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I just don’t understand why people are sympathizing with Georgi. He seems like such an abuser to me. 

1. He made his ex take kissing/pda photos with him that she obviously wasn’t comfortable with. 

2. He devotes his entire theme to her after she dumps him (obsessive much?) 
3. He fantasizes about “saving her” from her obviously much healthier new relationship

4. Saying he’d kiss her no matter what. (I recognize it’s a metaphor but this is creepy as hell)  

5. Here we have him threatening to stalk her and 

6. Vilifying her for leaving him and even going as far as acting out her fake screams of terror at his “refusal to forgive” in his head

If the series has time I can definitely see it doing some great things in showing Georgi learning that he can’t blame or threaten her just because he’s hurting. YOI hasn’t let me down yet. All I can say is that I’m happy Anya found a person who treats her better and Georgi leaves her the fuck alone soon.

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1. relationship status: single and suffering

2. fave colour: pastel green

3. pets: my godson teddy bless him

4. last song I listened to: les hay babies - chu pas une femme à marier

5. fave tv shows: one day at a time, brooklyn nine nine, adventure time

6. first fandom: buffy the vampire slayer

7. hobbies: shitposting out loud, pointing out constellations, mom friending

8. books i’m currently reading: das nackte auge by yoko tawada

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Clexa Italian Job (dir Gary Gray 2003) au and Clarke is Stella and Lexa is Charlie and Raven is Left Ear and Monty is Lyle and Anya is Handsome Rob. Cage Wallace is Steve. Lexa organizes the heist and they play Cage for the fool he is and Clarke cracks the safe and then they all live happily ever after as millionaires

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I LOVED THE LAST CHAPTER!! I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!!! IM CRYING!!!!!!!! (also thank you so much for clearing up Bellamy as a good guy. he is so fucking annoying but his character really does have a good heart, and its a pet peeve of mine when people demonize him senselessly <3

Oh yay, I’m so glad—thank you! Yeah, I only have good feelings toward Bellamy (at least, my AU Bellamy) and I’m glad it came across for you that all Lexa’s irritations were fairly unsubstantiated and subjective and even she knows he’s a good guy beneath it all. We all have that person who bugs us even if there’s no actual reason for it! 

(Pictured above: President Woods at Anya’s engagement dinner)

Advent 2015: Day 19


you guys, I never watch sports because I get way too stressed out when I do (like, the last time I watched a football game was the super bowl last year and I only watched one quarter) but I’m so happy that Clemson won the national championship tonight :’)

sometimes I’m about to post a fic and I’m like “hmmmmm I wonder if I should change this rating to mature, I don’t know if this is really suited for teen & up audiences” and then I’m like “wait. I’m a teen”