someone: who is your nct bias?

me, making up any excuse to say i love all the boys: well you see, there’s the hyung-line, then there’s the minis who are my sons, then there’s the china-line, then there’s the baby-china line, then there’s the undebuted members line, then there’s the vocal line, then there’s the rap line, then there’s the dance line, then there’s the bassbot line and then there’s the synchronization of your dreams line. and i have like 3 biases in each line hahaha thank you for asking


Luka: Hey! I don’t remember inviting you. 

August: It doesn’t matter, I came for the free food. Besides I’m your older brother, you’re supposed to be excited to see me!

Luka: I finally got you out of the house my “sleep punching”, I do think we need a break from each other.

August: I don’t care what you do. I’m here to get you pay for the free food. 

Luka: I’m a teenage boy. Don’t you have any shame?

August. The only shame I have is passing up some free food.

Here To Play (For You)

Chapter 12 - Confusing || Chapter 1 - Whirlwind

Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairings: KuroTsuki, SugaKage, KenHina
Rating: Mature (language and sexual themes)

“Tetsu likes you, you know.”

“He doesn’t,” Kei responds without pause.

“Oh but he does, he just doesn’t know it yet. Trust me, Kei,” Koushi says, a small sincere smile dimpling his cheeks. “Tetsu likes you and it’s only a matter of time before he realises it.”

“I don’t think you should give Tsukki false hope like this,” Tadashi interrupts, his voice small and nervous. “I’ve known Tetsurou for two years and he’s never shown interest in boys before, even though he has two gay best friends. I just really don’t think he’ll ever… Sorry, Tsukki.”

“But Kei isn’t just any boy, Kei’s special and Tetsu knows that, he all but said it. I understand that you’re worried Tadashi, I am too. I don’t want to see Kei get hurt. That’s why I wouldn’t be saying this if I wasn’t certain. It must be difficult for Tetsu… You remember what it was like realising that you liked boys, Kei.”

my love || kyungsoo

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I finally finished the last part. Yay for me! Enjoy~

2676 words; soulmate!au; kyungsoo/reader scenario; angst, fluff

“Does anything like that trigger any…memories?” The boy, who introduced himself as Baekhyun, asks. He leans his elbows on the table between you two, staring at you with such intensity, your reply comes out in a nervous voice.

“N-No,” you can’t help but feel terrible. This Kyungsoo boy…if all this was true, you can’t help but imagine how much pain he must be feeling at the moment because you, the love of his life, can’t remember.

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Did Dylan believe his actions would really instigate a revolution of any sort?

I think both boys convinced themselves in a sort of brainwashing manner that they were justified in their actions and that they had to do this. As Dylan made a point of underscoring at the camera in their last goodbye Basement Tape “We did what we had to do.’ The idea is that they would be the ones to have the balls. And If they didn’t do it and take a stand for all injustices they felt they endured and take back their power - than who else would? No one else in their school were committed the way they firmly believed themselves to be. In the Basement Tapes, Eric vows with conviction ‘we need to kickstart a revolution’. Making these kinds of stirring statements was a way to pump themselves up and convince themselves of their righteous cause - that they were hoping to inspire others in that cause. I do think Dylan and Eric were on the same wavelength with their two man pep rally. Dylan was on board with the mantra of ‘revolution’ (whatever that might actually amount to). And I’ll just throw this out here and say that he romanticized this revolution as it was a bit akin to the Manson Family and their own little revolution. Just a bit of peace, love and murder needed to befall this world to rattle and shake up the zombies and cause change through destruction. I don’t know how much they envisioned their revolution to look like. And I don’t really think they thought about it in great detail. They were big picture dudes. They’d throw something out there collaboratively brainstorming and the other would be going 'yeah, man..that sounds great. That’s exactly what we’re doing” type amping each other up. Just the idea of saying that what they were doing would generate revolution and inspire others like them to carry the torch, was enough to make them believe it would come true. Ironically, much as mainstream media likes to downplay it, their revolution has actually come to sort of pass and in a very slow pond-like rippling effect. The ripples are echoing much larger now 17 years on.

Coming out - Luke

Things changed after your fourteenth birthday. All your friends were getting boyfriends, getting hit on by older guys. You were behind though, you were still bit chubby, had braces, and that god awful hair cut your mother tried to give you. Even your best male friend, Luke, was changing.

“There was this really cute girl at Starbucks, and like, I don’t know (y/n), she was pretty amazing.” “Really,” you were interested in the conversation, normally knowing all the girls that Luke had a crush on. This girl, however, was someone that you didn’t know. “What’s her name?” “Cara.” “Oh, I don’t know her, I guess.” “So, (y/n), any boys in your life that you wanna gush about?” You shrug,  thinking back to Alex, the incredibly cute sophomore that was in your art class.

“His name is Alex, and he’s really cute, but I think he’s kind of a dick to girls.” “Just be careful, I don’t want anyone hurting my girl.”


You were both eighteen now, Luke officially growing up along side you. Somehow the two of you were growing closer though. You lost all the awkward weigh, slimming out and matching up to your height, while the braces came off. The god awful hair cut your mom had given you was replaced by long dark hair, the underneath dyed purple. You didn’t feel quite right though, and you don’t think Luke did either. Luke had grown really tall, peaking at an astonishing six foot four, a lip piercing clutching his lower lip. His blue eyes always seeming to smile when he saw you. He would get close, his breath hitching in his throat every once in a while, a smile creeping over his face when he saw you happy. He was in love with you, and part of you was aware of it. The sad thing for Luke, was that you loved him, but not the same way that he loved you.

“(y/n), I um, I need to tell you something,” his face leaned in closer to yours, his breath coming dangerously close to your face. You held your breath slightly, the near contact with a boy being something totally foreign and weird to you. “Luke, I-I don’t feel the same way,” you gently place your hands against his chest, pushing him backwards carefully before looking up and seeing the disappointment in his eyes.

“I love you Luke, but I, I’m -” “Your what (y/n)” “I-Im a lesbian.”

You had finally said it. You finally said the word that you could never say before, but always had a deep feeling. Even when you liked Alex, it wasn’t the same as when you got your first crush on Sarah, or the time you and Lena Watson kissed behind the bleachers. Something about those girls made you feel happy, something that none of the guys you “dated” could ever make you feel.

“What?” Luke says, giving you a questioning look before pulling back slightly. “I don’t understand, I mean, I thought you, ya know -” “I like girls, Luke. I wanna be in a relationship with a girl. I Don’t wanna date boys. Sure, some can be attractive, like you, but I’m not interested in that. I like girls.” Luke still seemed to be speechless, reality finally sinking in with him as he slowly came to terms with it.

“Hey, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you or find you hot Luke, it just means that Im not attracted to you like that. Now if you happened to look like Cara Freeman then I’d totally bang you, but you aren’t. Neither of us can change that. I’m sorry.”

He looks over, giving you a small and sad smile. “Its okay (y/n), I understand. But we can still be, like, best friends?” “Of course Luke,” you smile, bringing him into a hug. “I’m just glad I finally got to tell someone, especially to you.”


its really late where i live and I wanted to do one where (y/n) was a lesbian but I’ve never written anything like this and I’m sorry its really shitty i need to go


Hey hey hey!

A boy band, but not just any boy band. One with Bryce, Ohm, Cartoonz, and Delirious.

-Bryce is the lead singer, cause dang can that kid sing.

-I can see Ohm taking up the drums, he seems like that type of guy.

-I don’t really know about Cartoonz and Delirious. I guess Cartoonz can do bass while Delirious does the electric guitar? I’m not sure tbh

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What's the difference between being transgender and being a tomboy? My parents say that I'm just a tomboy, are there any characteristics that differ the two?

Kii says:

The difference is that trans boys are boys, where “tomboy” is often used to describe a masculine woman. Trans boys often will change their appearence (transitioning) to relieve dysphoria with things like binding, packing, surgery, and hormones and usually use he/him probouns, whereas “tomboys” just don’t dress femininely, but are still girls. However, “tomboy” can be considered an offensive word. (source:


Taeyong taking any of the NCT Dream boys on their first date

Made with Vine

y’all want to talk about men getting passes in the degrassi fandom? zig novak cheated on his girlfriend with maya, pursued maya while she had a boyfriend, bullied cam, triggered cam into killing himself, is an anti feminist sexist pig, cheated on maya with zoe, called hunter a psycho aka the word that triggered cam into suicide and blamed maya for his cheating. after all this, 80% of the fandom wants to say he’s a good guy and will be gross to anyone who disagrees

zig novak is a straight white male character (obviously ricardo is a moc but the show thinks whitewashing is cute) and y’all let him pass. so many people are gonna reblog this being like “eli is a straight white male and gets away w shit!” fuck off i hate eli anyone w two cents hates eli at this point and eli is mentally ill as is miles (who’s also bi and not straight) or craig or any other boy you’re going to use as an example to defend zig. shut the fuck up w your ableist asses and go try and give ricardo the succ in his dms. nobody cares


Because I don’t think anyone has done it yet, here are homestuck characters as characters in Hamilton:

  • Alexander Hamilton - Karkat Vantas i guess? They both don’t know when to shut up (actually any of the vantas boys could be alex but i’m going with karkat because of shipping reasons he shows up first
  • Aaron Burr - Sollux Captor or Eridan (but i want Eridan to be King George III so idk)
  • John Laurens - John Egbert cuz they are both cinnamon rolls and i ship johnkat
  • Marquis de Lafayette - Dave Strider, you know that boy would totally nail Guns and Ships
  • Hercules Mulligan - Kanaya Maryam because of the fact he’s a “tailor’s aprentice” and Kan is a fashionista and they are both the Dad/Mom of the group (also picture Kan with his voice. Just do it.)
  • Angelica Schuyler - I’d say Porrim because of feminism, but I think I’m gonna go with Nepeta Leijon because it works with the love triangle thing and the rest of the “cast”
  • Eliza Schuyler - Terezi Pyrope cuz Karezi (or Jade)
  • Peggy Schuyler - Equius Zahhak just cuz it would be hilarious (or Rose)
  • Theodosia - Feferi Peixes because it makes sense if Sollux is Burr
  • George Washington - Dirk Strider cuz he’s everybody’s daddy
  • King George III - Eridan Ampora, duh. The dude is literally the embodiment of You’ll be Back
  • Thomas Jefferson - Gamzee Makara would totally rock the T.Jeff look
  • James Madison - Tavros Nitram because Gamtav
  • Philp Hamilton - Jake English I guess? idk I have to put him somewhere and the two girls he tries to hook up with could be Roxy and Jane? idk
  • Maria Reynolds - Vriska Serket because they both ruin everything
  • Samuel Seabury is totally Kankri Vantas and him and Karkat doing Farmer Refuted would be hilarious

That’s it right? I don’t think there are more relevant Hamilton Characters? I also just realised Aradia doesn’t have a role hmmm i guess she could be Theodosia’s husband we never see. Yeah so hope you liked my casting of Homestuck characters as Hamilton characters, and please say what you think about it :)