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Holy shit guys read every heart a doorway by seanan mcguire

-the main character is an asexual girl
-the Hottest Guy In School is trans
-its about a school for kids who had amazing adventures in alternate realities and are coping with being back in our world
-the writing style is amazing
-the characters are amazing
-its also a murder mystery
-this is an actual line from it: “Cheese making, for example. The perfect intersection of milk, science, and foolish disregard for the laws of nature.”

Essays in Existentialism: Skin

Soulmate au (clexa of course) where when you write something on your skin with pen/marker/whatever the hell you want, it will show up on your soul mates skin as well. Imagine having Clarke who’s a super artistic soulmate who draws designs and really beautiful patterns all over her arms and lexa just sits there and watches the little lines appear on their arms and she can’t stop smiling and it’s their favourite part of the day.

Sometimes it was doodles. Little cartoons or swirls or little faces on the tips of her fingers. At night, creatures and imaginary places occupied her ribs and her stomach, appearing like magic in their rightful spots, rarely the same thing twice.

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Aesthetic: Anya + Jenny friendship

i haven’t seen any posts like this on here so. if you immigrated from your country when you were a kid or if youre a first generation child i love u youre a part of your culture enough and youre doing everything right and i hope you find money on the ground

do i care if i survive this? (bury the dead where they’re found)

[or: five times lexa almost dies. // ao3.]


do i care if i survive this? (bury the dead where they’re found)
i wanna save you from your sorrow / how do i live with your ghost? / should i tear my arms out now? / i want to feel your touch / should i tear my eyes out now? everything i see returns to you somehow / should i tear my heart out now? / everything i feel returns to you somehow
—sufjan stevens, ‘the only thing’



When you are seven, you almost drown. 

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