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Anya lives, hangs around Raven in Arkadia till she recovers from the non-fatal gunshot wound and is a distraction and safety hazard - Let Raven put the soldering iron away first ffs, someones going to get hurt DX

  • Willow: How can you defend a country where five percent of the people control 95 percent of the wealth?
  • Anya: I’m defending a country where people can think, and act, and worship any way they want!
  • Willow: Can not.
  • Anya: Can too.
  • Willow: Can not!
  • Anya: Can too!
  • Giles: Please, please, kids, stop fighting. Maybe Anya's right about America being the land of opportunity, and maybe Willow's got a point about the machinery of capitalism being oiled with the blood of the workers.

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From Commander-in-Chief: “Gabby Blabby Abby? Grabby Hands? Dr. Crabbie Pants? Ugh. I’m so glad you ended it with her. She was too old for you, anyway.”“Just wait until you meet your future mother-in-law,” Anya sing-songs. “You’re in for a treat.” For the love of holy causes and effects, upon all that is good in this world, p l e a s e tell us how this meeting goes! *angel's choirs singing please* Like, what wins - Lexa's Heda composure or her awkward gay noodle bean-ness? I'm so curious

Haha, hmm… One question is who tells Lexa and whether Clarke actually finds out (wait, Clarke doesn’t know about her mom and Anya, right? Or was that her mom and Raven? omg need to pull out my venn diagram again! okay, it’s unclear. so just for fun, let’s say that Clarke doesn’t know about it either. bc what is that fic but crack and miscommunication?)

January 3rd, 2021

“Babe. Don’t freak out but—Lexa. Stop. It’s fine.”

President Woods takes a deep breath. “Of course it’s fine. I’m fine. Go on.”

“Are you going to need your panic room?”

“It is not ‘my panic room,’ Clarke. It’s not, like, therapeutic. It’s just called a panic room because it locks down.”

“Ummhmm. And it just so happens to be your bedroom. Where you do all your panicking.”

“I’m the President of the United States, Clarke. I don’t panic,” Lexa sulks, digging a pen into the surface of her desk before remembering it’s a priceless historical heirloom. “What were you saying?” she prods, furiously trying to buff away the scratch with her thumb.

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  • Anya: *dies*
  • Finn: *shoots innocent people and everyone defends him*
  • Raven: *gets tortured the 53th time in the season*
  • Bellamy: *gets tortured and nobody knows it*
  • Monty: *does not get a storyline and remains the sidekick*
  • Clarke: *can not go back to the camp because she is too broken, after all she has done*
  • Me: Wells Jaha did not die for this bullshit.
So I just bought myself a new BTVS boxset and it’s really pretty but after S2, the summaries of each season seem a bit strange?

Season 3: Living in Sunnydale, atop the human portal to the bestial, demon-breeding Hellmouth, and defending the world from its undead inhabitants, is tough enough. But Buffy must also struggle with the very human challenges of being a typical high-school student, where popularity can make or break you. It does not help that her cohorts Xander and Willow start dating, while all Buffy seems to have is the company of Angel - her boyfriend, if you can even call him that, since he is more devil than anything else. Even more daunting are the deliriously gruesome battles Buffy takes to the underworld - only to discover one shocking surprise begets another.

Season 4: With high school now just a fleeting nightmare, Buffy graduate to college and finds not only new academic crises, but ghost-ridden ones as well. Buffy’s boyfriend, Angel the vampire, is now dead to the rest of the world as well, leaving her plenty of opportunites for romance, as well as facing the harpies of hell, who continue to haunt her. College is infinitely more difficult and dangerous than high school. To help her cope, Buffy takes on a tutor in her Grand-Guiginol studies, former friend Rupert Giles, the resident expert on darkness, devils and all things evil. Giles can certainly help, but when it comes to fighting darkness, Buffy is all on her own.

Season 5: This season, the likeable but brutally capable Buffy is joined by her 14 year-old sister, Dawn. Where Dawn has been buried up to this point is painstakingly revealed, tormenting Buffy like a freshly hung victim in a noose, kicking for dear life. Luckily, Buffy lands a new boyfriend, Riley Finn. First year college orientation is followed by a dreaded sophomore slump with more grown-up ghastliness and bizarre encounters. To help overcome new difficulties, Buffy’s gang gains two spectacular spectres, Spike, a surly English vampire, and Anya, Xander’s jealous 1100 year-old, and long-time dead former ghoulfriend.

Season 6: Buffy grapples with balancing both her enchanting femininity and unrelenting formidability as she copes with being a beautiful, sexy young woman as well as saviour of the world. Previously, she had sacrificed her own life for her sister’s, which although harrowing, now gives Buffy a maturity she has never enjoyed before. But along with growth comes even more treacherous obstacles. If you think you have seen everything so far, wait until you discover what happens this season. Buffy’s destiny draws her deeper into the netherworld, while above ground, her relationship with Spike takes some unexpectedly inhuman turns. Will Buffy keep it together while the evil axis of demonic destruction around her tears everything apart?

Season 7: And so the fight of good versus evil continues. Buffy is now a working woman and along with all the pressures that entails in the real world, she must also face the never-ending haunts in the unreal world - against vampires, poltergeists and unfathomable creatures. For good measure, throw in raising a lovesick teenager, to-the-death battles between friends and her own salacious romances. With some new tricks up her sleeve, Buffy’s power waxes, although the inhabitants of the Hellmouth have not just been lying around in their coffins either. They are back - and they are mad as hell. Buffy takes to her ever-evolving destiny like warlocks to wands, as our remarkable vampire slayer vows to face the new fight wherever it takes her - to Hades and beyond.


okay but this is a great episode: hell’s bells (btvs | 6x16)

oh, anyanka. i’m sorry. but you let him domesticate you. when you were a vengeance demon, you were powerful, at the top of your game. you crushed men like him. it’s time you got back to what you do best, don’t you think?

now usually I’m ok with character dislike because everyone’s entitled to their opinion but once you start criticizing Anya Jenkins it feels like a personal attack


Very bad quality selfies of my Anya cosplay so far, but ohmygod I am in love with this coat! It ties this whole cosplay together and really makes me feel like Anya. I’m so happy right now. I also really didn’t want to take this cosplay off. I only made the darker parts on the sleeves today, because the only fabric I could find in the perfect color, happened to be fabric from hell, so it took quite some time to sorta get it right. Still missing the scarf, ‘cause I left it at my parents a while ago and have to this day forgotten to take it with me again.