anybody but the cops

There is no excuse for police brutality

I will literally not budge on this

Imagine being Carisi’s ex fiance and having to call him for help. 

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Part 3 

Warning: gun violence, hostage situation, angry carisi, cuss words


“Okay calm down” Sonny called through the door. 

“Shut up. Make all the cops leave” Kory yelled. 

“You know I can’t do that. What I can do is make a deal with you” Sonny said. 

You had a gun to the temple of your head and honestly you couldn’t breathe.

You were terrified. Kory wasn’t going to make a deal.

“What deal?” Kory dragged you back while looking out the window. 

“You’re hurting me” You whimpered. 

“Shut the fuck up” Kory hit you with the gun. 

“Give me Y/n and we’ll let you go” 

“Really?” Kory scoffed. 

“Listen. We don’t want anybody to get hurt. How about I get all these cops to leave and then you let her go” Sonny pleaded. 



It took ten minutes but finally all the cops were gone. 

“Okay they’re gone. Now let her go” 

Kory grabbed you and slowly opened the door. 

Sonny looked older. I mean you haven’t seen him in 10 years but wow how he’s changed.

Sonny was thinking the same about you. But you looked worse then the last time you saw him.

“Stand back” Kory cocked the gun and you squeezed your eyes shut. 

“Hey, its gonna be alright Y/n” 

Kory glanced at the doorway, you then Sonny. Then he through you forward and ran.

“Take him down” Sonny said into a microphone. 

You fell into his arms and started crying. 

Sonny wrapped his arms around you. 

“Shh its gonna be okay babygirl” 


Reblog for Part 4 

The Walking Dead: Jeffrey Dean Morgan had no idea the season was ending in a cliffhanger
  • DALTON ROSS: When you shot the season 6 finale, did they tell you whom you were killing?
  • JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN: No, they did not tell me. I don’t know that anybody knew on that particular evening, and if they did, no one has copped to me. But I certainly didn’t know. I’ve seen interviews where Norman has said, “I know,” but I honestly don’t know that anybody really knew what was going to happen. I didn’t find out whom we were going to kill until I saw the first script coming back this year.
  • DR: Wow.
  • JDM: Yeah. And it’s heavy, man. It’s a heavy deal. It was heavy when we shot it last year and it’s only gotten more intense this year, I think. What you’re asking of these actors to put it on the line like they do, and then this scene in particular, especially if they had the summer to dwell on it, it’s a lot. Then I go blowing in like a hurricane, just dance around on my tiptoes swinging Lucille around—it was 10 days of hell, I believe, for everyone involved. That ending — or this beginning, I should say — is jarring. It’s a reset on The Walking Dead world and it’s f—ing Negan’s world now, you know? It’s a lot.
  • DR: Did it surprise you, the reaction to the cliffhanger? A lot of people were very upset.
  • JDM: I think by the time October rolls around all those people who are like, “I’m never watching Walking Dead again. I feel cheated,” they’re going to be the first ones lined up in front of their television. And I’ll say this, you have to be careful what you wish for, audience, because you’re going to get those answers answered and more, and you’re probably not going to be happy with it.
Those Who Remain

Long Way Down

Oliver shrugged into his motorcycle jacket, the muscle in his jaw keeping up a steady tic as he movedabout the small studio apartment he’d been renting. Snatching his keys off thecrate he used for a bedside table, he rounded the thin paper screen partitioning his bed from the rest of the spare space, rolling his shoulders to settle the leather jacket as he strode for the door, mind already blocks away at Felicity’s townhome, praying for some sign, some clue he missed before.

Halfway there, a hard knock cracked on the thick, black-painted wood and Oliver’s step faltered, his breath pulling between his lips, the muscles in his back bunching. Tension gripped his stomach and climbed into his chest and up his throat. 

Could be anybody, could be Digg, could be Triad, could be Bratva, could be cops, could be Felicity

Pressing his tongue to his lower lip, Oliver lowered his chin, rapidly processing his exits and available weapons as he closed the distance to the door. Hand on the knob, body to the far side of the frame, he leaned in and looked through the peephole, gut churning at the distorted silver shield that took up the lens’s view just as another impatient knock rattled the wood.

Oliver blew a steadying breath through his teeth and reached up to free the chain and throw back the two deadbolts. He pulled the door open and immediately filled its space. “Captain.”

Quentin Lance nodded at him, full lips a sour twist as he tucked his badge back into the inside pocket of his suit jacket. “Queen.” Oliver raised an eyebrow at him and Quentin raised a wide palm. “I ain’t here for pleasantries. We need to talk.”

Oliver pursed his lips, bristling almost by reflex. “Is this a conversation I should have lawyers present for, Captain Lance? You may recall, I don’t have them on retainer anymore.”

Lance scoffed. “God help me, you’d probably just call my daughter.” Oliver blinked, and Quentin sighed. “A Missing Person’s report caught my attention. Filed by you.”

Oliver’s lungs seized in his chest, his heartbeat kicking into overdrive and pounding against his sternum, flooding his veins with adrenaline. Fingers tightening on the door enough to squeak against the slick paint, he stepped carefully to one side and gestured expansively into the room. “Please. Come inside.”

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cop au?

okay its been a long while but…ummm HIIII EVERYONE!

Has anybody done a strange magic cop! au yet?

Picture this, tall gangly Officer Bog with a face as tough as his words. He’s a newbie, a little rash, a little too eager to dole out justice. His mentor and partner…tiny, bubbly, hell of a shot Officer DAWN.

She reigns in his yelling tendencies while providing excellent guidance. She also tries to set him up with her beloved sister who sounds “like a really nice girl”, but Bog’s currently got a big-as-all-hell crush on the cute barista/nursing student he sees every Monday-Thursday while he gets his morning coffee.

(Dawn does not need coffee. SHE’S MADE OF THE SUN.)

anyway, cue Bog flustered and tripping over his words every time he has a snaky conversation with said barista who’s name is Marianne.

Funny that’s pretty close to what Dawn calls her sister, Mari…


LIFE GOAL ACCOMPLISHED - I am on a vinyl release. It’s a split with excellent group Problems That Fix Themselves. It’s lathe cut and limited to 50. It’s clear. It’s a square. It’s put out by my friends. It will be released this Friday at the Corner Record Shop (where both bands will be playing at night, so come see us!)


You know I’m convinced now that the people who run the Fan Expos in Canada have the mentality of small children because this type of shit is beyond fucking childish.

Nice to know that the Honey Badgers can’t even hang out in a PUBLIC park without someone calling the police on them and the fact that law enforcement sent a cop to check up on them really is hilarious in of it’s self.

I really do hope that the Honey Badgers get their money back because it’s clear the expo con scene is being organized by a bunch of childish shady fuckers who can’t stand people with different opinions going to their conventions.

And why do I get the feeling that The Mary Sue, Kotaku and Comics Alliance are gonna totally ignore this story? Because this shows you that the people running these expos don’t know jack shit about dealing with people with different world views. 

Also how is GamerGate a hate movement again? I don’t remember anybody who supports GamerGate calling the cops on any anti gamers and I don’t remember anybody who supports GamerGate kicking out people with different world views from a comic convention.