People grow up repressed from the spirit, day by day by day. Cable TV, it’s fucked. It’s misogyny, it’s birth, death, work, it’s misery, it’s power. It’s fuckin’ hicks. And that’s what I grew up with. I was rootless trailer trash. Now I prefer the Lower East Side to any place on the planet. I can be who I am here. I couldn’t do it anyplace I lived as a child. I never fit in California, even though my roots are there
—  Jeff Buckley

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I'm having a lot of trouble thinking of names for places in the novel I'm working on, and I obviously don't want to leave them with names like the desert and the capitol. Do you have any methods or tricks for naming places? Any help would be greatly appreciated

So, when I’m stuck, I usually go to name generators. For towns, if it’s just a normal town and I’m looking for some inspiration, I’ll play around with generators like this one to help come up with something I like. Names too - I look at lists of baby names. Based on the age of the character, I’ll pick from the top 100 baby names the year they were born (only if no name is coming to mind and I’m not looking for anything special anyways). I particularly like this website.  

If I’m trying to come up with a name with meaning for an important place - I’m a bit of a Classics geek - I turn to Latin and Greek roots and play around with what might make it sound more like the name of a city. For a capital, I might pick something that feels titanic or domineering, but it depends on what I’m going for. A lot of the time I don’t think too hard on it. I just make something up on the spot so that I can keep writing. I always will play around with the name while I’m procrastinating, but more often than not, the name I made up on the spot usually sticks - there’s usually a reason why it came to mind and the more I try to pick something new, the more I end up preferring the spur of the moment name. 

Seventh Sanctum is also a great resource. I can’t say I ever really use any of the names in the generators, but it usually prompts some kind of inspiration that with help me come up with a name on my own that I’ll use instead. For that reason, it’s pretty helpful. I hope this helps! Happy writing! 

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may I ask you if you know any places to buy korean skincare? (masks in particular) I'm always scared that the stuff from amazon and the like is fake or expired...

yesstyle, jolse, sasa, w2beauty, beautius, bonnybonny, roseroseshop, bringbringshop, beautynetkorea, those are just a few. Ive never ordered from any of these though, but everyone orders from jolse.

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I'm planning to start working on a new game with a sidescrolling point of view (think of Amare, or the first Clock Tower), but I'm not sure on how to achieve the effect. Any tips, resources, or places where to find them? Thank you so much on advance!

Funny enough, Amaredev actually got that question and answered how she did it here!  Draxicor goes into more here if you want a few more details.

Gifs that remind me of you

@storybycorey you were the first blogger I followed. I fell in love with your Blanche artwork. Then you graced me with your brilliant writing. You were the first blogger I messaged….the Chili’s fic! You always go high! I would drink with you anytime, any place (even though neither of us drink much).

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OFC the mandatory picture of the plane to indicate the start of our trip.

I really wanted to join the Welcoming Party for the girls so I got in contact with a Singaporean Fan for instructions on where to meet. (Also Thank you SharonApple for buying us the tickets for the concert) Luckily enough, we got to the meeting place without any difficulty and on time. And not long after the girls arrived. When they were walking towards us, we greeted them “OKAERI” They looked so happy. 

Fast forward to 2 hours before the concert.

We arrived at the venue “Big Box” at around 5pm. Before hand we were advised by the Kalafina International Fans that they will be writing messages in that awesome tarp that was used during the welcoming party. So here’s the photo.

We met lots of International fans. It was awesome meeting them. I also met Casa-chan! Heya!

Photo of the flowers courtesy of the Singaporean Fans.

Here’s the photo inside the hall.

When we got to our seat we were surprised that a fellow fan was seated besides us. Oh hello again! And she provided us with light sticks. Thanks for that!

On to the concert:

Some footages of Claris was shown in the screen.

First is Garnidelia. Ohhh.. I never knew Maria-san has that low rich voice. Also she’s like a doll.

Next in Elisa. Oh classical, kinda. I like that one song.. I forgot the title. Ruu, what was is again?

Then Alisa Takigawa. Oh the crowd loves her. She has a sweet voice.

Then Haruna Luna: AAAAAWWW she’s so cute! She’s like a doll.

Then collaboration:

ELISA X Alisa Takigawa.

Haruna Luna x Garnidelia. This is the song where a selected few are allowed to take pictures. Ruu is one of them ;)

All 4: Was it Innocence? Sorry I cant recall much. But it was fun.


Brave Shine acoustic ver. She’s really good. I love listening to her.

Then last but definitely not the least KALAFINA YEAAAAAAAA

They enter wearing their Kimono’s from the Arena Live. I immediately recognised the beginning of Magia. So cool with the lighting and stuff. OFC they do the routine dramatic body movement ;) And in the ending they remove the kimono.

One Light. I love this song, but its kinda less energetic from their other performances of this song.

Kimi no Gin no Niwa. I love this song. I found the performance perfect.

Ring your Bell. I love this version more than the original. Wakana sounds better here than when I last heard this song.

Sprinter: Ahhhh. Its an energetic song. Another perfect performance.

And they leave the stage. aww…

We shouted for encore but died down after a few minutes. The rest of the crowd are kinda shy. But the Kalafina fans in the front are very persistent and kept calling even tho they are the only ones. I only kept clapping and occasional Encore calling. Then there’s that hyper guys in the middle who stood up and urged the crowd to cheer and thats when the crowd followed a rhythm. And the Kalafina girls went back on stage.

MC: They went to see the Merlion. They loved Chicken Rice (I ate that twice during my stay) And they asked us if we love anime, anison? We cheered.

Then Im not to sure about this moment. I think they called Aimer, or was she present from the beginning?

MC: Keiko asked Aimer how many times she went to Singapore, the latter answered 3. Then Keiko replied that Kalafina went to Singapore only 2 times. Then the crowd laughed.(Nothing rude or anything)

Believe acoustic version: Its an ok performance. Not too spectacular IMO.

Then Anata ni deawanakereba: I like the song. Its kinda emotional. I had to search it later to listen to it again(And got intrigued by the MV :D).

And then its all over too fast.

After the Concert, Ruu went to the Photo session with the selected artists (No Kalafina)

They gave us the signed posters on the way out. While I waited for Ruu, I chatted with a few fans. Im really happy to be able to share my thoughts and reactions to fellow fans, I want to repeat it.

Ruu arrived and we waited a little more before we go, it was roughly 10:30pm?

All in all the concert was satisfying. I just had problems with the light stick gestures because my arm hurts from carrying so many souvenirs the whole day. I had to change arm every 1 minute. lol.

I totally recommend this experience to everyone. Its really fun meeting other fans. We also met when we were roaming the city. We recognise each other because of the Kalafina shirts or Jacket. I should buy one sometime.



i have 300 followers, TIME FOR A CONTEST! Gorillaz mostly.

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ends on easter.

1st place: a full body of an character

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3rd place:  a bust (shoulders up) of any character

People of Amsterdam

Ey! I’ll be in Amsterdam from this tuesday- thursday! DM me on instagram if you want to meet up and/or got any suggestions on places to eat and see.


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I just found your blog (while I was looking for photos of 18th century clothing) and An Unorthodox Rule looks really interesting! I was wondering if I should start reading in any particular place, or can the chapters on your DA be read in any order? & is it still ongoing? Thanks and cool blog!

Hello!! Oh my gosh, I am so tickled you’ve asked. :3 “An Unorthodox Rule” is my NaNoWriMo from two years ago, but it is an ongoing project for sure. The pieces on my dA are actually just excerpts and you can definitely read them in any order; and I am very pleased to say that I have begun penciling the first chapter of “An Unorthodox Rule” the webcomic, which will be launched in coming months and I definitely welcome you to join me in that adventure! <3 Also, I am so happy to meet fellow history lovers. :D

She got me praying all hours of the night, say she want my heart, She pulling me to the river, drawing me with her siren's call, Done gave her my heart but now she wants my soul, Well I already sold it to the man in red, "Fell in love with your charm," but its a curse; cos am dead, Girl you're not who you say, bad girl they say you are Innocence isn't where am at, wear your crucifix bae Don't make me out all serious bonnie, slave to this bad religion, Unrequited love, praying at my shrine, cos I don't have a heart Like a dead man walking, I lay at your side, Make sure you're alright in my world, atleast that for you girl,

I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul