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I think in all the brouhaha over puzzling or problematic things in Yuri on Ice fandom, you’re all missing the biggest one: that there are people – girls, even! – who think that Anya was wrong to dump Georgi

who you should fight in buffy the vampire slayer

buffy: do not fight buffy. the entire show is dedicated to the fact that you should not fight buffy. she will kick your ass. do NOT fight buffy.

xander: fight xander. please just fight xander. everyone is rooting for you! if you do decide to fight xander, call me. let me watch. please fight xander.

willow: what the fuck ???? why would you fight willow. willow skinned a guy alive. do NOT fight willow. i repeat, do NOT fight willow.

giles: you could fight giles i guess, but why? he’s just a kind librarian. except for his ripper days and when he suffocated ben to death, but regardless. why would you fight giles?

cordelia: cordelia will TEAR YOU APART. not physically, but socially. she willdestroy you. do not fight cordelia.

angel: you could fight angel and you’d probably lose. but this man has already been through enough. get him some coffee. hug him. don’t fight angel.

spike: please fight spike. please just take one for the team and kick spike’s ass. he would probably kill you but i bet you could beat him up enough to give him a black eye or a scratch or something. fight spike.

faith: do not fight faith unless you have a death wish

tara: why the fuck would you fight tara??? tara is a cinnamon roll. love her. protect her. don’t fight tara. if you fight tara, i will fight you.

anya: girl was a venegance demon for over a thousand years. do not fight anya.

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The ranya baby would be peculiar. She's very stoic like Anya and a lil genius like Raven. I feel like she doesn't laugh that much (like Anya) but the person who seems to make her laugh most is the one everyone would least expect, someone like her grandma, Indra.

Indra as a grandma kill me now that’s so fucking cute

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Prompt: Corrin gets ryouma and Xander together.

So I included flowers because of a mixture of my love for the flower language and also that when you sent this ask, there was lots of flower talk going on in the tag. I had a lot of trouble with this and I still kind of do? I hope you like it, nonetheless. It kind of got away from me, so there is that.

Update: AO3 

Corrin had a problem. Said problem was entirely Ryoma and Xander’s fault, namely that they somehow managed to be two of the most brilliant men that Corrin had the pleasure of knowing while also managing to be two of the most aggravatingly oblivious. It was obvious to almost everyone in the castle that the two at the very least liked each other more than diplomacy called for (besides maybe Takumi and Leo, who were often too busy trying to out-everything each other to be in denial over their brothers’ mutual pining).

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AU in which Anya and Echo reunite after not seeing each other for years, Anya is a flustered baby gay, and Echo is slightly taller but just as flustered and gay. And there’s ice cream.

I’m only 50 pages into Six of Crows and I already know I’m gonna fall in love with all the characters and they’re gonna break my heart why do I do this to myself

Random thoughts (and feels) about Georgij

Putting things on perspective, Georgij is a male character who’s mostly and above all associated with his one-sided love interest – Anya – and I think this is also demonstrative of how much YOI overturned a lot of clichés.

It’s also saddening because, let’s be honest: yes, Georgij was shown mostly via his performances and his performances spoke especially about his unrequited love for Anya but there were other clues about his personality and his life that people choose to ignore, only to concentrate on the fact he’s a very tragicomically character.

Yes, there’s something funny in his exasperated way of suffering and showing his drama to the world but there’s a point in which the “comic” part ends and the “tragic” part begins. This guys is 27 (or 25, not even the anime and his official profile agree with his basic personal information, did this boy have a spell casted on him or what?), his career is reaching an end and one of the first things we knew about him is that he has always been a runner-up.

He lived, grew up and skated in Great Genius Viktor Nikiforov’s shadow for years, he had only one chance to shine during the current Grand Prix and he lost it in front of the world because he was so desperately in love he wasn’t able (and no one helped him) to get hold of his feelings and skate for the sake of himself, not for winning Anya back.

People keep on blabbering about how much he’s a creep and a stalker but he confined himself to put his negative feelings and his illusions in his performances, as a lot of artists has always done. I don’t see the problem. He loved her, you can’t suppress your feelings abruptly when a relationship ends. And it’s often not anyone’s fault. You don’t always have to think about abusive relationships, he probably was into her too much, she lost interest, relationship ended, life went on.

Except not. He was sad and heartbroken and so naïve to think a performance would have been enough to revive Anya’s love for him. And that’s all. He never stalked her, he never exited the rink to follow her after he was rejected again in front of the world. He simply hung his head in shame and apologized to Yakov for having fucked up one jump, JFC.

People commented that “Oh, look at episode ten’s frame, he finally let it go!!!” and they were all surprised but what did you expect? Feelings require time to change, there isn’t a switch you can turn off to end your love for a person. If Anya is a Russian skater and trains in his same rink, he even had to deal with meeting with her every single day and pretending he was doing fine – except he wasn’t.

But I don’t care about love. I care about the fact he’s 27 years old and has amazing skating skills – he was the only one to put negative feelings and drama in his performances, he’s amazing both in jumps and step sequences and he’s in tune with the music in the most emotional way ever.

Quoting Yakov, we even know he possesses what Viktor lacks on ice: the ability to show all his feelings and skate in a very passionate way. He went all his way to Moscow to cheer his fellow skaters, even if he was mathematically out of the finals. He cheered Jurij, he admired Michele’s performance about his lost love, he was seen watching with interest even Yuuri’s performance – Yuuri who was trained by the same Viktor Nikiforov who was his unreachable rival for years.

I don’t think the anime staff thought about portraying him as a really dramatic character to this extent but fact is this poor thing received only two or three bouquets after two good performances, he was neglected by Yakov after having failed one jump while all of his hopes and illusions were being brutally slayed worldwide, no one hugged him, no one cheered him, even his teammates ignored him or laughed at his performance.

It doesn’t make me laugh, it makes me sad. Very sad. I’ve always hated the way some characters are destined, in the mainstream narrative, to be the inner joke of the series – as if there’s something funny in being left alone, because you’re not able to properly connect with people.

People are laughing about the fact Viktor’s now on ice again, so Georgij will never be the number one – and now there’s Jurij, too; so, he will probably finish in the third place. I’m not laughing. He’s 27 years old, he’s alone, people in both the anime and the fandom make jokes about him and now even a 15 years old teammate has surpassed him.

He skated and trained as much as Viktor and Jurij but he will get no satisfaction from his career, because the moral of the story is that it doesn’t matter how much passion and effort you put in the things you do and you love, somehow it isn’t enough. Somehow you can’t make it, you can’t reach your goals.

If Georgij will fulfil anything in S2, it will be probably something connected to his love life and, ugh… Yes, I’ll be happy if he’ll finally find someone who’ll loves him back but that’s not the point.

Love isn’t the only goal in a person’s existence and I don’t know what he will do when his career will end, since people choose to either ignore him or find him creepy.

I have a lot of feelings for Gosha, sorry not sorry. I’m probably over-projecting personal matters onto him but it doesn’t matter, I want only to see him happier and less misunderstood by people, that’s all.

Anya from Anastasia
by Rebecca
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Note: This typing is based off of the Hartcourt Stage production, and details may be changed when the production arrives on Broadway.

Introverted Feeling (Fi)
“You don’t know what it’s like not to know who you are, to have lived in the shadows and traveled this far.”
Anya’s journey throughout the show is primarily to discover her own identity and understand herself, which means far more than knowing whether or not she is Anastasia. Anya holds her own personal beliefs and intends to defend them when she sees fit, such as in “Learn To Do It” where she has an outburst against Vlad and Dmitry after they keep pushing her too far. This can also be seen when she meets with the Dowager Empress and begins to believe that Vlad and Dmitry were only using her for money. Even as she does begin to realize she is Anastasia, she remains the same person with the same feelings. She is loyal to herself and her goals throughout the show, never wanting to sacrifice anything that means something to her - which, at the end, means choosing to pursue her love for Dmitry.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne)
“Back to who I was, on to find my future, things my heart still needs to know.”
Anya is prepared to take whatever opportunities she can in order to move forward on her journey, even if she finds herself somewhat worried and doubtful of what will happen. She tends to be idealistic when it comes to believing that she will eventually understand her past and find her place in the world, though she has gone through many troubles in her life. While her focus is on discovering her past (Si), it is clear that she is excited about moving forward in her life to understand herself and all she has lost. Anya dives into different experiences if she believes they will pull through, such as how she decides to go forward with the plan to present herself as Anastasia to the Dowager Empress. However, she also demonstrates some doubt with these plans, also able to see the possibilities of more negative consequences.

Introverted Sensing (Si)
“Dancing bears, painted wings, things I almost remember. And a song someone sings, once upon a December.”
The primary plot of the show focuses around Anya attempting to rediscover her past, as she has lost almost all of her early memories and knows nothing of herself. The past seems to float around, just out of her reach, as she remembers pieces of what happened before she got amnesia both in her dreams and in her everyday experiences. When she is able to grab on to a memory, they are quite vivid and lifelike, coming back in a rush of detail and feelings that she struggles to verbalize. She feels that her past is vital to finding her future (Ne) as well as her identity (Fi), as she feels that there must be a place she belongs dictated by what she used to know. However, once she and the Dowager Empress know she is truly Anastasia, she ends up following her heart and going with Dmitry, knowing that their love is what matters most to her.

Extroverted Thinking (Te)
“Do I turn back or go on? There’s no way of knowing.”
For most of her life, Anya has lived alone and has done her best to get on by, always believing that she has little control over the world around her. This can sometimes lead her to become reliant on others who will be able to guide her, such as how she allows Vlad and Dmitry to create a plan for her in her attempts to get to Paris. When she traveled across Russia after losing all of her memories, she must have used a great deal of logical thinking in order to survive. However, it is clear that she was only scraping by and found great difficulty when it came to moving past her current situation. She also questions the truth of Anastasia and whether or not it is possible that her past could actually be locked within the royal family.