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wherefore-do-i-wont-trespass said: Because I have used these before, I would love to know what terms are correct! I had literally no idea… Is it just that it’s the verb form when they are verbs?

the correct terms are “transgender”, “cisgender”, and “intersex”. as for why, i will explain it the same way i did to my teacher - adding the -ed at the end turns the words into verbs (or adjectives, depending) instead of nouns, and implies that something happened to a person to make them trans or intersex, which is obviously offensive.

its similar to calling something “yellow” vs “yellowed” - if the thing is yellow, it is just yellow. nothing happened to make it yellowed (as in, it didnt go from being a different color to yellow), so to call it “yellowed” is incorrect. similarly, a transgender person is just trans. nothing happened to make them that way. so to say “transgendered” implies that they had their “natural” state altered, which is both an offensive and incorrect statement.