Tao doing the challenge in ‘real hero’ and winning it against the other team.

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sinfulgod asked:

Someone sent an ask to one of the fems I follow saying you were claimed to abuse your boyfriends and that you say abuse and rape of men isn't as valid as that of women and that you erase trans people. Thought you should know.

I’d love to see the evidence of me ever saying anything remotely like any of that.  Because there is none.  I’ve never said or done any of those things.  But I’ll just sit here and wait for those receipts. 

My WOYS2 Status Quo Theory

I think we all remember the Status Quo chart crackmccraigen and suspendersofdisbelief had up a couple weeks ago…

…and lately, it’s started to hit me: What would the Status Quo be after each 22-minute episode? So I decided to take a shot and guess what would be happening inbetween the Dominator Saga.

We all know the current Status Quo after Part I:

Lots of villains vying for power.
Wander & Sylvia dealing with villains.
Hater trying to climb the leaderboard.

But after Part II, Ben said Lord Dominator would be making much more appearences, and the Status Quo would change. With that into account, I figure that Wander & Sylvia will still be going around, helping people, but Lord Dominator is becoming more well-known and more feared as her reign begins spreading across the galaxy. Meanwhile, competition on the leaderboard becomes more fierce as Hater decides to take desperate measures to make himself look great again, not helped by the fact that many other villains are vying to force him down and out of the race.

Now (and hang with me here) Part III is where Wander discovers Dominator’s true identity and tries to make her see the side of good… only to be curb-stomped big time worse than in “Greater Hater” or “Boy Wander”.

That leads to the new Status Quo, where Wander is still traveling across the galaxy, but is mentally wounded by the events that transpired and begins to doubt himself, his ideal way of thinking and whether an enemy can even be a friend you just haven’t made yet, while Sylvia tries to get him back to being the happy-go-lucky Star Nomad (it’s still official; Hater said he was a Star Nomad in Fremergency Frontact) we know and love. Speaking of Hater, he has officially lost his standing as a competent villain after a botched plan to fight back against Dominator, who by this point has conquered 82% of the entire galaxy, and now has nothing. Even Commander Peepers, the one who’s usually so full of ideas and quick to get back on his feet, is traumatized by how low they’ve sunk recently, and the Villain War is really getting out of hand now.

And finally, with Part IV…

…let’s just say if the villain battle in the SDCC trailer is any indication at all, something tells me a lot of stuff is about to hit the fan.

Then they do THIS!

Originally posted by chrisbattleart

Okay, I confess. That “Superman” bit I took from a Glove and Boots video. But the rest of this is an honest idea of how Season 2 might go from Dominator Saga Part II.

And like with my Gravity Falls Season 2B guesses post (here’s the link in case you need a refresher on said guesses, BTW), there’s the chance I may be wrong on a lot of this or even ALL of it. Heck, I didn’t even theorize whether II or III would be the musical episode, but if it’s III and I’m somehow right about that, it’d be a pretty dark turn in many ways. But it’s too early to say, and we still have a great many episodes to go through before we know for certain what is and what isn’t. Also, once again, I am open to seeing what your ideas for what could be happening after each part of the Saga. These are just my 2 cents on the whole thing.

And Craig, Ben, owner-of-wendys (Dave), if any of you see this and find that I didn’t get one iota of this right, feel free to use that clip of the game show host from Billy Madison who ruthlessly tears people apart when they get something wrong.


If I have the chance to write tomorrow, which is a pretty big maybe, would you rather I worked on 

a) Hobbit fic

b) Catlock part 6

c) The second AU meeting (Sherlock and John as wedding guests)

To be fair, I’m happy with any one of those, and am struggling to choose XD

Need More Blogs to Follow!!

I need more blogs to follow guys!!! If you post any of the following reblog this and I will be sure to check your blog out:

•Gravity Falls
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Please please pleeeease reblog if you post any of those

warlockofthespirallabyrinth asked:

Hey, got any haikyuu fic recs? btw, love your art!

I don’t have time to read much ;__; So I don’t have any recs except of those fics that already have lots of kudos on AO3 

I listed some of my favs here

anonymous asked:

Would you draw Stanley and Stanford as red forest foxes. Starting off from when they were children, to teenagers and then finally to old men?

That’s interestingly specific.

Unfortunately anon you made the rookie mistake of assuming I have the slightest idea of how to draw animals so I only managed one set. 

If it’s any consolation those are probably the best foxes I’ve ever drawn in my life.

anonymous asked:

Just because you hate the civil war meme doesn't mean you gotta stop it for everyone. Let the people do what they want to do. Let them have a bit of fun. Don't take it personally or so seriously dude :)

I knew I was gonna get this message eventually. SO here we go.

The thing is I don’t actually hate the civil war meme (shocking I know). I actually enjoy some of them quite a bit. What I DO hate however is when people start making them and just venting whatever they want onto Tony, such as “black widow doesn’t deserve her own movie,” “peggy carter wasn’t important,” etc. when Tony would NEVER even think any of those things. The meme can be quite funny when it’s not being used as a way for people to hate on Tony and hold Steve up as a perfect believer of everything holy. Because then it’s not funny. It’s just WAY out of character and annoying.

I made the post really in response to the “what’s good, tony?” meme that started up because (ignoring the other issues about that meme in general) that post is out of character (for everyone) and stupid.

So by all means, enjoy the civil war meme. Just please for the love of Thor stop hating on Tony to do it.

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now let’s all have fun living in denial because that’s all we have on this goddamn website

anonymous asked:

So I'm going to be in school when the WILD thing happens on the radio.. any advice? do you know any one who's recording it?

If you’re okay with possibly having to wait until the release, go to class. There might be a recording but there’s no guarantee. If you’re absolutely dying to hear it though, you can always download the app and ask to go to the bathroom then listen with headphones for 10 minutes, or you can skip/be late. I wouldn’t recommend any of those unless you’re desperate though, put school first. It’s okay to skip a bit of class occasionally but don’t do it often because it can really mess you up.

Sturgeon in the storm

A couple words about storms for you today.

Story of Seasons doesn’t let you get away from bad weather in summer and winter. If you don’t get a storm at all before the 26th of the month, you’ll get one on the 27th (via Fogu)–as happened to me this year. (You won’t necessarily get one on the 27th all the time! It’s only guaranteed that day if you haven’t gotten one before in that season.)

Typhoons and blizzards knock off one level of your health, which will make your Stamina drain faster, but you can recover by eating.

But most importantly:

Storms are GREAT for fishing!

During a storm, you won’t fish up any trash.

Very nice for those of us going for those fishing trophies.

…But you can’t go diving.

anonymous asked:

is it possible to be a trans boy and genderfluid? or can trans boy be one of the genders i fluctuate between? i'm so confused...

Lee says:
You can be a trans boy and be genderfluid if you are a boy sometimes, and a different gender other times. I figure you’d call yourself a genderfluid trans boy if you’re a boy most of the time, and a different gender sometimes. You can decide what term works the best for you, but any combo of those three words should work.

Forgiving Past Nastiness

When I tried to come out years ago at 14, my mom said some really terrible things and continued to say terrible things throughout the years. When I was 20 and came out officially, my mom says she doesn’t remember any of those terrible things she said even though they really hurt me and defined how I saw myself when I was younger. How do I make peace with an apology I’ll never get so I can move on with my life as a fabulous gay man?

Question Submitted Anonymously
Answered by Cornelia Prior 

Cornelia Says:

Never has a question echoed my own experiences of coming out more thoroughly. I want to give you a neat parcel of advice that you can unwrap, take heart in and use constructively. I want to give you a tidy couple of steps to take so that you might find the peace you’re searching for. But the honest answer is: I don’t know.

During my own time coming out to family and friends, which I have written about before, I often encountered this particular kind of “Don’t be So Silly” attitude reserved, I think, for queer children. It seems to be a kind of last-ditch attempt at rationalization before parents admit, presumably with an abrupt sense of abject horror, that their child is, in fact, gay. My family said I was too maternal to be queer. Friends said I had always liked boys. My parents said that, just as other parents know their children are gay, they knew I was straight. This was my experience of coming out. But it was not my parents’ experience. For them, my coming out was such a shock (because of their initial dismissal of my sexuality when I was 16) that somehow, to them, their utter conviction in my heterosexuality had made it true.

Parents don’t always realize the impact their words have on their children. Many of the defining moments in my upbringing were characterized by careless comments that family members and friends either don’t remember or deny saying. I say this not to defend your mother, but because it illustrates perfectly how absent-minded remarks can have a lasting effect on the recipient. An unpleasant jibe about a new hairstyle said casually, back turned, while washing up. An ill-timed pronouncement about a family member’s new partner said between sips of tea with newspaper spread wide across the lap. An off-hand opinion about sexuality espoused over dinner in the presence of a struggling teenager. It also serves to illustrate how these comments can at best influence and at worst dictate a person’s self-perception. Try not to let it. Trite, I know. But you deserve the freedom to live the fabulous life you seek. 

Hurt is only exacerbated when people don’t understand what they have done to hurt you, or worse, don’t acknowledge the hurt they have caused at all. I want to advise you to meet with your mother, to be brave, and to have a conversation about your feelings with her. Failing that, write her a letter explaining to her what you have told me: that she hurt you, that the pain defined how you saw yourself when you were younger, and that an apology might start the healing process.

If you don’t have the time or the energy to talk to your mother—and I can’t blame you if you don’t—then try to focus on other, more supportive relationships. Do you have a different relative you can confide in? Perhaps speaking to someone who is aware of your particular family dynamics could be just the tonic you need. Alternatively, the impartial ear of a friend, off or online, could prove a cathartic outlet and comfort.

What I am trying to say is: you do deserve an apology, but you might not get one and you shouldn’t let that lack prevent you from living your best life surrounded by people who do make you feel good and supported and comfortable in your own skin. And above all, remember: you are fabulous despite your mother’s terrible words, and you are amazing with or without an apology.


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stop romaticizing imperialism and adding homeoerotic context to them.. you are literally glorifying soliders who have participated in mass genocides and violence against multiple peoples by doing so.. in no way at all whatsoever should it be deemed as “aesthetic” or “pale blog” material. if i see any of those posts on my dash i’m blocking you

reketrebn asked:

alright, since no one gave me any recs for fics I was looking for I'll try asking here! 1-metal arm kink? meaning Steve likes the arm a bit too much or it plays a major part during sex sometimes. 2-stucky in a modern age gay club?like them being amazed a bit by how much the age had changed and that they don't need to be ashamed or afraid anymore. 3-anything stucky or evanstan with cap's costume in Avengers 1! ... and if none ever wrote any of those I gotta do it myself then XD

Hey! Sorry this took forever, fall is a SUPER busy time of year for me and I barely get access to the one computer my family shares. On the bright side, I should be buying my own personal laptop in the next month :)

I Love You As You Are by Ohcaptainmycaptain

Steve frees his mouth to pant, “Bucky… Bucky… I… Can you…?”

“Hmm?” Bucky hums before pulling back with an obscenely loud wet sound, Steve’s dick falling against his belly.

“Want your fingers in me,” he manages, and his erection gives a twitch against the paint-smeared abs just at the thought.

Bucky gets a small smirk. “I think I can do that, yeah.”

But when he leaves the room and comes back quickly with the lube, Steve stops him when he makes to coat the fingers of his right hand.

“Oh, you want…” Bucky says slowly, feeling very aware of his metal hand again.

Steve blushes, suddenly looking embarrassed now. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“Is that what you want?”

“I want whatever it is you want to give me.”

Bucky shakes his head. “Is that what you want, Steve?”

Steve opens his mouth and then closes it, exhaling quietly. He looks away and then back at Bucky, giving a self-conscious little nod. Bucky gives him a warm half-smile. “That’s all you ever hafta say. I’ll always give you whatever you want, baby doll.”

efficiency by bellaaanovak 

Bucky asks Tony for a little upgrade on his arm to please Steve.

Man With A Plan by gwyneth rhys

“I’d tell you that every bond you buy,” Steve paused and licked his lips, “puts a bullet in the barrel of your best guy’s gun.”

Bucky inhaled sharply and bit his lip. “Why, yes. Yes they do,” he said eagerly. “Tell me more.”

Most Of All by thebrotherswinchester

Five times Bucky dances with Steve.

(In which there are Lindy Hops, waltzes, drunken nights, fake boyfriends, a 21st century gay club, a pair of ridiculously expensive suits, and eventually it all works out.)

Hope this helps! (Also there’s S is For Steve Rogers is a Little Shit by ohcaptain but I’ve rec’d it a lot before and there is just a little clip with Steve’s costume, not the whole fic)

Need help finding a fic? 

kitsune-kira asked:

Eh... Do we have to dig through your blog for info on the Happys or is there an easier way to find stuff on it? Sorry if this sounds rude/offensive in any way!

Most of those universes were created yesterday, weh.