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Dear fandom, now that everything is public I think we need to start to heal this fandom. We as a group must stand up to trolls who only seek to divide. This trolls will harass anybody and we get a bad wrap as a group. Let's just come together for love of the books and tv show, regardless of the actors personal lives. We must stand together against hate, body shaming, harassment and other inappropriate comments that appear. Let this new period be a time to come together.

Beautiful sentiments anon!  Let’s hope that the fandom can come together!

i’m so anxious right now
you may think it’s stupid because i’m not even living in america, but i’m going to tell you why i feel like this
i live in poland and we chose a new president and parliament last year
the conservative party won and took the majority of seats in parliament
we all said then “well, it’s only for a few years right? they can’t do much in that time”
but it only took a year for them to make so much damage
they already pushed so many dangerous laws, and we couldn’t do anything
it took us a mass protests and thousands people on the streets to stop the law that could completely ban abortion
every day they’re targeting minorities, they have no respect for the people who are not their supporters
and the public media? it’s 21st century, it’s not posiible for it to be censored or manipulated, right? we thought so too
now we don’t watch the news anymore, it’s all propaganda and hate
just because some people thought, “ah, it won’t be so bad”
“my vote doesn’t matter”
“it’s only for a couple of years”
now, we’re terrified of what comes next
but we’re the small country, we won’t do much damage to other countries
but united states?
so tonight i’m terrified, and i really really hope, people will choose right

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Literary achievement anon, just that people always say that America has no culture, or at the very least not one that is comparable to that of Europe, and therefore we are lagging far behind in the arts. I don't agree with that particularly, but I'm also not an English major and am basing it simply on the fact that we have had some good authors in the past. Also, I think our country does produce very good genre fiction, better than the rest of the world, but that's usually dismissed by purists.

I’m sorry but anyone who says America “has no culture” isn’t a “purist,” they’re either hopelessly ignorant or just an asshole. America has boatloads of culture. It’s home to 319 million people. Our country literally spans the width of an entire damn continent. So of course there’s variation and culture may be harder to fit in a box because it’s not uniform, but that doesn’t equal a lack of culture. In fact, quite the opposite. Arguably the USA has more culture than anywhere else simply because its culture is so myriad. If anyone genuinely believes America is somehow lagging behind in the arts, all I have to say is, okay, tell that to Faulkner. Tell that to Melville. Tell that to Ellison. Tell that to Salinger. Tell that to Andy Warhol. Tell that to Spielberg. Tell that to Steve Jobs. Tell that to Gershwin and Walt Disney and Bob fucking Dylan. Tell it to William Eggleston and Georgia O’Keeffe and Kurt Vonnegut. Tell it to James Brown and Tennessee Williams and Toni Morrison. Tell it to Alan Ginsberg and Nina Simone and Fred Astaire. Tell it to Broadway and Hollywood and the Met and Oregon Shakes and the Academy Awards and George Lucas and Shirley Jackson and F. Scott Fitzgerald and Stranger Things and the publishing industry and the goddamn Wizard of Oz. American culture and art and literature are literally fucking everywhere, and anybody who thinks they can write it off is kidding themselves.

Negan: *is apparently not a rapist*

Also, Negan: 

*tells Rick that he’ll forcibly shove his dick down his throat and that he’ll thank him for it*

*Plans to make Maggie one of his “wives” after brutally murdering her husband*

*Team Family HIDES Maggie to keep her safe from Negan*

*Preys on people for the thrill of power and control*

*Takes women and gives them no option but to say yes to being one of his sexual play things or face death*

*Has one of his wives escape him and would rather DIE than to continue to be Negan’s “wife”*

Negan Stans: He’s not a rapist