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He’s new. I know things about him that scream at my senses to push him away, but the idea of danger excites me. When he compliments me it’s like no other compliment from anybody else has ever meant anything, because he has no reason to notice me, yet he does. Fear stabs at my heart every time a joke is made about our sudden closeness, but hope trickles into the wound, healing it despite my body’s best efforts to let it scar, and be a warning. He makes me want to be confident, yet he makes me so weak that I am anything but, confident. Why does he notice me? Is he like this with all the girls, or am I important to him? Does he even care? Why do I feel like nothing at all compared to him, yet his attention makes me feel like I am everything in the world?
Preference #4- What he does when you are mad at him


Harry’s problem was that he often forgot about you and was extremely distant at times. You knew he was going through a lot, but that still didn’t make up for the countless of dates and plans he had forgotten. He stop telling you things and you were getting fed up with it all. When he did remember or realize he was being an ass, he made it up to you by explaining everything that was on his mind at the time. He knew much you cared, so by him telling you what was up, it made you feel instantly better. When he was finished he’d kiss your lips, apologize (again!) and give you an enormous hug.


Ron’s always a little oblivious when it comes to these situations. He never realizes he messed up, until you show it. And even then he still ignores it, which makes you even more upset. When he finally realizes it, he’ll try his very hardest to apologize. He’ll say sorry a thousand times, bring you sweets he sneaked from the kitchen, and try to fix whatever he messed up. You didn’t need all this. You usually forgave him when he first says sorry, but he never gave up until he knew you were 100% better.


Draco was confident and cocky and you found that extremely hot. That is, until he started to be too cocky, insulting everything and everyone, including you sometimes. Whenever he did hurt you, you’d get extremely upset. Draco promised you over and over again that it would never happen again. He kept his promise for the most part, although when he did mess up, he knew it right away. To make it up too you, he planned something big and/or heart warming. Whether it was waking you up at 2 am to go sit out on the Astronomy Tower and have a picnic or him just telling you everything he loves about you, he never failed to make you forgive him.


Neville rarely ever made you angry. He’s Neville, he’s one the sweetest guys you’ve ever met. Yet, he can sometimes get clingy, which is expected with him considering he’s never really had anybody else who cared for him like you do. When this does happen, you talk to him, as kind as you can. He almost always understands and leaves you be until you come to him. This is usually 2 to 3 hours after you had your talk. You guys loved each other too much to be apart for too long.


Fred and George joked around…. A lot. It’s who they are. But, sometimes it gets out of hand. His jokes and sarcasm can go too far and end up insulting you in some way. Especially if it was in a large group. He meant no real harm, and you knew that. You loved his jokes but sometimes it all just pissed you off. You’d get up and just walk away from the group. Fred would realize your absence and go looking for you, usually finding you in your dormitory or the library. He’d ask you what’s wrong over and over again until you finally tell him. He’d instantly fill with regret and guilt. He’d wrap you in his arms and not let go until you weren’t angry anymore. It didn’t take long for you to perk up after that.


You loved Fred and George’s pranks. They were hilarious. But sometimes they were just reckless and stupid. You always worried about them getting expelled. You had no control over Fred, but you always tried to get through to George. You told him over and over again that one day they’re going to go too far and end up getting kicked out. He’d always assure you that they were fine and won’t cross the line. That is until they got a months detention from Snape for setting off one of their firecrackers in class and setting Katie Bell’s robes on fire. You had it. You were getting sick and tired of worrying about him. After he told you what happened, you just got up and left for your dorm, pissed off that he didn’t listen to you. He knew he messed up. So the next morning on your way down to breakfast, he greeted you at the bottom of the staircase with a bouquet of flowers and a piece of parchment. It read, “I George Weasley, promise not to do anymore more extremely stupid pranks and make sure the pranks I do do, will not give me a months detention.” He’d then smile at you and give you a huge kiss. Now how could you stay mad after that ?


I’m not sure if you’ve already had submissions on this topic and they haven’t appeared yet, but I was watching Eurovision on the weekend and during the interlude they played this song (watch it to the end). I don’t see anybody else complaining about it in the media, but I found it hugely uncomfortable, hideously racist, and alienating, so I wanted to submit it here. (I hope I am doing it right.)

Throughout the evening the presenters made several “Chinese jokes” and spoke in butchered Mandarin as a “shout-out” to their Chinese viewers. I’ve heard people call it “Danish Humour” or “a tribute” - but jokes about opium and jokes about Asian people of different nationalities being interchangeable are not funny or flattering in the slightest. 

I’ve lived in Europe for the majority of my life, and I realise it’s rare for people of Asian heritage to appear in Eurovision ( though the French entry in 2012 was by Anggun! ) but I don’t want to be reminded that I will always be thought of as an outsider and that people will associate these things with me just because of what I look like.

It’s really upsetting and I don’t like that no one is complaining publicly about it! I enjoyed Eurovision this year but this was not okay, and I don’t think we should let anyone forget that.