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You never answer asks anymore lmao shady bitch 👀

what’s shady about it? I have over 1,000 messages in my inbox. it gets overwhelming being asked the same questions 300 times a day that I’ve already answered. I answer the ones I have tags for, like hair references or twenty one pilots questions, or if someone is in dire need of advice. I’m not on tumblr 24/7 to keep up with everything. i appreciate the compliments you all send me but I cannot answer every single question I get. i also don’t like having a ton of text posts/asks on my blog when I’m trying to stick with a theme. and frankly I really don’t owe anyone anything lmao you guys find any reason you can to hate on me so please take your bitter ass somewhere else because your company is not welcome here.

so anyways buy #PillowTalk on iTunes

Hey guys, what songs do you associate most with TRC/what song would you pick for Blue’s ‘theme’. I’m starting filming for my music vid/book trailer tomorrow and I’m not totally settled on my song choice. Any advice would be lovely! (also if you live in the seattle area and want to help out message me!)

The It’s Dan MacRae Top 200 Tracks Of The Decade So Far (130-121)

130. 5 Seconds Of Summer - She Looks So Perfect: What a bunch of dummos. If you guys just set aside some money from your “pop-punk shenanigans” budget and invested it in a 24 pack of Hanes Her Way from Costco, you wouldn’t have to worry about babes taking your American Apparel underwear. It’s simple life advice you could nab from any back issue of Chatelaine. Do you suppose Busted had the same problem?

Important: The singles from the last 5SOS album were a bit of a bust, eh? You’re better than that, Cal, Luke, Mike and Ash.

129. Japandroids - The House That Heaven Built: The proud theme of the Vancouver Canucks for a couple months. Alexandre Burrows probably has passable sex to this indie dad rock opus once every couple of weeks, I reckon.

128. When Saints Go Machine - Kelly: Danish electropop with an oh-so-sinister twinkle to it. Is this the sort of song that I could see strangling me? Of course it is.

127. Standard Fare - Fifteen (Nothing Happened): A nice Sheffield indie PSA reminding you that you shouldn’t get horny for 15-year-olds. There was a time when glam metallers would probably write an angry response tune, but here we are.

126. Sleigh Bells - Comeback Kid: The bulk of Sleigh Bells post-debut output feels a bit like how Oreos get upgraded by having new variations. “Comeback Kid” is essentially “Double Stuf.” The same exploding upscale arcade sounds of the original but with bonus sweetness packed in! Great for school lunches.

125. Limp Bizkit featuring Lil Wayne - Ready To Go: Targeted largely at folks that fly into a home trashing rage whenever an unidentified person suggests that rock is on the decline, “Ready To Go” is every smattering of Family Values Tour era indulgence mushed together as an unholy rap-rock monster. Who needs dignity and shit weighing you down when you’re in the Limp Bizkit business? Bust out something colossal for the kids loitering at Lidz to enjoy and you’ve done your part, Fred Durst. For what it’s worth, Lil Wayne sounds like he’s having a blast on this thing.

124. The Hold Steady - Hurricane J: Imagine how different Craig Finn’s life would be if he preferred writing about kids that were really into staying home on Saturday night to play Clue and sip on cans of 7 Up.

Wikipedia has elected to plunk The Hold Steady under the “heartland rock” banner which makes an alarming amount of sense. It’s ridiculous they aren’t pegged as that more often. It’s a different division but still the same company.

123. Mikal Cronin - Shout It Out: Melt-in-the-sun garage-pop that would pair nicely with a montage of all the clumsy romantic shit you tried in your early 20s.

122. Alejandro Escovedo - Anchor: A stadium-sized giant of a rock anthem that crackles with Alejandro Escovedo’s captain-esque charisma at every turn.

121. Allo Darlin’ - Kiss Your Lips: Twee the people. Twee-adjacent the people. Had to do a bit of scratching out after an extended think. Apologies. “Kiss Your Lips” isn’t half-bad is the main takeaway.