Are they gonna cut the body open? Oh, my god! Would you just…stop talking? Just…shut your mouth. Please. What am I doing? How can you act like that. Am I supposed to be changing my clothes a lot? Is that the helpful thing to do? The way you behave– Nobody will tell me. Because it’s not okay for you to be asking these things!


Thank you, Buffy.

I don’t think I could ever properly express what this show has done for me. Above all else, it’s shown me that life is worth living, no matter what. This journey I’ve been on with this show…it’s changed my life. It’s brought happiness and light and perspective and warmth. Nothing has ever done this for me before. Nothing has ever made me more…me.

So, thank you, Buffy.

20th Anniversary Buffy Birthweek: 7 Seasons