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Want a free drawing ?

Now I wouldn’t say I’m the most talented, but I am the most bored !! I love to digitally draw and I love to make people happy with my art, and the best way to do that is free commissions !!

Here is what I will draw :

  • Oc’s
  • Self portrait
  • Self portrait toddler style ( you as a toddler )
  • System members
  • Ships ( preferably fiction people and or consenting irl people )
  • Anime
  • Video game stuff
  • Regression topics
  • Pastels
  • Pro LGBT
  • Witchsona, fursona
  • Halloween art
  • Other ideas are welcome ✨

Here’s what I won’t draw :

  • Nsfw
  • Smut
  • Kink
  • Discourse
  • Cgl, ddlg, abdl, and I won’t draw for anybody that requests that is one of these things
  • Extreme gore ( in most cases )
  • Ships of nonconsenting people
  • Anything against LGBT
  • Anything against autism, systems, stimming and etc.
  • Anything on my DNI
  • Anything for anybody on my DNI

Please remember my style is anime and or cartoonish !! I don’t enjoy realistic art

Disclaimer :

  • I am a minor who is working on school work and other things ! This is just a hobby and not a job, please don’t pressure me in any way !! Stress !!
  • I draw on my iPhone 7, not a professional tablet and never on the computer.

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The only thing I ask is that you

  1. Don’t remove my signature, watermark, or credit
  2. Don’t repost, reblog
  3. You CAN use my art as pfps, headers, lockscreens, etc. but please message me asking
  4. If I ask you to remove my art, please remove my art. I worked hard on it !!
  5. I share some of my art with my images club ( a school club ) where it gets posted online ! I won’t share that you requested it or anything, it’s just so you know if you see my art anywhere !
  6. Be patient and know that I have school work to do as well (:

Here are my available slots :

  1. @goth-kid
  2. @teenie-louie
  3. @dnmstarsi
  4. @hayleyheals
  5. @spacekid2003
  6. Open

More may open if requests are small or an easy subject !!

✨ References help but are not nessecary ✨

How to get a commission ?

  • Send in an ask with a short description of what you want, and what blog I should message and tag you on !
  • I’ll message you and we can talk about your commission !
  • Don’t be shy (: But do be patient !!

All reblogs and promos help !!

Thank you loves !

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