Tyler Seguin Show

on The Ticket today. Just now.

1. Hanging out at the mall for the show today

2. Can’t decide whether to go with a regular tie or a bow tie for New Years; at a store, trying to make a choice

3. Atmosphere in AAC for games has been amazing; he has trouble getting tickets for his own friends, the place is so full

4. The fight - he said (jokingly) he blacked out a little when he saw Jamie get hurt and went after Bortuzzo

5. You have to go out of comfort zone to win in the big games

6. Jamie is impressive because his play from last year to this year hasn’t diminished any

7. Didn’t see any movies at Christmas but has plans to do so in the next few weeks

8. Stars fans are gathering wherever it is that he’s taking the phone call for the radio show and you can hear people talking and laughing on his end of the call