anybody... anybody... bueller

have we heard about the BFI at all?

I just realized, if there’s going to be a BFI screening, shouldn’t that be happening in the next two weeks or so? And wouldn’t the event date or ticket sale dates have been announced by about now?

I’m just thinking out loud…who around here knows when in December the BFI screenings were for series 2 and 3? When were screening dates announced?

…are we at the point where if they haven’t announced anything it means they’re not doing a BFI screening? Because if they’re not doing a BFI screening, well, holy smokes would that raise my eyebrow, ya feel?

if i were to go the the chucklefucks running the good ol flightrising.corn and beggt them to let me break the 16 character name limit so i could name my shitty baby dragon ‘cult of the supreme being’ who here woud have my back , who here would aid me in this righteous fite