anybody else see similarities

All ideological quibbling aside, the fact of the matter is that, being bisexual, I know a great deal about being told by self-appointed guardians of the community that I’m not permitted to discuss my own lived experiences under any circumstances whatsoever because the words to describe those experiences don’t “belong” to me - and on that basis alone I’m going to be very suspicious indeed when I see similar arguments turned against anybody else, regardless of the putative authenticity of the experiences in question.

murazakipanda  asked:

Would it be too much to ask at this point for a picture of the back? No rush or any thing. I know you've done so much, and gosh dang I couldn't even find your tutorial when you tagged me in it. I even want to ask about the paints and the paint style you used because the blue shading is brilliant, and you should know that.

Oh, gosh, you’re gonna make me blush.  I’m gonna go ahead and answer this publicly in case anybody else has a similar question!

(ack, you can see my birthmark)

Hope these images answer some stuff for ya!  Sorry for my no-makeup-ness.  It’s late, after all.  The duct tape I’ve used to tack down the edges of the papier-mache on the inside edge of the mask in back is pretty cheap stuff, and it’s probably not final, since you can see it pretty easily from behind my head.  I’d recommend using black duct tape if you can find it.

Thank you!  The painting was done using…

…uh, this stuff.  A bigass medium-bristle brush for application, big sea sponge for texture, a little piece of the sponge I tore off for some finer stippling, and a small flat-tip paintbrush for detailing.  The gray lines were refined using a gray Sharpie, though the paint I used was your standard acrylic.  I got the light blue color by mixing a TON of white with a teeeeeeeensy tiny bit of royal blue, while the gray was a similar combination with a few drops of straight black ink mixed in.  Gotta be resourceful when you’re on a college budget, y’know?

(I recommend doing the general toning and shading before doing the detail work like the darker lines!!)

The outer protective coat is a layer of Mod Podge, applied liberally.  Seriously, that stuff is amazing, and I dunno why I’ve never used it before.  Just make sure to let each layer dry before moving onto the next, because it’s basically glue when it’s wet.  It dries clear, of course, and it looks best if you get the glossy stuff, in my opinion.

I’ll post some more pictures when I put in the eyes and nose!