anybody care to explain how he does this

okay i’ve watched that scene in civil war where tony tries to convince steve to sign the accords a ton of times and there are just some things i need to point out as far as tony’s character goes because it’s a really good scene (look i love analyzing character behavior so)

  • this is the most obvious thing: tony’s nervous as hell. he keeps fidgeting and walking around the room throughout the entire scene because he knows that steve could make or break the situation and he really, really wants to avoid conflict and just get everything over with. he knows that, if steve refuses, the avengers could start to be torn apart, and his guilt over the charles spencer thing (and other things that weren’t entirely his fault???) will just continue to get worse
  • steve asks about pepper and you can tell that tony gets visibly more nervous–he starts stuttering, looking in the distance–because he doesn’t really like to think about what happened and he’s trying to think of a way to phrase it 
  • he says “we’re taking a break” because saying we’re “split up” is too much. remember im3??? when tony said that pepper was the one thing he can’t live without?? yeah. the thought of something he can’t live without ending is hard for him to comprehend, hence why he stuttered and thought very carefully about what to say. he doesn’t want to have a break down 
  • once again, pepper was the one thing he couldn’t live without. how this man conceals emotions (though through difficulty) i have no idea. he’s been doing it since im1 y’all
  • anyway, when he’s explaining why pepper left him, he talks about ultron and says “my fault”, right? when he does, he inhales and stops talking for a second, looking around nervously. he is on the verge of crying because of the guilt i don’t care what anybody says
  • tony stark, the man who flew through a wormhole, who stopped manufacturing weapons because they were getting in the wrong hands, who just funded a bunch of student’s projects, who has been working tirelessly to help his own mental health and that of others, feels guilty constantly. because no matter what he does right, the people who he calls friends find things to fault him–and him alone–on.
  • and then steve mentions how he knew howard stark, which is obviously a touchy subject, and tony relives the idea that his father always put captain america before him. even now, however many years since his father’s death, tony still feels like he lives in the shadow of steve rogers (which doesn’t really help the situation because everyone on that team seems to treat tony’s opinions like they don’t matter??? besides rhodey maybe??? and nat sometimes)
  • and that’s kind of what triggers tony to be more or less angry and annoyed. “sometimes i want to punch you in your perfect teeth” and all that
  • but he doesn’t want to see cap gone. you see, tony gets annoyed with steve rogers sometimes (a lot of times, even), but he still thinks of him as an honest to god friend. he doesn’t want the accords to split them apart–that’s the last thing he wants to do, but guilt, as it usually does, starts to overrun his mind
  • the guilt tony stark puts upon himself is almost like a routine, a ritual. when something bad happens, everyone–even people on his own team–find a way to put all the blame on him. at this point, he just assumes that everything is his fault and he’s responsible for all of the avengers’ actions, hence why he believes the accords are so important in the first place.
  • tony stark thinks that the avengers are just his responsibility and that he should be held accountable for every little thing that happens
  • that’s like??? really messed up??
  • when steve grabs a pen and says that it’s possible, you can see how much more relaxed tony gets, how his eyes light up. because maybe, just maybe, the avengers won’t cause any more problems and he won’t have to be guilty anymore and he won’t be a problem anymore
  • once again, this is the mindset tony stark has gotten into. that he’s a problem.
  • so he explains how he’ll make things work out, how he’ll help steve’s friend, how he’ll keep everyone safe. he’s thought about this long and hard beforehand. 
  • tony stark wants to keep the avengers safe because he knows to be cautious over the government after what happened with hydra and everything two years before
  • but when he mentions wanda, steve changes his mind. says that, no matter what good he thinks will come from tony, he always makes a mistake along the road. tells tony how keeping wanda in one place is ridiculous
  • and, when they argue over this, that little smirk that pops up on tony’s lips–when he tries to explain that there are worse ways of keeping someone confined–that’s because he knows that no one ever seems to realize what he’s doing. he’s not confining wanda just for the heck of it–it’s because he wants to keep her safe
  • that’s all tony stark has ever wanted to do, but no one seems to believe him.
  • tony knows that there are people who want to put wanda maximoff in prison, who want to lock her up, even though she’s only a teenager. and he realizes that what she did wasn’t intended, that she wasn’t at fault, and that the best way to keep her safe is to keep her in one spot until the situation calms down
  • she messed with his mind and the minds of his friends just a year before, mind you. and yet, he forgave her
  • steve doesn’t realize what tony’s trying to do. he doesn’t realize how much tony cares for her–for all of them–and how he will do nearly anything to keep the people he loves safe. 
  • in im3, he was in a similar situation. he built dozens of suits because he wanted to protect pepper and didn’t want to go far from home because he wanted to protect pepper and–when the mandarin attacked his house–he called her and apologized for putting her in harms way
  • the thing that tony stark consistently feels (besides guilt) is a need to protect the people he holds close to his heart. 
  • but the other avengers often fail to realize that.
  • so when steve is saying that wanda is just a kid, telling him that what he’s doing is wrong, tony breaks for a second and yells.
  • “give me a break!”
  • steve doesn’t realize tony’s intentions. he doesn’t realize the immense guilt and anxiety that comes from tony’s inner demons. he doesn’t realize how tony constantly, constantly feels that he won’t be able to save the people he loves unless he goes to extensive measures. none of them do.
  • all tony wants is for them to understand.
  • so when tony regains his calmness and says that he’s trying to save them from something worse, he means it. because–if the avengers aren’t put in check, if wanda isn’t protected–then maybe he won’t be able to save any of them next time.
  • and when steve walks out of the room, tony is close to tears again.
  • no one ever seems to understand.

Can you make hcs of the boys as the reader’s older brother? And how will they react if the reader got a boyfriend? (If you’ve done this before, just ignore it, I understand ^^ )

 You’re all good! I’ve got this for you!

 Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • He’s trying to protect you as much as he can.
  • There’s only so much he can do though.
  • When you come home saying that the guy you like finally asked you out, he’s worried.
  • He lets it go for a while until he asks to meet your boyfriend.
  • You tell him sure, you’re not worried at all.
  • It goes quite well, actually!
  • He approves.
  • You’re very happy.
  • So that’s one problem fixed.

Rantarou Amami

  • He’s the best brother you could ask for.
  • Of course, you only have him to thank for your looks.
  • He’s not even surprised when you say you have a boyfriend, now.
  • You’re as beautiful as he is.
  • Except, you don’t seem to keep these boyfriends for long.
  • He’s sat you down and explained that if you’re playing with guys, you can’t.
  • It’s not you playing with them, they’re playing with YOUR heart.
  • Except one day, YOU ask out a guy and he says yes.
  • You go out for several months before Rantarou asks to meet them.
  • He doesn’t know if he likes him at first but starts to warm up to him.

Kokichi Ouma

  • It’s hard to believe you’re the younger one.
  • Whenever you have anyone older, they always say “Aww, your little brother’s so cute!”
  • It’s always awkward explaining that no, he’s a few years older than you.
  • He’s always clinging to you, making you do things for him and acting like a brat.
  • You wouldn’t want anyone else to be your brother, though.
  • Even though he acts as if he’s the most important person, he really does care about you.
  • He will fight anybody who even tries to hurt you.
  • When he learns you have a boyfriend, he doesn’t even mind.
  • “Whatever, just hit me up if he breaks your heart, okay?”
  • You keep that in mind.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • He’s a very proud brother, even though he may not show it.
  • He admires how popular you are at school, how good your grades are and how pretty you are.
  • He wishes he could be like you.
  • When he learns you have a boyfriend, he’s honestly not surprised.
  • He wishes someone could like him like that.
  • He wouldn’t really want to meet them but he’d be concerned for you.
  • He doesn’t want anybody hurting you.

Kaito Momota

  • He’s super supportive of you.
  • Whatever you do, big support.
  • He often buys you things because he likes seeing how happy you get.
  • He also tries to keep up with what you’re into at the time and things like that.
  • He wants to be the best brother he can.
  • If he learnt you had a boyfriend, he’d immediately ask for their number.
  • But why-
  • “Oi, just give it. Please.”
  • You do and you’re nervous.
  • He texts your boyfriend immediately.
  • “Fight me at the bac of the mac tomorrow at 4. Whoever can compliment your partner, my sibling, the most, wins. See you then.”


  • He’s very grateful to be a part of your life!
  • You’re human, he’s a robot… so he had concerns when you first took him in as your brother.
  • But no, he’s certain you love him as much as you say you do!
  • When you took him in, though, he insisted that he was older.
  • Even though YOU technically took him in, he was made first!
  • He promises he isn’t lying!
  • If he learnt you had a boyfriend, he’d probably just tell you to have fun!
  • But if you came home distraught BECAUSE of said boyfriend, he would have to find them and lecture them!
  • He needs to teach them how to be a good boyfriend!
  • Not that he knows anything but-
  • He can always download information and multiple WikiHows right?

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He would hug you.
  • A lot.
  • Nearly all the time.
  • He really cares about you.
  • So he hugs you.
  • Gotta protect you from the big scary world!!
  • He also gets confused about ‘modern culture’ so he often doesn’t know what you’re talking about when he asks about your day.
  • He only understands school. The bare minimum of school, anyways.
  • If he found out you had a boyfriend, he would hug you, of course, and congratulate you!
  • He’s so proud of you!!
  • Except, if they hurt you’d he’d automatically turn into Scary Gonta.
  • Nobody hurts his sibling!! That’s not fair on him OR you!!!
  • Especially you!!
  • Let’s just say, if he ever had to, he’d deal with the situation.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • Oh boy.
  • You’re the reason he’s not constantly stressing.
  • You’re so capable, always doing things around the house and making sure he’s okay.
  • He’s thankful to have you in his life.
  • No matter how sad he is, you always know how to cheer him up.
  • If it weren’t for you, he’d be totally alone

anonymous asked:

companions reacting to an artist!sole making a painting without actual paints? paints being hard to find in the wasteland, sole ends up using dirt, blood, dirty water, pigments from flowers, etc.

Cait: At first she can’t believe all of the shit that Sole picks up during their missions. And all the useless junk she has to carry because of it. She never asks though, because there has to be a reason for it right? One day Sole brings her into a back room of a shed in Sanctuary and shows her their paintings. She’s totally in awe, they’ve been practicing portraits and there’s one of all of Sole’s friends, her included. She never complains about carrying supplies again. 

Curie: When Curie notices Sole crushing flowers and mixing them in water she wonders what sort of chemistry Sole might be up to. When she asks they laugh a little which only serves to confuse her, but they tell her to sit and watch. They pull out a canvass and start painting a landscape. It looks like the information she has of the old world. Sole explains that this is what Sanctuary used to look like and recounts stories of the world they used to know. This becomes a regular occurrence that Curie always treasures. 

Danse: When he first asks Sole why they try to save their blood in vials when they’re hurt he doesn’t really know what to expect as an answer. However, “for paints” wasn’t even in the realm of things he considered. At the look on his face Sole decides to head back to Sanctuary to show him. He sees that they’ve tanned and stretched Brahmin hides that they’d found on their travels and he’s speechless. There are paintings of everything, from a stunted Yao Guai to a portrait of the Elder that was so lifelike he couldn’t believe it was all from memory. He’s stunned and in awe and tells the Knight so. When their response is a wink and a “wait ‘till you see this” he gets a little nervous. What he sees nearly brings tears to his eyes. They’re working on a portrait of him, without his power armor on fighting some ferals that had surprised them outside of the police station the other day. He can’t form words and just nods at Sole and they beam up at him, understanding him perfectly. 

Deacon: Deacon knew Sole had a good eye but he didn’t think it was that good. When they show him how they’ve preserved memories from pre-war nearly perfectly including their spouse and baby Shaun he asks them to teach him. They see how important this is to him and they go out together and gather supplies. They start by teaching him landscapes and then people. Once he paints a convincing portrait of Sole they encourage him to paint a memory he wants to preserve. They leave and come back hours later and see a woman on the canvass. “This is Barbara” is all he says and he looks at them, sunglasses off, and tears in his eyes. He just wanted to make sure he’d never forget his wife. 

Glory: When she first sees Sole’s paintings she’s totally stunned. People in the Commonwealth are too preoccupied with surviving and trying to make things hard for each other to actually focus on hobbies, so the fact that Sole is actually really good at art is something in and of itself to her. She asks to watch them paint and finds it extremely calming to watch and listen as Sole explains techniques to her, she likes to hang out with them after stressful missions. It relaxes her so much that sometimes she falls asleep in her armchair and Sole just wraps her in a blanket and lets her sleep. 

Haylen: One day when Haylen sent Sole on a retrieval run she noticed scores of hyper pigmented flowers in their bag. When they explain how they use them to make paints her eyes widen. “You can paint!? I didn’t know anybody still did things like that.” She asks to see Sole’s studio and when they take her there she closely studies each painting, looking at the detail and care that Sole has put into every brush stroke. She’s never seen anything more beautiful.

Hancock: Hancock happily carries whatever Sole gives him because he trusts that they wouldn’t give him anything that wasn’t genuinely useful. He does ask about the sudden increase in flowers and leaves. Hell lately Sole’s even been collecting blood off of their injuries and storing it in vials. When they explain they’re painting with them he gets nervous because hell he saw Pickman’s Gallery and those paintings were not pretty. However when Sole shows him their studio he’s impressed. He sees detailed portraits of all of their friends, landscapes and still life’s, and even some abstract stuff that he doesn’t exactly understand, but that speaks to him nonetheless. He asks to hang some of it in the Old State House and while they’re shy at first, they eventually agree. After that he always makes sure to bring them anything he thinks they can use for their art. 

MacCready: The first time Sole tries to pawn the flowers off on him he looks at them like they’re crazy. “I’ll carry your useful stuff sure but I’ll be dam-darned if I’m stuck carrying these freaking flowers.” They just shake their head and grin at him before handing him a few weapons they’re not using so that they have more room for the plants on their own pack. When they take him back to Sanctuary they take out the flowers and start to crush them and add a bit of water. He watches curiously from a distance and then watches as they start to paint. He has no idea how long he watches for, but they paint him, posed and ready to shoot. He’s incredibly flattered and Sole notices that after that day he never complains about anything they give him to carry. 

Maxson: He’s noticed them come back from trips with an excessive amount of foliage but because they’re such an asset to the Brotherhood he never asks. Months later there’s a celebration for the Elder’s birthday and after everyone else has gone Sole presents him with a portrait they’ve done themselves. He is flattered beyond belief and hangs it on the wall in his quarters. It remains his most treasured gift for all of his days.

Nick: As soon as Nick finds out that Sole paints he starts collecting anything he sees that he thinks they can use. Sole ends up using materials they’d never have thought to try. They end up getting new textures and colours. On occasion he’s actually able to find some old dried out paints. They let him watch them paint with those and he watches transfixed as they create a whole world from the old water-colours. He’s amazed by their ability to see the beauty in the mundane. When they excitedly pull him into their studio one day to show him their latest painting, and if he could cry he would have as he was greeted by a portrait of himself. He never knew what Sole saw in him, but seeing himself through their eyes totally overwhelmed him. 

Piper: Piper has had to find pretty creative ways to make ink herself so when she finds out that Sole makes their own paints she gives them some tips to get stronger pigments. Eventually Sole starts doing cartoons and drawings for the paper to give it a bit of humour between the stories of missing relatives and Institute horrors. Sole even paints her a portrait for her to use as her “editor-in-chief” picture. Nat gets really excited about Sole’s hidden talent and begs Sole to teach her. They of course oblige and soon before long Nat is spending all of her free time painting and drawing. Piper is happy to see Nat finding a way to relax and thinks maybe she should try as well. Sole tries to teach Piper but it just ends up frustrating her more than anything. She decides she’ll do the writing and leave the art to Sole and Nat. 

Preston: When Sole asks Preston for help collecting berries and flowers he assists them no questions asked. They notice how soothed he is helping them and so they ask if he wants to paint with them some time. He confesses that he’s always enjoyed drawing people and places and Sole is immediately excited. They enjoy relaxing between settlement rescues and building up different townships. The two of them would pick a location and set up with their canvas and sit and paint for hours. Even though they hardly spoke they always felt closer after an afternoon spent painting.

Strong: Strong will carry anything Sole gives him and he doesn’t really notice what Sole is handing him. When he sees the finished paintings he is intrigued but when Sole invites him to watch them paint he quickly gets bored. He likes to look at their colourful abstract paintings but groans every time they tell him they’re going to paint because he knows it’ll be hours until they’re ready for another adventure.

X6-88: X6 doesn’t understand why Sole insists on gathering Wasteland materials when the Institute could manufacture better paints with more vibrant colours in less time but he learns to stop questioning them quickly. They say that they like to repurpose the ugly things they find and make them into something beautiful. One day they sheepishly take X6 into their studio, afraid that he will proclaim them foolish but all he sees us poignant vignettes of Wasteland life. He apologizes for being so judgemental and tells them he likes their work and that he shouldn’t have rushed to conclusions.

Your SD’s a married man!:  Some Do’s and Don’ts

Let’s set the stage:

You’re new to the game, but you’ve done your homework.  You’re walking into a busy lounge downtown to meet your first POT. The heads you turn as you walk by confirm what you already know: hell yeah, you look good!  And, you’re feeling it!  You recognize your POT at the bar; thankfully, he looks just like his pictures. You are warmed by the smile that spreads across his face as he sees you!  You sit down next to him, your favorite drink already there, waiting for you.  A song by Lana Del Rey is playing.  The lyrics hang between the two of you as you say your hellos:

My pussy tastes like Pepsi-Cola,
My eyes are wide like cherry pies.
I gots a taste for men who’re older
It’s always been, so it’s no surprise.

Ah, he’s in the sky with diamonds and he’s making me crazy (I come alive, alive)
All he wants to do is party with his pretty baby.

Come on, baby, let’s ride
We can escape to the great sunshine.
I know your wife, that she wouldn’t mind
We made it out to the other side
Come on, come on
Come on, come on
Come on, baby.

Oh, he’s such a gentleman! He takes your hand in his and brings it to his lips to apply a light kiss of welcome.  His brown eyes looking into yours melt you instantly, and you know that he is going to be your Sugar Daddy.  And then you see it.  His ring!

You think:  well, this should be interesting!

The reality is that a lot of SDs are married.  Actually, if I were to guess, I would say that most of them are married.  And, if you spend enough time sugaring and are successful at what you do, I dare say that you will have one or more married SDs over the course of your career.

I don’t think that it matters one way or another if your SD is married, divorced, separated, widowed or single; an arrangement is an arrangement.  They all work the same way!  However, having a married SD does poses some interesting and unique challenges for a new SB and my purpose here is to provide some thoughts on that subject!

Avoid Drama

An arrangement is meant to be something discreet.  And, that is especially true if your SD is married.  Therefore, you must protect him from drama at all costs and he must do the same for you!  You definitely don’t want to get a call from his wife some evening and find out, contrary to the lyrics above, that she “definitely minds” that you are fucking her husband!  Lol! And, likewise, he doesn’t want to see your vanilla boyfriend at his office challenging him to a fight or getting a call from your parents asking him just what the hell you are doing with their daughter!

To avoid this, ahhh, unpleasantness, you should have a talk with your SD early in your arrangement to discuss the simple steps each of you should take to avoid drama.  And they include the following (and all of these go both ways!):

  • Both of you should delete the text messages you send each other before the end of the day!  The fact of the matter is, no matter how careful you think you are, at some point someone with no business to do so will get a hold of your phone and go through it.  Make sure you both agree to delete all text messages so that there is nothing to see when that occurs.

  • He should never keep any pics you send him.  Like text messages, he should delete them immediately.  And, no, that doesn’t mean downloading them to his computer in a “super secret folder that nobody will see”!  Delete them.  He doesn’t need “trophies”!  You can always send them again if he has a “favorite” that he likes to see from time to time.

  • Figure out the best way to communicate.  Maybe text messages aren’t the way to go!  You may agree that sending each other emails from specifically created yahoo or gmail accounts is the best way to be discreet. And, even with emails, delete them!  Not just once, but twice!  Yes, go to the “trash bin”, where they will be stored for 30 or more days and delete them permanently!

  • Ask him his preference about whether you can or should wear perfume when you are together.  I know that a good perfume is sexy and smells great and can make a guy go weak in the knees, but, guess what, if your scent is on him when he goes home, you can bet his wife is going to be on your ass before long!  And, for god’s sake, no glitter!  Don’t wear eye shadow or makeup that glitters!  It takes two days and three showers to get that stuff off!!  lol!

  • If you are going to text or call, find out the “no-go times”; i.e., times when he is going to be at home and can’t take calls.  Likewise, if you have roommates or are in a relationship, you should establish “black outs” when the two of you agree not to contact each other.  

  • Before he leaves the hotel room after your rendez vous, check for lipstick smudges on his shirts! Seriously!  I know that sounds cliché, but, my goodness, it does happen, and if he goes home with your lip prints on his shirt, it’s lights out for him!

  • Similarly, don’t leave scratch marks on him, girl!  And if you bite, please don’t break skin or leave a mark!  Think about it!  Those are sure tells! How’s he going to explain those bruises and marks to his wife?  Believe me, I love fun rough sex as much as anybody, but I am always careful never to leave marks on my SB (that won’t fade away before we go our separate ways) ;-)

  • And, finally, remember the motto:  Deny Deny Deny.  If you get “caught” by your parents, your friends, your boyfriend, deny it!  It doesn’t matter how irrefutable the proof is against you; DENY IT and never give up your SD.  Likewise, he should follow this same pledge.  If he goes down, he does so alone!  He should never bring you into the flaming mess!

Out in public

If your married SD is local, you need to have a frank discussion about “going out in public” and whether that is advisable.  Look, professional men tend to have wide social circles, whether they are friends, relatives, acquaintances, colleagues or even friends of all of the above. Yeah, sure, you can pick a place to go that seems out of the way, but there is always a chance that someone you know or he knows will spot you and start to raise questions.  Meeting for lunch ameliorates some of the inherent problems, but dinners and nights out can be problematic!  

  • It may be better to just get a hotel room and hang out there for a couple of hours in the afternoon or evening!  I know, you may be deprived of a good dinner at a fancy restaurant (but there’s always room service for that, eh?) or a night on the town, but look at it this way, you’ll end up spending less time in the room before you go home for the night than if you did if you go out for dinner and drinks before heading back to the room! So, if the guy’s personality ain’t all that keen, you’ll have to spend less time with him!

  • If you do “venture out”, discuss how you will act in public.  Is he up for “public displays of affection” or should the two of you play it cool?  Personally, I don’t need to act like some horny teenager when I am out with my SB, so, I don’t need to have my arms around her or my hand on her ass as we walk down a street.  lol!  Save it for the bedroom!  And, discuss with him how the two of you should handle the glances and stares of other people when they see this older guy with this younger woman? 

  • My personal view is that the best place to spend time in public is when he is on a business trip to a different city and flies you out for the night/couple of days.  In a different city, the “recognition risk” approaches zero, usually, so it is much easier to have a “date experience”.  And, it frees you up to act more like a “couple in love” when you are in a different town.  I just don’t think that it is worth the risk for a married SD to spend a lot of time in public with his SB unless he is out of town. 

  • Here is another “tip” for married SDs out with their SBs:  Don’t bother to take off your ring, dude!  First, to the extent that the two of you draw attention, it will be based on your age difference, not the fact that you are wearing a wedding ring! Second, if you take your ring off, you run a very real risk of losing the damn thing, forgetting it in the room or leaving it somewhere.  How you gonna explain that to the Missus?

These are just some of my thoughts!  And, I think that this is one of those things that you should openly and directly talk about with your SD, especially if he doesn’t have a lot of experience.  Trust me, he may not even realize some of the risks that he potentially faces, so, if you bring them up and make him understand how important it is to be discreet, I’m sure he will appreciate it!

This post is getting overly long, even for my standards, lol, so, I’m going to end it here.  I think this is a subject that may be worth continued discussion, so, if I come up with more topics, I’ll do a part II or III! Also, if you have suggested questions you’d like addressed about this subject, let me know!  

Request: Can you write a fic where the reader has been cursed by a witch to say whatever is on her mind out loud and she ends up confessing her feelings to Sam? And if you could include a giant moosey hug from him somehow that would be wonderful. haha. You're awesome!

“A little help here!” You shouted over the witch’s chant. You finally found her lair, now all you needed to do was kill the bitch.

“I’m trying!” Sam shouted, mixing ingredients into a bowl. Dean stood next to him, urging him to go quicker.

You dodged another attack from the witch. She’s been throwing mother fucking fire at you for the past minute, and you were getting really tired. “Got it!” Sam exclaimed.

“Praise Jesus.” You muttered, trying to keep the witch’s attention. Sam moved behind her and dumped the mixture onto he head. She let out a blood curdling screech and fell to the floor, dead. “Finally!” You exclaimed. “Can we get something to eat?” You asked.

“Jesus, can we let the witch be dead for one second before thinking of food?” Dean teased, but headed towards the door. You eagerly followed him, stomach growling.

Within ten minutes you’re sitting at a table, waiting for your burger to be made. “Good job today.” Sam commented you.

You tried to hide the blush spreading over your face, and said, “Thanks.” After a moment, you looked around and added, “God, I’m so fucking hungry.”

“Yeah, well dodging fire balls will do that to you.” Dean commented, taking a sip of his drink.

“I was so scared my hair was gonna catch on fire!” You confessed.

Sam and Dean laughed, and then your food arrived. You watched eagerly as the waitress put your plate down. “Thanks!” You chirped, digging in. You almost threw up right away. “What the Hell?” You exclaimed. You took the top bun off the burger only to reveal pickles. You had specifically asked for no pickles. “Gross.” You muttered.

“Oh, I’m so sorry! Do you want another burger?” The waitress asked.

“No, it’s okay.” You said, and she seemed to relax. “I’ll just suffer in silence.” You added. You immediately slapped your hand over your mouth, shocked that you’d actually said it.

The waitress’ back stiffened, and she nodded to you before walking away. “What the Hell, Y/N? It’s just pickles.” Dean said.

“I don’t know! I didn’t mean to say it!” You quickly say. “But, in all honesty, my request wasn’t that difficult. I guess that’s just what you get when you go to a lame town like this.” Your eyes widened as you said this sentence, and you shook your head. You saw heads turn and people give you annoyed looks. “I’m so sorry.” You said, not sure why you were saying these things.

“Check please!” Dean asks, sighing. Sam watched you with concern, and you bury your face in your hands, super embarrassed.

Once the check was paid you quickly ran to the Impala, jumping in the back. “That was so embarrassing!” You said as soon as everybody was in the car.

“Seriously, what was that?” Sam asked.

“I don’t know! If I knew, I think is say something!” You snapped. “Oh my god, Sam I’m so sorry.” You said immediately after. “What is wrong with me!”

“Don’t worry we’ll figure it out.” Sam assured you.

“You’re always so caring, Sam.” You said. You could feel yourself start to say more, and you quickly through your hand over your mouth.

“Are you okay?” Sam asked.

You nodded, and went on and on about how great Sam was. Of course, he didn’t hear it, you dutifully kept your hand over your mouth.

You jumped out the car once Dean pulled into the motel. “I’m gonna try sleeping this off.” You announced, running into the room and crawling under the covers. You were asleep within seconds.

You woke up when you heard a door open. You rolled on your side and saw Sam exit the bathroom wearing only a towel. “God, you’re so fucking sexy!” You screamed.

Sam’s head quickly turned to you, and your face burned bright red. You were about to say more, when Dean burst out laughing. “I think I know why you keep saying weird things!” He exclaimed once he’d calmed down.

“Well…?” You asked.

“The witch cursed you to say whatever’s on your mind.” He stated, smiling smugly.

“That explains a lot.” You muttered

“So what do we do?” Sam asked, grabbing a shirt.

“No! Don’t put clothes on!” You shouted. Your cheeks burned up, but there was no use in arguing with what you said, everybody knew what you were thinking.

“Yeah Sammy!” Dean mocked.

“Shut up! It’s not my fault that Sam’s super hot!” You shouted.

“Oh, does somebody have a crush on Sam?” Dean teased.

“Obviously. Anybody would be crazy not to notice how smart, cute, kind, caring, and wonderful he is.” You blurted out, unable to stop yourself. You kept looking at Dean, eyes wide. You didn’t want to see Sam’s reaction.

“You have a crush on me?” He asked.

“That’s an understatement.” You said against your will.

“Thank god.” Sam said, and you spun your head to look at him. “I’ve felt the same way forever.”

He walked over to you, placed a hand on your chin, and pressed his lips to yours. “That was amazing.” You blurted out, pulling your lips away.

Sam chuckled and said, “We need to figure out how to stop this.”

“I totally agree. But let’s just kiss for a little more.” You replied, pushing your face back to his.

“I’ll just… Leave you to it then.” Dean said, getting up and leaving the room. You barely noticed, all your attention was on Sam’s lips.

(I hope you like it! Sorry it’s not my best.)

Spider-woman and Sexual Portrayals of Women

So many opinions on the interwebs these days! You guys know I tend to stay out of this stuff, but I actually have something valuable to say…or so I feel.

If you want to know my opinion on Milo Manara’s Spider-woman cover, I’m going to have to disappoint you and say I feel super divided on it. I love Milo Manara!! It’s a variant cover…so it’s sort of an erotica variant! Of course, I’d also like to see Katie Cook do her own version…that’d make Marvel’s choice seem a little less like a systemic problem. And yes, it’s all a different story with context, but without context, it is a bit jarring and I don’t negate that because the Internet really changes our experience these days. And the image itself does remind me a lot of images by artists I DON’T respect…I wish it looked more characteristically Manara instead of a Greg Horn illustration (sorry, Greg Horn! (Not that you care!)). Again, all that said, it’s Milo Manara and if anybody should be able to do things how he wants, it should be him.

That’s not my point. My point is, it’s not an easy thing to evaluate or explain what is okay and what’s not. Some sexy drawings of women I can get behind, some I can’t. Some of that’s context. But a lot of it is what seemed like a weird intuition that I couldn’t really pinpoint, until recently.

The word that changes everything for me is “personhood.” Does this woman seem like a person? Do they have life breathed into them? A personality? Or are they an object? Do they feel manufactured or repetitive? Would guys who like this appreciate that I am a living, breathing woman?  Or would they complain I talk too much?

This is why I love Guillem March’s work despite some weird occasional gems…He exaggerates but his women are diverse and boiling over with life. You can tell he likes the ladies, but he likes them, person and all.  I know not all women can get behind this dude, but I strongly believe we need him in this industry.

Compare that with this image…which appears to be a photo manip by someone named “CHOWY”…anyway, it creeps the hell out of me. Why? Because these are not presented as people; they are objects that serve a purpose. Moreover, it’s obvious I was not invited to this celebration of comics. And I like getting invitations.

This applies to stories, too. It’s an oldie, but I’ve always disliked the Tomb Raider movie. Female protagonist? Check. Strong? Oh yeah. Smart? Anthropologist smart! Human being? Bzzzzzzzt!!! Wrong. Hollow shell…HEY! Let’s watch her take a shower!

(I wish I could tie this all back to the Manara cover, but I feel like the point was that she’s Spider-woman, so she’s less human, more spider. The truth: I was just using this controversy as an excuse to get on my soapbox.)

Of course, the depressing undertone to this post is that so many guys don’t see (or don’t want to see?) women as humans. So, so weird, so sad.  I tend to surround myself with guys who think I’m human and gals who think they themselves are humans, so I can pretend this problem isn’t common.  But reality is a bastard.

Anyway. Personhood. I have a name for it and it has given a reason to my rhyme. Maybe it’s your reason, too?

Follow Leonthotsky? Read this...

I’m not a big fan of doing this but if you know me I’ve only done this when I felt very uncomfortable about a situation so let me begin..

Over the last couple months I personally have felt somewhat uncomfortable about Sam ( leonthotsky ) and couldn’t ever figure out why besides a few questionable posts:

(I swear to god I’ve seen like 10 posts where he talks about how gay guys are constantly hitting on him and it’s like “ok?”)

(honestly what the fuck)

(Why even point out they’re 15 year old girls? or their sexuality?)

and tbh i usually just skipped past these or just shrugged them off..

Last few months I notice if I happened to reblog a friend’s selfies I’d see him sending them asks or replying to their posts in the next few days and while I always thought that was kinda sketchy I didn’t think too much about it until this happened:

(name cut out to protect her)

At the time Sam was messaging my friend she was under 18 and he knew it and continued to harass her. (he would’ve been roughly between 20-21)

(This is a different girl who said I could use her name but just out of safety for her I’m gonna black it out.)

Another person who wasn’t comfortable with Sam’s advances.


And another…

Just in case you miscounted this is 4 different girls telling me that they were uncomfortable with how he was acting.

My question is: If there’s 4 girls saying they felt this way how many more are there that haven’t said a word? His account has been active since 2013 and I have a pretty good idea just from this that there are more girls that felt uneasy about him that I don’t know about.

If you’re wondering why I would do this I wanna point out that Sam is constantly championing himself as some kind of golden boy and has literally refereed to himself as “the leader of a fuckboy jihad”

yet everyone other post he makes is talking about how “good at oral” he is and how he’s a “nice guy”

(there’s tons of posts like this.)

So why is it okay when YOU do it?

It’s not right for anybody to do it but just because you say that you hate those kind of guys DOES NOT give you a free pass to act like this towards girls (especially a fucking under age girl).

leonthotsky care to explain?

A Letter From A Not So Stranger | Ch. 12

AU:Karma Ashcroft has everything. She’s popular, never misses a party, and is always up to date with fashion thanks to her friend Shane. She’s a straight A student and has a perfect attendence record. She’s head of the cheerleaders with her co-captain and best friend Lauren. Her life seems perfect, other than Lauren’s who has to cope with her stepsister Amy. She is the school’s troublemaker with her best friend Liam. One day Karma receives a mysterious love letter from someone who knows a bit too much about her life.

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