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I was not prepared for this.

“Narumitsu is forced and it sucks”

> Phoenix devoted a life and a career to save Miles.
> Miles says he feels “unnecessary feelings”.
> Phoenix holds grudge and remorse against Miles during all AA2.
> Phoenix says he feels betrayed for being abandoned by Miles.
> Phoenix says words are not enough to express what he feels.
> Miles charts a private jet when he heard from Larry that Phoenix was injured.
> Miles defends Iris because he cares about Phoenix’s feelings.
> Miles wears Phoenix’s badge.
> Miles deceives an entire court just to play defense attorney for Phoenix.
> Miles spends all AAI2 thinking of “that certain defense attorney”.
> Miles invites Phoenix to travel abroad since he needs help with legal work.
> Miles manages to get Phoenix’s license and badge back.
> Miles attends Trucy’s magic show, which implies he’s a regular figure at her life.
> Miles and Phoenix talk about flowers and aesthetics during trials.
> Miles and Phoenix keep insisting they couldn’t overcome the dark age of the law without each other.
> Phoenix tells Miles he should smile more.
> Miles replies he will think about it.
> Phoenix trusts no one to tell he’s been blackmailed by Paul, except Edgeworth.
> The title of the chapter which they investigate together at the Turnabout Revolution is called “Phoenix and Edgeworth”. It’s the only title that shares two names during an investigation.
> Phoenix says he would be lost without Edgeworth.
> Miles is pleased to investigate along with Phoenix by the first time.
> Phoenix mocks at Miles for missing him.
> Trucy sleeps on Miles’ shoulder, which absolutely implies she has a deep bond with him.
> Phoenix and Miles talk about marriage in such a weird way.
> Phoenix defends Miles against Maya because he knows Miles was just doing his job as a prosecutor, but in the end, he helped them.
> Phoenix invites Miles for a marriage.
> Narumitsu is 16th for Capcom’s best couples.
> Last Famitsu survey, Wright and Edgeworth got the first place for best invesgation duo, with 230 votes against 140 votes for classic duo Maya and Phoenix and 71 votes for Edgeworth and Franziska. And they only invesgated together once.

I don’t care if you don’t ship them, I really don’t. But don’t tell me there’s no background, don’t tell me it’s forced. Is Narumitsu forced or your freaking heteronormativity?

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there's only a few male mc posts here (that i could find) and they're all so sad! so like, what if when in the intro 7 says 'it's a girl' as a joke and male mc just goes along with it and then they meet him in their various timelines and surprised to see he's a guy how do they react?

We try to make them gender neutral, but as we’re all girls we tend to lean towards more feminine imagines but we genuinely try


  • Yoosung walks up into this party with a fucking bandage around his eye, and a sweet ass speech prepared
  • He’s seriously up there like,
  • ”Yo, there’s this one girl that’s my everything and I love her.”
  • And he hears Seven cough and point and BAM it’s a dude
  • Yoosung internally is just like fuck my life
  • “JK guys MC is actually a dude lmao he’s still my life tho.”
  • Kid is a m e s s
  • He’s still going in for that kiss though, he’s risked too much to wimp out because you’re a guy.
  • Who cares if you’re a guy anyway? You’re still the kind, funny, supportive MC that you were in the chat


  • Well doesn’t Zen just feel like a right ass
  • You can co back in any chat with Zen and see him calling you ‘princess’ or talking about how a woman like you shouldn’t have to go through this shit
  • But nope he runs into the bombed up apartment and there is a really hot dude being held captive by Unknown
  • Zen still saves you and takes you back to his apartment and you’re explaining to him that you went along with it because you really liked Zen and you didn’t want to ruin everything by telling him you were a guy
  • “MC you being a guy, while it’s a shock, changes nothing. I still love you.”
  • Of course he’s still reprocessing everything, kind of like how he didn’t realize you were a guy when he heard your voice over the phone
  • He kind of feels stupid but either way you’re here, and safe, and real
  • That’s all that matters to him


  • Jaehee is so ready to start this coffee shop with her awesome new best friend to find out you are a man
  • This changes a few things but hey, you’re still MC this is gonna be great!
  • She is just as oblivious as always and doesn’t realizes any of your romantic intentions until months, and months, and months later


  • He’s ready to fire each and every security guard working for him when he sees a random man has appeared in his house
  • And hen he hears your voice and it all clicks that you’re MC
  • Does Jumin Han is gay? Yes, yes he does.
  • Honestly he does not care
  • You’re the only person that has made him feel this way, and he doesn’t want to lose you
  • I was extremely interesting to see everything with Sarah transpire, how mad she got when she saw Jumin kissing you
  • You’re everything Jumin could ever ask for and he prays that you’ll stay with him


  • HaCkEr In ThE cHaT
  • He looks you up and damn you’re hot but also, you’re stiLL A HACKER
  • He tells everyone you’re a girl because why not? You’ll deny it anyway.
  • And then you don’t?
  • He calls you later and confronts you and you’re just laughing about it and God, Seven is dead
  • He’s fallen in love after one day
  • F r ic k


Please give me a game with all the Themis Law Academy brats. ;3;

Chrom: VA Matthew Mercer

You know, yesterday’s post was pretty intence. I do like that I was able to get some frustrations of my chest rather than let them boil under my skin, and based on the reception of that post a lot of people seem to agree with me and what I pointed out. But one I want to avoid becoming is little miss bringdown. So I decided to brighten up the mood a bit by delving into the realm of voice acting.

And who else better to start with than with my real life senpai, Matthew Mercer.

God, he’s so gorgeous, even in real life… 

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*clears throat* Anyway, let’s take a look at some of the characters our dearest has leant his lovely voice to.

Now Fire Emblem fans likely already know he has voiced a few characters in recent games, including two of my favorites, Chrom and Shigure. You also likely already know from a previous post that he also voices Yusuke in Persona 5. Plus, any Overwatch player already knows that he voices McCree.

But now it’s time to list off some of his other roles.

To start and build off that gif, he actually voices

prince Diamond from Sailor Moon (or prince Demande if you’re watching Sailor Moon Crystal). And considering this anime is rather old, it goes to show just how long he’s been in the business.

And that’s not the only long standing anime he’s been a part of. He’s also voiced

Trafalgar Law from One Piece.

And as it that’s enough to surprise you, he’s also voiced

Shukuro Tsukishima from Bleach. I don’t know much about him, since I haven’t watched Bleach in years, but he is one handsome man.

In fact, Matthew seems to have a bit of a habit playing characters who are pretty handsome. 

For one, he voices someone from one of my favorite anime:

Joker from Black Butler.

There’s also

Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 6.

We also have

Lao from Xenoblade Chronicles X.

And to top off the handsome men he likes to voice, he’s voiced

Jai Chong from Dynasty Warriors. And I’ve heard the way he voices ths guy, and I can now say that Matthew can do one hell of a Sephiroth impression.

He also voices

Taishi Ci, but I don’t really hear people talking about him, so moving on.

Now these next two are definitely going to satisfy certain fans. For any Phoenix Wright fans, he voices

Nahyuta Sadmadhi in the most recent game.

And to fans of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, he voices

Jotaro Kujo.

But Matthew isn’t above voicing smaller roles. He voices

Fei Long from Street Fighter and

Cor from Final Fantasy 15.

But one that surprised me was learning that he voices

Skelter Helter and

Bishop from No More Heroes 2. I swear I never noticed this. Just goes to show how good his vocal range is.

But these last two are really note worthy.

Turns out Yusuke is not the first Persona character he’s voiced, as he also voices

Kanji Tatsumi from Persona 4. Now based on what I saw he voices Kanji in the animated series not the actual game, but I doubt it’s that big of a deal.

And the last voice we have for our lovely Matthew is

Levi from Attack on Titan. I actually just recently heard Levi’s voice from watching a video, and it does fit very well for him. I really got to work on getting back to watching Attack on Titan so i can hear more of his performance.

As you can see, Matthew Mercer really has a wealth of experience when it comes to voice acting to have so many roles under his belt and can achieve a large range of tones and fluxes with his voice.

Now do you guys see why this man is my real life senpai?

And before anyone comments; yes, I am aware that he is currently engaged to someone else. But, hey, I’m still young and i got a lot of time and patience for the future.

Just you wait Matthew Mercer, you will be mine one day.


The Suffolk Strangler

Steve Wright, often referred to as the “Suffolk Strangler”, was responsible for the murders of five women in Ipswich in 2006.

Wright was born in 1958 and was one of four children. His mother left when Wright was eight and his father, a military policeman, remarried. Wright was married and divorced twice and had two children, one with each of his former wives.

He became known for his addictive gambling habits, heavy drinking and his propensity for domestic violence, but in the mid-1990s and again in 2000, Wright attempted suicide, once by carbon monoxide poisoning in his car, and the second time by taking an overdose of pills.

In 2001 he was convicted of theft when he stole £100 to pay off the gambling debts. It is also known that Wright worked on a cruise ship at the same time as Suzy Lamplugh in the 1980s before the London estate agent simply disappeared after meeting a client at a house in Fulham. There has never been any evidence to link Wright to the disappearance and murder of 25-year-old Suzy.

In late 2006, five prostitutes were found dead at different locations over a six-week period. The women were discovered in the surrounding countryside, stripped naked and in two instances posed in a cruciform position. Despite their bodies being stripped naked by the killer, the women had not been sexually assaulted before their deaths.

Wright attempted to dispose of any evidence that would lead to his capture by ensuring his car and clothes were scrupulously cleaned after each attack. However, traces of Wright’s DNA were discovered on three of the victims’ bodies and microscopic fibres found on all five women were linked to his clothing, car and home.

The police sifted through 10,000 hours of CCTV footage of the red light district and surrounding area of Ipswich and, by using an automatic car registration plate reader, they were able to identify a Ford Mondeo in the area at the time at which each of the women disappeared.

On 19th December 2006, Suffolk Police arrested Steve Wright on suspicion of murder. The trial, which lasted for six weeks, resulted in a conviction for all five murders and a sentence of life imprisonment with a recommendation that he is never released from prison.