you broke my heart, anyanka. don’t be so dramatic, torg. you don’t even have a heart. six spleens, two stomachs, half a brain maybe, but no heart.

buffy spoilers ...

just want to say that I think killing Anya was one of the most pointless and badly written things I have ever seen on television. it’s not even like her death could have lead on to something interesting in later episodes, because there are no more episodes? she was literally killed in the final episode of the show? also it kinda seemed like no one cared?? Xander, who was literally going to marry her, had a *very brief* conversation with Andrew about how she died bravely or something then 5 minutes later started making jokes about there being no shops and that?? and it’s not like any other of the characters reacted either, no one even mentioned it. I’m just mad that my queen, anya christina emmanuella jenkins, had to die.
rant over


anyanka x halfrek - their secret history
[ to @dirbazluhrmann from your buffy femslash secret santa, me me me <3 ]
it’s just a small something, but i hope you enjoy this. wait for more things from lil me. 

it was about vengeance
always was
but still, deep down in those flaming eyes
it was more than that

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A short thing I wrote for femslash week, written during my ten minute break at work. Don’t judge.

“I could do it, you know.”

Darla looked up from the book on her lap to glance at Anyanka.

“What’s that?”

“If you wanted.” Anyanka rolled to her side, plucking a strawberry from the bowl on the bed between them. “I could curse him for you. Wreak vengeance on your behalf. It could be considered a conflict of interest, but I don’t think D’Hoffryn would mind.” She shrugged casually and popped the strawberry into her mouth.

Darla looked at her impassively for a moment, then set the book carefully on the bedside table.

“Angelus, you mean.”

Anyanka nodded eagerly, leaning closer.

“I could give him boils, or curse him bald.” She smiled wickedly.

Darla returned the smile. “You could make him a eunuch. Or blind.” She climbed on top of Anyanka, knocking the bowl of fruit over, and kissed a trace of strawberry juice from the corner of her mouth. She worked her way down, trailing nips and kisses across Anyanka’s collarbone.

“I could curse his soul away.”

Darla snapped her head up at that.

“You could?”

“Of course. If you wished it.” Anyanka bit her lip nervously. “I could make him as he was, if you wanted.”

Darla looked into her eyes intensely, brow furrowed, as she considered Anyanka’s offer. After only a moment’s hesitation, she smiled again.

“Let my boy suffer with his soul.” She ran a hand through Anyanka’s hair, tugging it affectionately. “I have my girl now.”