anya was right


“Do you really think I might be her?”
“I WANT to believe you’re the little girl I saw once so many years ago.”

(Please don’t ask me about bootlegs or tweet these gifs to the actors.)


Anya lives, hangs around Raven in Arkadia till she recovers from the non-fatal gunshot wound and is a distraction and safety hazard - Let Raven put the soldering iron away first ffs, someones going to get hurt DX


If you want to get out of here, all you have to do is sing.


The VVitch: A New-England Folktale (2015) dir. Robert Eggers

“Wouldst thou like the taste of butter? A pretty dress? Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?”


Lexa’s Braids

I’d like to imagine little Lexa running around the village and the nearby forest with her wild hair in messy braids. While some of the other Trikru kids had their parents or older siblings to braid their hair for them, Lexa had no one and had to do her braids herself. Some kid made fun of her for it once, but she nearly broke his face and from that moment on, nobody dared to cross her path again.

When Anya chose her to be her second, Lexa was beyond ecstatic. Not only was she going to train as a warrior who will be protecting their village and the entire clan in the future (and maybe put a stop to this war against the Mountain Men that had taken away her parents), but she finally had someone. Even if this someone was her mentor who sometimes thwacked her on the back of her head or slapped her face with mud when she was being too rash or too mouthy. Then one day, not long after she became Anya’s second, Anya made her sit down on the log, sat behind her and began doing up Lexa’s hair in braids. When Lexa started to ask, Anya tugged her hair really hard to shush her. Then after a minute, Anya said, “I won’t have my second looking so sloppy and disheveled. If you can’t take care of your own appearance, then how can you expect anyone to trust you to care for anything else?” (See, Anya was rather fastidious about her own looks. Where the other warriors were content with simply tying their hair back in braids, she would decorate hers with feathers and beads.) Lexa didn’t say anything to that, still making sense of that feeling in her chest, the feeling that she was no longer lost and untethered. That somehow she was someone’s. She wasn’t going to tell Anya that though; Lexa had a feeling she would be rewarded with more than just a muddy slap.

(What she didn’t know, of course, was that Anya felt that irritating pang of tenderness at the sight of this headstrong brat with the messy braids. That despite their protocol of making their seconds learn everything by themselves–especially with something as elementary as braiding–she succumbed to doing Lexa’s hair. ‘It’s just hair,’ Anya reasoned to herself. Of course, braiding was never just about hair. And if Anya noticed that Lexa had gone quiet and she looked like she was about to cry, Anya didn’t say anything.)

Flash forward to when Lexa has been called to lead her people as Heda. Along the way, she had met Costia–beautiful, kind, wise Costia–who came from one of the villages near the sea. This time around, Lexa had her “coterie of shield maidens” to do her braids for her, which she was grateful for because braiding is a time-consuming process. But sometimes, Costia would take it upon herself to do Lexa’s braids, and when Lexa would ask, she would only reply with, “I want to.” And Lexa would fall silent and let herself enjoy the sensation of Costia’s fingers on her hair, carefully pulling and twisting the wavy strands until they come together in such neat, beautiful braids. In these moments, Lexa would feel that she and Costia existed in a world removed from the one where every day was a fight for survival, where death was a daily visitor, where loss was a lesson that every child knew. In the moments when Costia would untangle the knots in Lexa’s hair, Lexa felt that somewhere there was a place for them where they could just be. And Lexa’s eyes would flutter open and she would just gaze at Costia as she worked, thinking and feeling, “Mine; she is mine.” And Lexa couldn’t help but reach out to her and Costia would oblige her with a kiss. It was never just a single kiss and one kiss followed another then another until they braided together into something that was all safety and comfort and love.

(Costia loved the moments when Lexa would let herself be young and vulnerable with her. Moments when Lexa would take off the mantle of Heda, and simply be Lexa. But as the days and weeks wore on, Costia was seeing less and less of Lexa, and more and more of Heda. Apart from the threat of the Mountain Men, tensions were running high among the Twelve Clans and in-fighting was happening more frequently. She had seen Lexa stay up late many nights, her eyes deep-set and worried, and so, so alone with the burden of leadership. Costia would not presume to know how to share in this burden for it is something that only the Heda could know and carry. But she could be with Lexa in the increasingly brief moments when she was not Heda. She knew that Lexa had people who would do her braids for her, but Costia insisted to take over when she could. She didn’t tell Lexa that she offered up a prayer with every twist of her hair, a prayer to the gods to grant Lexa wisdom and strength and protection from harm. Costia offered up prayers and all her love weaved into the wild curls of the bravest, gentlest, kindest person she knew. And as she would finish the last braid on Lexa’s hair, Costia would add a plea, 'Come back to me. Come back to me, safe and whole. Come back to me as you are,’ because the gods knew Costia wouldn’t be able to bear it if anything happened to Lexa.)

Clarke of the Sky People insisted that she try out braiding Lexa’s hair. After all, she was the reason why they get tugged free and mussed up in the first place. But Lexa kept on turning her down, saying she had people who do it for her, or that braiding took up too much time, time which they could put to better use, etc. Lexa wouldn’t say that the real reason why she wouldn’t let Clarke braid her hair was that the act reminded her too much of Anya and Costia. Two people she had cared about so deeply and who were taken from her cruelly by death. Lexa wouldn’t give voice to her fears that maybe she was jinxed, that everyone she loved would surely die. And she knew it was stupid but she held onto the belief that as long as Clarke didn’t braid her hair, then she wouldn’t die. Lexa wouldn’t say any of these things but maybe she didn’t have to. Clarke would just look at her in that careful way of hers then nod in understanding. One night, as they lay in bed, Clarke started running her fingers through Lexa’s wild, messy hair. “I am not going anywhere. You know that, right?” And Lexa could only bob her head in a shallow nod. Clarke’s lips quirked up into a small smile. “You are mine, and I am yours.” And that was as much of a declaration and the only promise they could afford to make each other. Lexa could feel her eyes stinging with tears so she turned to lie flat on her stomach, her face away from Clarke. “Clarke, will you braid my hair?” After a moment of surprise, Clarke jumped on the opportunity. Literally and figuratively. As it turned out, Clarke kind of sucked at braiding hair. (After all, there was a reason why she could only tie up her own hair in that simple way she had been wearing since arriving on Earth.)

Good thing she was rather skilled in other things and she was saved from Lexa’s further teasing.

ASOIAF: The Book of the City of Ladies

Ruling ladies in the time of the War of the Five Kings 6/18

Anya Waynwood, Lady of Ironoaks.

A Lady with a distinct air of nobility, Anya Waynwood has already widowed and is mother of three grown sons and several daughters. At first, she is one of the Lords Declarant who swear to drive Petyr Baelish out of the Vale and to protect their young lord, Robert Arryn. But later, in a unexpected move, she is present at the wedding of Lord Lyonel Corbray in Gulltown, an adherent of Lord Baelish. One of her wards is the young Harrold Hardyng, her cousin and the heir-presumptive of the Vale.

“None of us wants war,” acknowledged Lady Waynwood. “Autumn wanes, and we must gird ourselves for winter.”

A Feast for Crows. Alayne I.

Note: This is another young version of an elderly ruling Lady.

continuation of land sea sky specifically this prompt

Raven knows she’s pulling away.

Part of her died when Luna pressed their bonding rings into her hand.

Another part withered when she realized that Luna had been ready to let herself die if the sea willed it.

Watching the two greatest joys of her life together had once given her peace and a sense of belonging, now she wonders if it was only ever a delusion she had.

So Raven knows she’s pulling away but she doesn’t know how to stop it and she doesn’t know how much is real and how much is in her head.

She wants to go back to before, back before they thought Anya had been killed, back before her heart had shattered, back before she flinched when they touched her. Each day she grows more distant even though she tries to pretend she isn’t.

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okay but this is a great episode: hell’s bells (btvs | 6x16)

oh, anyanka. i’m sorry. but you let him domesticate you. when you were a vengeance demon, you were powerful, at the top of your game. you crushed men like him. it’s time you got back to what you do best, don’t you think?

  • Anya: *dies*
  • Finn: *shoots innocent people and everyone defends him*
  • Raven: *gets tortured the 53th time in the season*
  • Bellamy: *gets tortured and nobody knows it*
  • Monty: *does not get a storyline and remains the sidekick*
  • Clarke: *can not go back to the camp because she is too broken, after all she has done*
  • Me: Wells Jaha did not die for this bullshit.
  • Lexa: I need your help in... expressing... my feelings.
  • Anya: ...of course.
  • Lexa:
  • Anya:
  • Lexa: Well? How do I express my feelings?
  • Anya: Oh! Oh I see, right. Um. Feelings.
  • Lexa: Feelings.
  • Anya: Girls.
  • Lexa: Girls.
  • Anya: Flowers?
Essays in Existentialism: Punches III

Maybe you can do another Punches chapter? It would be so intresting to see Clarke meeting Anya, Clarke seeing Lexa fighting and strugling to accept that Lexa willingly fights and gets hurt. Thank you so much, you are my favourite fics writer :)

Previously on Punches

The city was frozen, though the thaw at its heart began to change it. Buildings dripped and streets cleared of ice, for a day or two, and the next wayward storm would blow its way through, punishing it for believing that it had a chance at all to reach the sacred gates of summer. But still, the city did its best to usher in the changing of seasons. The snow didn’t pile high anymore, but came in wisps and dustings, and the ice didn’t pepper the roads or sidewalks, but relegated itself to puddles and gutters. The city tried, so hard, to escape the perpetual winter, that it did not even notice or care at all, about what would happen on the other side of the world.  

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MTVS Epic Rewatch #180

BTVS 7x02 Beneath You

Stray thoughts

1) I’ve always got some strong Run Lola Run vibes from the opening scene of this episode…

It’s the setting, the music, the pace, the fact that the girl is – duh! – running, and her look and outfit. It’s all very Run Lola Run, right?

So, do you think this was an homage to the movie, plagiarism, or Joss’s idea of what Germany is like based simply on one movie he’d seen?

That aside, these scenes bring up a lot of questions about how potential slayers are treated in other countries. We know that Kendra was raised and educated as a potential slayer, knowing that one day she may become one. I think Kennedy was, too. We also know that Buffy and Faith weren’t. But the two girls shown in the opening scenes from episodes 7x01 and 7x02 seem to be aware they should run away and they’re not asking for help in the regular way any citizens would do, you know? Like, they’re not screaming for help or going to the police? So it kind of feels they knew what their deal was and why they were being chased…

It’s all the more interesting because Buffy was having a prophetic (or live action?) dream about the German girl. I’ve always loved Buffy’s prophetic dreams, and I wish her connection to other slayers through her dreams would’ve been explored more in depth in the show.

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