anyhoo have some more art of this character

@emsiecat asked:  If you’re doing the art meme thingy, could I request Bagginshield in A4 please? Thank you <3

To which I respond with this, from, THIS art meme! Here’s some soft and warm Bagginshield for you, my friend! I couldn’t help but put Thorin on the right and Bilbo on the left, because soft Thorin makes me emotional. I guess both poses are very soft, but I thought he would have looked more soft in that pose. I hope you like it, darlin!

 I need to draw some Thorin more… He’s fun! I apologize about the miserable scan, omg why does my scanner do this to me. Anyhoo, I hope you like it friend! 

Send me two characters and a pose!


Because sometimes I like to read old DC and Vertigo comics to find more obscure characters. Most peeps probably don’t even remember / know these two anymore hahahah. So sad. Uploading both because why not? :P Have a nice day folks.