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SungMin (SPEED) [Profile]

REAL NAME: Choi SungMin (최성민)


POSITION: Maknae, Rap, Vocal

BIRTHDATE: 1995.12.07

ORIGIN: South Korea



ZODIAC: Sagittarius / Pig

HEIGHT: 178cm (≈5’10”)

WEIGHT: 56kg (≈124lb)

FAMILY: mother, father, younger sister (YeNa) [Moon HeeJun’s Pure 15 2014.03.26]

EDUCATION: Anyang Arts High School (graduated 2014)

HOBBIES & SKILLS: beatboxing


  • 그렇고 그런 사이 (Some Kind of Relationship) (KBS, 2013) [Jin Goo]
  • 고양이는 있다 (My Dear Cat) (KBS, 2014) [Yeom ChiJoo]



  • 스타킹 (Star King) (SBS, 2010.11.11) [predebut]


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Last Updated: 2014.08.18

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Is it too late to ask about facts? Ukwon is the only one left, right?

right you are! i could hardly leave him out, could i? so it’s not too late!~ last one!

KIM YUKWON - birthday April 9 ‘92

  • he was born in Suwon, one older brother
  • in HS he was in a band with his friends; he played guitar
  • he attended Anyang Technical High School
  • one of the original Block B lineup (with Zico, Kyung, Hanhae, & Mino)
  • as good a dancer as BBomb, but with a different feel (he’s good at crumping)
  • he can also beatbox
  • he is Block B’s smile representative, for obvious reasons
  • and he was also the first member to show his arms and abs (he said someone had to do it, so he sacrificed ^^’)
  • he’s an anime fanboy, his favourite is One Piece
  • in December of ‘12 he announced that he didn’t want to lie to fans, and that he was dating a model called Jun Sunhye.
  • they’re still together, and Ukwon is just about the cutest and most loyal boyfriend ever (he won’t draw hearts for fans, only stars >w<)
  • he always says his ideal girl is someone older with cute short hair *coUGh* SUNHYE
  • ….

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°˖✧saturday sleepover!✧˖°

[Rain]: When I attended Anyang High School of Art, somebody from an agency for many big stars urged me to have an audition.

When I was asked to dance, sing, rap, etc. at the audition, Hong Seung-seong, the president of JYP Entertainment at that time, told me, “You are of no avail.” [laughs]

Hong said , “You are too tall to be a singer.”

Hong added, “Hey, get eyelid surgery!” [laughs]


Source: Rain effect, 4