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Viktor is the best son in law

Can we just talk about how much Toshiya and Hiroko probably love Viktor aka their new son in law

Aside from Toshiya bullshitting that he doesn’t know exactly who Viktor Nikiforov in this moment (like come on, unless he hasn’t been inside Yuuri’s bedroom or spoken to his son about his interests in eleven years), and just being a wing man here, I like to think that they had a full conversation. I mean, Makkachin had obviously been given free reign of the house at this point, so they must have talked about that.

What I like to think went down is Viktor walked in with a rehearsed (and slightly mispronounced) sentence of Japanese like “Konnichiwa! Watashi no namae wa Viktor-”

And Toshiya looks at him like “Here for Yuuri?”

“Yes! I’m looking for Yuuri!” All hearts and smiles. “I want to coach him in figure skating!” And then goes into a long explanation of how great Yuuri indeed is.

And of course he knows enough English to understand the meaning of that, so he politely directs Viktor to the onsen whilst he waits.

But aside from that.

Viktor has been there for… two hours at this point? Probably even less, but maybe not. Hiroko is already casually referring to him as Vicchan. He’s been adopted swiftly.

She sounds and looks so fond of him.


And let’s just remember that Viktor is a walking advertisement at this rate. Given how much the Katsukis talk about promoting tourism, they probably adore him for it too

Also Yuuri is just as bad as he is lmao

Also the fact that the Katsukis are trusted with Makkachin says a lot. They ARE family at this point.

I hinestly think Hiroko and Toshiya would genuinely be over the moon when the engagement is announced. It’s one thing to mentally adopt Viktor, and another to ACTUALLY have him as their son in law.

TLDR, Viktor and the Katsuki’s have an adorable relationship I wish was explored more


Just please hold on and soon you’ll see
That I’m not the villain I appear to be


Of all the skills that futurists predicted would become valuable in the era of constant communication, I don’t think anybody saw “conversational multithreading” coming.

No, I don’t mean holding multiple conversations with different people at the same time. I mean holding two or more completely separate conversations with the same person, via the same medium, at the same time.

Like when you’re texting, and the person on the other end asks you a question, then mentally eight-tracks and asks a different, unrelated question before you’ve finished keying in your response to the first one. So you answer the first question, and a conversation based on that answer ensues; then you answer the second question, and a totally different conversation based on that answer ensues, and now you’re having two separate conversations with the same person at the same time, and have to keep track of which responses pertain to which conversation purely from context.

Sometimes I wonder what the generational cutoff for that seeming unusual is - I didn’t pick up the skill until I was like thirty, so there’s always that undercurrent of generational novelty there.


Spock’s in trouble.

based off Pine’s varied facial hair dramas and @chrisfine ‘s posts about them

now with a hairier sequel



so, which girl are you?

It baffles me that we have a president who:

•has gone golfing 30+ times in 6 months
•rarely attends his daily intelligence briefings
•has hired his kids to work next to him in the White House
•has managed to cause so much dysfunction in Washington congress cannot function normally
•plays musical chairs with his own cabinet
•has, for the most part, failed to deliver on his campaign promises
•uses morning news shows to decide what topics to address
•engages in Twitter feuds
•has continuously had an approval rating in the low 40’s-high 30’s
•has been stopped from entering the entire country of England
•lies more often than he tells the truth
•had his daughter sit in for him at an international summit
•pissed off major allies via phone calls
•lost the trust of major allies
•trusts the Russian president more than his own intelligence department
•falls back on the excuse of “fake news” whenever confronted with facts
•is mocked around the world for being an incompetent leader
•uses twitter as his main form of communication
•attacked members of the media and threatened free press
•has failed to appoint hundreds of government positions
•tweets memes to make fun of a major news agency

And there are still people out there that think he’s doing an incredible job

Bit by bit, I’ve gotten Link to open up to me…I wish to talk with him more and to see what lies beneath those calm waters, to hear him speak freely and openly.”

Do you ever just–

LOL dysphoria’s been hittin’ like a bitch lately what’s up with that