Today the Department of Impossible Cuteness is delighting in the adorable amigurumi characters created by Charlotte, MI-based artist AnyaZoe. Her crocheted WALL-E is so incredibly expressive and sweet that he’ll tug the heartstrings of people who haven’t even seen the WALL-E movie.

Zoe has over 100 pop culture-inspired amigurumi characters in her AnyaZoe Etsy shop ranging from books, TV shows, and movies to comic books and video games. We’re particularly smitten by this beautiful depiction of Haku from Spirited Away in dragon form:

Head over to the AnyaZoe Etsy shop to check out many more of her amazing handmade dolls.

[via Nerd Approved]
Princess Mononoke Amigurumi

ALL ITEMS ARE MADE TO ORDER. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your item(s) to be made. ~~Shipped by USPS First Class~~ Orders inside the United States: 3-5

You guys YOU GUYS. She even has an AMAZING Beauty & The Beast! I just, I can’t handle how cool this stuff is! I want them ALLLL.  I’m supposed to be working on an AC3 Connor for LittleBro but I feel so insignificant in the face of this much awesome lol.