Etude House Pink Bird  Unboxing [4 mini reviews+FOTD featuring my sister!]

Hey ya’ll, Darien here! I’m happy to announce that Etude House has made me an official Pink Bird! Since they send mostly make up items, I will be doing mini reviews with my sister, Whitney, who has guest spotted on my blog a few times already!

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Etude House: Precious Mineral Any Cushion SPF50+/ PA+++ Natural Pearl Aura Refill.

This flawless cushion foundation with Pearl Brightener creates pearly aura skin with its full coverage and glowing effects.

{Directions:} After morning skincare routine, apply by pressing the puff into the sponge and pat the puff onto the face. For touch-ups, reapply as desired.

{Ingredients:} Does not contain paraben.

{Contents:} 15 g

{Origin:} Made in Korea.

{Expiry:} 12 months after opening.


I was drawn into buying this because of the aura circles surrounding the cushion! Those white circles are the pearl brighteners to give you that glow or lit from within! I love how they combined coverage and glow in a single compact. That my friend is a work of a genius!

Got compliments the first time i wore it! OMO cause it really does make your skin glowing <3 AND the glowing effect comes through even if you apply your finishing powder! Cushion compacts deserve all the raves cause it’s just perfect to carry for touch ups, lessens the time of makeup base application and just is so handy! Oh and check out how high the SPF is!!!

I love that this has a refill cause then you help save the environment and your wallet! Note: Etude House any cushion compacts fit any cushion refills (may it be pearl aura or not) I bought this for P578.00 and additional yey, Etude House is having their Princess Blowout! Selected cushions and refills in 1+1 promo! HOARD!!!

Erika’s Weather Forecast: HOARD!!!

Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion

- Color: Magic Mint

- Price: $10.50 + FREE SHIPPING~ (bidded)

- Size: 15g/0.52 oz

- Where to Buy: eBay

This primer/base comes in 3 shades & all 3 are meant to target 3 different problems. I inserted a “test” to find which shade you should get; based on my answers, I got Magic Peach, but I bought Magic Mint cause it’s my favorite color lol & plus I have some red acne to cover.

Anyways let’s get to the review~

Like always, Etude House’s box packaging is cute & matches the product.

Okay, here’s the actual product lol

I love the color/design of this case, it even has shimmers on it (like the BB Any Cushion)~

With flash~

It has a button to open it

The back is glossy vs the satin finish of the front

To refill this, you just push up on the “push” spot

Waaaah~ So beautiful lol

This comes with a pink air cushion puff instead of the blue one~

Just like the other one it’s dense, but super soft~

With flash~

The front has a rubber-y texture with a weaving design

It has a cap on the actual product, but it’s super air tight, so the product will dry out a bit.

Aaah~ A fresh seal ready to be pealed (you can actually reuse this seal, since it’s a sticker, that will help your product dry out slower). 

Idk why but these cushion pacts are so satisfying to look at xD

With flash~

The product is drenched in the sponge~

With flash~

I don’t recommend you stick your finger in, since it will get under your nail lol xD

L to R: slightly blended & swatched

It looks like it whitened my skin too much, but that’s cause I put way too much product there lol, a little goes a long way. It does cover redness, but not dramatically, I feel like it brightens/whitens your skin more xD. 

With flash~

Here’s how it looks like on the right side of my hand~

It does whiten a bit, but not dramatically like the previous pic with too much product xD

With flash~

It gives you a nice glow too, but not super dewy.

Pact color comparison lol

& I have a review on the BB Any Cushion here.

With flash~

This is the same size as the BB Any Cushion, so the refills are interchangeable~

- Scents: Toned-down version of the BB Any Cushion; sweet floral scent.

- Texture: Milky liquid

- Coverage: Light/natural with a glow-y finish.

- Verdict: I do like this product, but I don’t love it (besides for the scent lol).

- Pros: Scent, texture, cool concept, refillable, packaging, finishing, natural, light, moisturizing (but will emphasize severely dry skin xD), absorbs fast, & even coverage with puff application .

- Cons: Too much will make you look ghostly, not dramatic, unhygienic, hard to wash puff, bulky, whitish cast with flash, & will still dry out.

- Repurchase? Maybe, I love the scent, I need this as a perfume xD.

(Review ★) Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion

Hello my beautyholics!
Sorry about not posting anything for couple weeks!
Since it was my birthday last week, and Christmas this week, I was extremely busy with attending events and what not!

Today’s review is something I have been meaning to do for a long time
This is kind of older product, but hey~
Why not do my own review right?

It is Etude House Mineral Any Cushion
This product was highly recommended to me by my dear sister Akira
She said since I have hard time with my dry skin, I need something that will help moisturizing my skin and yet cover my skin really well
So I am here to share my experience with you guys, lets go!

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anonymous asked:

so years and years ago, my iPod was an older beat up bulky iPod and one day it went missing, wasn't where I always put it. just gone. I looked everywhere, tore the house apart for a goddamned week. i ran out of places where it could be, so I started rechecking places. one day I was home alone with my grandma (who doesn't know what an iPod is) and was sitting on the couch. I went to get a snack while she went to get something in her room. i walked back in the room and (1/2)

(2/2) there it was. sitting out on the couch I had been sitting on not 5 mins ago. not half stuffed down, not hidden, not leaning against any cushions. sitting out on the couch, positioned so that it stood up using the exercising arm band as a stand like someone placed it there, earphones gently gathered. I just stood there and stared. there has to be a logical and rational explanation that makes sense. but it was my grandma and i, it hadn’t been there when I sat down and I didn’t get (2/3)

(3/3) until my grandma was in her room. i asked her about it, no dice. there’s gotta be a scientific answer. but until then, it was totally a ghost

oh sHIT BOI 

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It's 8:32; I really want to end a friendship but I know they'll be angry and lash out

If it’s a toxic relationship, it’s okay to end it. Even if it’s not, and it’s for reasons only you know, you deserve to what you think is best and to take care of yourself. Are there any cushions, so to speak, that could prevent them from lashing out at you? You can’t control their emotions but if you can find a situation that won’t allow you to be hurt, that would be best!