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A speculative hill that I am willing to die on: that Sansa will interact with certain Freys during her time in the Vale. Likely at the Tourney for the Brotherhood of the Winged Knights, but also afterwards. Namely:

  • Maester Willamen, especially since the plot point of old Lord Hunter’s murder and House Hunter’s succession was something mentioned by Littlefinger.
  • Cynthea Frey, nine years old, a ward of Lady Anya Waynwood (just like Harry is, hmm). As her mother’s a Waynwood, she might be Anya’s granddaughter or niece.
  • Sandor Frey, Cynthea’s brother, twelve years old, squire of Lady Anya’s son Ser Donnel – and note Alayne has already met Anya’s son Wallace and grandson Roland.

I mean, I don’t know what’s going to happen… but look, GRRM wouldn’t put a boy of Sansa’s age named Sandor, of House Frey, of Crakehall blood (and therefore probably huge like his first cousin Little Walder) in a situation like this if he weren’t planning something. Seriously.

Every Degrassi Fan Has Thought These Questions
  • 1: What would happen if Manny never changed her personality and clothes?
  • 2: What would happen if Craig's father never died?
  • 3: What would happen if Snake didn't marry Spike?
  • 4: What would happen if Ashley never took Ecstasy?
  • 5: What would happen if Paige didn't get raped?
  • 6: What would happen if Peter didn't plant weed in Sean's locker?
  • 7: What would happen if Sean didn't go to the army?
  • 8: What would happen if Jimmy never got shot?
  • 9: What would happen if Liberty never got pregnant?
  • 10: What would happen if Manny and J.T never wanted to throw Liberty a birthday party?
  • 11: What would happen if J.T never died?
  • 12: What would happen if Anya never had the pregnancy scare?
  • 13: What would happen if Holly J stayed with Sav?
  • 14: What would happen if Darcy never blamed Mr. Simpson for her rape?
  • 15: What would happen if Alli didn't find Bianca and Drew in the boiler room?
  • 16: What would happen if Fitz actually stabbed Eli?
  • 17: What would happen if Clare stayed with Eli after he crashed Morty?
  • 18: What would happen if K.C never got Jenna pregnant?
  • 19: What would happen if K.C stayed with Clare?
  • 20: What would happen if Bianca didn't break off the engagement with Drew?

House Hardyng of the Vale, Sworn to Waynwood

House Hardyng is a noble house from the Vale of Arryn, they are sworn to House Waynwood of Ironoaks. They blazon their arms with a field of red and white diamonds.

Harrold Hardyng is the ward of Lady Anya Waynwood, he is often called Harry the Heir and sometimes the Young Falcon. Harrold is a great-nephew to Lord Jon Arryn, and is the heir presumptive of Lord Robert Arryn and would ascend to rule of the Vale as “Harrold Arryn” should Lord Robert die without issue.

Petyr, the Lord Protector of the Vale of Arryn, arranges a betrothal between Harrold and Sansa Stark, who is masquerading as Petyr’s bastard daughter, “Alayne Stone”. Lady Anya has agreed to the betrothal in exchange for Petyr forgiving the Waynwood debt that he had acquired, but she insists that Harry must agree to the marriage. Petyr schemes to reveal Sansa’s true identity and reclaim Winterfell in her name, with the help of the armies of the Vale once Harry succeeds Robert as Lord of the Eyrie.

A Not so Unfortunate Night

This fic was prompted by Anon. Thanks buddy and hope you like it.

Summary: Lexa gets dragged to a concert with her sister Anya. Lexa really hates the band and is grumpy as hell. Accidentally, a fan of the band bumps into Lexa and that makes Lexa release her frustration. The blonde who bumped Lexa feels pretty sad and Lexa’s words cut her deep, making her run away from the brunette. Lexa follows and tries to apologize for being an ass.

Rate: Teen

Beta: @cos-geek-monkey

Word count: 2,414

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Strangers 46

For soulxmaka week 2016: just kiss already. I thought this would be fitting. 

Read on FFN here! or below. A lot of chapter can be read out of order, but this one really requires some back story so I recommend going to chapter 1 if you haven’t read the rest.

I’ll Be Seeing You

December 31st

Soul hates parties, and there are probably no parties he hates more than the ones his parents have. He doesn’t even have Maka to use as a security blanket; she’s too busy getting dolled up by both his and Anya’s mothers. That old bat, Helen, is probably trying to interrogate his poor fake girlfriend for details about their relationship and trying to ascertain if she could hold any hope for her lifelong dream of joining their families – nevermind Anya’s complete lack of interest in boys. Even if he hadn’t been particularly invested in their short lived relationship, and was even less invested in their even shorter sexual escapade, the abrupt snubbing had been a bit of a blow to his pride. That is, until he found out he wasn’t the only (or the first) one it had happened with. Confusing high school serial dating aside, he didn’t really feel ill towards his ex. With families like theirs, Anya was the one with more to prove and more to lose.

Just because he doesn’t feel maliciously towards her doesn’t mean he wants to sit across from her drinking tea, though. It feels suspiciously like he’s been set up, and he desperately wants to escape. Why can’t he spend an hour getting his hair messed with?

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▪︎▪︎▪︎ never my stepping stone.
  • ANYA: sat perched up on Owen’s bed, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the boy she was waiting so impatiently to see. It had been hours since she arrived at the Milligan household, and the longer she waited, the more nervous she was to see the boy she had left behind. She had spent the evening with his mother, baking cookies and catching up on all the things she had hoped to discuss with Owen first off. When Ruth decided to head to bed, she had made her way to the bedroom, doing her best not to snoop around her ex-boyfriend’s things, though she missed him so much that it was difficult not to get any kind of glimpse of his life without her now. On the floor of his room lie a duffle bag full of things, prepared to spend a few days with him. Next to her on the bed was a container of heart shaped cookies she had baked with his mother, ready to give him as a treat after he came home from wherever he was. The longer she waited, the more her mind wondered as to where he could have been, but she stayed positive, assuming he was simply out with friends for the night. She had laid down, kicking her feet off the end of the bed impatiently before she heard a sound down the stairs. Immediately, she perked up once more, sitting straight on his bed and flattening down her clothes in preparation for the moment he walked in the door. As the door opened, she held her hands up, smile spread wide across her face as she saw his face. “Surprise! Did someone order an ex girlfriend who misses him a whole ton of a lot?”