had given you, your hold unsteady as stress-drenched from you.

They were incredibly close, as the man hunched over Jumin, who desperately was trying to avoid it.

The gun was already loaded.

All you had to do was fire.

But what if you missed?

The very idea of hitting Jumin left your body weak as if your very heart was threatening to stop. 

But if you did nothing, he would die.

You had to take the risk.

But you’d be killing someone.

Blood would be on your hands.

Would you be willing to live with that? 

To stay with him?

Yet as you looked at Jumin you remembered the words you both spoke.

“Then please promise me you’ll stay by my side, I need you.”

“I promise. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m not going anywhere.”

And you kept your promise.

And your words.

You loved him, and nothing could change that.

And so, you pulled the trigger.

Episode 19:

Ummm… Can I count the guards from St. Olga’s? They seem to be robotic, so I’m honestly not sure. Anyhow, the rebellion at the reform school seems to have killed a few of the guards, and we can even see one at the botom left with his head knocked off.

Death toll: Uh, I can’t really add anyone from here to the death toll, but I think that this is important to note. Death count is at 9 +???

Digimon tri: Loss rant aka butthurt

So there are things that bothers me a lot about these Digimon tri movies and this movie, well lets just say its teh drop that tipped the glass. I dont really like rewieving things..but i am very passionate for digimon, so i suppose this will do.

So what is there to say about Digimon tri? or spesifically… loss? hehe loss..more like loss of my intrest in these movies..

TLDR; the movie is long, boring, little action, meiko is shit as always, the conflict with sora, tai and matt doesnt exist, some scenes go nowhere and are more filler then plot, still questions left unanswered, 02 kids are dead and gone and nobody cares at this point, and shitty, limited, boring, bland and dissapoiunting animation. 

Anyhow where do i even start? first i suppose i should start off by saying the things i DO like about this movie. I did enjoy seeing tai more in the spotlight, and it was nice seeing tai, matt and sora talk again. And not to mention, digivolutions! Where most of the digis became ultimate! hell yeah! and my boi machinedramon, i always loved that fella. And more digi kaiser?? YES PLS FUEL MY NEEDS FOR FOOTAGE!! and of course, the animation was well done with the fight scenes and the action was really neat! My favorite part of the movie was the last part.

and now, onto the… MANY many problems these movies had, with none other then shitty animation, awkward scenes, bad art styles, scenes that go nowhere, meiko, and FILLER!! clench your asshole because this is going to be a long one…

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anonymous asked:

"that sounds like your problem, not people who are exercising their second amendment rights" -Just because you have a right doesn't mean you should, feelings matter it's never about cold logic, cold logic leads to... I won't say it because it's a meme at this point. Anyhow, have you seen those pride parade videos where a bunch of men wearing string bikini were shaking their asses in front of 10 year old kids? Another example of: just because it's legal you shouldn't do it.

Feelings matter on a personal level. Feelings don’t matter enough to use as an argument against the legal exercise of constitutional rights.

Someone else’s feelings are their issue, not mine. If I care about that person I’ll care about their feelings. I’m not going to worry about the delicate misinformed sensibilities of every random person nor let their potential fear or offense stand in the way of exercising my rights if I wish to.

You know what one of my favourite things about skam is? (This is really silly, i apologize in advance) but the fact that you can see that the characters repeat their outfits. Like, they have their own wardrobes instead of having the directors pick out new outfits from a limitless cosume-stock for every scene you know?? It makes it so much more realistic, and I really like it…

minneapolis winter aesthetic, driving edition

  • periodic car horns outside (’f you ask me they sound vaguely like ducks with bad senses of direction who just scream whenever they get too close to each other)
  • driving very slowly down a hill with a four wheel drive truck patiently following your snail’s pace ass because listen buddy We’ve All Been There
  • guestimating where the parking spaces in the lot Probably are
  • plan an extra thirty minutes to brush six inches of frozen nonsense off your windshield and dig trenches behind your wheels before starting your commute
  • the windshield wiper thing when you park and pull them up so they don’t freeze and your car looks like a bug with antennae 
  • the knowledge deep within your soul that if necessary you will pilot this vehicle directly into a snowbank and you have made your Peace with this reality
  • lane dividers are a thing of the past just stick to the right of the road and pray
  • that look/nod of We’re All Doing Our Best It’s Okay when you fuck up and panic and the other driver sees you

When we meet on a cloud I’ll be laughing out loud
I’ll be laughing with everyone I see
Can’t believe how strange it is to be anything at all.

It’s okay. It’s okay. 

other ya novels: my entire life has led up to this moment, i have to rise to the challenge and sacrifice my own happiness for the Greater Good. hey ho, my convenient band of morally sound yet somewhat two-dimensional side-kicks, i will save the world.

six of crows: yeah, so i have taken on this batshit crazy job because i’ve been promised big $$ for it. we might very well all get killed, but i’ve been dead inside since the age of 11 anyhow lol. no risk no fun. anyhow, there’s an impregnable prison complex waiting for us.