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i relate to all the broody characters in love with people made of sunshine because i am really emo and angry and my friends are all made of sunlight and stardust and wildflowers and i trail after them like a fuckin shadow with a crackling constant soundtrack of my chemical romance

I just don’t understand why people are sympathizing with Georgi. He seems like such an abuser to me. 

1. He made his ex take kissing/pda photos with him that she obviously wasn’t comfortable with. 

2. He devotes his entire theme to her after she dumps him (obsessive much?) 
3. He fantasizes about “saving her” from her obviously much healthier new relationship

4. Saying he’d kiss her no matter what. (I recognize it’s a metaphor but this is creepy as hell)  

5. Here we have him threatening to stalk her and 

6. Vilifying her for leaving him and even going as far as acting out her fake screams of terror at his “refusal to forgive” in his head

If the series has time I can definitely see it doing some great things in showing Georgi learning that he can’t blame or threaten her just because he’s hurting. YOI hasn’t let me down yet. All I can say is that I’m happy Anya found a person who treats her better and Georgi leaves her the fuck alone soon.

I have a disease. And I have been running away from that for far too long. I have let the stigma surrounding mental illness shame me into hiding. I have sacrificed my own happiness and health, I have hurt the people I love, and I have made many mistakes caring too much what the world thought of me. I will no longer be silenced. I will not hide anymore. 

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-Anya! Emlékszel, hogy szülinapomra a Puszi, Erzsi! című könyvet kértem?
-Képzeld az írója bekövetett Instagramon.
-Csak bekedveltem az egyik képét, amit most tett ki.
-Jaj olyan büszke vagyok rád!!!

Advent 2015: Day 19


I remember this one game I used to play on my phone called cause of death and it was basically an interactive detective storyline that updated every week like a tv series and depending on the choices u made the story would change and there was this cute ship between a FBI profiler and a detective and I was obsessed over them so today I was thinking about them and realized I would still die for them so moral of the story is that I’ll probably never get over any ship that I ever shipped

anonymous asked:

Native, wouldn't it be better just to talk to Slyvester, rather than try to make him jealous? He doesn't seem jealous; I think he's more confused than anything else. If you don't think Anya is a good person, I think the mature way to handle the situation is to be honest with him.

native: that was highly immature of me…and i honestly…dont trust that anya person…and from what my son says…she’s terrifying and a threat to him, matthew, and matie…i’ll talk to him…should i visit him?, ask him to meet me somewhere?, ‘face time’ him?

estofitofi  asked:

Literally Sylvester: Awwww c'mon Native! Anya isn't that bad! *Anya killing a person with a metal pipe in the other room* Sip, a beautiful cinnamon roll that's to good and pure for this world~ ( Please don't hate me Abby) ( Welp but what did you expect love makes you blind)


Maya’s last words I will never get over, because I think that was the writers trying to communicate a very, very important point on this show.

“No one is innocent.”

 No one. Not Clarke, not Lexa, not Bellamy or Jasper or Kane or Murphy or Octavia or even sweet precious angel Monty. 

So please please please don’t make this a competition. Don’t pit characters against each other. Frankly, don’t try to defend their actions. 

NO ONE is innocent.